Oman is open. Amouage is open.

Amouage perfume is one of the world’s best-known luxury fragrances, originated from the Sultanate of Oman. After the worldwide pandamic, Amouage is now welcoming again visitors in their renewed Amouage Manufacture and Visitor’s Centre in Muscat for a unique insight into the magical world of luxury perfume making and travel through time to discover their near 40-year history, including their iconic and latest creations.

Experience first-hand the wide array of Amouage products starting from its exquisite long-lasting perfumes and luxurious bath ranges, to beautifully perfumed range of candles and parfums d’ambience.

Amouage’s Factory and Visitor Center is a staple tourist destination and has been especially built for guests fully to experience the brand’s essence and DNA. The building also houses Amouage’s corporate offices and a shop for guests to purchase the entire repertoire of wonderful fragrances, in addition to the ever-expanding product range that now includes collections for Home, Bath & Body, Fine Leather Goods and Travel Accessories.

Bisides the amazing scents inside, the centre is an state-of the-art building that amazes visitors with its outstand architecture. From the outside alone you can see the beauty and workmanship that went into designing and building a location to reflect the luxury brand.

Amouage is available at Amouage boutiques, and very selected stores around the world. Come into the wonderful world of Amouage.

Oman’s Fragrant Gift of Kings: Amouage.

The story of Amouage started in 1983 from the desire to create an invaluable gift that would be offered by the Sultan of Oman to his guests. A present containing the country’s greatest natural treasures: the finest quality of Frankincense from its southern plateau, Rock Rose harvested at the top of the green mountains and Ambergris that lands at random on its pristine coast. The great perfumer Guy Robert was commissioned to compose Amouage’s debut fragrance. He created Gold, a magnificent blend built around these three great natural ingredients. The story of the “Gift Of Kings” was born.

In its reimagination of the art of gift giving, Amouage has curated an assortment of twelve beautiful gifts, available in 3 different formats: The Precious (selections of three 10ml luxury travel sprays), The Grand (three 50ml fragrances) and The Magnificent (three 100ml fragrances). Each gift is housed in specially curated boxes enveloped in floral masterpieces from the 19th century Qajar Dynasty, courtesy of the British Museum.

The Gift Of Kings: perfectly paired iconic fragrances to delight those you love with a regal gift of pure Amouage luxury.

Amouage is available at Amouage boutiques, and selected stores around the world. Come into the wonderful world of Amouage.

Men only Amouage Overture Man


Amouage was established in 1983, when His Highness Sultan Qaboos bin Said al Said ordered Prince Sayyid Hamad bin Hamoud al bu Said to found a company to preseve the perfume-making traditions of Oman. He also wanted to have an authentic gift that would be given to the world’s leaders when they visited the country.

The Amouage’s visitors center and factory, located in Muscat, has the capacity to produce approximately 25,000 bottles a week. The two-story building opened in December 2012 and is open to visitors. There are 21 standalone Amouage boutiques, and their products are sold very selected stores around the world.

Exclusively for Harrods, Amouage presents the newest masculine fragrance Overture as of 13th July 2019. Overture follows the earlier release Rose Incense exclusively launched for Selfridges and presented in late June 2019.


A magnificent portrayal of a gentleman’s mystique, the fragrance evokes stories of elegance, grandeur and emotion often celebrated in operatic performances. Savour a new fragrance for man.

Top Note: Cognac
Heart Note: Myrrh
Base Note: Sandalwood

Overture opens with rich Cognac, evoking a sense of majestic sophistication. Overture Man reveals a sensation of mystery through Myrrh in the heart notes and is anchored by seductive Sandalwood in its base. This woody fragrance is for those who exude a sense of grace, dignity, and creativity.



Amouage Overture Man is available as 100ml Eau de Parfum, and is exclusively available in-store and at as a 100ml Eau de Parfum. Come into the beautiful world of Amouage.





Bringing back sweet memories, Amouage Love Tuberose


When I see or smell the scent of flowers like Tuberose, Jasmine and Gardenia, it always reminds me of the beautiful time I had in Jordan, Lebanon and Syria. And the wonderful and kind people I met. Amouage, introduces Love Tuberose, a new fragrance within The Secret Garden Collection. This new romantic and floral fragrance eloquently evokes the heart’s pleasures and desires reminiscent of Russian literature and classical music.

An alluring scent, Love Tuberose blends the warmth of Gardenia, Tuberose, and Jasmine in harmony with a gourmand inflexion of tender notes of Vanilla and Chantilly Cream to create dramatic and heavenly sweetness. The woody and musky base of Cedarwood and Sandalwood adds depth to the affectionate and wistful bouquet of aromas that recreate memories with its rich aura of feminine notes.

Top notes: Tuberose, Gardenia, Jasmine
Heart notes: Chantily cream, Vanilla
Base notes: Sandalwood, Cedarwood

The elegant ivory pastel flacon of Love Tuberose is a true reflection of its floral elements. The now-iconic Amouage silver cap is topped with a light rose Aurore Boreale Swarovski crystal, emulating the luxurious delicacy and sensual endearment that resonates throughout the fragrance.


Amouage Love Tuberose will be available as 100ml Eau de Parfum at all Amouage stores worldwide in addition to Harrods in London and TsUM and GUM in Moscow starting August. The fragrance will be available across all Amouage retailers around the world from September 2018.





