Pai-Shau Launches Something To BeLeave-In, a Miracle Multeatasker


Pai-Shau is the first of its kind tea infused haircare that treats both the hair and the scalp with a celebrated product line that promises ethically sourced ingredients and elite performance. All of Pai-Shau’s luxury haircare products are infused with a vitamin-rich Signature Tea Complex, which includes five steeped teas: rooibos tea, pu-erh tea, green tea, white tea, and black tea.

Together, they deliver a high concentration of vitamins and antioxidants to soothe the scalp and nourish from root to tip, creating intense moisture, lasting protection, and beautiful hair. Pai-Shau products are cruelty free, vegan, gluten free, keratin safe, color safe, phosphate free, paraben free, and have no added sodium chloride – even the packaging is made of BPA free plastic.

Today, the award-winning pioneer in tea infused haircare announced a new product. Something To BeLeave-In, the brand’s 13th addition to its luxury line, is more than just a leave-in conditioner. The miracle ‘multeatasker’ also smooths, detangles, prevents frizz, amplifies color, enhances shine, and protects from pollutants and heat (up to 450°F). Along with revered product Biphasic Infusion, Something To BeLeave-In is now part of Pai-Shau’s Enhance Ritual collection.

Something To BeLeave-In is one of those products that really is a miracle worker. It gives you everything you want from a leave-in conditioner—smoothing, detangling, and frizz prevention – while simultaneously offering incredible nourishment and protection, thanks to the Signature Tea Complex. We went to great lengths to get this formula exactly right and we’re very excited to bring it to market.

Christine Meehan, Pai-Shau Managing Director of Brand Development.

Something To BeLeave-In is the latest launch from Pai-Shau, which has offered its luxury tea infused haircare line since 2014. The innovative beauty brand’s Signature Tea Complex blends a variety of enriching teas: rooibos tea for strength, pu-erh tea for repairing, green tea for exfoliation, white tea for protection, and black tea for nourishment.

Featuring a variety of vitamins and protective antioxidants, Pai-Shau is loved by consumers, stylists, and celebrities, alike. Recently styled stars include Emily Blunt, Morena Baccarin, Allison Williams, and Claire Danes. The company has also worked with A-listers like Nicole Kidman, Lady Gaga, and Amy Adams.

Pai-Shau Something To BeLeave-In is available in  a 120ml flacon, which retail for $24 and can be purchased at their website, and local salons (visit for a salon locator). Come into the beautiful world of Pai-Shau.





Keranique Launches Shampoo & Conditioner For Curly Hair




Keranique® is the hair regrowth system that over a million women have entrusted with their hair regrowth journey. It was formulated by a team of Women’s Hair Regrowth Experts and contains a collection of mild cleansers, gentle conditioners, intensive hair regrowth treatments and styling products which nourish the scalp and fortify thinning hair. Keranique contains the only FDA approved ingredient to regrow hair, minoxidil.

Both Keranique’s Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner go hand in hand to help women easily maintain their curly hair.

Today, the women’s hair growth experts, recently introduced two new products: the Curl Preserve Scalp Nourishing Shampoo and a Conditioner for Curly, Textured Hair (sold separately). A recent update to Keranique’s line of hair care products, the brand continues to evolve in order to better serve women with all hair types. Other shampoo and conditioner combinations from Keranique include the Scalp Stimulating Shampoo and the Volumizing Keratin Conditioner for Damage Control, Deep Hydration, and Color-Treated Hair.

The Curl Preserve Nourishing Shampoo provides gentle cleansing and fortifies hair to enhance moisture and shine. Curly hair can often become too dried out by harsh shampoos containing sulfates, so this new Keranique shampoo is formulated to nourish curly hair without damaging ingredients. Keranique’s Curl Preserve Nourishing Conditioner helps enhance curl definition and hydrates hair to reduce frizz. The products contain Keranique’s proprietary Keratin Amino Complex, a unique ingredient that helps to strengthen hair, which can improve curl definition and shine.

These products are both scientifically formulated for textured hair types ranging from Curly 3A through 3C plus Kinky 4 through 4C. The products are sulfate and paraben free to reduce damage. Both Keranique’s Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner work well with Keranique’s other products which are formulated for women with thinning hair.

Keranique Curl Preserve Scalp Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner are available at selected stores and online. For more information, come into the beautiful world of Keranique.





Amino Mason’s Smooth and Moist Hair Care Lines, Packed With Amino Acids and Forest Botanicals


Amino Mason’s signature products are packed in mason jars, filled with natural ingredients and amino acids that help restore hair. The line includes Moist and Smooth products, with white rose and peony rose scents, respectively, and each line works for differing hair care needs.

