Ares Marbella Studio, a few steps from Puerto Banus harbour

A few interesting details about the Ares Marbella Studio: located at Avenida de Julio Iglesias, a few steps from the Puerto Banus harbour entrance, the showroom hosts three stunning examples of the company’s bespoke design capabilities.

On the first floor, the Ares Land Rover Defender Spec 1.2 and the Ares Scrambler for BMW R nineT motorbike welcome customers in Ares style, but it is on the upper floor that they unveil a full-scale model of its much-admired Ares S1 Spyder, a must-see wonder!

Ares Modena, Engineers of Emotions. Come into the beautiful world of Ares.

Neo retro racer: Ares Bullet

Created to offer enhanced riding pleasure, the Ares Bullet for BMW R NineT has a smoother, yet more responsive riding experience, making the eye-catching bike ideal for short trips and long-distance journeys.

While the bike sports the standard suspension layout, Ares designers incorporated a fully adjustable shock absorber spring to the rear. This permits the rider to switch on, or off, the spring reload and release, allowing them to maximise the Bullet’s engaging handling characteristics.

Drawing its style inspiration from past racers, the Ares Bullet for BMW R NineT sports a typically sharp fairing with an integrated LED headlight.

The striking livery connects the front fairing with the tank and side faring while, underneath the engine, a small carbon spoiler wraps around the exhaust manifolds. While acting as a heat shield, this also adds a final flourish of colour and detail to the underside of the bike. The tank sports black leather knee pads with yellow stitching detail, which is carried through onto the saddle.

The bike’s powerhouse, the 1170cc twin-cylinder boxer engine, remains the same as the donor bike save for the air intake box, which has been removed. In its place are two open conical sport filters, which, along with the remapped ECU, gives the ARES Bullet an all-new and distinctive intake sound, differentiating it from the donor bike.

The Ares Bullet is equipped with a custom-built 2-in-2 exhaust system, designed to accommodate the heat shields and finished in matt black.

To accommodate the new retro-styled tail, which houses the bike’s ECU, the saddle housing sits 4cm higher which, coupled with low-slung handlebars and newly positioned foot pegs, enables the rider to enjoy a sportier riding position.

All new structures (fairing, tail, tank) have been designed by Ares Centro Stile and are made of carbon fibre. All leather components are handmade by the company’s in-house craftsmen, while Ares’ paint department applied the fully customisable and eye-catching livery.

The Ares Bullet for BMW R NineT will be made to order in a limited series of just 25 motorcycles. The order book is now open with delivery two months from order. Come in the beautiful world of Ares.

Arestorque – Ares Café Racer, a new one-off two-wheeled creation by Ares Design

Is it possible to have a customised version of a motorbike already customised?! Well, when we talk about an Ares creation, of course, yes!

As is often the way it all started with a particular request from one of their customers. Already a proud owner of an Ares Scrambler for BMW R nineT, he wanted the Italian coachbuilder to create a sportier road-oriented version of the Scrambler, which could be use for his trips to the California hills, with the option to take some luggage for the weekend.

The Ares Centro Stile and R&D Department set to work on the design and as you can see, produced a unique and beautiful creation, a truly bespoke one-off Ares Café Racer for BMW R nineT that is inspired by the legendary racing bikes of the 1960s.

The starting point was the BMW R nineT itself, with the aesthetic and mechanical changes already present on the ARES Scrambler. The new tank and the mudguards, handmade in carbon fibre and painted by the craftsmen of the Modena factory, along with the characteristic rear double swingarm and double side shock absorbers.

However, this is where the common points with the Scrambler stopped and Ares styling commenced. The wide off-road handlebars are replaced with a pair of sportier clip-on bars. While the front end is perfected by a new LED headlight and a carbon fibre aerodynamic deflector, it is the rear where the most radical changes are found.

The Café Racer is equipped with a new single-seat unit, upholstered in handmade leather and topped with a cover akin to racing bikes of yesteryear. On either side of which is the custom-made frame that can hold two panniers and has space for a blanket or sleeping bag – perfect for a weekend getaway!

From a technical perspective, the Café Racer features the mechanical refinements already present on the Scrambler. Still this time around, the 1170cc two-cylinder boxer engine is equipped with a retro-designed stainless steel 2-in-2 exhaust system with two conical air filters. Along with a new set of street-oriented tyres specifically designed for maximum riding pleasure on the curvy roads of the American coast!

The Café Racer is a motorbike conceived and built for fun, born from the fantasy of an enthusiast, and it is to realize these fantasies and these requests that ARES was born.

Come into the beautiful world of Ares Design, Engineers of Emotions.

