The Magic of Jewellery: Thomas Sabo and Rita Ora present glamorous new collection


Thomas Sabo and Rita Ora, the German brand’s international ambassador, invite us to discover the new fall/winter 2020 campaign. The undisputed protagonist is the ‘magic of jewels’, a theme that is embodied in many new proposals. They are creations that stand out for their glamour and craftsmanship and that are accompanied by a point of seduction. With their design, they pay tribute to nature, its fascinating myths and wonderful symbolism.

Forbidden fruits: With the snake and the apple, the Magic Garden line enchants us by betting on a contrast between black and red of rabid topicality. A plating of radiant 18-karat yellow gold envelops other proposals of sophisticated airs. Embossed in the shape of a ring, the snake curls around the finger with an elegance that attracts all eyes. On the other hand, with the vividness of their green color, the malachites of great quality bring us real unique pieces that splurge charisma.


The expansion of the Magic Stones line gives us elegance with magical facets. The lavish cognac tone, a new color typical of the gems, exudes a fascinating charm. Meticulously carved and hand-set in exquisite open, gold-plated crimps, these stones display a captivating glow.

The Magic Garden and Magic Stones lines from the Thomas Sabo x Rita Ora collection are released on September 1, 2020 exclusively in Thomas Sabo Boutiques and online. Come into the beautiful world of Thomas Sabo.




Kat Florence Announces Rare Collection of Neon Titanium Tourmaline from Botswana

With an extraordinary luminous glow, Tourmalines from around the world are widely considered to be one of the most beautiful colored gemstones. Jeweler Kat Florence knows about the magical attraction of Tourmalines. Recognized as one of the most famous designers for Paraiba Tourmalines she has made a name for herself among collectors.

Currently the jeweler holds the world record for the largest gem quality Neon Paraiba ever sold at auction in 2016, a Top Blue 91.43 carat flawless gem. Now Kat Florence makes collectors hearts beat faster again with a collection of exclusive Titanium Neon Tourmalines from Botswana.

When Gem Hunter Don Kogen showed up at the Kat Florence studio in 2018 with his latest discovery, the jeweler was amazed at the quality of the Tourmalines: “Even in their uncut form the stones sparkled and glowed. I have never seen anything like it. The uncut stones were so completely different from what I have experienced with Tourmalines in the past”.

Don Kogen explains that Paraiba Tourmalines have always been renowned for their fine neon colors. It is the trace element Copper that makes Paraiba sparkle like no other Tourmaline and what actually makes metallic bearing Tourmalines so special. When Don Kogen discovered a small pocket of Titanium bearing Tourmaline in Botswana he immediately realized that he was looking at a very rare phenomenon that has never been unearthed before.

Kat Florence says demand for fine grade color gemstones are on the rise, with new records being broken regularly. The most recent auction record set at Christie’s for Tourmaline was in May 2018 for a 14.27 carat matching pair of Neon Paraiba Tourmaline earrings selling at $2,778,000 ($194,000 per carat). With less than 200 of these rare Neon Titanium Tourmalines ever discovered, it will be interesting to see what price the rare Tourmalines will fetch at auction. Kat Florence explains: “A selection of my Neon Tourmaline pieces have been on display in museums throughout Europe, Asia and the US since 2019”.

Come into the beautiful world of Kate Florance.

Iranian-American Jeweler Mona Assemi Featured in Beyonce’s ‘Black Is King’

MONA ASSEMI Beyonce Knowles Carter

Mona Assemi founded her namesake line combining inspiration from old Persian culture and modern American lifestyle. The New York based designer combines sculptural clean lines, sumptuous crystals, and elegant metals to create a liquid dripping aesthetic for her signature collection.

Mona Assemi has been featured in Vogue, InStyle, Forbes, Modern Luxury, Allure, New York Magazine, and Marie Claire for her eccentric line of luxury jewelry. Her jewels have been adorned by the likes of Katie HolmesTaylor MomsenGiuliana RancicKelly Ripa, Solange Knowles, and now Beyonce Knowles-Carter.

Her most current collections include unusual shapes and sculptural protruding elements. Now Mona Assemi’s earrings were featured in the music video for ‘Brown Skin Girl’ premiering in Beyonce’s visual film, ‘Black is King’.

In light of everything happening with Black Lives Matter, COVID, and more in the world, Beyonce’s new visual album has been something positive that we have all been yearning for to enrich our lives. An artful gift that has been musically and visually a true masterpiece. For Beyonce and her stylist Zerina Alers (and team) to choose people of color and emerging designers to empower and support is the kindest gesture. I’m so grateful for the opportunity.

Mona Assemi

The earrings are black resin and onyx with white matte Swarvoski, tied together with Swarovski crystal posts. Beyonce is seen wearing these earrings paired with a Tongoro Studio dress. Earrings from the same line are available on the Mona Assemi website.

