Anna Sui Fantasia Mermaid


Fashion designer Anna Sui launches a new perfume for women, Fantasia Mermaid – a new flanker to Fantasia perfume launched in 2017. The new perfume, licensed by the Inter Parfums, has a gorgeous and breath-taking design cap decorated in gold Mermaid.

The bottle makes this perfume really attractive and desired, rather the smell itself. Still, this perfume invites you to try a new elegantly fresh/floral aroma sweetened in the end. Anna Sui is always delighting its wearers with outstanding and flamboyant designs, as well as seductive and elegant fragrances.

This time, the new perfume is creating an air of romance. Anna Sui Fantasia Mermaid is a fresh floral/oriental scent made of citrusy notes along with jasmine, peony and spice cardamom seasoned and calmed on a woody base made of vanilla, wood and honey.  


The siren on the bottle neck holds a seahorse in her hand, while the embossed metal part of the bottle, and the glass body of the bottle are made in the same same style of the oroginal Fantasia fragrance. The color of the new fragrance is turquoise, according to the newest edition.

Anna Sui Fantasia Mermaid is available as 30 and 50ml Eau de Toilette. Come into the fantastic world of Anna Sui.





Anna Sui Flight of Fancy Spirit


When it comes to describe any of Anna Sui perfumes I am honored and simply delighted as her perfumes are simply irresistible and tempting. Anna Sui perfumes as if invite you to wonderlands, with very beautiful and alluring aromas.

If you dream about fairytales, then Anna Sui Flight of Fancy Spirit is one of those perfumes that will transmit you that feeling.

Flight of Fancy Spirit is the latest perfume launched by Anna Sui that again delights a wearer’s eyes, feelings, and mood with a tempting and very sensual aroma. The new perfume is the all together flanker to Anna Sui Flight of Fancy launched in 2007. Flight of Fancy Spirit Perfume got its inspiration for the colorful and beautiful Indian style with iconic brand’s peacock tail adorned over the cap. 


Anna Sui Flight of Fancy Spirit is a pleasant combination between citrusy/marine/woody altogether leave an exotic beach aroma to beckon a woman’s heart. It opens with citrusy accords nicely mixed with floral notes of gardenia and lotus, calming with a woody/marine layer. The design bottle, just like other editions, is simply eye-catching. 

 Anna Sui Flight of Fancy Spirit Perfume is available as 50ml Eau de Toilette. 





Anna Sui Secret Wish Fairy Dance Sparkle

Anna Sui Secret Wish Fairy Dance Sparkle Banner.jpg

Fashion designer Anna Sui is always launching thrilling and eye-catching perfumes due to fairy-tale designs as well as breathtaking aromas. All Anna Sui perfumes are very colorful, lively, nicely fresh – ideal for daily use. Also, wearers may find them elegant, yet modern touched by stylishness and femininity.

This spring, appears a new version perfume of the famous Anna Sui Secret Wish launched in 2005 – Secret Wish Fairy Dance Sparkle is the new weapon of seduction composed of sweet/citrusy/woody notes. Just like other editions, Anna Sui Secret Wish Fairy Dance Sparkle is all about joy, happiness, liveliness and pure friendship. The new perfume as if invites you to dance or to wish about a fairy-tale where you are the princess and all around you is simply fantastic and wonderful.

Anna Sui Secret Wish Fairy Dance Sparkle Flacon

Anna Sui Secret Wish Fairy Dance Sparkle opens with fresh mandarin, sweet mango and spicy pink pepper and neroli along with middle floral notes of roses, peony, orange blossom, and bamboo. The base calms with sandalwood, vetiver, sweet vanilla and coconut note.

Anna Sui Secret Wish Fairy Dance Sparkle is available in 50ml Eau de Toilette.





Anna Sui Fantasia



Any Anna Sui perfume is a piece of art. An invitation in a fairytale world where everything becomes possible and a smell becomes irresistible and mouthwatering. This autumn, Anna Sui Fantasia shows up as a new perfume “to remind women of their capacity to dream”.

Fashion designer Anna Sui remains true to the identity and kitschy, fairy-tale style of her brand in the new fragrance appropriately named Fantasia, which comes in a bottle that evokes magical woods and unicorns.

