Avon Goes Greener, More Digital


New Avon Company (‘Avon’) is the leading social selling beauty company in North America, with independent sales Representatives throughout the United States and Puerto Rico, and through affiliation in Canada. Avon’s portfolio includes award-winning skincare, color cosmetics, fragrance, personal care, and health and wellness products featuring brands such as ANEW, Skin So Soft, CHI, and The Face Shop, as well as fashion and accessories.

Avon has a 134-year history of empowering women through economic opportunity and supporting the causes that matter most to women. Avon philanthropy has contributed over $1 billion globally toward eradicating breast cancer and domestic violence.

Avon is making a milestone step in the brand’s longstanding commitment to managing their environmental footprint: the iconic Avon brochure will be updated to showcase a digital refresh. The new digital initiative allows Avon to improve the selling experience for Avon Representatives throughout North America in an easier, more streamlined process, as well as help address the company’s continuous improvement to protect the planet, and it launches April 30th in celebration of the 50th anniversary of Earth Day.

Avon-shoppingexperience_1587507134425-HRThe entirely interactive, digital catalog will bring the Avon experience to life in a completely new way. The monumental move of switching to a new digital platform allows Avon to help their Representatives expand their reach even further. The browsing and buying experience will be optimized for desktop and mobile with shoppable posts, video make-up tutorials, influencer-created content, interviews with product creators, video reviews, animations and more.

Cutting-edge AR makeup will also be a key feature with functions such as Virtual Try-On, Foundation Shade Finder and Concealer Shade Finder. This will allow customers to virtually try on makeup shades before buying and discover their shade matches.



Avon Representatives can also customize their Avon catalog and experience for shoppers allowing them more room to promote their business. Seamless sharing with let all users share any page or content via social, email or SMS. Now Representatives can consult with their customers and literally sell products digitally anytime, anywhere.

Avon’s paper brochure will still be available. Last year it began printing in smaller dimensions, less ink, fewer pages and a lighter quality paper. The paper is also sourced from sustainably managed, PFEC-certified forests with controlled sources. In doing so, Avon has moved to a significantly higher cost-efficient method, and the goal is to have the brochure be exclusively digital in the next few years.



Other recent noteworthy Avon initiatives around Earth Day include a greater visibility for Avon’s product safety policy and prohibited ingredient lists through more accessible placement on the website. In addition, Avon will continue its status as one of the few cosmetic companies to list all ingredients of each product on its website.

Providing full transparency to customers before they try to purchase a product. Avon will also continue its current animal welfare policy and eliminating animal-derived ingredients from new products. All Avon cartons are now made of FSC-certified paperboard as well.



Finally, Avon will continue its longstanding partnership with Feed the Children. Over the last 16 years, Avon has donated and diverted from landfills over 15 million pounds of personal care, hygiene and beauty products, clothing, shoes and home essentials for distribution to children and families in need.

Come into the beautiful world of Avon, and to browse the new digital catalog visit: Avon digitalcatalog.






Avon Steps up its 16-Year Partnership with Feed the Children in Response to Covid-19 Crisis


One of the harshest realities of Covid-19 and the necessity of the social distancing that tragically shutters numerous businesses and puts countless people out of work is a family’s sudden inability to access essential supplies and to afford them even if they can.

The beauty of giving back

Avon’s partner, Feed the Children, works closely with community partners like schools, civic organizations and food banks to serve the most vulnerable populations and others who may be experiencing difficulty due to a job loss in this uncertain environment. Feed the Children has alerted Avon to the most pressing needs of the most affected communities so it can send vital resources to help keep these families afloat.

This month, Avon donated $2 million worth of personal care products such as soap, body wash and skincare products to Feed the Children to support these families in need during this unprecedented time.

Avon is proud to have partnered with Feed the Children since 2004. Because of our longstanding relationship, it made sense to work with Feed the Children for their COVID-19 relief efforts. They work diligently to get our products to the people who need them most.

Paul Yi, CEO Avon

Over the last sixteen years, Avon has donated over 15,000,000 pounds of personal care and beauty products, clothing, shoes and home essentials to Feed the Children for distribution to families in need. In the last six months alone, Avon donations totaled over $40 million worth of necessities, bringing relief to nearly a million families including 3.5 million women and girls in 48 states and the District of Columbia, many of whom have shared their stories of improved self-confidence and empowerment as a result of their Feed the Children x Avon deliveries.

Come into the beautiful world of Avon.





Avon Prima Noir

Avon Prima Noir-fragrance-header-2017-c25

When evening comes, you’re ready to let your hair down. Fun and playful yet always graceful, you know the nighttime is your time to shine.

Avon launches a new perfume for women Prima Noir – a flanker to last year’s Prima perfume. Their newest fragrance is inspired by the dedication, strength and alluring mystique of a prima ballerina with a bold edge.


Avon Prima Noir’s warm and feminine notes make it a sophisticated yet seductive fragrance that’s both addictive and delicately sensual – the perfect nighttime counterpart to the original Avon Prima. Avon Prima Noir is a mysterious, powerful and strong perfume made of creamy vanilla and floral accords of silky violet and opulent jasmine.

