Nuxe Nuxuriance Ultra Replenishing Cream Global Anti-Aging Cream


Nuxe Paris Nuxuriance Ultra Replenishing Cream Global Anti-Aging Cream Open

Nuxe is Hot! In the new Nuxe Nuxuriance Ultra Replenishing Cream Global Anti-Aging Cream, its agents aim to restore the skin and reduces fine lines. The way it works? The cream is injected with bi-floral cells (which come from the Saffron flower) that helps to stimulate the birth of new skin cells.

Shown above for dry to very dry skin, Nuxe Nuxuriance Ultra Replenishing Cream Global Anti-Aging Cream is available for different skintypes.





Dior Prestige La Crème

La Crème Dior Prestige.jpg

Boasting eight molecules with strong regenerative powers, the rose de Granville is at the heart of La Crème Dior Prestige, precious skincare for rose petal-smooth skin glowing with youth.

On the cliffs of Granville, not far from Christian Dior’s childhood garden, the Dior scientific researchers discovered a wild rose, capable of resisting the harsh maritime climate. Carefully bred in order to heighten its vitality, the result is a rose possessing exceptional powers, the rose de Granville. Cultivated according to the principles of organic agriculture in a Dior garden, it can only be harvested twice per year. It would take fifteen years of research before the Dior scientists could capture the unique molecules that give the rose de Granville its extraordinary life force.

La Crème Dior Prestige OpenNow they are to be found concentrated in La Crème Dior Prestige. Into each skin layer they deliver regenerative powers more intense than ever to offer women the perfection of skin like a rose petal.

Come into the beautiful world of Maison Christian Dior.





AlumierMD Launches HydraClarite



AlumierMD is comprised of an internationally renowned team of scientists and physicians that have come together to bring forth the most effective formulations using optimal medical-grade ingredients. Products are formulated using only the highest grade of ingredients at the correct percentages proven by clinical studies.

Alumier means ‘to brighten’ and one great way to brighten skin is to make sure that it’s hydrated. Oily and acne-prone skin types often have trouble with this because – heavy – moisturizers can cause more breakouts, but many treatments for acne-prone skin can dry skin out. To help with that, AlumierMD has launched a new moisturizer called HydraClarite, specially formulated for oily skin. The lotion comes in a pump bottle and is light and refreshing but still takes care of any dryness for an extended period of time. Plus, it’s full of antioxidants like Resveratrol, and peptides that improve the appearance of skin.

Although it’s hydrating, it has a satin, shine-free finish and it absorbs quickly so you can put makeup on top. There’s no pilling or additional greasiness and you don’t even have to powder your face afterwards, which is perfect. Best of all, it really does take away that tight feeling your skin can get after too many glycolic acids or peels, so that your skin feels comfortable all day.

AlumierMD HydraClarite is availble in a 50ml bottle at at






Chanel Hydra Beauty Micro Crème

Chanel Hydra beauty_Diane_poster

An innovative range of moisturizers, Hydra Beauty responds to the hydration needs of every woman (and men!), regardless of age or skin concern. Camellia Alba PFA* acts as an active ingredient promoting optimal moisture retention within skin cells. Combined with the powerful antioxidant Blue Ginger PFA*, the perfect synergy of ultimate hydration and protection is created.

Chanel HydraBeautyMicroCream_Collection

Now Maison Chanel introduces a new product into its Hydra Beauty range. The collection, designed to offer intensive hydration combined with antioxidant protection, welcomes the Hydra Beauty Micro Crème, a cream formula featuring Chanel’s patented micro-droplet technology.

The Chanel Hydra Beauty Micro Crème is based on the same cutting-edge technology as Chanel’s Hydra Beauty Micro Serum, and Hydra Beauty Micro Gel Yeux  – both formulated to intensely hydrate and replenish skin with camellia micro-droplets.

Chanel Hydra beauty_poster

The main active ingredient is brightening and strong hydrating Camellia japonica extract, combined with the powerful antioxidant Blue Ginger. Their full potential is preserved in the purest form in the core of the micro-droplets, coming into action deep within the skin for astonishing hydrating results. The moisturizing extract fuses with the skin to unleash its plumping and smoothing effect.

This rich yet water-light moisturizer delivers 24-hours continuous hydration. It glides on with a burst of freshness, and then transforms into the comfort of a cream. The skin is left hydrated, deeply replenished, and protected against environmental effects.

Chanel HydraBeautyMicroCream_Feature

Chanel Hydra Beauty Micro Crème delivers a revolutionary infusion of 24-hour continuous hydration. The water-light texture glides on with a sensorial burst of freshness and then transforms into the comfort of a cream, leaving skin hydrated, replenished and fortified.