Dynamic testing of AMB 001 by Aston Martin and Brough Superior is underway


Aston Martin teamed up last year with fellow historic British brand Brough Superior to launch a motorcycle. The AMB 001 by Aston Martin and Brough Superior took to the track at Pau-Arnos in France recently to begin its comprehensive testing programme. Designed and engineered for the race track, the AMB 001 is strictly limited to just 100 examples and is on schedule for first deliveries at the end of this year. Adorned in the traditional Aston Martin Camo livery, the AMB 001 test mule completed its first test at Pau-Arnos.

Everybody involved has managed to make tremendous progress with the development of AMB 001, despite the challenges we have all been facing. This special motorcycle is, like our road cars, the result of beautiful design melding with modern technology to produce a bike that any collector will be proud of. We are delighted to see how much progress has been made, both on and off track and look forward to the moment when production starts for this stunning machine.

Marek Reichman, Aston Martin Executive Vice President and Chief Creative Officer

Prototype testing is one of the most vital parts of the development process with a test motorcycle allowing the team to validate the chassis geometry, the ergonomics and dynamic behaviour. In the same way that Aston Martin’s vehicle dynamics engineers can ‘read’ a car, Brough Superior’s test rider feeds back on all areas of performance, from the overall dynamic feel of the bike to details regarding cornering, braking, acceleration and the like.







Commenting on the ongoing success of the development programme, Brough Superior CEO Thierry Henriette said: “One of the key design features of the AMB 001 is an aluminium fin that runs along the full length of a carbon fibre tank, passing under the saddle and out onto the rear. The body holding the fin and supporting the saddle is one of the areas where we called on the unique knowledge of Mecano ID, who joined the project to apply specialist aerospace-quality carbon fibre skills to the exclusive AMB 001″.

While the focus of the track testing is directed at the chassis, engine bench testing takes place in parallel to streamline the development process. The AMB 001 boasts a turbo-charged engine with an output of 180 hp, which is unique in the motorcycle industry for a serial production bike. The turbo package includes an intercooler; this imposing radiator with its striking oversized/wide intake manifold, gives the V-twin a supercar engine appearance.



The AMB 001 is due to start production at Brough Superior’s plant in Toulouse, France, this fall. Just 100 examples will be built and the price tag for one is 108,000 euros ($121,675). Interestingly, there could be more two-wheeled vehicles in Aston Martin’s future. At the AMB 001’s reveal last year, Aston Martin said it was just the first chapter in the newly established partnership with Brough Superior.

Come into the beautiful worlds of Aston Martin and Brough Superior.





Triumph Celebrates James Bond With Limited Edition Scrambler 1200


Throughout the James Bond series of films and novels, Q Branch has given Bond a variety of vehicles with which to battle his enemies. Among the most noteworthy gadgets, Bond has been equipped with various vehicles that have numerous modifications to include elaborate weapons and anti-pursuit systems, alternative transportation modes, and various other functions.

As a super spy, James Bond is no stranger to high-speed chases, whether it’s on four wheels or two. Gearing up for his mission in the upcoming installment ‘No Time to Die’ – the 25th James Bond movie – Daniel Craig’s Bond will be fighting off bad guys in none other than British motorcycle maker Triumph‘s Scrambler 1200, and in celebration of this ‘iconic British partnership’ the motor company – and former car maker who had its origins in 1885 – has released a limited edition with special Bond detailing.



The bike itself is based on Triumph’s Scrambler XE, keeping the same specs by using a 1200 engine that pushes 89 horsepower and 81 pound-feet of torque. Power aside, the limited edition gets an exclusive Bond-themed makeover, with a branded lower side panel finisher reading ‘007’, a leather seat with ‘Bond Edition’ embroidered on the rear end, and a startup screen featuring the iconic graphics from the franchise.

Each bike comes with a numbered edition plaque and unique badging, as well as a special Bond handover pack which features a numbered letter hand-signed by Triumph’s CEO Nick Bloor, along with a custom rucksack. Other parts of the bike have been modified to better fit its covert aesthetics as well, including black powder-coated swingarms and sprocket covers, carbon-fiber end caps for the exhaust, as well as blacked-out forks and mudguards.



The Triumph Scrambler 1200 Bond Edition is not the first Triumph that appears in a Bond movie. In ‘Dr No’ (1962) with Sean Connery we see a Triumph Herald. In ‘Thunderball’ (1965), the fourth film in the James Bond series starring Sean Connery we see also a Triumph Herald. In 1971’s ‘Diamonds are Forever’, James Bond 007, also played by Sean Connery, travels to Amsterdam in the Netherlands at the wheel of a Triumph Stag.

There will be 250 examples of the 2020 Triumph Scrambler 1200 Bond Edition. Just 30 of those are destined for the United States. For those interested, the bike is now available for $18,500 USD. Head over to the company’s website to learn more. Come into the beautiful world of Triumph.




Zillers’ Garage Aviation-Inspired R NineT is outlandish and memorable, and a great reminder that we need builders that are willing to throw convention out the window.


