Light up your holidays

12 Place Vendôme, one evening in December. On the snowy rooftops of Chaumet’s hôtel particulier, nestled in the heart of Paris, a Christmas tale where reality meets the imaginary is being told. The windows glisten, revealing unexpected treasures…

From our home to yours. Can you feel the holidays’ magic spreading around the world? A Chaumet Christmas tale ready to reveal its most precious secrets.

The windows of 12 Place Vendôme unveiling precious treasures this holiday season. Step inside Chaumet’s enchanted Parisian historic address and unlock its secrets at Chaumet.

Chaumets watches and jewellery are available at Chaumet boutiques and selected stores worldwide. Come into the beautiful world of Chaumet.

Delphine Leymarie Confetti Lune Collection elevates celestial fine jewelry

For the French, knowledge and appreciation for the magical and spiritual are deep-rooted. Steeped in a culture renowned for art and artists, the moon is one of its most beloved and sacred ancient symbols. New York City-based French Designer and Founder, Delphine Leymarie, draws inspiration from the moon’s ethereal nature, introducing sophisticated fine jewelry that captures its mystery, with the Confetti Lune Collection.

A multilayered celestial symbol of love, dreams and hopes, the Moon — La Lune in my native French, also represents our shadow self and our unconscious. Just like the moon, we go through many cycles, the sum of which makes who we truly are. La Lune mirrors the strength of the sun, reflecting its light on us in a gentler glow, It helps us navigate our own unique journey through the complex terrain of life, softly illuminating its peaks and lows and accompanying us through the ebb and flow.

Delphine Leymarie

The moon-phase inspired Confetti Lune collection offers eight sublime necklace styles, and four alluring bracelet designs. An update to the best-selling Confetti necklace, Delphine Leymarie Fine Jewelry introduces a unique and poetic sequence of moon-phase cut outs to Lune, with a full moon center, or an optional new moon center, to connect the beautiful Boheme clicker and collectible charms. Both the necklace and bracelet are available in solid 14K or 18K gold, with mother of pearl (Blanche), turquoise (Bleue), or onyx (Noire) inlay, and are crafted out of 8mm solid gold discs. The Confetti Lune Sequin Necklace offers a streamlined version, with a stunning juxtaposition of sparkling Moon phase discs dancing from the rounded cable chain. The yellow gold dots on both the necklace styles and bracelet refract the sparkling sunlight, much like the moon reflects the sun.

“As a ruler of tides, the moon is essential to life on earth. Its cycle helps us focus on our intentions, plant their seeds, sustain their growth, and reflect & repeat,” says Delphine Leymarie. “The Confetti Lune Collection is about cherishing the many phases of you, for they all reflect your many facets.”

With a collection that encourages all to embrace their inner alchemist, Delphine Leymarie Fine Jewelry delivers a timeless and iconic design to an ever-inspiring symbol. Whether celebrating a milestone, new beginnings, the holiday season, or just because, Confetti Lune channels elegance, offering unique customizable options for an empowering stack, or modern heirloom. “Say ‘I love you to the moon and back’ with jewelry,” says Delphine Leymarie.

About Delphine Leymarie Fine Jewelry

French-born, Delphine Leymarie designs luxe and modern eponymous fine jewelry line in NYC. Drawing inspiration from the blissful beaches of her childhood in the South of France, and the invigorating energy of modern urban architecture, she creates jewels that are timeless, romantic yet edgy, and playfully convertible.

Delphine Leymarie Fine Jewelry collections are centered around the signature Boheme Clickers, versatile modular charm holders, which make the jewels as unique as the wearer. She favors empowering and protective symbols, paired with carefully selected gems, to create uplifting and colorful jewelry. Delphine dreams up pieces as powerful talismans and modern heirlooms to be cherished for generations. Using recycled gold whenever possible, Delphine Leymarie sources her gems ethically, respectful of the magnificent resources of the planet. Mindful luxury is possible, and Delphine Leymarie Fine Jewelry aims to create sparkly sculptures that can adorn the body and elevate the soul.

Come into the beautiful world of Delphine Leymarie.

Fred’s new Dubai Boutique

Discover the new boutique of French Maison Fred at The Dubai Mall, intended as a French-Riviera oasis, with the warm atmosphere of a family home in an Art-Deco style. The French Riviera held a special place in Fred Samuel’s heart, reminding him of his sunny childhood in Argentina. This constant quest for sunlight shaped his work, becoming his muse and allowing him to create truly unique and solar pieces.

I’ve often thought that living so close to the light, in daily touch with the sun, can only sharpen one’s thirst for light.

Fred Samuel

Naturally, this light guided the architecture of the new Fred boutique in Dubai, filled with Mediterranean-style touches. A journey through the world of Fred with stopovers inspired by the founder’s life. It also reveals an audacious take on jewelry, as found in the iconic Force 10, Pretty Woman or Chance Infinie collections.

