If you have a designer pet with attitude, Balenciaga has the dog bowl for you

Balenciaga Objects, home of the Haute Couture water bottle, is back with another collection of insanely luxe collectibles including homeware, pet accessories, and over-the-top tchotchkes. A fuzzy pink dog bed, an insulated lunchbox, a bench, and a doormat all feature in the latest drop. The bumper collection, available now, almost has too many things to mention – but rest assured, there’s something for everyone.

Expect to find everyday items, such as soap, lunch boxes, vases, pillows, scented tags, coffee cups, and champagne flutes, alongside special-edition pieces in the form of a furniture collaboration with Tejo Remy and a sculpture series iconizing the Triple S sneaker, Knife Pump, and Barbes Tote.

For the glassware, the brand’s bootleg take on another famous logo is etched onto gold or silver-rimmed wine and champagne glasses, and corresponding coaster sets. Bedding is emblazoned with the Balenciaga Hotel & Resorts artwork, which is repeated across a doormat, towels, and tableware crafted in collaboration with renowed porcelain maker Ginori 1735, which, like Balenciaga, is owned by French fashion group Kering.

Not only are the humans able to dine off Balenciaga dinnerware, though – the bowl of man’s best friend’s has got a serious upgrade. In fact, pets are set to benefit greatly from the collection. The French Maison is offering a harness, collar complete with a personalized tag and a yellow leash resembling a tailor’s measuring tape. A plush heart-shaped pink dog bed with a matching blanket brings to mind Bruiser Woods from the ‘Legally Blonde’ films.

If you have a designer pet with attitude, Balenciaga has the dog bowl for you.

A seasonal addition comes in the form of Christmas decorations, which see baubles shaped like iconic Balenciaga pieces. Elsewhere, a yoga mat, a jersey pillowcase made from upcycled T-shirts, a travel pillow, and a rabbit-shaped incense burner with Balenciaga-scented cones feature.

From November 21, selected Balenciaga boutiques will offer a custom gift-wrapping service with personalized silver ribbons. To capture the ‘Balenciaga Gift Shop campaign’, the French fashion house enlisted the skills of documentary photographer Gabriele Galimberti, who often uses his camera to capture “expansive portraits of everyday eccentricities”. Take a look through the collection above, and for more design – check out the latest from Tekla, which just launched its holiday collection in time for the festive period.

Come into the beautiful world of Balenciaga.

Maison Berger Paris’ elegant Facette collection

Maison Berger Paris presents the elegant Facette collection that stands for timeless elegance. A tribute to Maison Berger Paris.

For decades, Maison Berger has been inviting well-known artists and designers to provide their iconic products with a very stylish design. This time, the French Maison has invited architect and designer Rozenn Mainguené.

Rozenn Mainguené designs for prestigious houses such as Armani, Dior, Carolina Herrera, Nina Ricci, Lancôme and Calvin Klein. In a previous collaboration with Maison Berger, she created the Senso, Passion, Immersion, Tempation, Crystal, Poesy and Capeline collections.

This beautiful shape with facets in the relief of the glass allows the light to reflect. The combination of the sensual curves, soft or powerful colors give the Lampe Berger Facette the appearance of a luxurious jewel. Together with the stylish decorative cap, it makes this Lampe Berger an elegant and timeless design.

The Lampe Berger purifies, purifies and perfumes the ambient air and is available in two variants: Nude and Noire. The Facette Nude model has a beige shade and is combined with a silver decorative cap, which together exude sweetness and delicacy. The Facette Noire is a variant in translucent black glass and has a powerful and mysterious character with the golden decorative cap.

One of the best home perfumes, Caresse de Coton, accompanies this Facette collection. This home perfume is light and powdery and is available in refills for both the Lampe Berger and the perfume diffuser. The perfume diffusers have the same stylish design as the Lampe Berger and are also available in the two variants Noire and Nude. Includes 8 black sticks, which spread perfume for 8 to 12 weeks when using 4 sticks.

Are you switching home perfumes? Use the home perfume Neutre Essentiel to neutralize the burner when switching to another home perfume or to determine the fragrance intensity of a home perfume yourself.

For more information, come into the beautiful world of Maison Berger Paris.