There’s a special place in the custom motorcycle scene for motorcycles that eschew practicality, in order to push boundaries. Dmitry Golubchikov – an AMD Championship winner – of Russia’s Zillers Garage has taken motorcycle craftsmanship to a whole new level with his latest R Nine T, commissioned by none other than BMW Motorrad Russia itself, this stunner mixes some old-school sci-fi nostalgia with modern features.

Zillers’ R nineT is outlandish and memorable, and a great reminder that we need builders that are willing to throw convention out the window. Gaze in awe at this customized 2016 BMW R nineT by Dmitry Golubchikov of Zillers Garage. The hand-formed aluminum bodywork is the most striking feature of this build

Spending 10 months building custom parts for the motorcycle from head to toe, pretty much all its components have been replaced, except for the motor, the final drive arm, and just part of the original frame. Aside from the boxer cylinder heads on protruding on either side of the bike, the entire bodywork has been hand-formed with aluminium, carrying a design inspired by aviation.



The arc built above the handlebars double as a functional cockpit, holding a Motogadget Motoscope Mini speedo and other controls, while the tail end holds a sliding storage compartment with an integrated phone charger. Most impressing, however, is the way the bike parks: when not in use, the bike stands completely upright, resting on the lower belly pan. Once you start the bike up, a pneumatic system lifts up the entire bike when you’re ready to go.

Zillers built the entire system from scratch – from turning the pneumatic cylinders, all the way to creating the control mechanism. The system runs inside the forks at the front, and with a revised shock linkage at the back. Between the body kit and the hydraulics, it’s already an impressive build. But Dmitry’s in the habit of paying attention to every last detail – so this BMW has some sweet trim too. The machined aluminum wheels are fully custom; 18” units designed to resemble turbines.

Dmitry also fabricated a stainless steel two-into-one exhaust system, which snakes into the bodywork before emerging in a single muffler on the left. The bulges on each side of the main fuselage hide twin 3D-printed air boxes, kitted out with car air filters.


No sidestand, here. The bike sits flat on its bellypan and then uses a pneumatic system to raise it up into riding position

The outlandish design is complemented by a muted monochrome paint job. Everything wears the same shade of grey – from the body, through to the fork legs, engine and wheels. It’s accented only by subtle pin striping in a lighter grey. A set of oversized BMW roundels add the only glint of color.

There’s no information on whether this custom R NineT will ultimately be for sale, but those who are interested in Zillers Garage’s work can head over to its Instagram page.

Images by Vlad Klepach.


Stylish and environmentally friendly: Vespa Elettrica

In the big city we prefer to move on two wheels. Not because this is the most luxurious mode of transport, but because it is very convenient. The speed with which you get from A to B is many times higher than covering the same distance in your car. To be able to do it in a very stylish and environmentally conscious way, Vespa has given us a new alternative to today’s scooters. The Vespa Elettrica is the environmentally conscious alternative to the traditional scooter.

The Vespa as we all know it has been around for quite some time. For no less than 70 years, Vespa has managed to build a product that is leading and has a very charming appearance. In 2018, things will finally change – Vespa is also moving with the times.

The Vespa as we all know it has been around for quite some time. For no less than 70 years, Vespa has managed to build a product that is leading and has a very charming appearance. In 2018, things will finally change – Vespa is also moving with the times.

The Vespa Elettrica is a contemporary icon and is synonymous with advanced connectivity and driving pleasure in silence. For personalization, eco-friendliness and elegance.

The Elettrica comes in a ‘Space-age-chrome-and-blue’ livery. Something that gives the scooter a futuristic look and makes it clear that we are dealing with an electric vehicle – hence the blue accents.

The most striking detail on this scooter is the digital dashboard with 4.3 inch TFT color screen on the handlebar. It shows the ride parameters and provides ride statistics to help you improve your driving style. The Vespa Mia system developed by the Piaggio Group guarantees full connectivity between the vehicle and the smartphone.

Thanks to Bluetooth communication and a special app, the display becomes an extension of the smartphone, which you can use safely without taking your hands off the wheel: you can answer phone calls, view message notifications, activate voice commands and manage music. The app will also save the vehicle’s parameters and last position.

This scooter offers excellent throttle response, an easy and enjoyable ride and up to 100 km of continuous range thanks to a lithium-ion battery and a system that recovers kinetic energy during deceleration. The beating heart of the Vespa Elettrica is a silent, technologically advanced power unit.

The scooter is powered by a 4kW power unit and according to Vespa, this makes the scooter faster than traditional 50cc scooters. Something we can safely believe given the electric drive (which ensures that all power is immediately available). When using the normal wall socket, the scooter would be fully charged in four hours.

