Pure Marula Beauty Oil, a true Holy Grail


Indulge you in the luxury of pampering yourself with Pure Marula Oil. It’s   made from 99% marula oil and 1% blend of natural essential oils. Pure Marula Oil has 60% higher antioxidant level than Argan oil and is more powerful in fighting free radicals that cause premature skin aging. It has anti-microbial properties that effectively heal acne and other skin blemishes. It also contains a high level of fatty acids, which help in faster skin absorption and treatment of skin inflammation.


Developed by renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Ashton Kaidi, Pure Marula Oil is the only doctor-endorsed and scientifically validated beauty oil. Unlike other mass produced marula oils, Pure Marula Oil only uses nuts from wild marula trees, which produce more antioxidant-rich oil than farmed and fertilized trees. Each nut is carefully hand-cut and cold pressed with no added heat or chemicals to extract the highest quality oil.

For women and men, ideal for all skin types, Pure Marula Oil can be applied directly on the face, neck and décolleté to moisturize and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. It can also be added on other skincare products to boost their benefits. Its satiny, matte finish also makes for a great make-up primer. And what to think about bodycare? Two drops for both hands. Perfect in summer for dry hair, and for men as beard oil! Its a true Holy Grail.


With its intense rejuvenation, fast absorption, satin finish, and delicate scent, Pure Marula Oil will surely delight your senses while providing long-term benefits to your skin. With continued use, your skin will look softer, more firm and glowing with youthful radiance that you will notice all year round!

It comes in two sizes: 30 and 50ml.

Pre Shave Oil by Anthony Logistics

Shaving GIF.gif

A blend of lightweight essential oils to soften the beard and protect the skin for a close and most importantly, comfortable, shave. This little pot of wonder also helps prevent razor burn and is ideal for those with a heavy beard.

For people with sensitive skin, you’ll probably want to stay away from most normal pre shave oils, as some may be too harsh for your face. For this reason, you may be better off going with a pre shave oil like the one from Anthony Logistics. This natural product is fragrance free and 100% hypoallergenic, making it perfect for even the most sensitive skin. Not only that, but it contains vitamin E to help condition the skin and calendula to help soothe the skin after shaving. Overall, this is hands down one of the best pre shave oils for sensitive skin on the market today.




Ingredients include Olive Oil, essential oils of Eucalyptus, Peppermint and Rosemary combined with conditioning Vitamin E and healing Calendula. Yum.

Anthony Logistics Pre Shave Oil comes in a 59 ml bottle.





Intensive Purifying Mud Mask by Tom Ford


Listen, if you’re going to take advice from a man about looking good later in life, let it be 53-year old Tom Ford. He’s like Neverland’s never-ageing Peter Pan with an equally charming nature and good-time-guy ways – not to mention his frankly incredible complexion.

Apparently that’s due to a weekly clay mask treatment, integral to Ford’s personal grooming routine… So much so that he developed his own time-signalling Mud Mask to counter the dulling and irritating effects of a busy lifestyle, which succeeds in drawing out oil, dirt and toxins and diminishing tension lines leaving skin feeling clean, hydrated and conditioned, and you looking revitalised and younger. Someone make him King already. 




A Valentine’s Day Gift for the Guys

Seriously, if it weren’t for marketing, I think I’d actually forget about Valentine’s Day. In any case, I am sure that some of you are going to be looking for presents for your significant others, and the Every Man Jack products I reviewed last year would make an excellent present.

In case you are wary of giving your man ‘products’, allow me to share a few details with you.

When I tell girls that I have a beauty blog, they ask me for help in putting on makeup. When I tell the boys, they recommend things I should review and ask for a good eye cream. They are more into their looks that most of them would care to openly admit, and thus I am sure that they will be secretly be pleased at receiving this gift set:

The Every Man Jack gift set includes shave gel, face lotion, body wash, and a body bar. It’s all anyone could need.