A luminous companion

Catching the eye… as it catches the light, Diptyque’s home fragrance diffuser, the French Maison’s latest creation, was born to shine. Its refined lines and faceted glass vessel, whose form echoes the Maison’s emblematic oval, multiply luminous effects, while its rattan stems, once placed in the fragrance concentrate, diffuse its scent in large spaces. A luminous companion.

Discover the Diptyque Home Fragrance Diffuser. Dyptyque fragrances are available at Dyptyque boutiques and selected stores worldwide. Come into the beautiful world of Diptyque.

Lalique Les Vendanges

French Maison Lalique presents the Les Vendanges candle collection representing the quintessence of the French art de vivre. Imagine taking a trip to the fabled vineyards of Saint-Émilion at harvest time. The golden autumn light of the afternoon sun.

Dark grapes hanging heavy in the vine, ripe for the picking. Birds darting in to feast on the juice-gorged fruit. The utter luxury of sipping the fabulous Château Péby Faugères in the domain’s cool cellar…

The complex aromas of the Grand Cru Classé Saint-Émilion served as an inspiration for Les Vendanges. Utter indulgence in an elegant deep black jar, decorated with a motif drawn from René Lalique’s ‘Merles et Raisins’ (Blackbirds and Grapes, 1928), originally the décor of panels designed for the fabled Orient Express.

The Lalique Les Vendanges candle collection is available at Lalique boutiques and selected stores worldwide. Come into the beautiful world of Lalique.

The Jenesis House launches Crystal Candle Collection

Phoenix-based start-up, The Jenesis House, has answered the call for a renewed interest in self-care with the debut of its luxury crystal candle collection. Formulated from a blend of essential oils, 100% soy wax and a wood wick The Jenesis House Crystal candles will have what feels like an everlasting burn of up to 50 hours.

The collection’s candles are all non-toxic, vegan, cruelty-free, and are hand-poured by the creator herself, Creative Director Jenesis Laforcarde.

With the debut of the luxury candle line, Laforcarde is on a much bigger mission to operate the first Black female-owned wellness resort in Arizona for everyone to experience — especially people of color. According to the National Association of Black Hotel Owners, Operators, and Developers (NABHOOD), less than 1% of all hotels are owned by African American women. When asked about her motivation for creating the candle collection, Laforcarde explained: “The Jenesis House is currently self-funded, so I wanted to launch a luxury candle line to help contribute to the thousands of dollars in startup costs to make this dream a reality.”

Keeping wellness and self-care at the forefront, those interested in making a smaller contribution can purchase candles from the collection at a cost of $65 each. Available in 3 enchanting fragrances: Cheque In, Cheque Out, and Cheque Ya Self. The candles are packaged in luxury glass jars available in crystal, rose gold, and matte black.

To help push the agenda forward, The Jenesis House has also launched a crowdfunding campaign that is hosted on ifundwomen.com a crowdfunding platform for women. The campaign goal is $500,000 and anyone can show their support by simply donating or pre-booking a heavily discounted 3-night stay at The Jenesis House for $1,500 for one person or $2,500 for two people. The reward night stays will feature a welcome bottle of champagne, complimentary spa treatments, and mediation time as well as an all-inclusive culinary experience.

Laforcarde is also offering complimentary refills on luxury candles for those who plan to visit the highly anticipated resort. For those that love the lavish candles and can not wait for the resort’s doors to open, Laforcarde is encouraging customers to send in their crystal candle jars for complimentary refills as well.

The candles are currently available for sale on the company’s website. To purchase a candle, get further information and updates on the new resort, come into the beautiful world of The Jenesis House.

A sculpture that is sure to bring style to any home

The Green Languedoc Vase by Lalique is a re-issue of a vase originally created by the prolific Rene Lalique. The lush vegetation found in the southern part of France inspired the vase, but in the structure of the vase you can also see the quilted look so prevalent in the designs of Coco Chanel. So this is more than a vase, more a piece of art, a sculpture that is sure to bring style to any home.

The Lalique Green Languedoc Vase is available several sizes and colors at Lalique boutiques and selected stores worldwide. Come into the beautiful world of Lalique.

