An iconic duo: Amouage Man an Woman

Amouage celebrates the tenth anniversary of its iconic duo of fragrances: Honour Man and Woman. An enduring success for this olfactory tribute to the masterpiece of Madame Butterfly.

The new art images are an ode to beauty and fragility, a metaphor of a tragic love in which honour, fidelity and innocence have been betrayed – the death of the soul.

Amouage Honour Woman

Wonour Woman was created by Alexandra Carlin and Violaine Collas, is a white floral fragrance signifying the discourse of Butterfly’s love. Tuberose is used to represent danger. Jasmine is attachment. Gardenia is secret love. Lily of the Valley is purity of heart. White carnation is innocence and faithfulness. A resin base of frankincense, amber and opoponax represents the tragic end of Butterfly’s ’To Die with Honour’.

Amouage Honour Man

Honour Man was created by Nathalie Feisthauer, is a spicy woody fragrance invoking memories of the past signified by a mixture of disturbing and conflicting accords starting with a burst of pink pepper and black pepper. Geranium and elemi represent a filial elegy to the honour and memory of Madame Butterfly. A woody base evolves with a musky allusion to this story of reconciliation.

Amouage Honour Man and Woman are available at Amouage boutiques, and very selected stores around the world. Come into the wonderful world of Amouage.

Amouage Honour

Amouage Honour ad.jpg

Amouage presents a new pair of fragrances available for both men and women. Amouage Honour for Men and Amouage Honour for Women are inspired by the tragic story of geisha Cio-Cio-San from ‘Madame Butterfly’. These perfumes evoke love, hope and despair  caused by sufferings and the unrealized love. Amouage Honour fragrances are created by perfumers Alexandra Carlin and Violaine Collas.

The house of Amouage chose white flowers as the symbol of unrequited love inviting us into a miniature garden full of jasmine, gardenias, tuberose, lilies and carnations notes.


Amouage Honour-Combined-Bottles-and-Boxes-no-Shadow


Amouage Honour Woman

Amouage Honour Woman is described as a lavish and sophisticated white floral mélange that captures the tragic predicament of Madame Butterfly. Each ingredient embraces a plethora of emotion and meaning – sweet tuberose represents danger; jasmine, attachment; gardenia, secret love and lily of the valley, purity of heart. A harmoniously rich resin base of frankincense, amber and opoponax injects dimension, depth and complexity.


Amouage Honour Man

Amouage Honour Man is said to resonate with a spicy and woody blend that invokes memories of the past, heightened by conflicting accords of pink berry and exuberant black pepper. A filial elegy to the memory of Madame Butterfly, notes of elemi and geranium in the heart expose an opulent and evocative earthy base of patchouli, frankincense, vetiver and tonka beans.