All Mona’s pieces are handmade in New York city. Come into the beautiful world of  Mona Assemi for more information.





Tiffany & Co Gives Its Iconic Bone Cuffs A Fresh Coat Of Colour


Elsa Peretti’s designs for American jeweller Tiffany & Co. are rightfully iconic. But none, in this writer’s opinion, more so than the Bone cuff, first introduced in the early 70’s. This year, Tiffany & Co. is celebrating its 50th anniversary, the house’s Elsa Peretti Bone Cuffs – originally available in yellow gold, rose gold, and sterling silver – are now available in a special edition collection reimagined in vibrant red, blue and green finishes over copper, a nod towards the now 80-year-old designer’s love of colour.

The day Elsa Peretti became a part of Tiffany & Co was the day we entered a new era in our history of design innovation. describes

Michael J. Kowalski, former chairman and CEO of Tiffany & Co.

If you are not familiar with the Elsa and Tiffany story, here’s how it goes: in the ’70s, America’s leading fashion designer Roy Halston Frowick introduced his long-time friend and frequent collaborator Elsa Peretti to the jewellery house. She already had a number of accolades to her name, including the 1971 Coty American Fashion Critics’ Award for Jewellery. In 1974, the two began a formal working relationship, her debut collection sold out on the day it was launched, elevating sterling silver to luxury status overnight. The pieces Peretti designed for them, like the Bone, Bean, Mesh, Diamonds by the Yard, among many others, have since gone on to become iconic and legendary – not light words to be sure, but totally apt.


Elsa Peretti modelling in a Halston fashion show in the 1970s, wearing her own jewellery designs.

The Bone cuff is perhaps chief among them. When it was first released, it completely bucked the convention of jewellery design. Instead of architectural lines and flashy gemstones, Peretti looked towards biomorphism and a sleek sensuality inspired by organic forms. Peretti credits the inspiration to a recurring childhood story of symptomatic curiosity. As a young girl, she would repeatedly pocket a human bone from the 17th-century Capuchin Crypt in Rome, only to be told off by her mother and told to return it.

Some designs are instant classics that will never age; others are provocative and positively ahead of their time. Elsa Peretti’s ergonomic Bone cuff, designed for Tiffany & Co. in the 1970s, manages to straddle both categories.

That’s perhaps indicative of Peretti’s penchant for being inspired by the curious, the unexamined and the unexpected. One of the earliest wearers of the Bone cuff was Liza Minelli, who was urged by Halston to try the style in place of flashy jewellery. Minelli describes her attraction to the cuff as immediate, being drawn almost innately to the feminine sensuality of the design.



The Bone cuff is also one of the finest examples of Elsa Peretti’s design philosophy. A believer in the purity of line, purpose and essential elegance, the cuff strips away the glitz and glamour for understated sculptural beauty. What might seem offhandedly simple is actually a carefully researched and designed piece of work – to wit, the cuffs are shaped and designed differently and specifically for the left and right wrists. They sit comfortably on the arm, almost an extension of the wearer’s own form – a hidden ergonomic element to the artfulness of the design.

Peretti also noted the influence that Casa Milà, Antoni Gaudí’s striking 1912 building in Barcelona with an undulating façade and surrealist sculptural roof, had on the design. Compare the two, and the curves seem synonymous.

There’s also, of course, all the attractive associations with Elsa Peretti that come with the Bone cuff. In times when creativity seems challenging, it’s comforting to recall an alleged Peretti quote: “If the work is not coming clearly and somewhat quickly, you must stop. You must rest so that you can fulfill the vision correctly”. Couple that with the artistry of her life’s work (her designs for Tiffany & Co. are in the permanent collections of numerous art museums), and you’ve got a totemic objet d’art with a dazzling history around it.




To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Tiffany & Co. Bone cuff designed by Peretti, the jewel has been given a modern update through colour. In a nod to Peretti’s love of bright colours, these new editions of the copper Bone cuffs have been been lavished with electric reds, blues and greens. Each of these special edition cuffs features a celebratory inscription on the inside of the design. Worn on both wrists, of course.

Jewellery should be personal, dear and cherished, and these are the kinds of energies I want close to me. Worn on both wrists, of course.

Elsa Peretti

The 50th anniversary celebrations will continue throughout the year, with new additions to the Bone cuff collection being launched in the coming months. In September, Tiffany & Co will launch an 18ct yellow gold Bone cuff with green jade accents. Silver editions with black jade or turquoise details will follow in October.

Elso Peretti’s iconic Bone Cuffs are available at Tiffany & Co’s boutiques worldwide, and online. Come into the beautiful world of Tiffany & Co.