Top notes: pink pomelo, pink pepper
Heart: floral notes, raspberry praline
Base: Himalayan cedar, cypress

Anna Sui Fantasia is a sweet indulgence as it blends praline, raspberry notes with flowers to make its smell lingering. Also, it blends fresh pomelo, pink pepper notes calmed with cypress and Himalayan cedar.



This perfume is adorned with a golden unicorn figure on the top inspiring a priceless and expensive accessory in the hands of any woman. Anna Sui Fantasia is available from september as 30, 50 and 75ml. Eau de Parfum.




Anna Sui L’Amour Rose Eau de Toilette

Anna Sui L_Amour Rose Eau de Toilette Visual

Anna Sui launches one more thrilling and flamboyant perfume for women L’Amour Rose Eau de Toilette. The new fresher version is flanker to last year’s L’Amour Rose Eau de Parfum and comes with the slogan

Going to Paris is every girl’s dream: the City of Light, but more importantly, the City of Romance and fabulous Fashion.

Anna Sui L’Amour Rose Eau de Toilette is a youthful and playful floral, an elegant, refined and feminine perfume with a charming aroma. It opens with a nice fruity/floral burst of fresh cherry blossom, cranberry and pink mandarin along with magnolia, peony and pink pepper notes. The base is made of woody notes of musk, cedar and sweet vanilla.


Anna Sui L_Amour Rose Eau de Toilette Flacon Box

Anna Sui L’Amour Rose Eau de Toilette is available in 30 ml Eau de Toilette.





Anna Sui Romantica Fall Collection

This Fall, imaginative designer Anna Sui is enchanting us with some beautiful products including a perfume, nail polishes and foil art as well as a BB cream, a luxurious loose face powder and a beautiful lipstick!

Anna Sui Romantica


Anna Sui Romantica

Anna Sui Romantica is classified as a Sparkling Floral. ‘Romantica’ is joyous and sensuous, lively and exciting.

  • Top Notes: Calabria Bergamot, Mandarin Essence, Sparkling Pomegranate, and Watery Quince.
  • Heart notes: Rose de Mai, Osmanthus Absolute, Jasmine Petals, Orange Blossom, Water Lily and Peony Blossom
  • Base notes: White Ceylon Cedarwood, Sheer Amber, Indonesian Sandalwood, and Creamy Musk.

Soon more about this fragrance here on Yakymour…


Anna Sui Illuminating BB Cream


Anna Sui Illuminating BB Cream

The Anna Sui Illuminating BB Cream, that is available in two colors: Light Beige and Medium Beige, acts as a primer and a foundation while providing nourishing skincare and features:

  • Highly moisture-retaining and skin-softening Lychee Honey Extract that adds suppleness to skin.
  • Sweet Flag Extract that enhances circulation and warms the skin to promote healthy colour from within.
  • Radiant Oil that gives the formula a rich, honey-like texture, leaving skin plump and glowing. It also creates a film that holds in moisture and prevents evaporation for long-lasting hydration.
  • Glycol to hold onto water creating a cycle of absorbing beauty ingredients that maintain skins moisture.
  • Skin-adhering powder to ensure the resulting formula doesn’t breakdown for a long-lasting finish.
  • Uneven powder particles called Trick Powder and large spherical powder that work together to cover pores for a soft focus effect.


Anna Sui Face Powder (refilable)


Anna Sui Face Powder N & Case

With the Anna Sui Face Powder, skin is left feeling poreless and flawless. Highly moisturizing Amino Acid Powder and Phospholipid-Treated Powder make up the key ingredient of this beautiful formula. The Face Powder features:

  • Trick Powder, a common ingredient in all Anna Sui base makeup, zeroes in on pores where it diffuses and reflects light.
  • Soft Focus Powder, uneven powder particles, supports Trick Powder by covering uneven skin texture.
  • Soft Cover Powder evens skintone with medium coverage while blocking UV rays and absorbing oil.
  • Horse Chestnut Extract known for its anti-inflammatory, astringency, circulation-enhancing, skin-firming, and breakout-preventing properties.

