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Yakymour: A place of fashion, beauté, art, flowers, beauty and… love!

Yakymour, in the south of France, the home of Begum Om Habibeh Aga Khan, and thè place in the mid 50’s ’till the late 80’s, where fashion, art, beauty and love meet each other, from all over the world….


Yakymour, Le Cannet, France

Playing as a child in the garden of Yakymour, I could be fully myself and forget ‘the bad things’, and get some strenght. A wonderful, happy and innocent time, thanx to ‘grandma Yaky’ and to Sadruddin.

I’m sure many writters will agree that the trickiest thing to craft is your own bio. We all have so many stories to tell.

I remember watching ‘grandma Yaky’ putting on her mascara and lipstick and just being amazed at the transformation the products could do, and that she showed me some of the most beautiful fragances in the world, like Jean Patou, Guerlain and Jean-Louis Scherrer II. And the love for cosmestics and beautiful things started.

France, Le Cannet, Yakymour

Yakymour, Le Cannet, France

I’m happy we meet here! My name is Jean Amr and I’m the founder and editor of this little corner of the internet dedicated to beauté, fragrance, beauty, art and everything beautiful-related, and I live in the centre of Holland.

Why this blog? Well, it just happens to combine five of my passions: fragrances, beauty products, all beautiful ‘things’, writing, and photography.

The Last 30 years gave me a trunk full of experience. Working as cosmetologist for Clarins – and other houses – and as a make-up artist for television, theatre, film, fotoshoots, fashion shows, celebrities and individuals.

I have a passion for beauty since I turned around a large bottle of Chanel No.5 Parfum above my head as a little child. I remember watching Grandma ‘Yaky’ and my mother putting on their mascara and lipstick and just being amazed at the transformation the products could do. Kevyn Aucoin (may he R.I.P), Pat McGrath, Pati Dubroff, Eric Sakas, Dick Page, Tina Turnbow, Gina Brooke, Kabuki, Troy Surratt and Brigitte Reiss Andersen are among some of my favorites.

Royalty’s like HH Begum Om Habibeh Aga Khan III and HH Begum Salimah Aga Khan IV.

Fashionshows: Hermès (Paris), Thierry Mugler (Paris), Claude Montana (Paris), Lucien Foncel (Paris), Percy Irausquin (Amsterdam), Amsterdam Fashion Week, MTV ao.

Magazines: Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Avenue, Joyce, Voque France, Voque Germany ao.

My work brought me all over the world and had photoshoots on location in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, India ao.


Me, Myself and I

At this Blog you will find many reviews of cosmetics, fragrances, fashion, books, movies, art, and everything beautiful, as an ode to Begum Om Habibeh ‘Yaky’ Aga Khan, and named after the place where ‘everything’ was beautiful: Yakymour.

Its is dedicated to all of my fellow beauty lovers that feel the same way I do regarding new fragrance and beauty launches, collaborations, color forecasting, background information etc. It’s simply addicting. I dedicate this site to all of you that share the same feeling that beauty is our addiction. My hope is that my words inspire you to try something new and find beauty everywhere life takes you.

You will find here all the in and outs about skincare, perfums, and make-up, the do’s and don’ts, the why’s and how’s…. The stories behind, and some great interviews…  When you have any question…. please ask.

All Brands GIFSoon you will find also some reviews from some special ‘guests’, to find out what they like (or don’t like)…

Through the blog, I hope to be able to inspire you, and I’d love to connect if you have any questions or inquiries. Come on in…. feel yourself at home at Yakymour!



In Dutch:



So happy to have you part of my ‘beautiful’ journey! Feel free to share, comment, and get in touch via LinkedIn or email. Enjoy!

Jean Amr





18 thoughts on “About me…

  1. Vèry original! It’s a beautiful story! Now I understand the name ‘Yakymour’ Very Original! This is what I call GLAMOUR!! Succes & Lots of glamour love xx

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  2. Had a great photoshoot of you today, like it how paths sometimes cross, love to follow you and soon a great new photo from my hand and eye on your blog!
    X Vicky

    Liked by 2 people

    1. It was a great day! You made amazing pics! Thanxx for that!! I would love to meet and work together again!
      And believe me….. we will!!
      Love Always!

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