Rune: The Most Versatile Wedding Band Ever Made, Launching on Kickstarter

Rune Labs is launching a Kickstarter campaign for RUNE bands, wedding bands created with a newly invented material called EPU. Using novel manufacturing methods called ‘digital light synthesis’, Rune bands are literally made by combining light and air. This allows for wedding bands that are flexible, but also exceptionally durable – while retaining the capability for dimensional open-air designs that keep the finger feeling cool and comfortable.

I was tired of the pruning and irritation, Silicone bands feel cheap and rubbery – just generally hot and uncomfortable. I also don’t feel comfortable wearing a metal ring when I’m being active, as they are bulky and have a risk of injury. My wife is a nurse and practices yoga, so she was in the same boat. In our never-ending quest for the perfect ring, I found out about this completely new material – and that started a 2-year development period that eventually became Rune.

John Wells, creator of Rune Labs

Manufactured in the USA, Rune is made with EPU – a newly created material. Its combination of tear strength, energy return, and elongation makes EPU perfect for cushioning, impact absorption, and comfort. EPU is certified biocompatible and produces less waste than comparable silicone manufacturing.

Rune Labs is taking advantage of a brand-new kind of manufacturing process called digital light synthesis, as pioneered by additive manufacturing giant Carbon. The growth process allows for endless possibilities in design and dimension. When combined with the high durability of EPU, the rings can be made with large openings, ensuring to avoid the moisture pitfalls of silicone bands. Another benefit of precision manufacturing is that they can be made in half sizes, unlike almost all major silicone bands on the market.

We call it ‘the band that breathes. You can immediately tell the difference when it’s on your finger.

John Wells

Launching July 14th on Kickstarter, John Wells and Rune Labs are looking to raise a portion of the funds necessary for a large-scale production run. They will be available for pre-order starting at the early bird price of $59.

Come into the beautiful world of Rune Bands.

Millie Bobby Brown co-designs new Pandora Me jewelry

Britich actress Millie Bobby Brown (born 19 February 2004) rose to prominence for her role as Eleven in the Netflix science fiction horror series ‘Stranger Things’ (2016–present), for which she received Primetime Emmy Award nominations for Outstanding Supporting Actress is a Drama Serie. At age 13, she became one of the youngest nominees in Emmy history. Her film debut came in 2019 with the monster film ‘Godzilla: King of the Monsters’. 

Millie Bobby Brown is the youngest person to be featured on the Time 100 list of the world’s most influential people and is the youngest person to be appointed a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador. Last year, she became the ambassador of UEFA’s Together #WePlayStrong campaign.

Now Millie Bobby Brown can add jewelry co-designer to an already impressive list of titles, which includes being the face of and ambassador for Pandora Me, when the latest range of jewelry launches globally on July 2.

All of the symbols I chose are my absolute favorite parts of summer and each charm holds a fun memory or meaning to me.

Millie Bobby Brown

Millie Bobby Brown’s co-created charms and earring are limited edition and only available for six months. Pandora designers and VP Creative Directors Francesco Terzo and A. Filippo Ficarelli worked closely with Brown to transform a mood board of her summer vision to the Pandora Me jewelry collection.

To be a Pandora Me ambassador means the world. From a very young age, I’ve always been a very big fan of Pandora, so it’s a dream come true to continue to work with a brand that’s all about self-expression through style.

Millie Bobby Brown

Each Pandora Me charm, hand-finished in sterling silver with colorful cubic zirconia, can be added to Pandora Me bracelets, safety pin brooch and a new Pandora Me necklace. Earrings in this collection are sold as single studs, allowing for dynamic styling and self-expression.

Pandora x Millie Bobby Brown’s charms and earring are limited edition and only available for six months, from July 2 until December 2020. So don’t wait to long! Come into the beautiful world of Pandora.

Jared® Celebrates Pride Month with Limited-Edition Ring to Commemorate Five-Year Anniversary of Marriage Equality

Jared ®, a specialty retail jewelry chain in the U.S., announced today to help celbrate Pride Month by creating a limited-edition ring to commemorate the five-year anniversary of marriage equality. The brand also announced that, through sales of the ring, it has committed to raising $400,000 to support the six charitable partners involved in iHeartMedia and Procter & Gamble’s ‘Can’t Cancel Pride’: A COVID-19 Relief Benefit for the LGBTQ+ Community virtual celebration.

Love Proudly Multi-Color Rainbow Ring

Whoever you love, complete the look with this 14K gold masterpiece, featuring 9 natural semi-precious gemstones including black spinel, smoky quartz, garnet, citrine, peridot, blue topaz, amethyst and white sapphire to pay tribute to the Pride rainbow and engraved with the date in which the Supreme Court passed the Marriage Equality Act.​

The 4mm Love Proudly Ring Multi-Color Rainbow is available in 14K Yellow or white gold for $499.99

Profits from sales of the ring, for sale through July 5, 2020, will go to the Can’t Cancel Pride Fund at the Greater Cincinnati Foundation with a minimum contribution of $400,000. The ‘Can’t Cancel Pride Fund’ supports organizations that have a track record for creating positive change within the LGBTQ+ communities, including GLAAD, SAGE, The Trevor Project, the National Black Justice Coalition, CenterLink and OutRight Action International.

