Aramis Lab Series Solid Water Essence, A New Solution To Jump Starting Skin


Wide awake. Instead of drinking coffee or an energy drink, jump start your skin with the new Lab Series Solid Water Essence.

Drinking coffee or an energy drink may be good ways to energize your body, but how does one invigorate the skin? The solution to jump starting your skin comes in the new Aramis Lab Series Solid Water Essence. Besides featuring a mix of ginseng and caffeine, the Solid Water Essence is also unique as for its gel-to-liquid structure. First, the gel holds the hydrating properties of a moisturizing gel, before it is delivered in bamboo-infused water to be absorbed by the skin.

When you apply this gel, it will immediately energize and hydrate it, giving your skin an instant energy boost. This is perfect for those times when you need to be fully awake, like before an important meeting or a party. As it is classified as an essence, this product can be used alone to give you an instant boost, or as a bridge between water lotions and serums as it prepares the skin to receive other skincare products.

Aramis Lab Series Solid Water Essence is availble in a handy 150ml. flacon.


Aramis Lab Series Solid Water Essence