Aurélie Bidermann scented candle

Aurélie Bidermann scented candle outside

Inspired by her Parisian upbringing and childhood summers in Ibiza, French jewelry designer Aurelie Bidermann infuses a unique bohemian twist into each one of her hand-crafted pieces.

A candle that whisks you off on a journey: this is what Aurelie Bidermann had in mind when launching her first fragranced candle totally designed and manufactured in France.

Aurélie Bidermann scented candle

A flickering olfactive odyssey into the air reminiscent of a getaway in Amalfi, followed by the tender scent of flowers – roses, geranium, jasmine and orange blossom – just like a bouquet offered by the earth under the soothing shade of the umbrella pines. Finally the base notes emerge with a punch: rich almonds and orange, like that longing for sweetness at nightfall as the sea sinks into a deeper blue shimmering with starlight.

Aurélie Biderman’s scented candle – weight 210 grams – has a burning time from around 53hours and is made of vegetal wax and cost 55 euro.