Furla Perfume Collection A Hyme To Femininity

Established in 1927 by Aldo Furlanetto in Bologna, Furla looks to the future with a foot grounded in a solid past of time-honered craftmanship, artisanal expertise, a sense of beauty and innovative designs. Furla stands for quality, colorful creativity, joyfulness and a Contemporary Italian Lifestyle – producing bags, shoes, and accessories for both women and men. Initially distributing via wholesale.

The furst Furla store opened in Bologna on Via Ugo Bassi. This store still operates today. In the 1970’s Aldo’s children Carlo, Paolo and Giovanna joined their father in the company. The first Furla-brand bag and accessory collection was born. The brand’s expansion began with the opening of a sales network in Italy, France and in the US.

Throughout the 70’s, the entry of the Furlanetto’s second generation marked the company’s crucial shift towards the design and production of exclusive leather items, with the launch of the first handbag and accessories collection.

In the 1990’s Furla arrived in Japan, while new foreign subsidiaries opened in Spain, the UH, Germany Hong Kong SAAR and mainland China. In 1999 the Italian company created the ‘Furla per L’Arte’ award with the aim to support young Italian artists. The award became the most renowned award for contemporary art.

In 2007 Furla celebrated its 80th Anniversary, and one year later The Fondazione Furla was created. Furla inaugurated its online boutique in order to strengthen its distribution network. Between 2010 and 2013 the flagship store in Milano Duomo, the Venetian mono-brand and the store in Macao were opened as the first elegant examples of Furla’s new concept stores. Five years ago in 2015 Furla inaugurated Palazzo Furla in the heart of Milan, Italy’s fashion capital. Furla is still a family-owned company that has grown internationally with a well-seasoned team of executives who run the business with pragmatism and insight. Furla now counts more than 1,600 employees, 90% of whom are women representing 100 different nationalities and an average age of 36.

Furla has expanded beyond its core business of high-quality leather bags adding shoes, small leather goods, eyewear, watches and scarves to allow everyone to experience its uniquely Italian outlook on life. Recently the announcement for a license for the first Furla-branded perfume are extending the brand’s top-quality craftsmanship and contemporary design aesthetic with the purpose to create lifestyle accessories that share its Italian attitude with the world.

The Furla Group and Mavive signed a new licensing agreement for the worldwide production and distribution. The Company has chosen a partner that shares its values of excellence in both production and research, rooted in a profound Made-in-Italy culture. The affinity between Furla and Mavive can be seen in the origins and the growth path the two companies have undertaken. Both originated from family-driven entrepreneurship initiatives in the last century, and both affirmed their presence on the global market.

The five Eau De Parfums ideally represent the Furla woman in the different world’s areas, where there are various olfactory tendencies. The names of each fragrance recall some peculiar feminine personalities, in which every woman can identify herself: Magnifica, an intense and elegant fragrance; Romantica, a sophisticated but delicate fragrance; Preziosa, a fragrance of a sumptuous grace; Irresistible, an ethereal and contemporary fragrance; and Favolosa, a modern and sparkling fragrance.

The olfactive directions used for this special project are fresh floral facets, rounded and harmonious notes wrapped by musk or sandalwood, sparkling citrus hints, juicy fruits, and a good balance between the flowery and creamy facets.

Furla Magnifica

Created by Carine Certain Boin, this fragrance naturally speaks about an intense femininity, charming and elegant. A joyful shower of mandarin, blue lavender, and juicy peach sensually enlace with a precious rose, jasmine petals, and smiling lily-of-the-valley. All the sensuality of dry amber and vanilla orchid embrace the long-lasting trail of sandalwood and vibrant musks.

Furla Romantica

Created by Alex Lee, Romantica is a sophisticated femininity bursts from the delicacy of peony, made modern and witty thanks to the sparkling notes of blackcurrant and davana. The drydown reveals a velvety touch, where vanilla’s mesmerizing notes bind creamy sandalwood and daring patchouli in an unexpected embrace. A joyful creation to be worn as the most elegant accessory.

Furla Preziosa

Created by Alex Lee, Preziosa is an adornment of saffron and pink pepper grabs the attention and sublimates the floral core into an extraordinary trail. A colorful heart of sensual flowers, refined rose, and fragrant geranium is what makes this fragrance unique. At the bottom, the duet of vanilla and suede gift the composition with ethereal elegance. A fragrance that speaks the language of luxurious grace.

Furla Irresistibile

Created by Mathieu Nardin, the ethereal beauty of this fragrance revolves around a fragrant bouquet where pure white camellia blends with the seductive facets of tuberose. A fascinating composition introduced by the watery notes of lily-of-the-valley and playful orange flower. Delicate and complex. Intangible and intoxicating. For a contemporary woman.

Furla Favolosa

Created by Veronique Nyberg, Favolosa grabs the attention with its modern fizzy top notes of grapefruit and green mandarin, leading to a tactile heart of voluptuous flowers where the delicacy of magnolia blends with the nobility of peony. The embrace of white musk and Orcanox elevates the fragrance with an unforgettable trail. For a woman who lives with charm and joyfulness.

