Comme des Garçons joins Baccarat for Exquisite Collaborative Glassware



Japanese fashion house Comme des Garçons taps French glass artisans Baccarat for a special collaborative event. To welcome summer, the duo are launching a pop-up with a special edition piece of stemware.

Reimagining the Harcourt with polka dots.

Having recently dipped into the world of Japanese fashion courtesy of fragment design, Maison Baccarat is no stranger to inventive creations. This collaboration, however, isn’t a new shape – instead, Comme des Garçons tweaks one of the iconic classic Baccarat creations.

comme-des-garcons-aoyama-baccarat-harcourt-glass-collaboration-event-2The Harcourt wine glass has remained a staple of Baccarat’s line-up since the Maison was founded in 1841, simultaneously highlighting the house’s knack for elegant design and its equisite attention to detail. Sleek lines inform the glass, arcing down onto a brilliantly simple hexagonal base.

Comme des Garçons’ collaborative edition places branding on the base and CdG’s preferred polka dots across the bowl, yielding a glass that is equal parts progressive and classic.


Joining the $415 Harcourt glass, a commemorative T-shirts will drop at the special event hosted inside Comme des Garçons Aoyama, which begins May 31.

Come into the beautiful worlds of Maison Baccarat and Comme des Garçons.






A sign of refinement and good taste with Guerlain


At French Maison Guerlain, the art of perfume and the art of living have always gone hand in hand. In 1900, women perfumed their gloves as well as their handkerchiefs and décolletés. One’s fragrant trail followed every movement as a sign of refinement and good taste. Guerlain home fragrances reveal their personalities in several candles and an Eau de Lit. A very elegant ritual. Ideal for perfuming your bedroom or living room.

Guerlain Winter Delice ‘Christmas’ Candle



A warm break by the fireside during long and cold winter evenings. Nostalgic memories of the gourmet aromas of gingerbread and candied fruits. Comfort from the crackling fire, refreshed by the green notes of the pine needles, an evocation of contrasts of this festive season.


Guerlain Bois des Indes Candle



A spellbinding journey through the sacred history of India. Clouds of smoky woods and wafts of offerings intertwine. The sweetness of sandalwood swirls together with the scents of dried bark and spice-laden soil. Along the river, a feeling of peace settles in.


Guerlain Contes Tahitiens Candle



Fly away to lush shores where time lazes and lingers. Memories of islands covered in flowers, isolated from the rest of the world. Scents of sun-warmed sand. A fresh breeze blows the holiday fragrance of frangipani flowers, surrounded by mountains bewitched by the exhilarating smell of Ylang-Ylang.


Guerlain Hiver en Russie Candle



A return to the dream of the sparkling palaces and sumptuousness of Holy Russia. The scalding-hot scented tea of a samovar blends with the smell of smouldering wood. Precious ashes of frankincense enriched with myrrh illustrate the mystical splendour of churches with golden domes.



Notice: During the first use, wait until the wax is evenly consumed, all the way to the edges, before extinguishing the candle. The wick must always remain centred. If necessary, trim it to about 0.5 cm, straighten it and centre it.





Louis Vuitton Launches Nature-Inspired Candle Collection



Maison Louis Vuitton has announced that its in-house perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud, the man behind its fragrances, has created a new range of four candles to expand upon the brand’s olfactory offering.

The ceramic pots that house the candles have been designed by Marc Newson, who crafted the bottles of Les Parfum Louis Vuitton. Each candle has a handle made of natural leather, which is attached via metal studs, with a gold-finish metal lid doubling as a coaster.

The scents, as described by the French Maison, were imagined ‘like a house with windows open to the world’ capturing the essence of a breeze travelling from the outdoors, in. The four fragrances have been composed like snapshots of moments suspended in time, which can be relived when the candle is lighted anew.


Louis Vuitton L’Air du Jardin

L’Air du Jardin invokes the spirit of rosebuds. It bottles the scent of the rose centifolia that blossoms in Grasse each spring.


Louis Vuitton Île Blance

Île Blance, an imaginary island where the air is fresh with ocean spray, the sun and white cotton, embodied in the scent through the use of orange, jasmine sambac from China as well as neroli and cardamom


Louis Vuitton Feuilles d’Or

Feuilles d’Or which gives the impression of walking through the woods with notes of Indonesian patchouli and Virginia cedar combining to transport your senses.