There are many factors affecting how thick and moisturized someone’s hair is, so we offer two Amino Mason lines for different needs. Frizzy, thick hair is best treated by our Moist series. Thinner hair is best treated by our Smooth series. Both the Moist and Smooth lines help moisturize and repair damaged hair, offering natural and safe formulations for any user.

Sariel Osada, Amino Mason parent company Cosmeist Director

The hair care products contain hydrating botanical ingredients along with a patented Amino Keratin, consisting of 16 nano-sized amino acids and keratin protein. As hair is made of protein and amino acids, it is believed these natural ingredients can improve the quality and consistency of hair, reducing hair tears, split ends and other damage.

Amino Mason’s unique lines of rose-scented hair care products, with amino acids and forest botanicals carefully selected to create silky smooth, luminous hair, will soon be available on beauty care site

Come into the beautiful world of Amino Mason.




Sadiaa Launches As Premier US-Based Black Hair And Beauty Directory


Sadiaa has launched as the premiere online beauty directory dedicated to Black hair and beauty. The comprehensive platform aims to be a one-stop hair and beauty resource, including business profiles, news, events and product reviews.

Black women and women of color can search the growing directory of hair and beauty business and services by name, city, zip code or category. Categories include hair, makeup, fashion, health & wellness, skin care, nails and more. The new directory also gives businesses the ability to amplify their reach to an active and engaged audience that not only wants, but is seeking, their services.

The site is the brainchild of beauty editor and developer Stephenetta Harmon who was tired of digging through lists and web searches to find Black-owned brands and products.

Studies show we spend nines time more on hair and beauty needs, yet are the least considered when it comes to diversity in product choices, services and marketing. I have met women all over the country, who like me, are not just searching for where to get our hair done, but all aspects of beauty — from where to find Black-owned beauty supply stores and hair care brands to fashion and dermatologists. We were all frustrated to learn that a directory dedicated to Black beauty didn’t already exist in the US. That’s why I created Sadiaa – to make beauty easy and accessible.

Stephenetta Harmon

At launch, Sadiaa has listed more than 200 businesses, including over 100 Black-owned beauty supply stores, with plans to grow exponentially throughout 2018. The site offers both free and paid listing options for businesses. The brand also looks forward to presenting or hosting events throughout the country that highlight various Black-owned brands and address topical hair and beauty concerns.

For more information, come into the beautiful world of Sadiaa.





Giorgio Armani Sì Hair Mist


New from Italian fashion designer Giorgio Armani is the Sì Hair Mist, the latest iteration of the fabulous chypre fruity fragrance for women. This luxurious scent, aimed at strong yet feminine ladies, is said to be a tribute to modern femininity, a chypre reinvented, combined with deep and mysterious blackcurrant nectar that softly recedes to airy florals…

 is my tribute to modern femininity; an irresistible combination of grace, strength and independence of spirit. The Sì will bring a new touch of femininity and grace for most audacious and elegant women.

Giorgio Armani

This graceful, modern, and very unconventional fragrance now delicately scents the hair with its sensual notes. The composition remains unchanged; only the concentration is a bit lower, fine-tuned to help you make a lasting impression.




Hair is a great fragrance diffuser, as it is always in motion. In addition, its slightly oily, porous nature is great for keeping the fragrance for a long time, and ensuring a long-lasting aroma. The refreshing Sì Hair Mist is enriched with naturally derived ingredients and formulated with less alcohol than traditional perfumes. High alcohol content in perfumes and toiled waters can be responsible for damaging the hair and fading the color, so choosing a Hair Mist instead of a traditional fragrance is the best way to spray onto your hair!

Giorgio Armani Sì Hair Mist is presented in a massive 30ml glass bottle with pink-colored stopper and a golden ring.





Thierry Mugler Alien Beautifying Hair Mist



French Maison Thierry Mugler has just announced the launch of a new Beautifying Hair Mist infused with the essence of its iconic Alien fragrance. The original iconic fragrance, composed of warm white amber in the base, woodsy notes in the heart, and sunny Indian jasmine in the top, was launched in 2005.



The mysteries and fascinating solar composition has also been translated into a line of perfumed beauty care products, with the Alien Beautifying Hair Mist being the latest addition to the recently reformulated Alien Beauty Rituals range.


Thierry Mugler Alien Moisturizing Shower Milk



Thierry Mugler Alien Beauty Rituals collection also includes Alien Moisturizing Shower Milk, which melts onto the skin and transforms into a delicate foam to leave the skin soft, hydrated, and scented. Even for dry skin.