Apply Chanel Hydra Beauty Micro Crème in the morning and evening to face and neck, following Chanel’s Hydra Beauty Micro Serum.

Chanel Hydra Beauty Micro Crème is presented in a massive glass jar of  50 ml /1.7 oz, and it retails for $98.00. Available now at



For Very Sensitive Skin – Swiss Line Force Vitale Aqua Calm Cream & CC Cream


Skin being the largest organ in our body is naturally the frontline receptor of our being. External stimuli that touched our skin transmit sensations and at times leave marks on our skin. Revolutionizing the approach on squarely targeting the causes and signs of aging on our skin, Swiss line is taking another novel approach in their anti-aging science by counter-treating the skin’s sensitivity to reactions. Stinging, burning, redness or tightening of the skin, these are the symptoms that most of us have experienced which affect the condition of our skin.

Skin sensitivity is no longer only a concern for people with a medical condition, or believed to be caused by products we come in contact with.  It is now seen to be the response of our skin to urban stress, a cause-effect symptom of being under attack from a harsher, ever-more polluted environment; a part of the zeitgeist. It seems people feel their skin is more sensitive and reactive as a result of the stress that modern living puts us under.

Custodio D’Avo, Swiss Line International Brand Director.

Swiss Line has responded to the skin’s demand of our era, by formulating two products that destress, soothe, calm, counter redness and protect sensitive skin, and eventually lead to the vitality of the skin. The result of Swiss Line’s ingenious approach is unveiled with the launch of the innovative dual cream for sensitive skin – the Swiss Line Force Vitale Aqua-Calm Cream and the Force Vitale Aqua-Calm CC Cream SPF 30.


In fact, it’s definitely a heavenly-scent angel calming Aqua Calm Cream send to me recently that managed to soothe my skin soothingly and plump-up the wrinkles on my face and neck marvellously with daily use at night only.

Swiss Line Force Vitale Aqua Calm Cream

Botanical soothers and anti-redness ingredients come together in this specially formulated face cream to create a nurturing velvety soft, cocoon-like texture. It is thé SOS rescue solution for reactive skin.


Swiss Line Force Vitale Aqua-Calm Cream contains Soothing Complex and Anti-Redness Complex, while bringing an improved barrier via functional ceramides to strengthen and improve the condition of fragile or stressed skin. Additionally it also incorporates the Force Vitale alpine plant extracts which deliver anti-oxidant and adaptive benefits.

The inclusion of aqua-green skin-friendly pigments in its formulation means that with each application, the skin will get a ‘no make-up make-up’ effect which can come close to a professional makeup result. The pigments create an optical correction of the redness without any masking residue; not a covering effect but rather a colour correction which makes redness less apparent.

How to use:

The Swiss Line Force Vitale Aqua Calm Cream can be applied in the morning and/or at night. Alone or after applying any Swiss Line serum. For sun protection ad enhanced complexion correction, apply the Force Vitale Aqua Calm CC Cream SPF30.

Swiss Line Force Vitale Aqua Calm Cream comes in a 50ml jar.


Swiss Line Force Vitale Aqua Calm CC Cream SPF30

As sensitive skin is more likely to react to damaging sun exposure, the Swiss Line Force Vitale Aqua-Calm CC Cream SPF30 counter acts this sensitivity with the ultimate CC cream. ‘CC’ stands for ‘color control’, which functions to correct color imperfections, e.g. redness or uneven tone, through optical effects, and not by coverage.


Swiss Line Force Vitale Aqua-Calm CC Cream SPF30 corrects, primes, protects, brightens, moisturizes, energizes and soothes the skin, while it prevents oxidation and refines the pores. It helps to fortify sensitized skin suffering from a damaged barrier, helping to shield the skin from the negative environmental and internal triggers that cause skin stress with an adapted sun filter with a high percentage of skin-friendly mineral titanium dioxide.

How to use:

The Swiss Line Force Vitale Aqua Calm CC Cream SPF30 can be used alone as a light day moisturizer, or applied after the Swiss Line Force Vitale Aqua Calm Cream SPF30, or after applying any Swiss Line serum. Apply with soft touches using fingertips, giving particular attention to redness areas. The CC Cream can also be used as a make-up base before foundation for those seeking additional coverage.

Swiss Line Force Vitale Aqua Calm CC Cream SPF30 comes is a 35ml tube.

Swiss line is founded by Prince Michael Massalsky in Switzerland more than 25 years ago. Extensive, ongoing research involving top Swiss skincare specialists leads to the advanced formulas based on botanical ingredients. Rigorous product development and formulation techniques guarantee that only those products delivering remarkable immediate and medium-term results carry the Swiss line name.

