Avenoir Cosmetics Launches Cell Repair Serum

Avenoir Cosmetics develops science-based, top performing skincare products. Using scientifically proven ingredients and years of stem cell research, Avenoir creates their highly concentrated formulas. The result is a clinical strength product that is used to nourish and repair skin cells for fast results. Now Avenoir Cosmetics introduces its Cell Repair Serum – Clinical Strength. The serum uses a one of its kind formula – Cell Repair Nutrient™ – Avenoir’s unique ingredient which is developed using advanced technology.

This serum allows men and women to have a healthier, youthful looking complexion. We want to help individuals repair their skin, while addressing inflammation and reducing the appearance of redness and fine lines and wrinkles while enjoying the best, most scientifically proven ingredients that focus on regeneration and rejuvenation.

Dr. Ramon Coronado, Founder of Avenoir

To help individuals achieve smoother, more radiant skin, Avenoir’s Cell Repair Serum – Clinical Strength works toward repairing and rejuvenating skin for a seamless look, boosts collagen levels to promote hydration and combat the signs of aging. Within weeks, the appearance of wrinkles, fine-lines, discoloration, redness and sunspots can be reduced with regular use of the serum.

The serum includes active ingredients that helps both men and women deliver the best results to their skin. Using Cell Repair Nutrient™, Sodium Hyaluronate, Capryl Glycol EHG, EDTA, Phenoxyethanol SA, and Sodium PCA, Avenoir’s unique formula has over 2,500 nutrients, cytokines, and growth factors to achieve radiant skin. With Cell Repair Serum – Clinical Strength, individuals can restore the brilliance and vitality of their skin.

Come into the beautiful world of Avenoir.