Two Brothers Discover Unusual Extract That Sparks Beard Growth and Soothes Itchy Skin

Two brothers from South Florida have launched a new hair and beard care company called Beerds. They are using pure hops extract in a unique way. Through many hours of research, development and testing they created proprietary formulas for beard oil, beard and hair butter, and beard wash. The process involved getting just the right concentrations of the pure hops extract with the other natural butters, oils and extracts being used to make each product.

The hops extract has long gone unnoticed for its skin and hair benefits. But recently, the medical science community began putting hops extract to the test in topical products for the skin and hair. One study published by the National Institutes of Health revealed that the humulus lupulus (hops) extract proved to have three powerful agents that are highly beneficial to our skin and hair. These three agents were found in significant amounts in pure humulus lupulus ‘hops’ extract:

1. Antimicrobial agents are known for destroying or inhibiting the growth of microorganisms (especially pathogenic microorganisms). After 2020, most people know what a pathogen is, but just to be clear, they cause disease. And, if you recall from our list above, dry skin related to disease is a very common reason that certain people can’t get rid of the irritation or itch.

2. Anti-inflammatory agents block certain substances in the body that cause inflammation: But guess what, inflammatory mediators, neurotransmitters and neuropeptides activate the cutaneous nerve endings, causing itch signal transduction from the peripheral skin, through the spinal cord and thalamus, to the brain cortex. This article details the Peripheral Mechanisms of Itch, posted on the National Institute of Health’s website.

3. Antioxidant agents are compounds that inhibit oxidation. This process is a chemical reaction that can produce free radicals, thereby leading to chain reactions that may damage the cells of organisms. Oxidized skin cells degenerate (age) more quickly and are prone to become irritated or inflamed.

Based on their findings and research, the two brothers created their own special formulas for beard oil, beard butter and beard wash. They used natural oils and butters, 100% pure humulus lupulus ‘hops’ extract and other premium ingredients to create beard care products that truly stop beard itch, make beards softer, clear up the skin around facial hair and help with healthier growth.

The two brothers tested every version of each product on their own beards until they were satisfied with the efficacy, consistency and fragrance of each one. These aren’t ‘private label products’; the brothers put significant research and resources into creating these products.

Come into the beautiful world of Beerds.

2020 Allure Best of Beauty Award: Sisley Restructuring Nourishing Balm for Hair Lengths and Ends

Sisley-Paris is a lifestyle French beauty brand with luxurious products in skincare, make-up, fragrance and hair care. The creators of Sisley, the d’Ornano family, have over 3 generations involved in luxury cosmetics. The French Maison is based on the concept of Phyto-cosmetology–the use of the highest concentrations of the best quality plant-based ingredients and essential oils blended with science to obtain visible results.

This pre-shampoo deeply nourishing balm is formulated for damaged, dry and brittle hair. Enriched with a precious combination of botanical oils, it acts on the hair fiber to intensely nourish, restore and restructure. Suitable for damaged, dry and brittle hair. the ‘Silky Balm’ texture which instantly transforms into an oil for a sensorial experience.

Also in this Hair Ritual Restructuring Nourishing Balmyou you’ll find the highest concentrations of the best quality plant-based ingredients and essential oils. 18-MEA analogue: positions itself on the damaged parts of the cuticle, reinforcing the protective barrier of the hair to provide optimal repair; Ceramide Analogue: ‘breaker filler’ key ingredient that reinforces the internal lipid structure and improves the resistance of the hair. Hair is restructured for an optimal anti-breakage and anti-split end action; Shea oil: smoothes the cuticle, improves hair shine, nourishes and limits the dehydration of hair; Macadamia oil: nourishes, softens and revitalizes dry and damaged hair while protecting it from dryness; Babassu oil: nourishes the hair without weighing it down; Moringa oil: rebuilds the hair’s lipid capital, intensely sheathes the fiber to smooth dry and damaged hair; Meadowfoam seed oil: limits dehydration, intensely sheathes dry and damaged hair, improves shine and detangles.

