Rolls-Royce teases first image of new Phantom

Rolls-Royce teases first image of new Phantom.jpg

A week before its official unveiling, take a look at the latest automotive haute couture offering in the Rolls-Royce stable…

British luxury automaker Rolls-Royce has unveiled the first teaser image of the new Phantom VIII. While the still image reveals little, it does hint at a new front look courtesy of redesigned headlights. The latest iteration of one of the world’s most luxurious cars has been confirmed as the final Phantom for the brand’s highly anticipated ‘The Great Eight Phantoms exhibition’, which will also include Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s Phantom VI State Limousine, The Sultan Muhammad Shah Aga Khan’s Phantom IV, the Marshal Montgomery’s Phantom III, and the Sir Malcolm Campbell’s Phantom II Continental.

The new Phantom VIII will make its debut at ‘The Great Eight Phantoms exhibition’ at Bonhams in Mayfair, England on July 27.



Bugatti Revives the Vintage Type 57T Model for the Future


Although the Veyron and Chiron are the models usually associated with Bugatti, artist Arthur B. Nustas recently released a concept looking to revive one of the French car manufacturer’s vintage models.

The concept rendering draws from the classic Bugatti Type 57T modernizing its headlamp aesthetic, curved door detailing and split color scheme. Starting with a Chiron base, Nustas translated the antique headlamps found on Type 57T to fit the more triangular modern design found on the futuristic concept vehicle.










Come into the world of Arthur B. Nustas.

Here’s What the Future of BMW and Rolls-Royce Might Look Like


German car maker BMW is giving us a look at the future of automobiles with its latest video. Aptly-titled ‘A New Era’, the short film shows off BMW’s range of brands from BMW, Mini, Rolls-Royce and BMW Motorrad and what we can possibly expect in the not very far future.

The BMW Motorrad concept motorcycle features a digitized visor that offers data right in your range of vision, while the BMW car is self-driving. The Rolls-Royce concept looks especially futuristic, with a ‘virtual chauffeur’ that spells the height of luxury. Lastly, the Mini concept is customizable.

Check out the video below and see what BMW envisions is the future…




Rolls Royce premieres Spirit of Ecstasy film, the first in a new series

A new must-watch film has been released to retell the incredible story of an automotive icon.


Luxury British carmaker Rolls-Royce has released the first short film in a new series that will highlight the evolution of the brand that has become the most coveted name in automotive. Aptly titled Spirit of Ecstasy – also the name of that hood ornament – the first clip is narrated by Oscar-winning actress Kate Winslet and brings the viewers back to the very beginning of the brand, introducing them to the founders and their muse.

The Spirit of Ecstasy has stood on the prow of every Rolls-Royce since 1911, representing the best of everything, whilst silently guiding through life those exceptional people who have made our world turn. This is a story that inspires greatness and needs to be told. Our worldwide search for the perfect voice of the Spirit of Ecstasy led us back to West Sussex, England, where both Kate Winslet and Rolls-Royce, two British icons reside. Kate Winslet brings her great talent to this role.

Torsten Müller-Ötvös, Chief Executive Officer, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars.

Episode one charts the course of Rolls-Royce as it gains acclaim and recognition in the early 20th century for both its luxury as well as endurance capabilities. It also throws the spotlight on English actress Eleanor Thonton, the inspiration behind the iconic Spirit of Ecstasy.

The film series is in anticipation of the launch of the next generation of the Rolls-Royce Phantom, due out in 2018.

Steve McQueen’s dunebuggy in The Thomas Crown Affair

In 1967, Steve McQueen wasn’t as synonymous with cars and motorcycles as we remember now. Aside from his motorcycle scenes in The Great Escape, there wasn’t anything that really connected him to car and motorcycle culture in any of his dozens of movie appearances. That all changed in 1967, though. Beginning with The Thomas Crown Affair, he wouldn’t star in a movie until 1973’s Papillon that didn’t have cars as some part of the story. But Norman Jewison’s 1968 film put McQueen in one cool car after another.

