Colorsmith launches new hair care line

Colorsmith, the first and only custom home hair color for men, launches new hair care line to protect, moisturize and tone hair with premium ingredients In 100% recyclable flacons.

Our new, professional-grade formulas include active ingredients like Quinoa, Olive Oil, and Aloe Vera and are SLS and SLES free. With a sustainability focus, the packaging is made from 100% PCR and is 100% recyclable. We’re excited to now assist our clients from color application to maintenance, giving them the best hair color and care experience from start to finish.

Graham Jones, CEO Colorsmith

Award-winning men’s made-to-order home hair color brand, Colorsmith, expands into hair care with the launch of three new products — Protect Shampoo, Protect Conditioner, and Anti-Yellow Shampoo – to help clients care for color-treated hair or neutralize warm tones, especially gray or salt & pepper hair.

Colorsmith Anti-Yellow Shampoo

Anti-Yellow Shampoo is designed to tone brassiness in Silver, Blonde, and Gray hair. With the power of color-shielding Quinoa, invigorating Caffeine, and hydrating Olive Oil, this purple-pigmented daily cleanser gives hair a natural, cool finish.

Colorsmith Color Protect Shampoo

Colorsmith Color Protect Shampoo is designed to protect custom color from fade while nourishing the hair. This shampoo is infused with ingredients like color-shielding Quinoa, scalp-soothing Aloe Vera, and energizing Caffeine for an invigorating finish.

Colorsmith Color Protect Conditioner

Color Protect Conditioner is ideal for anyone looking for a moisturizing conditioner that won’t weigh hair down. This multi-tasking product goes the extra mile by defending color and adding a natural sheen with hair-healthy ingredients like Quinoa and Olive Oil.

Pro Tip: A little goes a long way with this highly concentrated, salon-quality cleanser. Not seeing the desired suds? Try adding more water instead of more shampoo.

For more information about Colorsmith hair care or to create a color profile, come into the beautiful world of Colorsmith

Bálla for Men Original Formula Body Powder

bigstock-Strong-Athletic-Man-Fitness-Mo-63662326 (2).jpg

Started in 2005 with the mission to help modern day’s discerning man with the age-old problem where heat, moisture, and body-part friction lead to the inevitable clamminess, chafing, and funky odors. Bálla for Men Body Products are the perfect blend of soothing essential oils and natural fragrances that is guaranteed to leave your body feeling dry, comfortable, and smelling great

Our body powders are the most effective dryness and anti-chafing tool available for men. Be it your boyz, arse, thighs, chest, back, neck, feet, pitts, etc, simply sprinkle some into your hands and gently apply to desired area. Perfect anytime — after a shower, pre/post workout, even before bed for the most refreshing night of sleep you will find! Our powders are all natural and entirely free of cruelty, alcohol, aluminum, menthol, and parabens.

Bálla for Men

Bálla brings back body powder with their fine Italian talc and zinc blend. The subtly scented powder leaves skin dry and comfortable.

Talc Powder GIF.gif

Though body powder was once quite a popular product, particularly from major designer fragrances often produced alongside aftershave and bar soap, its popularity seems to have dwindled in recent decades. Those looking for such a product often end up with mentholated or medicated products, baby powder or the old-fashioned barbershop products. Bálla’s products fill a gap in the market for high quality, modern-scented men’s body powders.

I love body powders! I travel often to hot, tropical climates so controling body moisture is definitely a priority. I have used the Bálla powder after showering on inner thighs and side of chest to prevent chafing due to sweat. The texture is silky smooth and when patted on thoroughly leaves no visible residue.


Bálla For Men Body Powder

Ingredients: Talc, Zinc Oxide, Zinc Stearate, Proprietary Fragrance. The brand states that their products are free of cruelty, alcohol, aluminum, menthol, and parabens. The aroma of the ‘Original Formula Bálla Body Powder’ is a ‘unique oak and musk scent’ according to the brand. The scent is quite pleasant but so subtle that it is barely perceivable. The price is significantly higher than comparable products.

Bálla’s talcum powder comes in a variety of sizes in sleek black plastic cylinders with screw-on caps to help prevent leakage.