Givenchy Encens Divin

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L’Atelier De Givenchy Encens Divin is the new addition to Givenchy’s luxury perfume range. Since 2014, French Maison Givenchy has been creating collection perfumes composed of rich and luxurious raw materials, in the image of its Couture creations. Celebrating both the fashion heritage and the fragrance heritage of the house, each new perfume of the L’Atelier Givenchy collection composes a look and sign of unique style. Counting already eleven fragrances in the collection of Haute Parfumerie, dedicated to women and men, all distinguished by a bold tendency, a singular imprint, which always echo the Haute Couture collections of the house.

For 2018, this exclusive olfactory wardrobe is enriched by a new oriental-inspired creation with expressive, almost mystical fragrances. The color universe of perfume also pays homage to black, one of Givenchy’s flagship colors. Encens Divin awakens the senses and reveals a scent that is reminiscent of the heritage of the perfume, when the most precious and rare resins were burned as offerings and dedicated to the worship of the gods, thus exalting their beauty and their power.


Created by Joëlle Lerioux Patris and Nicolas Bonneville, the perfumers used delicate, rare and exquisite notes to make Givenchy Encens Divin truly unique, classic, yet modern enough to please wearers touched by pure elegance and stylishness. The compositions spicy woody trail evokes the sacred route of perfumes, from Egypt to Europe, and reveals a mysterious and enigmatic magical atmosphere. Encens Divin reveals a real addictive journey with this floral woody creation where notes of pink berries and ginger that travel us to the East with the sacredness of incense, cypriol, cedar wood, vanilla absolute, tolu balsam and benzoin.

Top notes: Ginger, Black pepper, Pink pepper
Heart notes: Persian rose, Rose absolute, Atlas cedar, Texas cedar, Nagarmotha
Base notes: Amber, Benzoin, Tolu balm, Vanilla

L’Atelier De Givenchy Encens Divin is mystical, heavy and delicately sublime. The opening notes unfurl with black pepper, rose berries and ginger blending to offer a vibrant and spicy hint, so characteristic of Middle Eastern fragrances. Then the heart unfolds in an absolute rose, the Persian rose, exhibiting all its delicacy. Its sweet facets are exhaled by the intensity and spirituality of incense, Nagarmotha and a duet of Atlas and Texas cedarwood. Then finally the warm rich and precious tones of the dry down brings amber, like black gold, entering the scene in harmony with absolute vanilla, tolu balm and benzoin.



Givenchy Encens Divin Flacon

With L’Atelier de Givenchy, Maison Givenchy pays tribute to two craftsmanship’s: haute couture and haute perfumery. The bottle and packaging reflect this twin tribute with its high-end bottle dressed in high fashion like a work of art.

Givenchy Encens Divin is available as 100ml Eau de Parfum.







Guerlain Meteorites Le Parfum


French Maison Guerlain launches a new perfume for women, Meteorites Le Parfum inspired by brand’s famous makeup products beautifully colored. Guerlain Meteorites Le Parfum is a limited edition perfume described as a delicious powdery fruity/floral scent ideal for daily use. Guerlain is always seducing and tempting its wearers with delicious, elegant, modern, and romantic perfumes. 

Top notes: Apple, Bergamot, Green notes
Heart notes: Rose, Violet
Base notes: White musk, White notes

Created by Thierry Wasser, Meteorites Le Parfum by Guerlain blends fresh top notes of bergamot, apple and green accords along with floral notes of roses and violet. The base calms on a woody-musk layer.


Guerlain-Meteorites-Le-Parfum-perfumeThe new perfume is all about a gorgeous fresh aroma and an inviting bright and colorful flacon just like the Météorites powder Pearls.

Guerlain Météorites Le Parfum is available as 100 ml Eau de Toilette.





Remember Estée

Estee Lauder

Cosmetics capitalist Estée Lauder (Josephine Esther Mentzer) died at 95 on this date, 24 april, in 2004. She was born to Hungarian immigrants who ran a hardware store, and she became interested in cosmetics through the work of her uncle, a chemist who developed beauty products and fragrances. In 1953, she introduced her first fragrance, Youth Dew, a bath oil and perfume that sold 50,000 bottles in its first year and 150 million by 1984. She co-founded her eponymous company in 1946 with her husband Joseph Lauder (whom she divorced and then remarried); today it has 42,000 employees and nearly $12 billion in annual net sales.




