Oolong Turkish Rose Collection


Oolong is proud to announce its new line of luxury soaps, the ‘Turkish Rose Collection’. Made with raw ingredients and essential oils to nourish the skin, these handcrafted products are dedicated to promoting Dubai’s local economy and responsible consumption.

The new brands identity underlines the glamour and intrigue of Oolong. The mix of straight lines and curves brought a sense of calm to the brand. They brought this sense of clarity to all the brand communications – including tone of voice and photography (thanks to the designers of Nugno). Using nature-inspired colors, they worked to communicate the true essence of the natural ingredients.


The colors of the packaging are derived from the content of the soap’s ingredients (yellow and pink rose petals).

More about the Oolong Turkish Rose Collection soon here on Yakymour.





Molton Brown Floral & Aromatic Bathing Collection


Going to fly? Molton Brown, the upscale British fragrance and personal care brand, boosts travel retail and airline offer with new, exclusive sets. One of them, created exclusively for the travel retail is Floral & Aromatic Bathing Collection, which is set to mark its debut in December 2019, just in time for the Holidays.

The set includes four travel-sized body wash formulas, each designed to create a luxurious, aromatic lather. The set is a combination of four 100ml bestselling shower gels from floral and aromatic fragrance families.


Molton Brown Delicious Rhubarb & Rose Body Wash

Delicious Rhubarb & Rose Body Wash wraps your skin in a delicate scent of rhubarb leaf and rose, with a zesty grapefruit twist. The citrus top notes of grapefruit, yuzu, and lemongrass are leading to the heart of rhubarb leaf, rose, and spearmint. Vanilla, musk, and spun sugar in the base are leaving a warm trail on the skin.


Molton Brown Orange & Bergamot Body Wash 

Molton Brown Orange & Bergamot Shower Gel is scented with Molton Brown’s iconic fragrance based on Sevillian orange, bergamot, and neroli. The scent starts with orange, bergamot, and mandarin, while the heart beats to the notes of neroli, cardamom, and galbanum. The base is made of musk, ylang-ylang and cedarwood. Pour into an indulgent bath or uplift your morning shower.


Molton Brown Coastal Cypress & Sea Fennel Body Wash

Molton Brown Coastal Cypress & Sea Fennel Bath & Shower Gel is a refreshing men’s body wash that brings oceanic aromas to the morning shower. The invigorating sea fennel clashes with salt-sprayed cypress, evoking the smell of the air on the coast.


Molton Brown Infusing Eucalyptus Body Wash

Infusing Eucalyptus Bath & Shower Gel is a refreshing body wash with an uplifting fragrance that evokes an evergreen forest. Best for restoring your senses in the shower or for a relaxing, yet stimulating bath. An invigorating fragrance that combines eucalyptus, wild mint, and patchouli. The top notes are eucalyptus, lavandin, and rosemary; heart notes include wild mint, clove, and thyme; while the base notes feature a combination of cedar.


The new travel retail collections will complement the existing Hand Care Collection, which will have its packaging updated in keeping with Molton Brown’s new look and feel.

Molton Brown cosmetics are available at Molton Brown online.





A celebration of magic, a touch of fantasy and a familiar face come together for Chanel’s new holiday campaign…


 What’s this? I can’t believe it! My lucky number, number five.

Captivating as always, French Maison Chanel just revealed its latest holiday campaign starring not only its iconic No.5 L’Eau fragrance, but one of the muses of the late (great) designer Karl Lagerfeld: Lily-Rose Depp. As face of the fragrance and ambassador of the brand, Depp channels Parisian-chic in a new campaign that’s seriously giving us holiday cheer and leaving us feeling nostalgic about the good old days.


The 20-year-old sports a classic Chanel look for the campaign, wearing a little black dress, fingerless gloves and some thigh-high red boots, with a 1940s-inspired hairstyle underneath a white beret, Lily-Rose Depp exudes a fresh, youthful charm as she gazes into a large snow globe set amongst the pile of gifts – where she discovers her lucky number, No.5, along with her favourite fragrance, No.5 L’Eau.

For me, Lily-Rose incarnates the freshness and vivacity of a young girl, mixed with the maturity of a seasoned actress. With this film, we wanted an experienced actress to play a purely commercial message in a natural and spontaneous way, something that Lily-Rose accomplished brilliantly.

Jean-Paul Goude

Lily-Rose Depp then breaks out into some very auto-tuned lines: “What’s this? I can’t believe it! My lucky number, number five”. She serves all the energy of a chipper elf as she raises her hands above her head in the Jean-Paul Goude-directed video. She said of the role: “I loved playing the character created by Jean-Paul. The joy and wonderment reminded me of how I felt as a little girl on Christmas morning”.


A key component to Chanel’s advertising campaign, the oversized fragrance bottle (three-meter-high bottle to be exact) was specially created for the film, along with the giant double C in the background.

Watch the campaign video above now. Come into the beautiful world of Chanel.




