Make a wish: Bvlgari jewels sparkle in new campaign


Come on in, and enter Bvlgari’s creative campaign, reimagined through a new animated video that is as sparkly as it is festive.

Known for their timeless creations and coveted designs, Bvlgari has created an achingly cool campaign for the festive season. Digitally brought to life by Italian architect and designer Federico Babina, the jewellery maison has unveiled its Roman-esque campaign, aptly titled the Wishes Factory Campaign (watch the video below). Here expect to be inspired by the sparkling night sky, before entering one of seven rooms that showcase Bvlgari’s craftsmanship behind their iconic collections – Goldea, Serpenti, Octo, Diva, Bzero1, LVCEA and Serpenti Forever.

Also as part of the campaign, the Italian brand launched a #SeeMyWish initiative on Children’s Day (November 20), which will see Bvlgari donate to Save the Children’s charity when the campaign is shared across social media.




Van Cleef & Arpels presents the Frivole collection

Van Cleef & Arpels Frivole collection video

Petal power is at the fore of a range of whimsical (and diamond encrusted) flower creations as French Maison Van Cleef & Arpels unveils their latest jewellery collection…

Inspired by mother nature, Van Cleef & Arpels’ latest Frivole collection is a tribute to the frivolous side of spring. Made possible with the use of delicate shapes in yellow and white gold, juxtaposed against carefully curated diamond details, the 9-piece collection is designed to wear separately or layered piece-by-piece.

Van Cleef & Arpels presents the Frivole collection-GIF-page-event-desktop-1400x600.gif

Van Cleef & Arpels presents the Frivole collection-homepage-GIF-desktop-1400x600.gif

Celebrate Spring with Van Cleef & Arpels’ Frivole creations. View the Frivole collection now, which is available at the brand’s flagship boutiques across the world now.








Van Cleef & Arpels presents the Frivole collection-page-event-desktop-bloc04.jpg







Aurélie Bidermann Lucky Charms

Aurélie Bidermann Lucky Charms Gif

Inspired by her Parisian upbringing and childhood summers in Ibiza, French jewelry designer Aurelie Bidermann infuses a unique bohemian twist into each one of her hand-crafted pieces.

To celebrate the 10 year anniversary of her eponymous brand, Aurélie Bidermann updates her icon Amazone boxes with precious stones and lucky charms.



Aurelie Bidermaan Lucky Charm Ruby Big Apple Core Drop Earring2

Aurelie Bidermaan Lucky Charm Ruby Big Apple Core Drop Earring

Aurélie Bidermann whimsical yellow gold and ruby apple core charm. The textured yellow gold apple core is encrusted with a ruby pavé skin and three champagne diamond pips within its heart. Hanging from a yellow gold paperclip, this apple charm can be worn on the Aurélie Bidermann hammered yellow gold chain bracelet or necklace, and could be the start of a fabulous charm collection that includes bejewelled scarabs, ladybirds and shells.

Aurélie Bidermann first created a series of lucky charms for friends before launching her eponymous jewellery collection, which retains the symbolism and originality of those first charms, appealing to women who have a love of evocative and creative jewellery.



Rihanna loves Chopard, a jewellery collaboration

Rihanna Loves Chopard.jpg

If you were wondering what Rihanna’s next step in world domination would be—y’know, after those Fenty Puma must-haves, her too-cool Stance collection, a chart-topping music career, and a bit of acting in between – we now have your answer: jewelry. A new haute jewellery collaboration between Rihanna and Chopard is this summer’s Collection du Jour. Discover the coveted pieces now…

Following a career in music, cinema and fashion, singer Rihanna is now entering the jewellery market thanks to a new partnership with luxury Swiss jewellery house, Chopard. The new collection – simply named Rihanna Loves Chopard – is the culmination of a creative synergy between the Grammy winning singer Rihanna and the brand’s Co-President and Creative Director, Caroline Scheufele, and features both a jewellery and high jewellery line inspired by the singer’s Carribean heritage.




Rihanna in recent years has worn Chopard jewels on red carpets at major events so the two described the move to collaborate on new collections as natural.

I have always been in love with Chopard’s exquisite jewellery, so to actually design collections with them is something I still can’t believe. It was a really incredible process and I learnt so much! I can’t wait for everyone to see it.


The debut pieces from the Rihanna Loves Chopard Joaillerie, nine spare pieces follow a modernist style and re-create Chopard’s signature chain link Ice Cube motif with deep forest green ceramic and warm 18 karat rose gold.

Rihanna FOR Chopard.png

For the second collection Rihanna Loves Chopard Haute Joaillerie collection include a pair of simple, elegant 18 carat diamond earrings, and a vibrant pair of chandelier earrings made with a rainbow of blue, pink and yellow sapphires rubies and more… These may look familiar to those who closely watch the singer’s every move. At the recently held Grammy Awards, she wore the floral earrings and on the March 2017 cover of Harper’s Bazaar, Rihanna wore the transformable diamond earrings. Chopard said the high jewelry collection is inspired by Rihanna’s island roots – the lush gardens of Barbados and the bright colors of Carnival.