The design of the flacons in the form of an arch with simple lines is very elegant and beautifully follows the style of the Italian fashion house itself. To celebrate the launch of the Furla Perfume collection, a Furla Pop-Up store is currently open in Milan at the Piazza Duomo.

All fragrances of the newest Furla perfume collectionare available in three sizes: as a 10, 30 and 100ml Eau de Parfum. Come into the beautiful world of Furla.

Gianfranco Ferré Blooming Rose


Gianfranco Ferré was an Italian fashion designer who earned the nickname ‘the Architect of Fashion’, both for his designs and for his background of as an architect. Ferré was born on 15 August 1944 in Legano. near Milan in Lombardy, in northern Italy, he earned an architecture degree at Politecnico di Milano, but began working almost immediately in the fashion industry. First as an accessories designer, later as a designer of raincoats. Gianfranco Ferré branched out to women’s fashion’s with the formation of his own company, Baila, in 1974. His first women’s signature collection was shown in 1978, with a mens collection following in 1982, and his first haute couture collection debuting in 1986.

Ferré became Stylistic Director of  Christian Dior in Paris in 1989, when he was chosen by owner Bernard Arnault to replace Marc Bohan, and split its time between Paris and Milan. In 1996, it was announced that Ferré would end his engagement with Dior with the Spring 1997 collection for the label.

Gianfranco Ferré won a number of prestigious awards including the prestigious Occhio d’Oro (‘Golden Eye’) fashion award for Best Italian Designer six times, and for his first Haute Couture collection for Dior he received the De d’Or (‘Golden Thimble’) award.

He returned to exclusively designing fashions under his own name. His own label is more relaxed and pared-down than Dior. Sophisticated white shirts have become the symbol of his personal signature in fashion design. Gianfranco Ferré sadly passed June 17, 2007, just 62 years old and at the hight of his career. The previous Friday, he had suffered a massive brain hemorrhage. His fashion house continous under the creative directors Federico Piaggi and Stefano Citron.

Pink Roses GIF

Italian fashion house Gianfranco Ferre launches a new women’s fragrance that magnifies the beauty of the rose flower – Gianfranco’s favorite flower – but also becomes a fragrant elixir that heals and protects the woman’s heart, as stated by the brand.

Gianfranco-Ferre-Blooming-Rose-Flacon.jpgThe composition of Gianfranco Ferre Blooming Rose is signed by perfumer Alex Lee, who created it from a cocktails of fruits and narcotic floral notes guided by roses, with a woodsy trail that provides a gentle warmth caressing the rose’s beauty.

Top notes: Pomelo, Raspberries, Black currant
Heart notes: Freesia, Jasmine, Rose oil
Base notes: White wood, Cedarwood, Sandalwood

For the opening of the composition, Alex Lee choose a fruity cocktail of pomelos, black currants and raspberries, creating a sweet, vibrant and fresh overture to the white floral bouquet of jasmine and freesia, with a dominant scent of rose oil. Warmth and  tenderness come from cedarwood, white wood and sandalwood, creating a milky and creamy layer for the flowers and fruity juices.


Gianfranco Ferre Blooming Rose is available as 30ml, 50ml and 100ml Eau de Toilette.

Come into the beautiful world of Gianfranco Ferré.






Exclusive pre-launch of new Maison Lancôme perfumes collection



French Maison Lancome and Dubai Duty Free have partnered in an exclusive two-month pre-launch for the French beauty house’s new luxury private perfumes collection, Maison Lancôme, from 1 March to 30 April.

Ever wonder what your favorite garden would smell like if you could bottle it up? Would it be crisp or warm? Floral or woodsy?

Lancôme celebrates the ‘French art of living’ that has defined the rose-emblemed brand since it was created by perfumer Armand Petitjean in 1935. The collection features a range of fragrances composed, designed and produced in France. For 2019, Maison Lancôme draws inspiration from French gardens for its four new creations: Figues & Agrumes, Magnolia Rosae, Patchouli Aromatique and Pivoines Printemps.

Lancôme founder Armand Petitjean had a special love of French gardens, as evidenced by those he laid out at the Lancôme plantation in Chevilly, known at the time as the ‘Versailles of Perfumery’. His passion found its ultimate expression though in the garden of his country home, Les Vallières, described by Lancôme as ‘a bucolic and romantic haven of peace’. There, the perfumer and his wife grew rare flowers and hosted receptions for friends and family every Sunday.

The new collection merges the quintessentially French tradition of weekends in the countryside with the historical heritage of the brand. Maison Lancôme represents an ‘olfactory interpretation of the French country garden’.

Shoppers can discover that interpretation via an immersive and multi-sensory virtual reality in-store experience.

Maison Lancôme Figues & Agrumes Created by Alex Lee and Patricia Choux


We worked together on the fig, combining our two visions to create a unique interpretation of the fruit. Patricia was inspired by the fresh, green fig you can smell when you walk by the fig trees in southern France. Alex played on the mouth-watering and addictive facet of the fig.