Overnight application for intense restorative action: instantly, the texture of the hair is visibly transformed. The hair is intensively nourished and restored and left feeling glossy, silky, and shiny. A 30-minute application for express nutrition: the hair is nourished, and feels softer and silkier. It is more supple, and frizz is controlled.

How to use Restructuring Nourishing Balm:

– Apply to dry hair once a week
– Spread the balm along the lengths and on the ends, concentrating on damaged areas. Do not apply on the scalp
– Allow to penetrate well
– Leave in either overnight or 30 minutes before shampooing
– Wet the hair, then shampoo

The amount of product to apply depends on hair types:

– For fine, short or mid-lengths hair: apply one grape size
– For thick, very dry or long hair: apply 2 to 3 grape sizes

Treatment time:

– Overnight application for intense restorative action
– 30-minutes application for express nutrition, 30 minutes before shampooing.

A true 2020 Allure Best of Beauty Award: Containing 125gr, Sisley Hair Ritual Restructuring Nourishing Balm is available in a jar at selected stores worldwide. Come into the beautiful world of Sisley.

Malin + Goetz Detox Scalp Mask

Malin + Goetz expands its hair line with Detox Scalp Mask, a scalp treatment to be used once or twice a week instead of shampoo. With a transparent gel texture that turns into a dense foam to deeply purify and remove impurities and excess residues left by styling products, it makes use of ingredients with oxygenating properties similar to those found in the Detox Face Mask.

As a skincare brand we take care of your skin first + formost, deeply purify, exfoliate + remove product buildup, excess oil + impurities for optimal scalp health. This is the key to a great head of hair, every day.

Synthesized with innovative encapsulation technology, the key ingredients are wrapped in a protective outer coating that allows them to activate in long-release mode, making them more delicate on the skin while increasing their effectiveness and stability. An encapsulated oxygen complex creates an invigorating and luxurious foam to thoroughly clean the scalp and hair while salicylic acid microspheres are released gradually to gently exfoliate and remove dead cells and impurities.

A mixture of lactic acid and glycolic acid helps restore the balance of the scalp, while sedam, olive and coconut oils, rich in fatty acids, provide nourishment and hydration, ensuring that the skin and hair are never tone-free or dry. Infused with peppermint oils for a naturally refreshing experience. Suitable for all skin types, even particularly sensitive ones. Further plus is vegan and cruelty-free and free of parabens, synthetic perfumes, phthalates, formaldehyde, gluten, mineral oil.

Malin + Goetz Detox Scalp Mask, is a 5-minute foaming scalp treatment that removes product buildup, dead skin cells + excess oil leaving hair looking fuller, thicker + healthier.

Malin + Goetz Detox Scalp Mask is available at selected stores worldwide. Come into the beautiful world of Malin + Goetz.

Givenchy L’Interdit Hair Mist, feeling classy and fresh



Yes, there’s another way to enjoy the classic L’Interdit fragrance. Elevate your fragrance regime with the Givenchy L’Interdit Hair Mist; a woody floral hair fragrance infused with the same unique notes as Givenchy’s iconic L’Interdit perfume.

The Givenchy  L’Interdit Hair Mist feels classy yet fresh.

The recognizable formula of the perfume was created by perfumers Dominique Ropion, Anne Flipo and Fanny Bal. It opens with citrusy bergamot and juicy pear, before a heart of orange blossom, jasmine and tuberose blooms. As it settles on your locks, a familiar base of sweet patchouli, vetiver, creamy vanilla and musky ambroxan reveal an overtly feminine trail that will activate with every hair swish.

Givenchy-L'Interdit-Hair-Mist-Flacon-BoxThe Givenchy L’Interdit Hair Mist’s elegant scent will add a level of sophistication to any outfit. Its lightweight mist won’t weigh down your hair, as it’s classic aroma wraps around every strand for an addictive trail that lingers wherever you go. Ultra-moisturising and anti-pollution, it will also improve the overall condition of your locks. Leaving you with silky-soft, shiny hair that smells of your favourite perfume.

How to use: 

Apply a few spritzes to your locks. And, wear with your L’Interdit fragrance for a stronger scent.

