Aston Martin AM37 powerboat auctioned in the Netherlands

In 2016, British car manufacturer Aston Martin surprised the world with a new product, a motorboat. It was a strong example of industry blurring slash branding, but the result was impressive: the Dutch, Amstelveen yacht designer Mulder Design was awarded the honorable assignment five years ago to capture Aston Martin’s philosophy in a flashy speedboat.

In 2017, the two-seater, built by the Dutch Quintessence Yachts, was presented because a car manufacturer does not necessarily know ships, the two-seater: fast, impressive and made of the most beautiful materials, and with a cabin for two and a soft top.

The yacht was delivered to an American who undoubtedly enjoyed it very much, but did repaint the ‘Mako Blue’ hull in the color ‘Stone White’. It seems (fortunately) to be the only adjustment; in the back are still two Mercury engines that deliver 520 horsepower each.

De AM37 heeft een sterke, stijve en duurzame romp van lichtgewicht, hightech composieten en structurele carboncomponenten zoals ook worden toegepast in de luchtvaart en het oceaanracerij. Een getrapte dubbele romp verkleint het natte oppervlak waardoor de weerstand 10% lager is en de boot een topsnelheid heeft van wel 45 knopen.

An Aston Martin that can sail. It almost reminds me of a James Bond movie. Were it not that Bond went out sailing with a Lotus. That Lotus is now owned by Tesla founder Elon Musk, but the sailing Aston could be yours.

In 2020, the colossus is back in the Netherlands and even for sale again. It will be offered for safekeeping (on December 23) by De Valk Yacht Brokers and BVA Auctions. The starting bid starts at €100,000 (excl. VAT). The quick decision maker can also purchase the yacht directly for the amount of €995,000 (excl. VAT). Not bad for a used second hand with 1,000 hp.

When you didn´t have the winning bid, but you would still like to have one, it still can be ordered new. Completely build to your own taste.

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Lengers Yachts launches the Rivamare in the Netherlands

Italian class, luxurious finish and a unique design; the Rivamare. This twelve meter long, youngest asset within the Riva family is a feast for the eyes. Timeless elegance, that’s what Riva’s new Rivamare is all about. Not only the appearance, the technology also makes this super-deluxe yacht a unique work of art for on the water.

The Rivamare has two 400hp Volvo engines that guarantee a top speed of 40 knots. In addition, the panels at the back can be folded down, creating a large swim platform. A phenomenon that is mainly known for larger yachts. There’s also plenty of space for swimming, sunbathing and racing across the water; an ideal combination.

The ship will be built in the town of Sarnico, Italy, where Riva knows its history. Lengers Yachts from Muiden, Netherlands, is bringing this exclusive yacht to the Netherlands. She can be seen in the Amsterdam RAI from 8 to 12 December. The Rivamare is presented in the color ‘Blue Sera’, a metallic color that has not been produced before.

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New Riva Rivamare is a modern classic

In the world of boats, for many people, Riva is of the same caliber as a Ferrari, Maserati or Aston Martin. The brand equates to the good life and days full of fun.

Pietro Riva, originally a fisherman, founded the Riva shipyard in 1842 in Sarnico, on Lake Iseo, in Italy. When the shipyard was founded, the shipyard focused on the repair of ships and thus built up a good reputation due to the high quality of workmanship. Soon Riva turned to the complete construction of boats.

After the First World War, Riva changed direction. Serafino Riva, Pietro Riva’s grandson, took over at the helm of the company and Riva no longer built functional ships but started producing more luxurious, fast speedboats and yachts.

This change of strategy was not without success and Riva grew into a respected high-end boat builder in the 1930s. Under Serafino’s son Carlo Riva, the boat builder continued its success and Riva’s yachts were among the best in the market. The Riva Aquarama, the company’s best-known model, was also born during this period.

Now the Italian boat builder has launched the Rivamare. Designed by Mauro Michelli, with this new model from the beloved brand they add a new choice for those looking for a weekend cruiser.

The 12 meter long model has a retro look with beautiful smooth lines that lead the eye from the front to the back of the yacht. The appearance is a harmonious fusion of chrome and mahogany wood.

Although the appearance contains a number of classic features, the Rivamare is nevertheless extremely modern, with two 400hp Volvo engines that guarantee a top speed of 40 knots.

In the rear of the model are two panels that can be folded down to create a large swim platform normally only included on much larger yachts. This creates more space for sunbathing or faster access to the water.

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Pastrovich’s new yacht concept gives the feeling of beach house

After learning the ropes with Martin Francis then Wally, in 2005 Stefano Pastrovich became independent and works today on both sailing and motor projects. He has been focusing for some time, on original large yachts, such as the 90 metre and the X-Prime 80 metre, he recently unveiled.

The new X-Prime 80M yacht concept from Monaco-based Pastrovich feels like a cozy beach house. It is the latest addition to Stefano Pastrovich’s X series, an experimental series in which he plays with aerodynamic shapes and light through the extensive use of glass. The interior of the ship is characterized by the use of light wood colors and a soft color palette.

The owners of this breathtaking beauty can enjoy their sleep in a huge suite on the upper deck, which is equipped with a panoramic terrace and private balcony. The guest suites are located on the main deck, each with direct access to the main salon and the upper deck of the apartment.

The top deck of the Pastrovich X-Prime 80M is accessed by a spiral staircase and features a dedicated cinema room, hot tub, two lounges, spa, gym and owner’s apartment with its own retractable balcony. The X-Prime, which can accommodate up to 14 guests, will sail the seas using hybrid diesel-electric propulsion.

Simplicity here probably refers to the ergonomic division of spaces and volumes. If she comes into being, this yacht will definitely mark her time. When it comes to motor yachts, Stefano Pastrovich is always surprising.

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