Alex Lee and Patricia Choux

A bright Assemblage evoking the fragrances of a Mediterranean orchard.
The exhilarating freshness of sun-kissed green figs is bejewelled with sparkling citrus notes and sunny jasmine accents.


Maison Lancôme Magnolia Rosae Created by Mathilde Bijaoui


When I was a child, I would go to my maternal grandparents’ garden and sit on a bench beneath an enormous magnolia tree, which was spectacular when in bloom. I imagined a fragrance around the plump, velvety petals of the magnolia, a fragrance of skin and flowers.

Mathilde Bijaoui

A pastel floral blend where notes of magnolia petal heart, tinged with delicate roses, yields to a sensual, velvety cloud of white musks.


Maison Lancôme Patchouli Aromatique Created by Juliette Karageuzoglou


Patchouli is my favourite ingredient. I wanted to work this sublime plant into a comfortable creation. My objective was to tame it by blending it with a French garden.

Juliette Karageuzoglou

A woodland Assemblage where the opulence of patchouli is magnified, accompanied by the earthy accents of vetiver, in a striking contrast with the green notes of sage.


Maison Lancôme Pivoines Printemps Created by Nicolas Beaulieu


The dense whorl of peony petals makes me think of the smooth, creaminess of whipped cream.

Nicolas Beaulieu

The springtime sweetness of an Assemblage based on the fresh, rosy notes of a bouquet of peonies, enhanced by a spicy touch of pink peppercorns and enveloped in a delicious rose chantilly.

Precious flacons made of glass and gold, adorned with a golden plate on the back to discover the imprint of the ingredients, and on the side, revealing the secret of the Assemblage and its Signature.

Come into the beautiful world of Lancôme.





A Tuscan Creation, Salvatore Ferragamo Rinascimento



Italian fashion house Salvatore Ferragamo launches the new unisex perfume Rinascimento, created by a young, but already acclaimed, perfumer Alex Lee. Salvatore Ferragamo Rinascimento is part of the famous brand’s Tuscana Creations.

Tuscan Creations, a collection of luxurious artistic fragrances to tell the essence of Salvatore Ferragamo and Tuscany, the land that made it great.

Salvatore Ferragamo Rinascimento is described as a luxurious, passionate and unforgettable perfume. Rinascimento is an elegant perfume inspired by the ancient symbol of Florence, Italy. It is a classic with modern hints floral perfume with a pleasant aroma to be adorned.

Top notes: Italian mandarin, Basil, Green pepper
Heart notes: Lily, Tuberose, Iris butter
Base notes: Sandalwood, Orcanox, Vetiver

The top notes are a mix of Italian Mandarine, Basil and Green Pepper, for a powerful and sparkling impact.
The flowery heart feels like a daring bouquet where the green notes of the Lily combine with the Tuberose magnetism and the delicate voluptuousness of the Iris Butter.
Sandalwood and Orcanox add a sensual touch to the base, while the Vetiver makes it vibrant.

salvatore-ferragamo-tuscan-creations-rinascimento-eau-de-parfum_000000000006186774.jpgCreated both for Ferragamo man and woman, it spreads a seductive aura, an unforgettable wake in the air. A scent that makes me close my eyes and just enjoy its skillful construction. It can be worn by either gender, and it is definitely worth examining.

Salvatore Ferragamo Rinascimento is already available as 100ml Eau de Parfum at brand’s official website.





Ungaro Fruit d’Amour Collection


From childhood fairytales to the discovery of gravity, the apple has influenced the world as we know it. The apple always had a symbolic meaning in the myths and legends. Although this symbolism has evolved over time the apple has a common meaning in many cultures and has become the fruit of love. From this iconic fruit comes the inspiration for the new fragrance collection by fashion house Ungaro.

Ungaro Fruit d’Amour Pink

Created by perfumer Philippe Romano, Fruit d’Amour Pink opens with top accords of yuzu, apple and blackberry gelatin. The heart is composed of rose and peony that give the scent a romantic character. The base includes sandalwood, cedar and musk.


Ungaro Fruit d’Amour Gold

Fruit d’Amour Gold, the scent is feminine oriental, floral and chypre. Created by perfumer Delphine Lebeau, it opens with fresh accords of bergamot and black currant. Special charm is provided by the heart of orange blossom, violet and iris, laid on the base of patchouli and vanilla.


Ungaro Fruit d’Amour Green

Created by perfumer Alex Lee, Fruit d’Amour Green is a bright floral scent, enlivened by crisp accents of freshness, which expresses joy, exuberance and brightness. the sparkling full of joy notes of the orange and mandarin are reflected in the bright tones of the green apple. The briljant transparency of jasmine flowers sparkles on a soft blanket of white peaches while a sweet veil of white musk completes the fragrance gently softened by the delicate Union of sandalwood and amber wood.

A round apple shaped flacon colored in soft colors, decorated with a golden cap with baroque details. The Ungaro Fruit d’Amour Collection is available as 30, 50 and 100ml Eau de Toilettes at Ungaro boutiques and selected stores worldwide. Come into the beautiful world of Ungaro.