Louis Vuitton Dehors Il Neige

Dehors Il Neige inspired by the smell of a fireplace crackling inside whilst it snows outside made using star anise and cinnamon (to recall holiday memories in December) and finished with raspberry.


Designed by Marc Newson, the candles are cast in handmade white ceramic pots that will look good literally anywhere you decide to put them, both whilst the candle is burning and when it is finished. The containers also have a natural leather hand-sewn handle, a gold lid and are finished with a fun detail: colourful wicks which were hand-painted in Grasse.

The candles will retail at €175 (approximately $203) and are available to buy from November 5 online and in selected stores. Watch out! You might never want to leave your house!





Get in the Mood


Since its founding in 1830, French Maison Christofle has cultivated its unique know-how, modernizing its techniques and execution to keep up with the times. Whether they are creations by designers or artists, re-editions and historic reproductions or custom commissions, exceptional pieces by Christofle are made in its fine silver workshop, which has been integrated into the company’s manufacturing facility in Yainville, Normandy.


For the first time in Christofle’s history, the brand has collaborated with a fashion brand. Karl Lagerfeld is a designer with a proven track record for having a golden touch. Always up for a collaboration and always surprising, ranging from H&M’s first luxury collaboration to Diet Coke, the German designer is revealed to have a very unusual collaboration in the works. Karl Lagerfeld sets his eyes on Christofle – the Parisian silversmith, devoted to making exceptional and sophisticated pieces for decorating the home. The limited edition Karl Lagerfeld Christofle Mood – though set in silverware, is second to no gold. The designs have also been exquisitely photographed by Karl Lagerfeld.

The egg-shaped Mood is engraved with the Christofle coat of arms on one side and Karl Lagerfeld’s signature on the other, and it will be numbered at the bottom. The Mood opens to reveal a 24-piece set of silver-plated flatware, and each piece is stamped with the Karl Lagerfeld silhouette logo.

Christofle’s iconic egg from the Mood cutlery collection, gets transformed by the designer inspired by Art Deco’s art and architectures. Karl Lagerfeld is no stranger to the world or Art Deco, having collected multiple pieces from the art period in his own houses, only to sell it off in 2003 to ‘get with the times’. Luckily we are in the age of ‘The Big Flat Now’, where history and modernity, digital and the real are all interchangeable and interlinked. Careers too, with designers being expected to be photographers and DJs too. And who else better to front the current age than superstar designer Karl Lagerfeld.



00066299_mood_argent_ouvert_fond_blanc_3200-1600_1.jpgWith a case in mirror polished stainless steel, just 1,000 exclusive pieces are available worldwide, each Mood is numbered and signed, and will be delivered with its certificate.

Karl Lagerfeld melds his longtime influence from Art Deco, and the modernity of today in his limited edition Mood. Featuring structured graphic lines on the elliptical egg shape, which enhances the contrast of geometry. Available in two exclusive colorways and produced in limited quantities.

000_66_399_mood_noir_ouvert_fond_blanc_3200-1600-e1539595213499.jpgThe sleek black option is crafted from lacquered mirror polished stainless steel, with just 500 pieces produced worldwide.

Set the table Mood with Karl Lagerfeld’s edition that opens to reveal a 24-piece set of silver-plated flatware: 6 Table Forks, 6 Dinner knives, 6 Tablespoons, 6 Coffee spoons, stamped with Karl Lagerfeld’s signature silhouette logo.


Karl Lagerfeld’s Christofle Mood with mirror polished stainless steel case (1,000 pieces worldwide) is available for €2400, and the black lacquered option, just 500 pieces worldwide, for €3200.


Pre-orders will open with Paris Fashion Week, September 25 at the Parisian Christofle store on Rue Saint-Honoré and at the Karl Lagerfeld store on Boulevard Saint-Germain.

The Karl Lagerfeld Mood Edition will be available worldwide from October 1, 2018, in Christofle and Karl Lagerfeld boutiques.