Jean-Charles Brosseau Ombre Azurite a fragrant tribute to a vibrant gemstone


The French Côte d’Azur is the inspiration for the new Ombre Azurite women’s fragrance from Jean Charles Brosseau. Azurite, an azure-blue soft copper mineral, has been used for thousands of years as a pigment, a gemstone, and an ornamental stone.

The azurite color also recalls the deep blue hues of the French Côte d’Azur and all the wonderful scents that blow all over this unique region of France.

Created in collaboration with perfumer Thomas Fontaine, Ombre Azurite is a floral, ozonic and green fragrance. The notes of jasmine and lily blend with the spicy iodine of the Mediterranean Sea. The fragrance’s sensuality comes from mixing sandalwood with tonka bean.



Ombre Azurite is presented in a deep blue lacquered and slightly transparent octagonal flacon decorated in floral relief. It is designed to appear as a precious gem in its matt black box. The flacon is covered by a heavy spherical golden top in Zamak.

Jean Charles Brosseau Ombre Azurite is available as 100ml Eau de Parfum at sected stores worldwide, and on their website. Come into the wonderful world of Jean Charles Brosseau.




Mauboussin In Red


French Maison Mauboussin was founded in 1827 by the French jeweler M. Rocher and his cousin Baptiste Noury. They established a retail store in Paris. After the Great War, the sense of equality was stronger than ever. This was a time when the Maison flourished providing ample attention to women’s jewelry.

From the ‘Reflections’ line started in the 1930’s up to the contemporary designs, Mauboussin jewelry remains a highly desired brand by many collectors. Over the years, there have been many exhibitions with different themes organized by Mauboussin. While the 1920s and 1930s were the best era for the promotion of emerald, ruby and diamond themes, the 1940s and 1950s asserted the style of the French Maison which resulted in the creation of beautiful pieces in a completely new style. The 1950s, on the other hand, marked the arrival of the Naturalist themes and the sense of movement and dynamism.

Mauboussin opened a boutique with display windows on the famous Place of Vendôme and started offering high-quality jewelry in a more moderate price range. In the 1980s, the focus was on the contrast between light and shadow. All of the shapes were created to suggest sensations which appealed to their clientele.


A new area began when, in the same decade, the Maison started to design and manufacture exquisite watches for men and women. It was the year 2000 that that saw the launch of the jewelers first fragrance, the self-titled Mauboussin for Women. From its launch, this fragrance is the Maison’s signature and has been loved by many women.

The celebration of 20 years since the launch of the first Mauboussin fragrance has been marked with a new creation that honors the iconic flacon and the most popular fragrance of the French Maison. The first Mauboussin fragrance, composed by perfumer Christine Nagel, is still known today for its fantastic, dense, and intense, dark-oriental, plum-spicy composition, with its famous cabochon diamond-shaped flacon that was created by Thierry de Baschmakoff.

Created by perfumer Ilias Ermenidis, Mauboussin in Red is a brilliant and poetic creation that, with its fruity aromas, creates an additive effect using a blend of red apple, sparkling black currants, and sparkling bergamot. The heart pays tribute to the red and passionate signature of the new creation with a mixture of Bulgarian rose and red peonies, slightly sweetened with a fruity touch of nectarines. The warm, lightly gourmand and milky wooden signature is created of ambrox, sweet pralines and milky wood. As the brand states.


The new creation is joyous, addictive, and absolutely feminine. Mauboussin in Red will be available as a 100ml Eau de Parfum. Come into the beautiful world of Mauboussin.





Lalique Les Compositions Parfumées Blue Rise, Velvet Plum, Infinite Shine


French Maison Lalique is presenting three new fragrances for their Les Compositions Parfumees collection which brings new colors, new aromas and new emotions in this luxurious line. The three new fragrances are exclusively presented at the TFWA 2019 exposition in Cannes.

A brilliant pioneer, René Lalique was the first to blend glass and gems in his ground-breaking Art Nouveau jewelry, just as perfumers were revolutionizing their art with amazing new materials. Today, the Fench Maison keeps his innovative spirit alive with the exclusive collection Les Compositions Parfumées, inspired by the alchemy of perfumery, jewelry and crystal-making.

Inspired by René Lalique’s mythical ‘Duncan’ collection, designed in 1931, the elegant satin-finished Art Deco flacons are topped with a white wooden cap bearing Lalique’s ‘Hirondelles’ (‘Swallow’) logo in gold. A golden metal pendant, also presenting the emblem, is tied around the neck of the f by a coloured cord, highlighting the exclusivity of the Collection. The flacons are presented in a luxurious white coffret with a magnetic clasp, lined in white padded fabric. It is protected by a coloured sleeve, matching the nuance of the fragrance, inscribed with its name on a white label.

Dressed in the delicate blue, gold and plum and palette of the three new scents, the streamlined form of Les Compositions Parfumées’ iconic flacon takes on a playful femininity.