All Swiss Line by Dermalab products are developed and manufactured in Switzerland in accordance with the highest Swiss quality standards. All treatment products are unisex and dermatologically and safety tested non comedogenic (does not block pores or cause acne) and screened for potential sensitizers and irritants. For more information on Swiss line, check out


Goodbye pores


Fans of the Olay Total Effects range will be happy to hear that the whole range has got a major upgrade with now 40% more vitamins and optimised levels of Niacinamid (Vitamin B3) in the products. New on the block is also their Total Effects Pore Perfector which blends all the things you loved about the regular daily moisturiser but with added pore minimising properties.

Pores for me are starting to become a real problem, and apparently it’s something that happens with age (eeeek!). Yes pores often become larger and more visible with age and yucky pores just ain’t a good look at all.

So I was excited to try out the new Pore Perfector, especially on my nose and forehead area. It feels creamy and dreamy, yet a little goes a long way. It disappears into the skin in a flash and is a fantastic base for you foundation, indeed you wouldn’t need a primer on top of this unless you were heading somewhere very swish.


Olay Total Effects 7 In One Pore Perfector Flacon Box

All in all, it was a fab everyday product for me, my pores were filled in and evened out with it and it left my skin feeling super soft

Olay Total Effects 7 In One Pore Perfector comes in a 50ml flacon with handy pump.



Flawless Future, For The First Signs Of Ageing


If you’d have asked me a month ago for a skincare recommendation for someone looking to prevent the first signs of ageing, Elizabeth Arden would not have been the first one to name. Although I love their Eight Hour Cream and their Ceramide capsules, their skincare has previously been somewhat targeted at an ‘older’ age. Their rich formulas and mostly heavy creams may have been perfect for 35+, but for the younger generation they were just a little too much.

However, with the launch of their new Flawless Future trio they’ve finally developed a range that’s much lighter and more suited to younger skin. Conveniently it’s targeted at the 25-35 year old age bracket, and aims to target skin concerns that are prominent within their generation, they ‘all’ have hectic lifestyles, often run on empty, eat poorly, drink too much and don’t get enough sleep…. right girls? These three products aim to replenish some of the lost nourishment, whilst simultaneously brightening and targeting fine lines.

elizabeth arden flawless future ceramid moisture cream complex serum eye gel 1

Elizabeth Arden’s Moisturiser Cream, Capulet Serum and Eye Gel

Unlike a lot of ‘anti-ageing’ ranges that are complicated and require a degree is cosmeticology to get right, this programme is incredible simple. The Flawless Future regime includes a very easy to use ‘capulet’ serum, a light moisturiser and cooling eye gel.  I’m loving the Eye Gel as it’s super lightweight, absorbs quickly, cools the under eye area and instantly brightens too; it’s even better when applied straight from the fridge! The Capulet Serum contains little capsules that burst when the product is dispensed, providing a gleaming concoction that applies seamlessly to skin with no greasy feeling or noticeable residue, it absorbs so quickly into the skin that you don’t even need to wait before applying the moisturiser, great for busy women (or men!) that can’t spare even a minute in the morning. A few drops are more then enough!

Elizabeth Arden Capulet Serum Ad

The Moisture Cream is also incredibly light, feeling much more like an air-whipped emulsion than a traditional face cream. You need only the smallest amount over the serum, massaged into skin to leave it feeling plumped and hydrated. Although it takes a few minutes to dry thoroughly, you can easily apply your base over the top without it flaking or caking. The key to the range is simplicity; you need only three products and your skin is nourished, protected and prepared for the years ahead. There’s no heavy feeling or the skin or detrimental effect on your makeup, just a simple to use and pleasant skincare routine that provides a great introduction into the world of ‘anti-ageing.’

I’m really loving the three products and have completely replaced any other lotions and potions with Elizabeth Arden’s trio. They don’t contain any excess fragrance, don’t sting or overload my skin and can also be used at night for an added burst of goodness. I’m really pleased they’re investing in this new area of skincare and focusing on a somewhat untapped market, there are millions of women (and some men too) in their 20’s and 30’s that know they should be looking after their skin, but don’t quite know where to start. With ‘Flawless Future’ you can spend some money and get everything you need and more. After all, what’s that when it’s an investment in your (flawless) future face?

How to use:

  • Mornings and evenings, after cleansing, first apply a few drops of the Eye Gel around the eyes,
  • Then apply also with a few drops the Capulet Serum on face, neck and decollete (don’t forget!). Not to close around the eyes (stay on the bone stucture!)
  • After that you can apply the Moisturiser Cream on face, neck and decollete. and also: not to close around the eyes (stay on the bone structure).