Any L’Interdit fan will instantly recognise this mist; packaged in Givenchy’s L’Interdit signature flacon, it looks as refined and chic as the juice inside smells.

In addition to its L’Interdit line, Givenchy has also launched a Solid Perfume with the same notes as L’Intedit Eau de Parfum edition from 2018.

The Givenchy L’Interdit Hair Mist and L’Interdit Solid Perfume are availabe at Givenchy Boutiqes and selected stores worldwide. Come into the beautiful world of Givenchy.




John Freida Hydrate & Recharge range: deep hydration for hair that is supple and full of life!


John Frieda presents Hydrate & Recharge a new range aimed at treating dull and dehydrated hair by offering deep hydration. With its highly nourishing drops based on monoi and keratin, this innovative formula recharges the hydration reserves of the hair, helping to fix the water molecules in the capillary fibers and therefore to hydrate them from the inside. In the blink of an eye dry, brittle hair becomes smooth, silky and full of life.

Nowadays, life imposes on us a frantic pace. It is more important than ever to take a break, to find time to recharge and find new strength, both mental and physical. Source of all life, water recharges your batteries and makes you feel lighter, alive and vibrant. But beyond the body and the mind, your hair also needs to revitalise itself. Every day they are exposed to numerous external aggressions which dry them out and make them look tired, brittle and lifeless. They therefore need a moisturizing treatment to regain their vitality.



The John Frieda Hydrate & Recharge range includes: shampoo, conditioner and mask, and are available at selected stores worldwide, and online. Come into the beautiful world of John Frieda.





Gloss Moderne: The Science of Clean Luxury


When you think of haircare, typically natural doesn’t come to mind. But not anymore, thanks to one business woman turned beauty guru. Kuen Rameson Brings Luxury to Natural Haircare. Gloss Moderne founder Kuen Rameson has created a haircare line free from toxins and damaging sulfates that reflects her healthy lifestyle.

Meet Gloss Moderne, the haircare range that promises luxurious results with the feel-good factor – in more ways than one.

Gloss Moderne, a new sleek line of ‘clean’ haircare, is most definitely #shelfie-worthy, but that’s far from its most attractive quality. The entire range is vegan and gluten-free, meaning that it treats your hair and scalp with no nasty ingredients such as sulfates and parabens. Instead, it uses nourishing, all-natural ingredients such as coconut oil (at the heart of every product) and fruit and flower extracts to give your hair a healthy, glossy shine.

Gloss Moderne Clean Luxury Shampoo



“It’s like pouring a million tiny champagne bubbles on your hair”, is how Gloss Moderne describes its ‘Clean Luxury Shampoo’. Infused with Coconut Oil, Brazil Nut and fruit extracts, this silky formula leaves strands cleansed, soft and shiny with a lovely fresh scent.

How to use:
– Daily. Gently massage into wet hair and rinse thoroughly
– Follow with Clean Luxury Conditioner or Clean Luxury Masque

Gloss Moderne Clean Luxury Shampoo is available in a 240ml flacon.



Gloss Moderne Clean Luxury Conditioner



This conditioner is enriched with nourishing Coconut Oil and a blend of fruit extracts like Papaya, Guava and Mango to relax, rejuvenate and restore your hair’s natural shine. For best results, use it after the brand’s ‘Clean Luxury Shampoo’.

How to use:
– Daily, or as often as you need. Massage into washed hair and comb through gently
– Leave in for 1 to 2 minutes and rinse well
– Follow with the Clean Luxury Masque

Gloss Moderne Clean Luxury Conditioner is available is a 240ml flacon



Gloss Moderne Clean Luxury Masque


Sunny vacations may leave you feeling relaxed and glowing, but they can wreak havoc on your hair. Living in southern California, Gloss Moderne founder Kuen Rameson knows this all too well, and has created a line of non-toxic, paraben-free haircare to counter this. The ‘Clean Luxury Masque’ is infused with Coconut Oil, Shea and Cocoa Butter, as well as nourishing fruit extracts to restore shine and leave strands irresistibly smooth.

The longer you keep it on the better, and you can even wear it while sleeping.