Top notes: Iris, Violet
Heart: Jasmine
Base: Vanilla Noir

Complement your beautiful strenght and graceful spirit. American Ballet Theatre’s Courtney Lavine is one of the country’s most accomplished young dancers. As the face of Avon Prima, her personality perfectly captures the fragrance – graceful, elegant, powerful and resilient.

Avon Prima Noir is available in 50 ml Eau de Parfum.

Avon Prima Noir






Avon Eve Duet

Avon Eve Duet Eva Mendez Visual2

Cosmetic brand Avon in association with gorgeous actress Eva Mendez launches a new perfume for women Eve Duet. Avon Eve Duet is a perfume with two ends – two fragrances combined in one package that can be used separately or together. Eve Duet perfume is composed of radiant aroma at one of the ends and sensual at the other end.

It’s really an honor to collaborate with a company that has understood and respected women for so many years. I love connecting with women, especially coming from a huge family of women“.

Eva Mendez

Avon Eve Duet opens with fresh clementine and apple blossom notes along with flowery notes of water lily and jasmine calmed on a woody layer made of wood and amber. A truly refreshing, light, and daily perfume with a delightful aroma.


Hollywood actress Eve Mendes is the face of Avon’s latest fragrance launch. As the face of Eve Duet, Avons’s first dual ended fragrance, Eva embodies the courageous, intriguing and ever-changing woman of today. Her unique beauty, combined with her witty, authentic personality, makes the Hollywood actress a perfect partner for Avon and Eve Duet.

I love being creative and experimenting with fashion and make-up, so being able to also express myself freely and celebrate my individuality through a perfume is fun. Scents play a big role in my life and I love experimenting with different combinations of Sensual and Radiant allure to reflect my different moods.

Eve Mendes

The dual ended fragrance has been designed in perfect harmony, meaning you can wear each scent individually or mix them together for a whole new scent, a whole new you.

Avon Eve Duet is available as 50ml Eau de Parfum.




Avon Viva La Vita

Avon Viva La Vita.jpg

Avon has launched Viva La Vita, a new fruity floral beautiful fragrance for women.

Avon Viva La Vita is inspired by the woman who takes control and throws caution to the wind, living life for every moment. The scent radiates feelings of courage and freedom to do what makes you happy and live for every moment.

Top notes for Avon Viva La Vita are apple, mandarin orange and pink grapefruit; middle notes are rose, mimosa and magnolia; base notes are vanilla, sandalwood and cashmeran.

Avon Viva La Vita bottle 2.jpg

The Ball Of Belles Epoques


Begum Om Habibeh at The Ball Of Belles Epoques in the Pavilion Dauphine, Paris, June 26, 1989 (photo by Auger Benjamin)(Click photo to enlarge).

Time flies, 26 years ago,  on a warm summer afternoon, at her Place Vendôme appartment I did the make-up for Begum Om Habibeh Aga Khan. Even we knew eachother vèry well, it was always a bit exciting to do, when it was for an ‘official’ moment. Today she was invited for ‘The Ball Of Belles Epoques’ in the Pavilion Dauphine, Paris. The party was organized by Austrian Baron Hubert von Patz, husband of Avon Products, Terry McConnell, for their son Terry von Patz. When she arrived, like all other guests she stood in front of the camera of Auger Benjamin, who photographed all the guests of ‘The Ball Of Belles Epoques’ in the Pavilion Dauphine, Paris.

We had some great few days together in Paris, we were drinking tea and eating macarons at Ladurée, and having breakfast and diner at the Ritz and like every year, she had a nice birthday present for me… A Rene Boivin watch. But above all, she was happy with all the compliments she got that night at the ‘The Ball Of Belles Epoques’


by Jean Amr

Avon Premiere Luxe Perfume

Avon Premiere Luxe

American cosmetics company Avon launches a new perfume for women, Premiere Luxe – a precious perfume with a delicious aroma. Avon Premiere Luxe is all about a luxurious perfume sealed in an elegant bottle decorated with a gorgeous ornament.

Avon Premiere Luxe is a fruity/floral gourmand perfume composed of top notes made of black currant, pomegranate and grapefruit along with heart notes of magnolia, gardenia and jasmine. The base melts and softness the fragrance with sweet praline notes, patchouli and sandalwood.

Avon Premiere Luxe is available as 50ml Eau de Parfum.





Avon Today Tomorrow Always Amour

Avon Today Tomorrow Always Amour

Avon is the company that for more than 125 years has stood for beauty, innovation, optimism and, above all, for women. With nearly $9 billion in annual revenue, Avon products are sold through 6 million active independent Avon Sales Representatives worldwide. Avon products include color cosmetics, skincare and fragrances.

Celebrate the Joy of Love with a Romantic New Fragrance

Now the American famous brand launches a new perfume for women, part of its famous Today Tomorrow Always Collection, Avon Today Tomorrow Always Amour. A truly romantic, delicate, daring, sensual perfume with a lovely aroma for most elegant and passionate women.

