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Italian aristocratic gardens are renowned for their exquisitely symmetrical design. The unique blend of art, nature, beauty and elegance of this garden style provides inspiration for Acqua di Parma’s  Le Nobili collection, feminine fragrances dedicated to precious flowers: iris, magnolia, jasmine and rose. Today, the collection is enriched by peony, a sumptuous fragrance with an alluring, instantly captivating power. Large, magnificent blossoms, each individually different, rich with ruffles of silky petals overlapping in an endless dance of transparencies, peonies are truly opulent flowers. Among the thousand nuances of this unique flower, Acqua di Parma chooses a most entrancing which sparkles like a ruby: Peonia Nobile.

Each year, in spring, a spectacular carpet of peonies brightens up the landscape with wonderful hues. Suddenly, in April and May, the gardens of noble Italian villas are magically transformed into a feast of colours. The undulating hills of northern Lazio, in the heart of central Italy, are home to Europe’s largest collection of peonies: a natural treasure that includes about 600 varieties among the rarest and most sought after kinds. Over 200,000 flowers bloom simultaneously, creating a majestic garden of endless nuances as far as the eye can see.

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Around the region’s capital city, in ancient Tuscia, a land of art and nature nestled between the sea and the regions of Umbria and Lazio, noble Italian villas stand surrounded by the silence of splendid gardens. Here and in all Italian aristocratic gardens, peonies are among the best loved flowers since their introduction centuries ago from the Far East, where they adorned imperial gardens and were considered a precious addition to the dowry of young brides. The blooming of this dazzling flower adds charm and delight to the season.

A fragrance that reveals itself like the long-awaited bloom of a peony blossom, with a blend of delicate and lively notes, instantly enticing, suggesting the self-repeating miracle of nature. The fragrance, like the flower, is a unique blending of delicate, sensual and refined notes. Multifaceted, ever-changing emotions overlap like countless petals.


Complete in a beautifully crafted bottle, the Peonia Nobile Eau de Parfum sees a combination of floral, yet fruity notes, think black pepper, raspberry, Turkish rose, amber, patchouli, musk and enriched peony. While the Luxurious Body Cream is injected with nourishing formulas including almond oil, Omega 6, Omega 9, antioxidant properties of peony extracts and pearl powder for the most beautiful ‘invisible’ natural glow.

This Eau de Parfum reveals sophisticated femininity abounding in unexpected nuances. Absolutely loved it!

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