The Anna Sui Face Powder is refilble and available in three colors: Purple Lucent, Light Beige and Natural Beige.


Anna Sui Limited Edition Lipstick C




Anna Sui Lipstick C (from top Lipstick C 304, 305, 403)

New Anna Sui Limited Edition Lipstick C. With a translucent finish, Lipstick C is available in 3 shades that leave lips hydrated, shiny and plump.


Anna Sui Bells Ring Nail Colour


Anna Sui Bells Ring Nail Colour C-312


Anna Sui Bells Ring nail Colour N930


Anna Sui Bells Ring Nail Colour S3051

A collection of 34 on-trend shades are available in new and unique textured and feature the rich scent of tea roses. The textures are:

  • Glitter: Luxurious color that glitter dramatically like jewelry, 4 shades
  • Glitter: Like gazing stars through frosted glass, 5 shades
  • Chocolate Chip: Sugary sweet ice cream colors that look good enough to eat, 4 shades
  • Shimmer: Elegant colors with the Luster of pearl, 6 shades
  • Crème: Stylist crème colors with a shiny enamel finish, 15 shades


Anna Sui Limited Edition Nail Foil Art


Anna Sui Limited Edition Nail Foil Art

Provides an endless possibility of designs. Nails should be painted with the desired nail color and tweezers should be used to gently place the foil on top of the nail. Multiple coats form a glitter to holographic effect.

by Jean Amr

Sui Dreams in Pink

Anna Sui Sui Dreams in Pink Banner

Fashion designer Anna Sui launches a new enchanting and breath-taking perfume for women, Sui Dreams in Pink. The new perfume is flanker to Sui Dreams released in 2000. Anna Sui Sui Dreams in Pink is described to be a dreaming, playful and sensual fragrance with a touch of glamour. Also, this perfume emanates a romantic aura that will seduce any women’s heart. Sui Dreams in Pink perfume will arrive on the market this spring and will perfectly fit the blooming season of awakening fresh and new feelings.

Created by Claudette Belnavis, Anna Sui Sui Dreams in Pink blends fruity/flowery notes of pomegranate, peony, magnolia along with pink freesia, raspberry, cherry and water lily. The base is composed of amazing and intense notes of muck, cypress, hibiscus and mango wood.

Anna Sui Sui Dreams in Pink FlaconAs usual, any Anna Sui perfume is a piece of art. This time, Sui Dreams in Pink has an eye-catching flacon design in the form as a handbag.

Anna Sui Sui Dreams in Pink will be available as 30ml Eau de Toilette.





Anna Sui La Vie de Boheme

Anna Sui La Vie de Boheme Banner

Fashion designer Anna Sui revealed her latest feminine perfume, La Vie de Boheme. Anna Sui La Vie de Boheme is created in collaboration with Inter Parfums, as a stylish and bohemian fragrance.

The La Vie de Bohème lifestyle always evolves, but the constant remains the same. And that is always a woman who is a bit defiant, a bit romantic, a bit artistic. In essence, it’s truly the modern woman. Yes, the signature look may be mixed patterns, flowing dresses, boots, floppy hats, but every generation brings its own attitude to it, a unique expression of personal style.

Anna Sui

Anna Sui La Vie de Boheme Eau de Toilette is a nice fragrance composed of romantic notes aimed to emanate the Bohemian spirit and lifestyle.

Anna Sui La Vie de Boheme Banner Bottle

Anna Sui La Vie de Boheme is created by perfumer Philippe Romano as a lovely, evening fragrance. In the opening, sweet pear, berries and a dragonfruit accord add intrigue to a signature Turkish rose note. The heart sees a trio of voluptuous blooms, while the dry down introduces a sultry mood of woods, musk and black vanilla.

Top notes: Turkish rose, Sparkling pear, Rich red berries, Dragonfruit accord
Heart: Red magnolia, Purple peony, Pink freesia
Base: Electric white woods, Sheer musks, Tart raspberry, Black vanilla, Sandalwood

Anna Sui La Vie de Boheme will be available as 30, 50 and 75ml Eau de Toilette.






