Mauboussin & Arielle Dombasle LE SECRET D’ARIELLE

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Mauboussin Le Secret d'Arielle

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The good old 80’s are back! Springing to our minds through an intoxicating, feminine, very sensual fragrance with personality. Those are just a few attributes I can use to announce this special collaboration between Mauboussin and Arielle Dombasle, inspired by her world and revealing a special and precious bond with her first perfume.


News of a collaboration between French jewelers & fragrance brand Mauboussin and French-American actress & singer Arielle Dombasle left me with an instant feeling of heightened, impatient expectation. The reason is twofold: on the one hand the great reputation of Mauboussin perfumes (not to mention their diamond jewels and watches!), on the other the notoriety of Dombasle as a true lover of perfume. In fact, her signature scent has long held something of a fascination to me, back when I was compiling my perfumes worn by celebrities list almost 15 years ago, being highly responsive to her personal choices.

I can live without lipstick, without a hairbrush, but I cannot live without perfume

Arielle Dombasle

The design maintains Mauboussin’s jewelry touch and style, just like the other wonderfully designed Mauboussin’s flacons, but in a different way than usual. Le Secret D’Arielle is like a small precious amphora, ‘locked’ in a black box with mirrors inside. The bottle is put on a pedestal with golden stairs surrounding it. The design of the packaging brings the idea of a luxurious shelf or box in which one could find a piece of expensive jewelry or high-end watches. The well designed amphora holds a concentration as high as 30% of perfume extrait.

Mauboussin presented this new fragrance at the same time they launched chypre-flowery Promise Me, also a fragrance with a classic and provocative style. So what is actually new with Dombasle’s edition? Nothing much if you explore the notes of the composition. But it is a high quality juice and has a beautiful, musky trace, and that is what I really miss in numerous new compositions. An echo of the ‘good, old 80s’ and the designer perfumes with attitude of those days, not following today’s trends.

Mauboussin Le Secret D’Arielle brings a flowery composition made in the traditional French way. I would say, yes, but with the most delicate and powdery touch of iris and musk, in a non aggressive, subtle way. You know that feeling when you apply your fragrance again and again just to get more of a specific blend since you are craving its sensuality? This is how I feel when I try it. I can tell you this about the notes: there is a white flower bouquet, pink pepper, tuberose, rose and iris, warmed up with amber and musk. It sounds like a common flowery perfume but no: your skin will sing! The flowery bouquet is there, you can feel its sparkliness and richness. It is a pure pleasure that reminds me of high quality perfumes which uplift your spirit. Carefully, slowly, teasingly.

  • Top notes are pink pepper and white flowers
  • Middle notes are tuberose, rose and iris
  •  Base notes are musk and amber.

Arielle Dombasle celebrated the launch with a special party in Paris. Mauboussin recently offered this fragrance on their website for 240 euro per bottle and suggests to wear Secret d’Arielle perfume extrait on pulse points: on our neck and wrists. I have followed their advice and it really filled my days with sensuality.

Secret d’Arielle and comes in a 30ml Extrait de Parfum.

Le Secret d'Arielle

mauboussin Le Secret d'Arielle logo stars