Lalique Les Compositions Parfumées Blue Rise


Fresh. Luxuriant. Tropical… Blue Rise, a dive in a dewy floral paradise, by perfumer Vincent Ricord.

The one and only image I had in mind when I imagined Blue Rise was an immensely beautiful lagoon. A tropical emerald. Fresh, transparent, infused with naturality, this is a scent for a spontaneous, alluring woman with a touch of sophistication.

Vincent Ricord

An emerald forest. A blue lagoon. A swirl of white petals, dancing in a transparent aqua pool. A delicate floral scent carried by a tropical breeze… A dream comes true. In Blue Rise, the unique fragrance of the tropical water jasmine is reinvented with a blend of natural jasmine sambac absolute and two magic molecules: the fruity, dewy Helional, and the green, tropical Undecavertol. Powdery iris concrete and musky cashmere wood add a precious backdrop to the luxuriant scenery…  Dive in! You’re in paradise.


Lalique Les Compositions Parfumées Infinite Shine


Spicy. Fiery. Wild… Infinite Shine, a flamboyant veil of saffron and rose, by perfumer Corinne Cachen.

In the Middle-East, I had the privilege of experiencing an unforgettable ritual. The moment when men and women scent their garments in the smoke of smouldering oud, the folds of gold-embroidered fabric swirling and fluttering, filling the whole room with fragrance. This was my inspiration to create this rich duo of sensuous rose and wild saffron.

Corinne Cachen

The flamboyant colours of a sunset on desert dunes. The sensuous perfume rituals of the Orient. Channel your inner Scheherazade with Infinite Shine, a flamboyant veil of rose, sandalwood and saffron. Here, the orange spice expressed by Safranal, the molecule that produces its warm, leather-tinged scent. A crimson rose fires up its sensuality. Creamy sandalwood tempers its animal facets.


Lalique Les Compositions Parfumées Velvet Plum


Lush. Glam. Bohemian… Velvet Plum, a sensual suede and cashmere wrap, by perfumer Valérie Garnuch-Mentzel.

I was inspired by the beauty and velvety touch of suede. I instantly wanted to reveal its beauty through the contrast of Suederal, a silky soft molecule, and dark, mysterious patchouli. A bohemian duo that feels raw yet sensuous, mellowed by a feminine accord of fruity, floral and powdery notes. Simply sublime.

Valérie Garnuch-Mentzel

Is it the real life? Is it just fantasy? With Velvet Plum, slide on your butter soft suede jacket. Wrap yourself in a fabulous, plum-coloured cashmere shawl – the truly miraculous molecule Cashmeran, as complex as any natural ingredient with its facets of musk and sun-warmed wood. Then step into a purple haze of sweet heliotrope, powdery iris and velvety patchouli, to pick an armful of exotic flowers, hypnotic tuberose and apricot-scented osmanthus… Express your Bohemian soul!


Lalique Les Compositions Parfumées Blue Rise, Velvet Plum and Infinite Shineare available as 75ml Eaux de Parfums from October 2019.

Come into the wonderful world of Lalique.





Gucci Bloom Ambrosia di Fiori


Gucci Bloom, an intense floral scent of tuberose and Chinese honeysuckle, is one of Gucci’s bestselling fragrances at the moment. It was created by perfumer Alberto Morillas in 2017. Then Acqua di Fiori and Nettare di Fiori followed in 2018, and early this year Gocce di Fiori arrived.

Ambrosia di Fiori is a new chapter of Gucci Bloom’s story written by Alessandro Michele and was, like the other Bloom flankers, created by Alberto Morillas. The Italian fashion house invites you to take a peek at a Greek god’s feast and taste some ambrosia. Like the original, Ambrosia di Fiori consists of jasmine, Rangoon creeper notes (Chinese honeysuckle), and tuberose. Vanilla of the original was replaced with Damascus rose and orris root.

Top notes: Jasmine bud, Rangoon creeper
Heart: Indian tuberose
Base: Rosa Damascena, Tuscan orris

Invoking a banquet of an ancient world, ambrosia was the sustenance of the Greek gods, thought to give immortality to those who drank it. The name of this precious nectar and the magic it evokes is woven into the scent’s vibrant bouquet. The blend begins with the original Gucci Bloom Eau de Parfum – a trio of Jasmine Bud extract, Tuberose, and Rangoon Creeper – combined with new ingredients that intensify the floral fragrance: the rare Velvety Orris – derived from Iris resin – originally used by ancient Greeks and Romans as an essential oil, and Damascena Rose – harvested in the early morning to give the powerful rendition of the flower. The perfume is more intense version of the original with an addition of sweet, rich and dense smelling rose.


Gucci-Bloom-Ambrosia-di-Fiori-05.jpgGucci Bloom Ambrosia di Fiori is available as a 50 and 100 ml Eau de Parfum Intense and comes in a lacquered burgundy red glass flacon. Gucci Bloom Ambrosia di Fiori is available at selected stores worldwide.

Come into the beautiful world of Gucci.