Elevate Your Space With Cartier’s Home Objects.

Cartier is the ‘jeweller of kings and the king of jewellers’, so declared Edward VII – and it’s an epithet that has endured. Supplying ineffably luxurious treasures since 1847, the Parisian jeweller was founded by Louis-François Cartier, though it was his grandchildren Louis, Pierre and Jacques who transformed Cartier from a boutique into a globally renowned name.

The Maison pioneered platinum as a setting in the 1860s, and ground-breaking expertise was not restricted to jewellery alone; Cartier’s history of haute horlogerie plots an evolution from the jewellery watches of the 19th century to contemporary wrist watches, establishing iconic codes that remain at the heart of Cartier timepieces to this day.

Since 1880, Cartier was intrigued by the concept of everyday objects, including their earliest fragrance flacons and powder compacts, to stationery and inkwells, which were actually given their very own dedicated exhibition at Cartier New York. By the time the 1930s came around Louis Cartier founded the ‘S for Silver’ department with the intention of creating luxury gifts and objects like vases, teapots and teacaddies, lighters, belts, and pocket watches.

The eternally glamorous Jeanne Toussaint garnered the pet name La Panthère thanks to her collection of furs.

Fast forward to 2020, and the Maison has launch such darling everyday accessories which respond to the desire to bring joy to yourself and others. Panthère de Cartier. A collections to bring beauty into your life. From practical to playful, delicate to portable, suitable and linked by their emblematic codes. Cartier’s art de vivre resounds from its home and lifestyle pieces.

The emblematic panther has embodied Cartier’s creation ever since its first appearance on a watch with panther spots in 1914. She graduated from abstract to figurative representation three years later when she was depicted flanked by cypress trees on a nécessaire gifted by Louis Cartier to Jeanne Toussaint in 1917. In 1988 it decorated the first Cartier Limoges La Maison Collection – the new collection fits perfect with it.

Becoming a Maison legend, this motif runs throughout a contrasting collection of white, black, green and red. Limoges porcelain objects, trinket tray, solitaire board, vase or paper objects, notebook, stationery, and finally a cashmere blanket. Lift the lid on the lauded red box to uncover a new heirloom, whether sparkling with diamonds or shining in solid gold.

Cartier Limoges Panthère de Cartier Tea Box

The Panthère de Cartier collection presents an array of refined pieces to decorate your interior in true Cartier style. The porcelain tea box is a perfect example of the iconic Panthère’s migration from the jewellery sphere into a more domesticated realm, presenting an elegant porcelain silhouette that serves as an ornate home for the wild motif. H.14.5cm x W.10cm approx.

Cartier Limoges Panthère de Cartier Vase

Panthère prowls across this handpainted porcelain vase with the same striking presence. Depicted in the black and gold colourway that was selected for the motif’s debut, it carries the rich history of the Maison’s archives into your home, instantly commanding your tabletop or mantlepiece. H.22cm x W.9cm approx.

Cartier Limoges Panthère de Cartier Pencil Holder

Standing poised on your desk, this Cartier Panthère de Cartier pencil holder is a beacon of the Maison’s resounding elegance. Its pristine hand-painted Limoges porcelain body is detailed with the Maison’s hallmark feline, showcasing its tempered prowl across a minimalist canvas. Store fine stationary or other belongings in this petite design and simultaneously elevate your workspace with the Maison’s luxurious style. H.10.5cm x D.9cm approx.

Cartier Limoges Panthère de Cartier Trinket

Artistic director Jeanne Toussaint’s glamorous style was an amalgamation of Chinese, Indian and Persian influences through the lens of her own Parisian heritage, leading to the conception of one of Cartier’s most-famed emblems – the Panthère. This striking feline has remained present in the label’s collections for decades and is seen adorning this trinket tray in the same defiant colourway that was selected on its debut. H 9.5cm x W.21.5cm x D.2.5cm approx.

Cartier Limoges Panthère de Cartier Trinket Tray

Appointed Cartier’s artistic director of high jewellery in 1933, Jeanne Toussaint conceptualised striking designs that remain iconic to this day. The Panthère became her fingerprint and remains a pillar of the brand’s style. This porcelain trinket tray is adorned with the signature feline motif and serves as the ideal resting place for your own prized Panthère accessories. H.17cm x W.17cm x D.3cm approx.