We’re in love with the super-thick and creamy Clean Luxury Masque: comb it through the lengths and ends of wet hair then leave it on for ten minutes, or overnight for an even more intensive hydrating treatment. After rinsing, you’ll immediately feel how much smoother, silkier and, yes, glossier your hair is.

Instructions for use:
– Once or twice a week. Massage into washed hair and comb through
– Leave on for 5 – 10 minutes and rinse well
– Alternatively, leave on overnight for very damaged hair

Gloss Moderne Clean Luxury Masque is available in a 120ml jar.

Gloss Modern is available at Net-A-Porter, Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus. Come into the beautiful world of Gloss Moderne.





Foligain Triple Action Hair Care System for Women, Beauty & Body Award Winner



The WR Group, one of the US’s leading global wellness companies, is pleased to announce that its Foligrain® Triple Action Hair Care System for Women has been named a winner of Delicious Living magazine’s ninth annual Beauty & Body Awards.

Delicious Living is a leading consumer-facing magazine and health information provider for the natural, organic, and healthy product industry. The print edition is distributed 12 times a year and available at natural product retailers nationwide. It has been a trusted health and wellness resource for more than 33 years and initiated these awards to educate consumers on how to make trusted beauty and body-care purchases in a market increasingly saturated with new products and wellness claims.

With new innovations continually being introduced in the natural beauty industry, the bar is set high for our annual Beauty & Body Awards. We focus on products that are not only highly effective, but also have a story to tell about the company, the ingredients and sourcing, and the people involved in every step of the process.

Kristina Hall, Editor-in-Chief of Delicious Living

Foligain’s Triple Action Hair Care System for Women provides women with a volumizing shampoo, lightweight conditioner and 10% Trioxidil Complete Formula for hair that looks thicker, healthier and full of body. This complete hair care routine was specially formulated for women with fine, thin-looking hair and is specially formulated with bioactives to support healthy-looking hair from root to tip. This system not only provides a boost, so hair looks denser and full of body, it also helps improve scalp health thanks to its moisture-lock technology, which seals in nutrients and skin moisture.

We are honored that Foligain has received this prestigious recognition from Delicious Living magazine. To win and award like this in a market that has traditionally been dominated by OTC drug-based medicines is a testament that Foligain’s Triple Action Hair Care System for Women is a new, clean and natural option for people seeking non-drug-based solutions to recapture healthy-looking, youthful-looking hair.

Renee Barch-Niles, EVP – Retail at WR Group

For information about other winners and the runners-up, visit and pick up the February 2019 issue of delicious living at your local natural product retailer.

Foligain’s Triple Action Hair Care System for Women is available at selected stores and online. For more information, come into the beautiful world of Foligain.




Pai-Shau Launches Something To BeLeave-In, a Miracle Multeatasker


Pai-Shau is the first of its kind tea infused haircare that treats both the hair and the scalp with a celebrated product line that promises ethically sourced ingredients and elite performance. All of Pai-Shau’s luxury haircare products are infused with a vitamin-rich Signature Tea Complex, which includes five steeped teas: rooibos tea, pu-erh tea, green tea, white tea, and black tea.

Together, they deliver a high concentration of vitamins and antioxidants to soothe the scalp and nourish from root to tip, creating intense moisture, lasting protection, and beautiful hair. Pai-Shau products are cruelty free, vegan, gluten free, keratin safe, color safe, phosphate free, paraben free, and have no added sodium chloride – even the packaging is made of BPA free plastic.

Today, the award-winning pioneer in tea infused haircare announced a new product. Something To BeLeave-In, the brand’s 13th addition to its luxury line, is more than just a leave-in conditioner. The miracle ‘multeatasker’ also smooths, detangles, prevents frizz, amplifies color, enhances shine, and protects from pollutants and heat (up to 450°F). Along with revered product Biphasic Infusion, Something To BeLeave-In is now part of Pai-Shau’s Enhance Ritual collection.

Something To BeLeave-In is one of those products that really is a miracle worker. It gives you everything you want from a leave-in conditioner—smoothing, detangling, and frizz prevention – while simultaneously offering incredible nourishment and protection, thanks to the Signature Tea Complex. We went to great lengths to get this formula exactly right and we’re very excited to bring it to market.