Avon Today Tomorrow Always Amour Banner 3

Avon Today Tomorrow Always Amour is composed of lovely ingredients like jasmine petals, magnolia, lily of the valley along with citrusy notes of pink pepper, sandalwood, cedar and musk. This simple yet sophisticated perfume is a pure indulgence, and a must-have romantic perfume for most in-love women.

Top notes: The fragrance opens with a marriage of sparkling orange and bright lemon and lime, creating a joyful energy.
Heart notes: The heart reveals delicate and creamy jasmine petals, a timeless and beloved flower that symbolizes deep affection and happiness.
Base notes: The fragrance finishes with creamy sandalwood for an addictive, lasting scent.

Today Tomorrow Always Amour, represents the excitement and anticipation of seeing your true love and celebrates the bliss of two hearts ready to experience a lifetime of joy together.


Avon Today Tomorrow Always Amour Flacon

The new perfume, Avon Today Tomorrow Always Amour, is advertised by the gorgeous Award-winning actress, activist and mother, Olivia Wilde. As the face of the fragrance, Olivia Wilde perfectly embodies the romantic feel of the new elegant, floral scent. Wilde believes in the captivating power of love, and beyond all else, cherishes the time she gets to spend with the ones she loves.

This fragrance has a beautiful design: ultra-feminine and super pure. The characteristic is shaped like previous editions Avon Today Tomorrow Always Diamond, In Bloom, Heart, In Love and Romantic Voyage. The new bottle features floral engravings, making it even more romantic.

Avon Today Tomorrow Always Amour is available as 30 ml Eau de Parfum. Today Tomorrow Always Amour is now available for purchase through Avon Representatives and at Avon.com.

Avon Today Tomorrow Always Amour Banner2






Avon City Rush for Her


Avon announced Milla Jovovich as the face of their latest feminine fragrance – City Rush for Her. Avon City Rush for Her is described as an urban, crazy, young, flirty perfume for young women looking for fun and distractions. Gorgeous actress Milla Jovovich will join other popular stars like Fergie, Reese Witherspoon and Courtney Cox – spokespersons for Avon cosmetics.

Avon is such a special brand to partner with. Its dedication to female empowerment and worldwide campaigning for the causes that matter most to women make me proud to be part of its family.

Milla Jovovich

Avon City Rush for Her, A seductive feminine fragrance, it embodies a self-confident and daring woman. The fragrance unveil powerful and seductive notes that convey the idea of a self-conscious appearance. City Rush for Her is a fragrance that expresses strength and seductive sex appeal.

Top notes: Plum, Bergamot, Ivy
Heart: Rose, Orchid, Black dahlia
Base: Vanilla, Patchouli, White Musks, Wood

City Rush for Her opens with fresh notes of bergamot, juicy plum and a fresh breath of ivy green notes. The heart mixes black dahlia, rose and vanilla orchid. The warm dry-down mingles creamy woods, earthy patchouli and musks. It’s a sophisticated fragrance that captures the natural mystery and sensuality of a woman.


Next to Milla Jovovich we see Brazilian topmodel Carlos Casagrande in the campaign for Avon City Rush for Her.

Avon City Rush for Her is wrapped in a rectangular bottle that reveals a clear golden juice and is topped with a transparent cap. A big C letter adorns the front of the bottle.

Avon City Rush for Her is available as 50ml Eau de Parfum and accompanying body care products, like showergel and bodylotion.

Avon City Rush for Her Flacon





Nuit de Christian Lacroix


Beauty company Avon teamed up again with famous French designer Christian Lacroix for two new fragrances Nuit de Christian Lacroix. Nuit de Christian Lacroix for men and women possess a hypnotizing aura full of grace and seductive notes. No perfume wearer will stand their holiday charming notes and pleasant smell.

Christian-Lacroix-NUIT-EDP ad

Christian Lacroix Nuit for Her is a passionate and romantic perfumes created by perfumer Carlos Benaïm. Christian Lacroix Nuit for Her is an intoxicating and mysterious forbidden fragrance fantasy that awakens passions and excites the senses. The composition is rich oriental– floral opening with fresh notes of bergamot, neroli and honeysuckle. Sensual flowers of jasmine, tuberose and narcissus are located in the heart of the perfume, supported by the luxurious base of amber, incense, musk and woody notes.



Christian Lacroix Nuit for Her is available as 50 ml Eau de Parfum.


christian-lacroix-nuit-for-him ad

Christian Lacroix Nuit for Him was created by perfumer Pascal Gaurin. Christian Lacroix Nuit for Him – experience the magic of a passionate potion of rich tobacco, black violet and seductive woods. A seductive blend of bergamot, lavender and intense fresh tobacco leaves. Exudes a mysterious cypress, cardamom and black violet scent holidays ending sensual iris, wood and resin. Christian Lacroix Nuit for Him is the perfect gift for the discerning, stylish men who care about their appearance and know what they want from life.



Christian Lacroix Nuit for Him is available as 75 ml Eau de Toilette.