Lanvin Marry Me! Love Edition


Maison Lanvin launches a romantic and adorable new version perfume for Valentine’s Day. Marry Me! Love Edition is the new flanker to 2010’s Marry Me! for Women. The perfume inspires life, joy, energy and excitement feelings. Lanvin Marry Me! Love Edition is not an everyday aroma thanks to its seductive and intense romantic notes that will constantly tempt a man.

A symbol of passionate feelings and burning declaration of love, the red rose has inspired the Marry Me! Love Edition. A declaration of love with flowers and bouquets of hearts, this edition is an ode to love and laughter, a made-to-measure gift for all fashionistas.

For this unique edition, the unexpected heart of red roses beats with exquisite sensuality while flirting with the sparkle of red currant and the tang of bitter orange. It wraps amorous arms around magnolia and bewitching sambac jasmine and melts into a bed of cedar and carnal musk. This radiant floral fragrance is irresistibly captivating….

The composition is signed by Antoine Maisondieu. Bitter orange and red currant flavors open it up. The core of the perfume includes flowers of red roses, Sambac jasmine and magnolia. The base notes are cedar and carnal musk.

Top notes: Bitter orange, Red currant
Heart: Jasmine, Red roses, Magnolia
Base: Cedar, Musk

Lanvin Marry Me! Love Edition comes in the same bottle shape as the original perfume, updated with a lovable red ribbon and pinky/red juice.


The very cute packaging is illustrated by Alber Elbaz, the creative director of Maison Lanvin. Lanvin Marry Me! Love Edition is already available as 50 ml Eau de Parfum.




Lanvin Marry Me


Last year Maison Lanvin launched Marry Me. It beats all barriers with its daring temptation and shamelessly notes. Lanvin Marry Me evokes romantic and loving feelings in the lover’s mind. This elixir of happiness and ultra-feminine fragrance is the best accessory for any men who aspire to marry the woman of his dreams. Marry Me is full of dreamy, passionate and lovable emotions meant to evoke moments of ecstasy.

The new fragrance by Lanvin was created with an intention to suggest a strong bond that each woman has with the perfume she chooses. You need a lot of love and emotions for a right date and chemistry which happens between her and the fragrance which is like her second skin, which follows her like a shadow and says a lot about her emotional state.

Marry Me is presented with a floral composition as optimistic as a cheerful smile. Combination of good humour and femininity intertwines with lovable, gentle dreams about love, similar to an embrace by a person you love. Perfumer who managed to pour dreams of love into a fragrant collage is Antoine Maisondieu. He lines floral notes like a romantic wreath of flowers.

Lanvin Marry Me Eau de Parfum

The composition is based on luminous tonic mixed of bitter Tunisian orange and sensual essences of Sambac jasmine. This surprising combination is wrapped in sweet zest of peach and sophisticated jasmine tea aromas. A sensual heart is painted with jasmine enhanced with magnolia blossom and romantic, non-chalant rose petals. Union of white flowers and fruit zest melts in juiciness and warmth of powerful hot amber and musky trail.

Lanvin Marry Me evokes the indescribable feeling of love that’s essentially romantic. Women who choose this romantic floral fragrance will be outlined by an invisible shadow that would reflect her emotional state. Men lured by this long-lasting perfume would not want to wake from these euphoric and passionate feelings.

Marry Me reflects the everlasting love that will never die. Full of devotion and affection, Lanvin Marry Me has a fruity floral composition of lovable notes of peach, freesia, Tunisian orange, jasmine, magnolia, rose, amber, white cedar and musk. Antoine Maisondieu, the perfumer, successfully succeeded to create a romantic fragrance full of pure and true love.

Lanvin Marry Me 3 sizes Eau de Parfum.jpg

Lanvin Marry Me has a very attractive purple bottle with a nice violet ribbon linked on the top. It can be purchased as 30, 50 and 75ml Eau de Parfum. We can expect it on the market from August.