The original works of designer, artist and friend of the Maison, Vincent Darré may be admired in different spaces of the boutique, such as in the Par Amour lounge, devoted to High Jewelry and jewelry celebrating every aspect of love, with original frescoes broadly inspired by Jean Cocteau’s famous Chapel of Love.

Fred jewelry and watches are available at Fred Boutiques and selected stores worldwide. Come into the beautiful and timeless world of Fred.

Chaumet’s new podcast episode ‘Conversations Virtuoses’

Maison Chaumet invites you to discover the latest episode of its podcast, Conversations Virtuoses. An extraordinary dive into the constantly renewed creativity and expertise of one of the oldest French jewellery maisons.

The Chaumet Podcast is back! As the Maison celebrated its 240th anniversary recently, Chaumet is orchestrating a series of expert and inspired conversations between artists, craftsmen, and its own virtuosos.

Séverine and Gervaise, heads of Chaumet’s design studio meet plant-based lacquer specialist, Nicolas Pinon. A meeting of minds that cultivates and shines a light on the Maison’s unique savoir-faire, the Chaumet virtuosity, thus offering a new perspective on the mysterious and miraculous world of jewellery.

Available on all major broadcast platforms, the episodes take turns addressing the themes of lightness, colour, light and the art of the line. Listen to their new podcast episode.

Chaumets watches and jewellery are available at Chaumet boutiques and selected stores worldwide. Come into the beautiful world of Chaumet.

Force 10 Winch

For its 55th anniversary, French Maison Fred’s Force 10 bracelet draws on its creative energy to infuse Force 10 Winch, a jewelry line for men inspired by the iconic cable, showing a new interpretation of the original two-tone signature of steel and gold.

Marked by the creative audacity that distinguishes the Fred style, Force 10 Winch is inspired by its older sibling’s characteristics, in a line of 18 pieces that are imbued with all of Force 10’s versatility. The Force 10 Winch line blends the sporting values and powerful personality of Force 10 with confident, contemporary, masculine cues.

Fred jewelry and watches are available at Fred Boutiques and selected stores worldwide. Come into the beautiful and timeless world of Fred.

The Soul of Jewellery

French Maison Chaumet unveils its newest coffee-table book, The Soul of Jewellery. A tribute to the virtuosity of jewellers, this beautiful book offers an unprecedented approach to the art of High Jewellery.

Illustrated with the most beautiful pieces from the Maison’s historic and contemporary collections, it dives into the very heart of these fascinating objects and their abundant symbolism. From elevation to fashion, nature to desire, dive into the soul of jewellery.

‘Chaumet The Soul of Jewellery’ is available in French and English versions, in a selection of bookstores and online. Come into the beautiful world of Chaumet.

Cartier and Islamic Art

French Maison Cartier is pleased to share that the Musée des Arts Décoratifs de Paris will host a new exhibition ‘Cartier and Islamic Art In Search of Modernity’, from 21 October 2021 to 20th February 2022.

This exceptional new exhibition aims to highlight the influence of Islamic Art on the Maison’s design, from the beginning of the 20th century to the present day. More than 500 pieces – including jewellery, masterpieces of Islamic art, and archival documents – trace the origins of the Maison’s interest in eastern motifs.

Come into the beautiful world of Cartier.

At Maison Fred, summer is never over!

The French Riviera held a special place in Fred Samuel’s heart, reminding him of his sunny childhood in Argentina. This constant quest for sunlight shaped his work, becoming his muse and allowing him to create truly unique and solar pieces. Infused with an immutable sense of ‘joie de vivre’ and a creative daring that challenged traditional codes, his jewelry became the marker of unprecedented informal glamour and sparkling relaxed elegance.

A Fred jewel is a wink of happiness which illuminates the small and big moments of life.

Fred Samuel

Its founder’s philosophy is still at the beating heart of Maison Fred. It animates each of its collections that can be discovered in all Fred boutiques, warm and welcoming havens that perfectly echo the Maison’s Riviera spirit.

Fred’s teams look forward to welcoming you with all the warmth and joy that immediately transport you to a sunny destination all year long!

Come into the beautiful and timeless world of Fred

Bvlgari reimagines one of its iconic festoon motifs

A triumph of shapes and shades. Italian jeweller Bvlgari reimagines one of its iconic festoon motifs to bring you the retro-chic Magnifica Bvlgari Color Legacy necklace.

This lavish work shows off the Maison’s gem cutting and setting skills. Set in 18k gold, oval, pear, buff-top, pavé, and brilliant cut gemstones are set on several layers of precious hardware. Warm pink rubellites meet amethyst stones and decadent diamonds, before the design culminates in seven stunning oval aquamarines. The end result is a wonderful composition of colors.

Bvlgari’s haute-joallerie collection is avalable at Bvlgari boutiques worldwide. Discover the magnificence of Magnifica High Jewelry, come into the beautiful world of Bvlgari.