Steve McQueen

1968: Steve McQueen and Faye Dunaway co-starred in ‘The Thomas Crown Affair’. The movie is about a millionaire businessman who pulls off the perfect high-class robbery. (Pierce Brosnan reprised the role in 1999.) McQueen did his own stunts in the film, including playing polo and driving this Meyers Manx dune buggy dune buggy across the Massachusetts coastline (Click photo to enlarge).

The original script for The Thomas Crown Affair called for the star to run Faye Dunaway around Crane Beach in Ipswich, Massachusetts in a Jeep. Probably a fair choice to not get stuck in the sand, but can you imagine how dull that scene would’ve been without the spinouts, jumps and raw, unmuffled exhaust note of the dune buggy?

McQueen wanted more, and what’s more than that, he’d do the driving. He contracted with Con-Ferr Manufacturing in Burbank, California. For years, Con-Ferr built all kinds of accessories for the growing four-wheel drive market, fitting racks and brush guards on Jeeps, IH Scouts, Broncos and even early Suzuki Samurais.

Steve McQueen tca dune buggy 5

Steve McQueen tca dune buggy 5

Steve McQueen tca dune buggy 6

They also built a handful of their own off-road vehicles, so McQueen contracted them to produce the ‘Queen Manx’, which the company completed in just eight weeks. It started life as a standard Manx, but it included:

A 4-barrel 140 HP Corvair engine. McQueen wanted a Porsche engine, but ran out of budget. He claims it had 240hp in the behind-the-scenes video below
Con-Ferr used an engine adaptor made by Ted Trevor, the guy who developed the Corv-8 conversion for Crown Manufacturing, to mate the swing-axle VW transaxle with its flipped ring & pinion to the Corvair engine
Special extra-wide rear wheels cast by American Racing that were produced to accommodate the Firestone racing tires from Andy Granatelli’s STP Special (#40) turbine car (which almost won the 1967 Indy 500)
Unique headlamp scoops to accommodated the smaller 5¾” DOT approved 12-volt headlamps
A marine-style, super-short windshield and rails
Custom waffle stitched Naugahyde seats and interior trim, crafted at Tony Nancy’s Sherman Oaks, California upholstery shop, using Datsun Fairlady seat frames
Elongated side panels to eliminate the need for side pods; According to, Bruce Meyers never incorporated this feature, because it prevented the fiberglass bodies from being stackable
A Con-Ferr nameplate on the hood replacing the Meyers Manx badge

Steve McQueen Manx Interior

Steve McQueen Manx interior (Click photo to enlarge).

After the movie, Bruce Meyers started building Corvair-specific Manx Buggies in conjunction with Con-Ferr called the “Manx-Vair.” If you find a Meyers Manx with a serial number beginning in “CC,” it was Corvair-powered. “CV” serial numbers refer to buggies powered by Volkswagen engines.

Manx Vair Body

Manx Vair ad. (Click photo to enlarge).

Con-Ferr also produced Corvair powered replicas of the Queen Manx, with marketing materials that referred to the movie. Consider, for a moment, what it would cost a company today to market a product using the name of a film with an Oscar under its belt, even if that Academy Award was for “Best Song.” Con-Ferr’s kits paired a modified  Meyers Manx body with a custom-fabricated chassis, rather than using VW floorpans.

Louis Vuitton x BMW i8


Louis Vuitton, pioneer in the art of travel, has partnered with BMW i to create a tailor-made set of luggage crafted in carbon fibre for BMW i8. (Click photo to enlarge).

Launching at the New Bond Street store, Louis Vuitton has partnered with BMW to create an ergonomically designed luggage collection to fit with the cars design. When it comes to fashion and cars, Not that I have an i8, but I couldn’t be happier, particularly when it is two brands I am very passionate about, also when Vuitton is the pioneer of the art of travel, and BMW dedicated to the excellence of both its comfort and style. The stunning Damier pattern has been used for this carbon fibre collection but whilst the innovation of the two weekender bags, garment bag and business case is a first for the house, they have not compromised on their heritage of craftsmanship.