While Pride month certainly looks different this year, Jared remains passionate about showing its support for the LGBTQ+ community and more importantly, helping those in need during this difficult time. As a brand that believes in celebrating life and expressing love, we can think of no better way to extend our #LoveCantWait campaign than by partnering with P&G and iHeartMedia for this celebration.

Bill Brace, Chief Marketing Officer and Jared Executive General Manager

Jared joins iHeartMedia and P&G to inspire and uplift people through this virtual benefit, which aims to raise awareness and funds for LGBTQ+ communities most impacted by COVID-19. As part of the event, Jared will support a special in-broadcast segment and is asking people to share their Pride by posting stories of spectacular displays of love on their own social media platforms using the hashtag #CantCancelPride

Leading iHeartMedia on-air personality Elvis Duran and actress and LGBTQ+ advocate Laverne Cox will host the upcoming event, bringing together allies of the community and today’s biggest names in both culture and entertainment through powerful programming. The event will stream on iHeartRadio’s Facebook and Instagram pages, iHeartRadio’s, on the iHeartRadio app, and will air on iHeartMedia stations nationwide on June 25 at 9 p.m. ET local time.

Come into the beautiful worlds of Jared and Can’t Cancel Pride.

Crown your love forever with Chaumet

Choose the diamond of your dreams and visualise your own engagement ring in 3D thanks to the Chaumet’s new unique solitaire Crown Your Love personalisation service.

The Maison’s new Crown Your Love personalisation service lets engaged couples experience what sets Chaumet apart by composing and visualising their own engagement ring in 3D. After choosing the style of solitaire and the cut of stone – pear, cushion, princess or brilliant – each couple can find the diamond that will crown their love forever.

Give free rein to your creativity and personalise your own engagement ring with Crown Your Love. Start your creation here. Come into the beautiful world of Chaumet.




Chaumet’s treasures from elsewhere


To celebrate the reopening of the 12 Vendôme, the Maison unveils a collection of extraordinary High Jewellery rings. The rings of the Trésors d’Ailleurs collection pay a virtuoso tribute to the richness of the cultures that have always inspired Chaumet. From Paris to China, Japan to the Middle East, these architectural jewels take you on a fantastic journey through the world and the Maison’s 240-year-old savoir-faire.

Come into the beautiful world of Chaumet.




Paz Creations Announces the Launch of Its New Signature Fine Jewelry Collection, the Danny Newfeld Jewelry Collection

Israeli based Jewelry designer and manufacturer, Danny Newfeld, is back at the drawing board designing and launching his brand new signature line of jewelry, the Danny Newfeld Jewelry Collection.

Danny Newfeld, QVC Jewelry Designer, and owner of Paz Creations, boasts over 25 years in the industry. Newfeld has been involved in every step of the jewelry production process; from design to manufacturing, from distribution to retail. A recognizable face for over a decade on QVC with his popular Sterling Silver Collection (Or Paz) and heirloom quality 14K Gold Collection (Adi Paz), Danny’s deep commitment to ensuring that the craftsmanship, quality and design of each and every item in his collection is evident in its beauty, function and durability.

What I love most about designing for QVC are the connections that I have built with my community. With the launch of my new collection, I transformed that relationship and designed a collection including earrings, bracelets, bracelets, rings, necklaces inspired by customer feedback. With personalized, engravable and options (such letters, names or birthstone choices) every treasure tells its own story.

Danny Newfeld

Israel is a dynamic country and the Danny Newfeld collection draws inspiration from its beauty and geography. Danny’s enthusiasm comes from his community. “My connection to my customers really deepens when I receive pictures of thrilled customers wearing my jewelry”.

The new Danny Newfeld Jewelry Collection, available in 925 Sterling Silver or 14K Gold, is identifiable for its smooth lines, beaded edges and attention to detail. Ageless and timeless, each item has unique and designer appeal. Designed in Israel, by Danny and his team of top Israeli artisans, each item is hand-finished and has options for customization, including engraving or the addition of birthstones.

Danny’s passion, energy and zest for creativity extends beyond his jewelry collection. He is a marathon runner and loves traveling. His three boys who are a source of tremendous joy and pride and as a newlywed; he is embarking on two adventures simultaneously!

Check out Danny’s new jewelry collection! Whether you’re shopping for gifts, or just because, it’s easy to find the perfect piece for every occasion. The Danny Newfeld Collection can be found exclusively at Danny Newfeld.