Jo Malone Cattleya Flower


As known Jo Malone launches very nice and unique fragrances to delight its wearers with beautiful aroma for everyday use. Now Jo Malone has launched Cattleya Flower Body Mist (above center), a new fragrance in the limited edition Hot Blossoms collection, which also includes Tropical Cherimoya (above left and right).

Jo Malone Cattleya Flower comes as a lightweight yet luxurious body mist that refreshes skin while enveloping you in the velvety scent of Cattelya Flower.

The new luxurious and exquisite perfume for women is very refreshing and soaked with notes of flowers for everyday wear. This fragrance sparkles with fresh fruits and exotic flowers. Cattleya Flower is considered the queen flower of the wild, thus making this Jo Malone perfume be the queen fragrance among others available on the market. 



Jo Malone Cattleya Flower will make your day be light, fresh and full of sunshine. A delectable beachside cocktail. Cattleya, queen of the wild. Sumptuous orchid petals. Fresh and exotically floral. Stirred with sparkling fresh citrus fruit. A splash of bitter gentian. Deepened by intoxicating vetiver. A spritz of pure Sunshine. 

Ready for summer, Jo Malone Cattleya Flower is available as 100ml body mist. 





Guerlain L’Homme Ideal L’Intense

Guerlain L'Homme Ideal L'Intense

French Maison Guerlain launches a new masculine fragrance L’Homme Ideal L’Intense a new flanker to the original L’Homme Ideal perfume released in 2014. This fragrance is all about a daily aroma nicely balancing spice with woody notes to create a daring and tempting aroma.

Top notes: Almond, Cadamom, Chili
Heart notes: Bulgarian rose, Cistus, Leather
Base notes: Patchouli, Vanilla, Sandalwood

Guerlain L’Homme Ideal L’Intense blends spice chili pepper, cardamom, and leather along with almond, Bulgarian roses, and cistus flower. The woody base calms with patchouli, sandalwood and vanilla note.





This perfume preserves the same bottle shape as the original perfume, yet colored in black color inspiring that more intense aroma.

Guerlain L’Homme Idéal L’Intense is available as 50 and 100 ml Eau de Parfum.





Guerlain Muguet Millésime 2018

Guerlain Muguet Millésime Maison Guillemette 2018 Bottle

Each year, French Maison Guerlain delights its wearers with magnificent bottles sublimated by the work of a craftsman that creates exceptional pieces. This time, Maison Guillemette – a Parisian designer of accessories, created a very beautiful and stunning new delicate floral ornament adorned with bunches of organza petals cut and sewn. All this work is done manually that’s why this alluring perfume is so expensive.

Guerlain Muguet Millésime 2018 is an exceptional perfume that elegantly celebrates Muguet flower and the arrival of the spring due to its warm and elegant aroma. This perfume, the same like other editions, is created by famous perfumer Thierry Wasser as a nicely infused floral aroma. It blends green notes, jasmine, roses and of course the key ingredient lily of the valley.



Guerlain Muguet Millésime 2018 Bottle


A true collercors edition, Guerlain Muguet Millésime 2018 is an exceptional lucky charm perfume available as 125ml.

Come into the world of Guerlain.






Vera Wang Embrace French Lavender & Tuberose


Famous fashion designer Vera Wang, who launches one of the most acclaimed, priceless and eye-catching bride gowns, introduces a new sensual and tantalizing perfume for women Embrace French Lavender & Tuberose. As the name of the perfume inspires, the new Vera Wang perfume is all about aromatic French lavender notes nicely mixed with tuberose accords. Those who adore lavender-infused perfume will find this fragrance daring, truly romantic and delicate.

Top notes: Mandarin
Heart notes: Lavender, Tuberose
Base notes: Cacao, Vanilla

Vera Wang Embrace French Lavender & Tuberose is part of the famous Embrace Collection that has more other exquisite and delicious perfumes. Embrace French Lavender & Tuberose is an oriental/floral fragrance with fruity accords ideal for daily use. It opens with fresh citrusy notes of mandarin along with floral notes of lavender and tuberose calming with cocoa and sweet vanilla.

Vera Wang Embrace French Lavender & Tuberose Bottle Box

The bottle design is simple, preserving the same shape as earlier editions in the Collection, yet colored in pale violet color inspiring the nice color of lavender.

Vera Wang Embrace French Lavender & Tuberose is available as 30ml Eau de Toilette.