Amino Mason’s Smooth and Moist Hair Care Lines, Packed With Amino Acids and Forest Botanicals


Amino Mason’s signature products are packed in mason jars, filled with natural ingredients and amino acids that help restore hair. The line includes Moist and Smooth products, with white rose and peony rose scents, respectively, and each line works for differing hair care needs.

There are many factors affecting how thick and moisturized someone’s hair is, so we offer two Amino Mason lines for different needs. Frizzy, thick hair is best treated by our Moist series. Thinner hair is best treated by our Smooth series. Both the Moist and Smooth lines help moisturize and repair damaged hair, offering natural and safe formulations for any user.

Sariel Osada, Amino Mason parent company Cosmeist Director

The hair care products contain hydrating botanical ingredients along with a patented Amino Keratin, consisting of 16 nano-sized amino acids and keratin protein. As hair is made of protein and amino acids, it is believed these natural ingredients can improve the quality and consistency of hair, reducing hair tears, split ends and other damage.

Amino Mason’s unique lines of rose-scented hair care products, with amino acids and forest botanicals carefully selected to create silky smooth, luminous hair, will soon be available on beauty care site

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