Christine Meehan, Pai-Shau Managing Director of Brand Development.

Something To BeLeave-In is the latest launch from Pai-Shau, which has offered its luxury tea infused haircare line since 2014. The innovative beauty brand’s Signature Tea Complex blends a variety of enriching teas: rooibos tea for strength, pu-erh tea for repairing, green tea for exfoliation, white tea for protection, and black tea for nourishment.

Featuring a variety of vitamins and protective antioxidants, Pai-Shau is loved by consumers, stylists, and celebrities, alike. Recently styled stars include Emily Blunt, Morena Baccarin, Allison Williams, and Claire Danes. The company has also worked with A-listers like Nicole Kidman, Lady Gaga, and Amy Adams.

Pai-Shau Something To BeLeave-In is available in  a 120ml flacon, which retail for $24 and can be purchased at their website, and local salons (visit for a salon locator). Come into the beautiful world of Pai-Shau.





Keranique Launches Shampoo & Conditioner For Curly Hair




Keranique® is the hair regrowth system that over a million women have entrusted with their hair regrowth journey. It was formulated by a team of Women’s Hair Regrowth Experts and contains a collection of mild cleansers, gentle conditioners, intensive hair regrowth treatments and styling products which nourish the scalp and fortify thinning hair. Keranique contains the only FDA approved ingredient to regrow hair, minoxidil.

Both Keranique’s Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner go hand in hand to help women easily maintain their curly hair.

Today, the women’s hair growth experts, recently introduced two new products: the Curl Preserve Scalp Nourishing Shampoo and a Conditioner for Curly, Textured Hair (sold separately). A recent update to Keranique’s line of hair care products, the brand continues to evolve in order to better serve women with all hair types. Other shampoo and conditioner combinations from Keranique include the Scalp Stimulating Shampoo and the Volumizing Keratin Conditioner for Damage Control, Deep Hydration, and Color-Treated Hair.

The Curl Preserve Nourishing Shampoo provides gentle cleansing and fortifies hair to enhance moisture and shine. Curly hair can often become too dried out by harsh shampoos containing sulfates, so this new Keranique shampoo is formulated to nourish curly hair without damaging ingredients. Keranique’s Curl Preserve Nourishing Conditioner helps enhance curl definition and hydrates hair to reduce frizz. The products contain Keranique’s proprietary Keratin Amino Complex, a unique ingredient that helps to strengthen hair, which can improve curl definition and shine.

These products are both scientifically formulated for textured hair types ranging from Curly 3A through 3C plus Kinky 4 through 4C. The products are sulfate and paraben free to reduce damage. Both Keranique’s Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner work well with Keranique’s other products which are formulated for women with thinning hair.

Keranique Curl Preserve Scalp Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner are available at selected stores and online. For more information, come into the beautiful world of Keranique.





Amino Mason’s Smooth and Moist Hair Care Lines, Packed With Amino Acids and Forest Botanicals


Amino Mason’s signature products are packed in mason jars, filled with natural ingredients and amino acids that help restore hair. The line includes Moist and Smooth products, with white rose and peony rose scents, respectively, and each line works for differing hair care needs.

There are many factors affecting how thick and moisturized someone’s hair is, so we offer two Amino Mason lines for different needs. Frizzy, thick hair is best treated by our Moist series. Thinner hair is best treated by our Smooth series. Both the Moist and Smooth lines help moisturize and repair damaged hair, offering natural and safe formulations for any user.

Sariel Osada, Amino Mason parent company Cosmeist Director

The hair care products contain hydrating botanical ingredients along with a patented Amino Keratin, consisting of 16 nano-sized amino acids and keratin protein. As hair is made of protein and amino acids, it is believed these natural ingredients can improve the quality and consistency of hair, reducing hair tears, split ends and other damage.

Amino Mason’s unique lines of rose-scented hair care products, with amino acids and forest botanicals carefully selected to create silky smooth, luminous hair, will soon be available on beauty care site

Come into the beautiful world of Amino Mason.