Amouage Beach Hut Man

Amouage Beach Hut Man_LI

Amouage launched a new masculine fragrance to impress and delight most demanding men. The new perfume preserves a manly-man character with an aromatic and wild aroma. Generally speaking, Amouage crafts intense, powerful and qualitative perfumes both for men and women with outstanding aromas. Amouage Beach Hut Man is not an exception – created by Elise Benat, Beach Hut Man is a woody/aromatic, and why it described as a strong/wild and pungent fragrance.

Top notes: Orange blossem, Mint, Galbanum
Heart notes: Vertiver, Moss, Ivy
Base notes: Myrrh, Patchouli, Dry Woods,

Amouage Beach Hut Man liberates the senses and unleashes emotion as it explores the intoxicating sublime of the shoreline during the mesmerizing moments of the sunsets.

Amouage Beach Hut Man is available from september as 100ml Eau de Parfum.





Amouage Figment Man

Amouage Figment Man print

After Amouage Figment for Women there is now Amouage Figment Man. A new beautiful ‘manly’ woody oriental fragrance for men composed of fresh spicy notes to make the whole day more bright-full and aromatic. It blends qualitative and intense notes to make this scent enigmatic all the time a wearer will wear it on.

Top: lemon, geranium and pink pepper
Heart: sandalwood, animal notes and vetiver
Base: labdanum and guaiac wood

Amouage Figment Man opens with light nuances of fresh lemon, geranium and spicy pink pepper accords along with sandalwood, vetiver and leather notes. The base calms with labdanum, guaiac wood and balsamic tones laced with musk ensure a mesmerizing trail.

Amouage Figment Man is available as 100 ml Eau de Parfum.


Amouage Figment Man






Amouage Blossom Love

Amouage Blossom Love Launch.jpg

Amouage has launched Blossom Love, a new fragrance for women.

Amouage Blossom Love joins Lilac Love from the Secret Garden Collection. This scent has a floral trail of Cherry Blossom creating an olfactive romance with everlasting passion.

It reveals the romance of a perfumed secret garden where the light, sweet, and delicate nature of cherry blossom nectar marries with the rose to reveal inner boldness, and memorable heart caressed by the exotic sophistication of Ylang Ylang. This floral love story is embraced by the seductive allure of amaretto, tonka bean, and vanilla before melting into sandalwood and cashmeran, to create an intense and enduring fragrant bouquet of memories.

Top notes for Amouage Blossom Love are bergamot and heliotrope; middle notes are amaretto, ylang-ylang, rose and cherry blossom; base notes are amber, tonka bean, vanilla and suede

Amouage Blossom Love.jpg










Amouage Bracken Woman

Amouage Bracken Woman.jpg

Amouage Bracken Woman is a new perfume for women composed of fougere-floral accords ultra-feminine and very sensual. The masculine version, released summer 2016, is more opulent, more aromatic and spicy, however, the feminine version is more earthy, sensual and flowery.

Recreating the symbols of peace and freedom with luminous ferns and flowers of the woodland

Amouage Bracken Woman invites you to a sensual world full of charm not overpowering, yet aromatic enough to please and delight a woman all the day long. This perfume is composed of sparkling and juicy notes of bracken and wild berries along with lily of the valley, chamomile, daffodil, and smoky leather. Bracken Woman by Amouage has a fresh aroma that captures the ultimate moment, and as the house of Amouage says – “recreating the symbols of peace and freedom with luminous ferns and flowers of the woodland”.

Amouage Bracken Woman bottle.jpg

Amouage Bracken Woman will be available in 100ml Eau de Parfum at selected stores worldwide. Come into the wonderful world of Amouage

Amouage Lilac Love

mouage Lilac Love

Lilac Love, the first fragrance in Amouage’s The Secret Garden Collection. The fragrance captures the true spirit of classical femininity in the modern woman.

The Secret Garden is a collection of intricate feminine fragrances, where feelings, thoughts, and experiences are freely explored without the complications of the contemporary world. “We are so busy trying to keep up with modernity that we sometimes forget about the simple and traditional things in life and ourselves,” explains Creative Director, Christopher Chong.

Amouage Lilac Love Eau de Parfum

As the scent of the Lilac flower cannot be extracted, Lilac Love harmoniously recreates the lilac accord to express animalic and powdery tones with a melodious balance of jasmine and rose. The accord is delicately blended with top notes of gardenia, peony, and heliotrope. The floral scent is then refined with a gourmand heart of orris, cocoa bean, and tonka bean. The warm tone of sandalwood also lends its charismatic sensuality in the base, along with the suave richness of patchouli and soft facets of vanilla, creating a timeless floral symphony with a romantic musky veil.

Amouage Lilac Love is available as 100 ml Eau de Parfum.

Amouage Opus X

Amouage Opus X.png

Inspired by the Red Mendelssohn Stradivarius that inspired the film The Red Violin, Amouage will launch Opus X, the latest fragrance in the niche brand’s Library Collection in March.

Notes for the woody floral include centifolia rose, bloody rose accord, rosebud, rose oxide, geranium, varnish accord, leather, ambrarome, oud, ylang ylang and metallic accord.

Amouage Opus X Eau de Parfum

The Library Collection Opus X by Amouage is a fragrance for women and men. It will be available in 100 ml Eau de Parfum.