Wake up, and smell the sun Lalique Soleil


French Maison Lalique has been creating beautiful Objets d’Art for over a century. From vases and bowls

Today Lalique has launched a new scent, Soleil. Lalique Soleil is inspired by the ‘magic of the morning sunshine’.  With this new fragrance, Lalique says; “Wake up – and smell the sun!”


Discover Soleil Lalique. Her scent is as exhilarating as the pearly golden light of a fresh new day, as irresistibly sweet as the first sip of frothy Caffè Latte in the morning, as warm and soft as her golden skin.

Top notes: cardamom, mandarin, bitter almond
Heart: pear granite, coffee with milk, jasmine, caramelized sugar, roasted almonds
Base: white musk, sandalwood, pink pralines

Soleil is created by perfumers Alexandra Monet, Benoist Lapouza and Barbara Zoebelein as a gourmand composition. Its components include citruses, spices, almonds, sweet notes such as caramel, pralines and coffee, jasmine, woods and musk.


The round flacon of the perfume is adorned with stylized sun rays. It is decorated with a small piece of jewelry wrapped around its neck with a golden plaque showing the engraved name of the fragrance.

The bracelet that comes with the 100ml size has a tasseled chain. As an added, playful touch, a jewel is wound around the neck of the bottle. Unwind the jewel, and voilà: it becomes a charm bracelet inspired by the timeless modernity of an Art Deco Lalique Earring, it is adorned by a solar pearl drawn from the 1927/1928 Lalique collection, resurrecting a motif designed by René Lalique. The chain ends with a golden tab bearing the name of the fragrance.


Lalique Soleil is available as 30, 50 and 100 ml Eau de Parfum. Come into the beautiful world of Lalique.





Dare to be different, Santo Incienso, Sillage Sacré


Santo Incienso, Sillage Sacré is the latest fragrance introduction from the luxury perfumery House – The Different Company. 

The new unisex fragrance, which joins the brand’s Juste Chic collection, was created by Perfumer, Alexandra Monet, who proposed the fragrance to be ‘like a prayer turned towards the sky’. The fragrance composition is inspired by liberating the magical power of the Palo Santo, the tree that purifies the heart and the spirit.

I like the idea that we have to burn Palo Santo in order to reveal its scent. I’ve created this fragrance combining myrrh and incense with Atlas cedar, nutmeg and bergamot from Calabria in order to bring its freshness and contrast.

Alexandra Monet

Incense and Myrrh facets on a sacred wood structure, the Palo Santo, a mystical composition that captivates just like the shaman’s poem, during the ritual of Ayahuasca. The precious Musk welcomes the woody composition of the note for more comfort and sensuality. Additional notes include petitgrain, nutmeg, hedione, and milky musc.


For this special perfume, the top-designer Thierry de Baschmmakoff was authorized to create an exclusive flacon. Among others he works for Cartier, Cerruti and Bulgari. For The Different Company, he created something extraordinary. The transparent flacon bears a puristical elegance and its design combines authentic luxury with classical functionality.

Described as mystic, sensual, and eternal… The Different Company Santo Incienso, Sillage Sacré is available in Extrait de Parfum 100ml.




Ted Lapidus Orissima

Ted Lapidus Orissima

Ted Lapidus has launched Orissima, a new fragrance for women.

Ted Lapidus Orissima celebrates ‘la Parisienne’. Ted Lapidus Orissima perfume has a sensual, nice and fresh aroma for the upcoming spring/summer days. Ted Lapidus Orissima perfume is a gourmand chypre/flowery perfume.

Created by  Alexandra, Monet Ted Lapidus Orissima is composed of fresh grapefruit, peach along with floral notes of orange blossom, bamboo leaf, peony, and iris. The base sets on sweet caramel, patchouli, and musk notes.