Cartier Limoges Panthère de Cartier Trinket Trays (Set of 4)

For loyalists dripping in Cartier jewels, this set of four trinket trays offers multiple surfaces to rest your off-duty accessories. Each design is crafted from pristine porcelain and showcases the roaming Panthère motif, channelling every ounce of elegance possessed by its fine jewellery relations. H.8cm x W.8cm x D.2cm approx.

Cartier Panthère de Cartier Box – medium

The eternally glamorous Jeanne Toussaint garnered the pet name ‘La Panthère’ from her then lover Louis Cartier thanks to her vast collection of furs. You can mimic the Parisian icon’s tastefully spotted abode with the addition of this white lacquered wood Panthère de Cartier box to your interior.

Whether it’s sat contently upon your dressing table or on your mantlepiece for all to see, this design captivates its beholder with the Maison’s unequivocal elegance. An immaculate resting place for your prized Panthère rings? The Cartier Panthère de Cartier Box is available in three sizes (with different decoration), W.21.5cm x L.9.5cm x H.6cm (large), W.16cm x L.7cm x H.4.5cm (medium – shown), and L.12cm x H.5.5cm x D.3.5cm (small).

Cartier Panthère de Cartier Stationary Box Set

Cartier presents the Panthère de Cartier stationary box set to keep your correspondence in order. Known for its Parisian elegance, the label showcases a pristine box in lacquered wood that acts as a pedestal for its unrivalled Panthère emblem. It holds ample potential as a decorative piece, as well as storing fifteen signature cards and envelops for contacting loved ones by hand.

Includes stationary box, 15 greetings cards, 15 envelopes H14.5cm x W19cm x D6cm approx. Every card and its corresponding envelope is crafted from paper that’s sourced from a sustainably managed forest.

Cartier Panthère de Cartier Cards and Envelopes

Whatever your message, scribing onto these Cartier cards ensures your words are received with the utmost attention. The iconic Panthère is seen prowling at the corner of each card, instilling a simple invitation or a special heartfelt letter with the brand’s unwavering elegance. 17cm x W.12cm approx. Every card and its corresponding envelope is crafted from paper that’s sourced from a sustainably managed forest.

Cartier Panthère de Cartier A5 Notebook

Cartier thrives on creativity and passion, and the Panthère de Cartier notebook offers up the perfect canvas for your own ideas to expand. Its A5 stature is crafted using solely responsibly sourced paper, with 180 pages to fill with quick jottings or deeply thought-out plans. The Panthère emblem resides on the cover, presented with impactful minimalism.

The Panthère de Cartier A5 Notebook is crafted from paper that’s sourced from a sustainably managed forest. L.21cm x W.15cm approx.

Cartier Panthère de Cartier Merino Wool-Cashmere Throw

As animal prints rise in popularity across homeware, Cartier presents its luxury take on the trend with this merino wool-cashmere throw. Spotlighting muted tones, it makes a subtly glamorous addition to your living area, whether you choose to drape it over the arm of your sofa or leave it at the foot of the guest bed.

190cm x 140cm approx. With 90% Merino and 10% Cashmere, it is impossibly soft. This is a wintry bedding must-have.

Yes, the year might have been apocalyptic, to say the least, but the launch of this collection certainly brings us that bit of joy, and something to look forward to in such unprecedented times, don’t you think? Let’s make this Christmas the most wonderful time of the year once again, and look forward to gifting these items to your loved ones, or even pampering yourselves with (because self-love always comes first ;))

The Panthère de Cartier collection is available at Cartier boutiques and selected stores worldwide. Come into the beautiful and precious world of Cartier.

Boy Smells’ Hypernature Collection Has Landed

The cult-favorite indie candle brand Boy Smells is famous for its unconventional fragrances, not limited to the tomato-scented Gardener and its original top seller, Kush. The bouquet-inspired profiles that traditional candle brands hone in on aren’t usually its thing, but the new Boy Smells Hypernature Collection looks to be a rare exception. Just because it’s one of the most mainstream of its aromatic offerings, though, doesn’t mean it’s any less exciting.

