Great news: An afternoon nap is good for you!

Just a ‘collapse’ moment, are your eyes closing? Then just lie down for a while. Even if the day is far from over, because an afternoon nap is good for you!

Want to take a short beauty nap during the day? There is nothing wrong with it! It turns out that sleeping during the day stimulates your productivity and creativity. Although in some cultures it is very common, why are many people still skeptical about a siesta? In our opinion, that has nothing to do with little sun, but with time. We don’t have.

Do you work part-time? Do you have a day off or do you work from home? Then see your chance and lie down for a while. Definitely no longer than 45 minutes because then you will fall into a deep sleep. Take your rest short but sweet. They don’t call it a ‘power nap’ for nothing and it takes no more than 15 to 20 minutes. – To be on the safe side, set your alarm.

After the afternoon nap you are again much more alert, more productive and more creative. It is also effective for your memory. We benefit the most from afternoon naps between 1pm and 3pm.