Anna Sui Fairy Dance Secret Wish


Fashion designer Anna Sui invites her wearers to a Fairy Dance with a Secret Wish. The name of the new Anna Sui perfume will leave anyone breathless and amazed. Fairy Dance Secret Wish invites any perfume wearer to a fairytale dance full of mister and dreaming wishes. Fairy Dance Secret Wish is described as a luminous and incandescent fragrance luring wearers with its fruity/floral notes that won’t leave you indifferent.

Anna Sui Fairy Dance Secret Wish is composed of fruity/floral notes that evoke feelings of a fresh and pure garden full of intoxicating roses. It opens with warm raspberry, mango and pink pepper along with intense essences of roses. Its sweet aroma melts on the skin leaving a rich aroma behind thanks to base notes of sandalwood, vanilla and vetiver.



Anna Sui Fairy Dance Secret Wish Flacon.jpg

Fairy Dance Secret Wish is sealed in a very girlish and attractive bottle with a fairy transparent stopper. The design of bottle as if is ready for the fairy dance full of joy and love. Gorgeous Frida Gustavsson is the face for Anna Sui Fairy Dance Secret Wish.

Anna Sui Fairy Dance Secret Wish will be available as 30, 50 and 75 ml Eau de Toilette.




Anna Sui Forbidden Affair


What could be more desirable and pleasant than a perfume named Forbidden Affair. Imaginative designer Anna Sui Forbidden Affair describes a world where all forbidden desires become allowable.

Fairytales transport us to far off lands of romance and grandeur. This is the world I have created with Forbidden Affair. A world where every girl can feel like a princess and fairytales do come true.

Anna Sui

It is a perfume that takes you to a dreamland or fantasy world full of bright colors, dangerous actions and romantic dreams. Forbidden Affair was released last month and has quickly conquered women’s hearts with its sparkling and innocent nature. Any girl wearing this perfume on her will feel like a little princess in a world that fully reflects her temperament and wild actions. Anna Sui Forbidden Affair is also describing the forbidden love – passion and emotions that one has to fight for.


Anna Sui Forbidden Affair flacon 1

Anna Sui Forbidden Affair resembles a perfume from a fairytale. It is like Cinderella’s fragrance that is full of romance and fun loving. Free-spirited, flirtatious and enticing are few words that describe Princess’ perfume in her private boudoir. For me this amazing fragrance describes hidden emotions and feelings that need no words to be described.

Top: Lemon, Black currant, Red currant.
Heart: Raspberry, Rose, Pomegranate
Base: Violet, Musk, Cedar

A brilliance of red currant flower and sparkling fruity accords create a fragrance of everlasting romance. An ongoing shimmering fresh experience. Top notes of lemon, red currant and blackcurrant offer a sensual greeting, as the heart notes meld into raspberry, rose petal accord and pomegranate. Tempting, sweet, yet somewhat mysterious, they are not as innocent as they would seem. At the base, intriguing violet, cedarwood, and musky notes offer a lingering, seductive dry down with a lasting cosmetic softness.

anna sui forbidden affair2

The whole design concept is dedicated to a secret rendez vous between a prince and a princess with the taken from traditional fairy tales like Cinderella, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty. It was inspired by Baroque and Rococo gardens, Baroque palaces, boudoirs, royal fashion and the lavish lifestyle. This style brings us back to the mid-18th century.

A secret garden and a gate where lovers meet in the dusk, in order to remain unnoticed by king and queen, is portrayed on the perfume box. The bottle itself is shaped like oval mirrors of baroque boudoirs. The stopper is shaped like a rose bud that is about to blossom, symbolizing the Anna Sui brand.

Gorgeous British model Lily Donaldson is the face of the campaign. She posses in a stunning lavender dress with crown on her head and with a luxurious jewelry over her neck making her dreamy and divine.


anna sui forbidden affair 3 sizes

Expand your talent and make all your possible dreams come true with Anna Sui Forbidden Affair Perfume. Anna Sui Forbidden Affair makes you fly and a world full of forbidden dreams.

Anna Sui’s Forbidden Affair is available in three sizes,  30, 50 and 75 ml Eau de Toilette.