Rose, peach, violet leaves, jasmine, and black tea are some notes you might read on the jar of any old candle, but not often one boasting Boy Smells’ immensely trendy label. The West Coast creator of candles and underwear typically turns toward more unorthodox scents like cannabis, the core of its first-ever launch. Since its original Kush candle, the brand has whipped up a myriad of androgynous fragrances – Cinderose, rose and smoke; Ash, firewood and charcoal; and Hinoki Fantôme, a combination of resin, moss, and guaiac.

Experience fragrant portals to alternate universes with Hypernature. This limited edition series amplifies the smells of nature with the best of science, resulting in a cosmic collection housed in electroplated mirrored vessels.

Its new fall 2020 Hypernature collection is as unexpected for Boy Smells as Boy Smells’ scents would be for a ‘normal’ candle brand, but that, in a way, just adds to its coolness. Anyway, the brand can make any common scent funky with unique pairings, intriguing names, and a psychedelic aesthetic.

Hypernature is a limited series of sensorial simulations to awaken your inner alchemy and transport you to new worlds where the beauty of nature is magnified into an eruption for the senses. In tow are uncharted territories of mind-expansion, out of body experiences triggered by experimental aromas, and new fantasies for a crystalized future. Hypernature awaits.

Boy Smells Neopêche

Neopêche is here to crystalize your visions of a new celestial reality. Inhabit space with transcending ultraviolet and delicate peach flesh for an outer body scent journey. Pink peppercorn, incense and oakmoss electrify this scent with spice while the delicate tannins of rose and mandarin drop you deep within yourself. Project yourself toward the sun and stars while transcending earthly expectations with Neopêche. 

Boy Smells Aqua de Jardin

Aqua de Jardin is a scented shamanic awakening taking you to the lost civilizations of lush greens. The velvet finish of ambrox mixed with the astral spice of pimento berry and ivy leaves channel the healing connections to nature. Watery coconut, jasmine and fig leaves give lushness to the palate while macadamia nut grounds you in a rich earthy exotic base. Inhale deeply to exhale deeply. You have entered the cool, inner sanctum of Aqua de Jardin.

Boy Smells Polyamberous

The scented spectrum of Polyamberous is here to refract light and multiply love. Explore Venus via a scented prism of patchouli fraction, geranium and tobacco flower. Dripping in rich, sticky amber, beeswax, wisps of musk and delectable pistachio, this woody yet delicious exotic tonic is made for a world where more is the merrier. Pleasure is your discipline, that burns to embrace an entire spectrum identity, blooming like never before. A prismatic vision of love awaits you with Polyamberous. Polyamberous is exclusively available to at Boy Smells website.

Boy Smells Rhubarb Smoke

Let Rhubarb Smoke’s guiding fragrance reveal to you a new perspective. This scent of divine papyrus mixed with burning incense and brewing black tea will give subconscious insights. A damp, forestral scent creates a new space for clear vision of what lies ahead. Notes of white birch, lush ivy and wild figs intertwine to create a scent with deep roots that extend deep into the past, while rhubarb and violet leaves reveal new growth ahead. Let the flickering flame illuminate your fruitful future with Rhubarb Smoke.

The candles weight 8.5 ounces (240g) each, and are 3.4 inches (8.6cm) tall.

Boy Smells Hypernature Scented Candle Gift Set

The Hypernature Scented Candle Gift Set features three mini candles designed to awaken your inner alchemy and transport you to new worlds where the beauty of nature is magnified into an eruption for the senses.

All are made of a white coconut and beeswax blend and feature a braided cotton wick, holding up the brand’s sustainability ethos. The Hypernature collection can be shopped at their website for $39 each or $139 for the full bundle (which is currently sold out, but will be available again in early October). Come into the beautiful world of Boy Smells.

Guerlain scented candles


French Maison Guerlain’s scented candles come in a delicate white biscuit porcelain jar with a sensual, tactile finish. Crafted in Limoges, France, this immaculate adornment is decorated like a coat of arms with a majestic bee, in the finest Guerlain tradition. This creation with a streamlined design is a precious decorative object. It makes the perfect gift! Come into the beautiful world of Guerlain.