Oman’s Fragrant Gift of Kings: Amouage.

The story of Amouage started in 1983 from the desire to create an invaluable gift that would be offered by the Sultan of Oman to his guests. A present containing the country’s greatest natural treasures: the finest quality of Frankincense from its southern plateau, Rock Rose harvested at the top of the green mountains and Ambergris that lands at random on its pristine coast. The great perfumer Guy Robert was commissioned to compose Amouage’s debut fragrance. He created Gold, a magnificent blend built around these three great natural ingredients. The story of the “Gift Of Kings” was born.

In its reimagination of the art of gift giving, Amouage has curated an assortment of twelve beautiful gifts, available in 3 different formats: The Precious (selections of three 10ml luxury travel sprays), The Grand (three 50ml fragrances) and The Magnificent (three 100ml fragrances). Each gift is housed in specially curated boxes enveloped in floral masterpieces from the 19th century Qajar Dynasty, courtesy of the British Museum.

The Gift Of Kings: perfectly paired iconic fragrances to delight those you love with a regal gift of pure Amouage luxury.

Amouage is available at Amouage boutiques, and selected stores around the world. Come into the wonderful world of Amouage.