Thierry Mugler Alien Beautifying Body Lotion



Alien Beautifying Body Lotion is a lightweight and melting body moisturizer that enhances your skin with solar radiance, leaving it delicately scented with the captivating fragrance of Alien.

Thierry Mugler Alien Beautifying Body Cream



Alien Beautifying Body Cream, which instantly illuminates and beautifies the skin, leaving it intensely moisturized and lavishly perfumed. Perfect for dry skin.

Thierry Mugler Alien Radiant Deodorant Spray



Alien Radiant Deodorant Spray is formulated to leave a solar trail of Alien Eau de Parfum on your skin, while keeping it fresh and protected all day long.

Thierry Mugler Alien Beauty Rituals collection features luxurious packaging of modern design and a deep and mysterious purple color, inspired by the timeless Alien Talisman Eau de Parfum. Thierry Mugler’s bath and body collection is available now.





The Swimcap must have


To keep hair looking fabulous this summer, Philip Kingsley offers Swimcap thè holiday hair essential. Originally formulated for the US Olympic Synchronized Swimming Team, Philip Kingsley Swimcap protects the hair from UV rays and salt and chlorinated water damage, all whilst giving strands an intensive hydrating treatment at the same time.

Philip Kingsley Swimcap is available at





Beach Hair Ready with O&M Surf Bomb Sea Spray

O&M Surf Bomb Sea Spray Banner.jpg

Australia-born, Original & Mineral epitomises the relaxed, effervescent, fresh spirit of its homeland. The collection is built on the principle that healthy hair begins when it is free of stress, so every product is formulated using natural extracts and active minerals that deliver gentle yet effective results, while chemical additives have been removed wherever possible.

A strong relationship with the fashion industry keeps this brand at the leading edge of contemporary culture and style.

Use your head! All products are free of harsh chemicals, including phthalates, sulfates, parabens, MIT, propylene glycol, triclosan and sodium chloride or animal testing.

At the heart of O&M is the proprietary CCT™ Clean Colour Technology, which is free of PPD, ammonia and resorcinol, while delivering clean, lustrous blondes, bright fashion shades and lasting, vibrant colours and completely covering grey. The O&M care, treatment and styling ranges offers products to suit and enhance every hair type. All O&M shampoos and conditioners are formulated for coloured hair and are designed to guard against colour fade with inbuilt UV protection.

All products are free of harsh chemicals, including phthalates, sulfates, parabens, MIT, propylene glycol and triclosan, replacing them with natural native actives from O&M’s birthplace of Australia. Sourced from diverse geographical locations from the desert to the ocean, these Australian native actives deliver many benefits while nourishing and protecting the hair.

O&M Surf Bomb Sea Spray Banner.

Now that summer is fast approaching and booking a holiday is on the horizon, it’s time to seek out the ideal beauty products that will help you stay beach perfect. One being the O&M Surf Bomb Sea Spray that will create sexy textured waves with just a few spritz.

Infused with refined Australian botanical ingredients, such as sea salt, Surf Bomb will deliver gorgeous texture and movement to the hair. Its cucumber extract, rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, as well as UV Protectors, will help shield hair from the sun to guard against colour fade.








Aveda Men’s Blending Colour


New from Aveda for Spring 2017 comes Men’s Blending Colour, a new colour formulation to gently blend away grey hairs. We know that you boys want to cover-up those greys without any fuss or notable change, so this wonder colour provides the perfect solution.

Try the men’s colour service with Aveda’s brand new colour right now, so book-in for your appointment now at your Aveda salon!




Balmain’s new fragrance is a luxury scent for your hair!

Maison Balmain Hair Perfume ad 2016.jpg

French Maison Balmain has launched a limited edition perfume as part of their ultra-luxe haircare line. The product is a delicate hair mist that leaves your hair smelling fresh and fragrant. Infused with a mixture of silk protein and argan elixir, the perfume not only scents but also nourishes, repairs and protects the hair.

The uplifting fragrance includes notes of star anise, tarragon, pinewood, peach blossom, raspberry, gardenia, orange blossom, cloves, jasmine, rose, ylang-ylang, apricot, lilac amber, vanilla, sandalwood, cedar wood, balsamic and white musk. This is hair fragrance in its purest form and it is subtly diffused throughout the day, amplified by the natural movement of the hair.


To use all you need to do is use the French style vaporiser to spray it directly into your hair or spray it on a hairbrush before brushing through your mane. The 100 ml vaporiser bottle is priced at €80 which is about $89 at current exchange. You can buy it online through Balmain’s website alongside other products in the range.