Discover the Rihanna Loves Chopard Joaillerie collection now…


Rihanna Loves Chopard Joaillerie Collection Necklace2




Rihanna Loves Chopard Joaillerie Collection Earrings

Rihanna Loves Chopard Joaillerie Collection Bracelet

Rihanna Loves Chopard Joaillerie Collection Necklace Diamond2

Rihanna Loves Chopard Joaillerie Collection Necklace Diamond



Rihanna Loves Chopard Haute Joaillerie Collection Diamond Earring

Rihanna Loves Chopard Haute Joaillerie Collection Diamond Watch

Rihanna Loves Chopard Haute Joaillerie Collection Diamond Earrings



Rihanna shows the world her Chopard Haute Joaillerie earrings at the 2017 Grammy Awards

The limited edition Rihanna Loves Chopard Haute Joaillerie collection is available for pre-order now, while the collection will be unveiled in May 2017 in celebration of the 70th anniversary of the Cannes Film Festival. Rihanna may make an appearance there in support of the launch.




Tiffany & Co unveil new campaign featuring Lady Gaga


Tiffany & Co x Lady Gaga

Two months after releasing a must-see video, Tiffany & Co. share their Lady Gaga-starred photoshoot…

American jeweller Tiffany & Co have launched a new visual campaign for their Tiffany HardWear collection. Continuing on from the promotional video, which debuted at the Superbowl 2017, the new ads – a juxtaposition of black and white images against those with a Tiffany blue backdrop – feature the brand’s latest brand ambassador Lady Gaga.

I love Tiffany HardWear because it’s different and elegant but it’s not what you would expect of elegance. That’s like me I think, I’m a bit different. To me, Tiffany is definitive and iconic, yet continues to push and evolve with the times.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga was a fitting muse for HardWear, Tiffany’s first new collection since Tiffany T in 2014. Where T was sleek and polished, HardWear is a bit edgier; each piece features chain links, padlocks, or tiny wrecking balls, originally inspired by a unisex bracelet Tiffany introduced in 1971.

Tiffany & Co unveil new campaign featuring Lady Gaga1.jpg

Tiffany & Co unveil new campaign featuring Lady Gaga1a.jpg

Tiffany & Co unveil new campaign featuring Lady Gaga2.jpg

Tiffany & Co unveil new campaign featuring Lady Gaga2a.jpg

Tiffany & Co unveil new campaign featuring Lady Gaga3.jpg

Tiffany & Co unveil new campaign featuring Lady Gaga3b.jpg

Tiffany & Co unveil new campaign featuring Lady Gaga3a.jpg

As well, the brand have also released a short behind-the-scenes video where Lady Gaga speaks about ‘the romance of jewellery’. Watch the video now…


Tiffany & Co unveil new campaign featuring Lady GagaThe beautiful Tiffany & Co HardWear Collection, availble in yellow and white gold, will be available at Tiffany & Co boutiques across the world on April 28






Chopard presents Happy Diamonds, a 40th anniversary timepiece


Inspired by nature, Chopard’s award-winning timepiece collection has welcomed a special anniversary edition.

A single moment of inspiration between Chopard’s designer Ronald Kurowski and the kaleidoscopic light display of a waterfall led to the creation of the maison’s iconic Happy Diamonds timepiece. The watch, which was first created in 1976, features freely moving diamonds within the dial, a concept so revolutionary that it earned the coveted Golden Rose of Baden-Baden award.

Chopard Happy-Diamonds-watch-5-round-204445-1001.jpg

Diamonds are happiest when they are free to dance.

Karin Scheufele

Chopard presents Happy Diamonds, a 40th anniversary timepiece.jpg

Now, to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the award-winning concept, Chopard has created a ladies watch, which not only pays homage to the original design but also takes it to the next level – think more diamonds of varying sizes. Available in both square and round-shaped cases with dials in white mother of pearl, both with 15 mobile prong set diamonds of which are encircled in diamonds set. The anniversary edition also features a subdial that’s once again surrounded by sparkling gemstones.

The Happy Diamonds watch is offered in a limited edition of just 150 pieces. $48,500. And is available at Chopard boutiques across the world.





Mouawad Flower of Eternity Jewellery Coffer Sets New World Record


Whoever said a jewellery box can’t shine brightly like the diamonds it contains? The Mouawad Flower of Eternity Jewellery Coffer is one such masterpiece – valued at a staggering US$3.5 million, the coffer has clinched the title of Guinness World Record’s most valuable jewellery box in the world.

The famous house of Mouawad is no stranger to world records, however. The jeweller snagged its first Guinness World Record in 1990, when Robert Mouawad purchased the most expensive single pear-shaped diamond. Titled Mouawad Splendor, the 101.84 carat diamond was worth approximately US$12.76 million. Since then the jewellery house has been awarded the honour about five times, including the most recent record from its glistening, diamond embellished coffer.

Indeed, the Mouawad Flower of Eternity Jewellery Coffer boasts a stunning combination of 18-carat gold and 925 silver, with a dazzling array of 542.39-carat of white and yellow diamonds, 293.24 carat of white and pink sapphires, 20.06 carat of rubies and 1,799.75-carat of lapis lazuli. Three heart shaped petals on the jewellery box’s top symbolizes the house’s signature Flower of Eternity motif, emblazoned with a axiomatic past, present, and future.

The coffer is completely handcrafted and conceptualized by Mouawad’s master artisans. Come into the world of Mouawad