It is said that the battery is not removable, so you must have a driveway, storage room, shed or garage (box) with a socket. Or recharge at friends. Surely that cannot be the intention with a vehicle that you mainly use in the city, where many people live in an apartment.

A hybrid version will also be produced. This Elettrica X will be able to cover 200 kilometers and is partly powered by a combustion engine. The scooter will be expected early next on the road. As far as prices are concerned, nothing is known yet.

Vespa offers many options for personalization. And we are not used to anything different from Vespa, the design is absolutely unique and refined. Complete the Elettrica look with matching accessories, such as helmets, backpacks and glasses.

Vespa offers many options for personalization. And we are not used to anything different from Vespa, the design is absolutely unique and refined. Complete the Elettrica look with matching accessories, such as helmets, backpacks and glasses.

Kom in de schitterende wereld van Vespa.

The Vespa: A Book for the Symbol of the Dolce Vita



A princess subjected to suffocating protocol, Audrey Hepburn had not a minute of free time during her ‘Roman Holiday’. Guided by the charm of a young journalist, she finally took advantage of a moment to escape, criss-crossing the town on a little Vespa 125, before her condition caught up to her… Born after the tragic 40s, the Vespa incarnates the renewal of Italy, home of the arts and fine engineering.

When you think of sun-soaked Italy, this image may come to mind: in unspeakable tumult, an elegant Italian slips in between cars, horn jammed and helmet casually hanging off the shoulder. The Vespa has become a myth, a phenomenon, and a way of life that’s intimately tied to the urban world.

The ‘Wasp’ marks a true turning point in the history of two-wheelers through its comfort, its modern design, and especially its retro glamorous aspect. It’s a true fashion icon doubled up as a tool of mobility where the 60s in London, the air of Saint Germain, the heat of Ibiza, and a nonchalant Dolce Vita all come together. Timeless, it’s been adopted by generation after generation as a symbol of liberty and emancipation.

An emblem of a happier era, this unique moped incarnates the symbol of friendship and liberty. Valerio Boni, sports journalist specialized in motorcycles and two-wheelers, and Azura Della Penna, Italian fashion and society journalist, have joined forces to release a new book that renders homage to this iconic object.

Come into the beautiful world of Vespa.




All gold that shines: House of Solid Gold Fat Bike

A two-wheeler that is made by the exclusive House of Solid Gold, a luxury company founded and developed by designer Hugh Power. Dubbed ‘The Beverly Hills Edition’, the manufacturer will produce just 13 of these mountain bikes dressed in 24-karat pure gold.

We Dutch are crazy about cycling. We are spoon-fed and if laziness and weather didn’t play tricks on us, we’d do practically everything by bicycle. Cycling is the kind of physical exertion that makes every Dutch person a Dutch person. Tourists often refer to our little country as ‘the country where everyone cycles’. Not entirely without reason, of course. That’s why we went looking for the ultimate two-wheeler for cycling in the Netherlands.

Cycling is not just an activity. It’s about relaxing/exercising and doing all this with a very great sense of style. To help you with that, we have this fabulous mountain bike for you. It’s not just any mountain bike, of course – this one is crafted from 24-carat gold and finished with sapphires and alligator leather. So it is the most luxurious bike you can imagine.

This extreme mountain bike was designed in collaboration with athlete Dan Bull, the same motorcyclist who founded ‘Iditabike’, the insanely extreme winter race through Alaska. According to the makers, this exclusive bike takes about 750 hours to be made by hand and covered in pure 24-karat gold.

Dubbed ‘The Beverly Hills Edition’, this is the ultimate show-stealing mountain bike. It comes on a set of wheels that are a lot sturdier than we are used to and otherwise the bike looks fairly simplistic. Each of the 13 units to be built will be completely custom built to the wishes and needs of the buyers.

Each bicycle is completely provided with a gold layer of 24 carat yellow gold that is attached to the frame by means of electroplating. Even the necklace has undergone the same treatment! – how do you lubricate it?

In addition, the bike comes with a chocolate brown alligator leather saddle, a golden water bottle covered with chocolate brown galuchat (shagreen leather) and a badge of ‘The House of Solid Gold’ consisting of 600 hand-set black diamonds and 500 gold sapphires.

To ensure exclusivity, each bike will be numbered, have the artist’s signature engraved on the frame, dated and numbered and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

In addition to the bike’s technical specs, we need to tell you one more thing. It may seem a bit crazy to pay the same amount as a brand new McLaren P1 would cost just to buy a gold plated bike. But know this: most of it goes to charities.

Is it a bike or a piece of art? It is definitely one of the most luxurious bikes our eye has ever seen. This is also allowed, because if you want to be the owner of this golden two-wheeler, you will have to pay no less than $500,000. Converted that comes down to about €422,000 – a nice bag of money.

Our advice is not to just put this bike down anywhere. Come into the beautiful world of The House of Solid Gold.