Beautiful Pari Rug by Rolf Benz


The blended two-tone effect of Rolf Benz’ Pari rug is achieved through contrasting constructions of smooth-trimmed velours and slightly trimmed loops. It has a luxurious silky feel thanks its Tencel yarn structure, and rectangular and round formats are available in sizes that range from 180 x 180 to 250 x 350 cms and 250 diam (but custom sizing is an option). Nine long-lasting colourways are offered.

Come into the beautiful designer world of Rolf Benz.




Haute home: Tiffany & Co’s New Accessories Collection Will Chic Up Your Home


Think of Tiffany & Co and you’re more than likely to conjure up images of its timeless jewellery pieces and of course, that inimitable famous Tiffany blue. Now Tiffany & Co is extending its coveted portfolio with the launch of a new Home & Accessories collection that will add a layer of luxury to any home.

Designed in the maison’s iconic sterling silver and Tiffany blue, expect to find haute home accessories. A must-have for any Tiffany blue lover, the upcoming range features beautifully crafted items from a ping pong set and a first aid kit, to dainty cups, glasses and matching silver and vermeil (sterling silver with gold) straws. There’s even a lineup of stationery like rulers to complete your study.








From up to down: Tiffany & Co paper (choclate?) plate in sterling silver, Tiffany & Co  diamond point crystal carafe and glass, Tiffany & Co diamond point sterling silver cocktail mixer and glass, Tiffany & Co diamond point corkscrew in sterling silver, Tiffany & Co straw in sterling silver with Tiffany blue accent, Tiffany & Co straw in yellow vermeil with Tiffany blue accent, and straw in rose vermeil with Tiffany blue accent.

Tiffany & Co’s New Accessories Collection will chic up your home. From sterling silver accents to must-have accessories, decorate your home with Tiffany & Co.’s new collection.20171028_004706.gif

Tiffany & Co porcelain cup, Tiffany & Co tin can in sterling silver and vermeil with Tiffany blue enamel accent, Tiffany & Co pencil sharpener in crystal and diamond point sterling silver, Tiffany & Co triangle ruler in sterling silver and American walnut, Tiffany & Co ruler in sterling silver and American walnut, Tiffany & Co memopaper box in sterling silver and large Tiffany & Co paper cup in sterling silver.

Let these take pride of place on your table as decorative objects, or use them for the purposes they were intended for—either ways, these remarkable pieces are hardly likely to stay hidden within your drawers.








From Up to down: Tiffany & Co table tennis paddles, Tiffany & Co ball of yam in sterling silver, Tiffany & Co birdnest in sterling silver with three Tiffany blue eggs, Tiffany & Co First Aid box in sterling silver with Tiffany blue enamel, Tiffany & Co AM/PM box in sterling silver with Tiffany blue enamel accents, Tiffany & Co Return to Tiffany Teddy Bear made by Steiff in mohair with sterling silver and blue accents

Tiffany & Co’s new Home & Accessories collection will be available from November 1, 2017. Visit Tiffany & Co for more information.





Exceptional Cartier jewellery box with artistically crafted eggshell mosaic



Maison Cartier has designed an accessories collection that stands to its tradition of excellence and unique flair for fine objects. These delicately handcrafted pieces act as precious adornments, offering an ever-present touch of elegance.

Yesterday we showed you one of this handcrafted precious pieces, a clock with artistically crafted eggshell mosaic. A limited edition of 20 individually numbered pieces. An exceptional mechanical movement clock that is made of palladium-finished 925 sterling silver with artistically crafted eggshell mosaic.



In the same style, and tradition, Cartier created an exceptional jewelry box, also a limited edition of 20 individually numbered pieces. Both items have a clear Art Deco Style.

This beautiful jewelry box with artistically crafted eggshell mosaic, is made of black, orange and green lacquer, with palladium-finish details, 4 orange moonstone cabochons and black Alcantara lining, The box contains 1 compartment for rings, 4 compartments for cufflnks/earrings, 2 compartments for watches/bracelets and 1 secret compartment.







The dimensions of this exceptional Cartier jewelry box are: length 212 mm, width 120 mm and 126.7 mm. heigh.

Both, the jewelry and eggshell mosaic clock, would be fit perfect on your side table.