  • The Eye Gel, when possible, keep it in your fridge. It’s more refreshing and works even better against puffy eyes. Provides relief to tired eyes, and may be applied more often per day. Also if you wear makeup.
  • The Capulet Serum you may also use under your suncare product (some suncare products you can use instead of daycream) (Leave your ‘heavy’ daycream jar at home!).
  • The Moisteriser Cream looks like a daycream (because of it’s SPF), but is actually a so called ’24 hour’ cream, so may be used for day and night. No problem if you want to use it with a other more voluptious cream, if you like that more for the night.
  1. is your perfect (cheap) quick home treatment!
  2. Would I buy it? Oh yes!


Capulet Serum: 9.5/10

Moisturiser Cream: 9/10

Eye Gel: 9/10

More about products and history of Elizabeth Arden, soon here on ‘Yakymour’

by Jean Amr

Dior beauty unveils its Hydra Life Close-up moisturiser

Dior Hydra Life Close-up Creme.jpg

The new skincare product hydrates and treats visible pores by targeting their causes, whether it’s dilated, blocked or slackened, all three types of pores are corrected thanks to a deep, targeted action.

The treatment gives a flawless, rebalanced and moistured glow – as pores are tightened– leaving you with a smooth and even skin.

Dior Hydra Life Close-up Hydra life Fleurs.jpg

Hydra-Life’s Close-up rosy-colored aqueous gel gently glides comfortably onto the skin and offers a dual sensation of powdered freshness and improved makeup hold throughout the day.

All Hydra-Life skincare products are infused with a flower concentrate from the Dior Gardens, with a unique formula that is composed of three flower extracts, which have become the key to Hydra Life’s immaculate performance.

Dior Hydra Life Close-up moisurizer

Dior Hydra-Life Close-up is now available in stores.

Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream

Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream Banner

Popular beauty brand Fresh has launched the latest in a line of anti-aging skincare, the Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream.

The daily moisturizer will improve the skin’s radiance, clarity and elasticity, as well as providing 24 hours of moisture. This is due to a Super 7 Complex used in the cream, which was developed in LVMH’s research labs, proven to maximise hydration, boost radiance and also contains the benefits of lotus flower extract, blue-green algae, hibiscus fruit extract, fig fruit extract, Vitamins C and E and vegetable glycerol.


The ingredients contain powerful antioxidants, and are rich in amino acids (to help preserve collagen, elastin and vitamin B to enhance microcirculation), minerals such as calcium, iron, potassium, carotin, and Vitamins B1,B2 and C, which help promote the production of hyaluronic acid. Sugars and pectin from the fig fruit extract preserve moisture levels, while Vitamin C and E aids collagen synthesis and helps soften the skin. Finally, vegetable glycerol attracts water and seals moisture, highlighting that the Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream provides the optimum conditions for skin to lock in moisture and maximise hydration. The formula is enriched with maca root extract, which enhances luminosity and cell turnover.

The lotus is a powerful symbol in Asia, having been around for more than 3,000 years and having many applications and properties. It is used to make oils and perfumes; parts of it are edible, while other parts are used to make herbal medicine. It also represents healing, enlightenment, divinity, paradise, and the universe. Fresh used the lotus not only as a symbol of purification, but also due to their numerous benefits, according to Lev Glazman, Fresh co-founder and director of Research and Development: “After doing clinical tests, we were stunned at this ingredient’s high levels of polyphenols, the most powerful antioxidants known to defend against wrinkle-causing free radicals”.


Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream

The light summery gels is what I’ve been turning to lately, but when I need something that’s a bit more heavy duty, I’ve been turning to this cream. It’s heavier than a gel, but it still absorbs into skin super quickly and relieves any dryness. Let it sink in – and it will – and then go ahead with face oils, sunscreen, or foundation. There’s no greasiness or pilling (or you used much too much), but just nice smooth skin that doesn’t have any more dryness. It smells like fresh cut cucumbers which makes it refreshing to use.

Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream will be availble in March in a 50 ml jar.





Le Lift by Chanel


Chanel launches a new skincare line, ready to firm things up in the complexion department.

When a French fashion and beauty powerhouse like Maison Chanel introduces a new skincare line, it is of course, a very well thought out process. Typically, years of research go into such products, and by the time they hit beauty counters there can be little doubt when it comes to proven results.

The label’s latest offering is called, simply, ‘Le Lift’. After 12 years of research, Chanel has settled on an extract from the Edulis plant, and in doing so, promises to deliver a formula which will promote elasticity by targeting natural youth proteins in the skin.


There are three formulas available, ‘crème fine’, which is oil free, plain and simple ‘crème’ for normal skin, and ‘crème rich’ for those who suffer from dry spells.

Le Lift by Chanel is available to buy now.