Crafted in carbon fiber. The Weekender GM i8, large and soft travel bag, designed to be handheld or carried on the shoulder, is a perfect fit for the boot of the BMW i8’. With a Louis Vuitton logo laser engraved onto the Damier fabric, it reinterprets one of the house’s iconic shapes (Click photo to enlarge).

Whilst retaining soft, the leather detailing and exceptionally sleek body of the pieces have also been designed to rest on top of each other, as well as within particular spaces in the BMW’s first plug-in hybrid vehicle. For example, The Garment Bag i8 sits perfectly on the parcel shelf, whilst the bigger The Weekender GM i8 fits seamlessly in the boot. With each piece incredibly light, the charcoal grey fabric with microfiber perforated lining has a slight tinge of electric blue on its body that will subtly match in with the car. Whilst I can not attend tonight’s launch, I will be taking a look in store very soon to experience this feat of engineering and craftsmanship.


Crafted in carbon fiber. The weekender PM i8 is designed to lie snugly on the flat surface of the business case on the back seat of the BMW i8. Like the other pieces of the set, it features a specially designed handle, a natural leather address tag and the famous Louis Vuitton padlock that has become one of the House’s best known emblems (Click photo to enlarge).

The set of exclusive suitcases and bags have been carefully designed to follow the sleek lines of the most progressive sports car: the BMW i8. Each piece calls on Louis Vuitton’s heritage of craftsmanship and innovation, bringing together leading edge design and materials with exacting, careful construction.
Soft, flexible bags and semi-rigid thermoformed cases have been cleverly calibrated, down to the last millimetre. They stack and fit together in an ingenious way in order to allow the driver to carry their most treasured possessions in style and security, without compromising the comfort and elegance of luxury travel.

by Jean Amr

Fiat 500C by Gucci, The Convertible That Matches Your Bag


If you put together something as iconic as the Fiat 500, the Gucci brand and a bunch of slim models like Russian bombshell Natasha Poly, you’re bound to get a bit of attention. As a result, it doesn’t surprise us at all that the Italian carmaker has logged 3,000 pre-orders for the 500 by Gucci already. Now, the convertible version has been revealed, and it’s called the 500C by Gucci… obviously.

Orders will be taken starting this month and the car will be arriving at dealerships worldwide from this September. To highlight the coolness of the Italian convertible that can be matched to a fake purse, from August 19th ‘500C by Gucci’ will be the star of an original tour that will stop at some of the most famous places in Europe.





The latest version of Fiat’s designer convertible has been tweaked by Gucci and features all of its trademarks, from the red and green stripes to the logos on the seats and wheel hubs. It will come in two body colours: white with matte chrome-plated elements and glossy black with shiny chrome-plated accents.

Both color versions get the same soft top is black with the characteristic green-red-green Gucci web pattern. The body is also set apart from the regular 500 by 16″ alloy wheels characterised by the unmistakable retro design of the citycar. The bug caps sport a double “G” logo in matching body colour and the Gucci signature in italics is displayed on the tailgate and on the door pillar.

Standard equipment includes utomatic climate control system, seven airbags (front, side, window and knee), Blue&Me system integrated with rear parking sensors, car radio with CD-MP3 player and leather steering wheel with radio controls.







2013 Fiat 500 and 500 Convertible Gucci Edition models make a comeback to the US

The beautiful  ‘500C by Gucci’ tour will hit Saint Tropez (from August 19 to 27), Berlin (September 8 – 14), Barcelona (September 25 – October 2), London (October 16 – 23) and Geneva (October 23 – 30). In Italy, the tour will start from Forte dei Marmi (August 22 – 28) and then move to Rome (September 4 – 11), Florence (September 19 – 26) and Milan (October 8 – 16).