Space NK In Peace Limited Edition

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As the collaboration between Space NK and Women for Women International enters its second year, a Limited Edition has been commissioned that celebrates the colours, arts and patterns from the countries supported by the initiative.

Created by Azzi Glasser, a world renowned perfumer, In Peace opens with top notes of Pimento and Divine French Iris, soft Mimosa and creamy Suede notes follow to reveal the passionate heart of the fragrance. Finally White Musk Sandalwood and Tonka Bean infuse your senses, leaving a very feminine, lasting impression.


In Peace Eau de Parfum is designed to promote peace, and drive sponsorships for Women for Women International programmes. The new limited edition design, ‘Eden’ by Lo Cole, which has been created to celebrate International Peace Day has been inspired by the colours, art and patterns from the eight countries in which Women for Women International operate – Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, the Democratic Republic of Congo, South Sudan, Nigeria, Rwanda, Afghanistan and Iraq – and is a celebration of life, light and peace.charitable products.

I was touched and inspired by the incredible work that Women for Women International do in parts of the world that have been torn apart by war, helping people emotionally and physically in such a positive way.
I translated this emotional feeling into a fragrance that would remind the wearer of how they have contributed to these amazing womens’ lives around the world.

Azzi Glasser

Ten per cent of the profits from the sale of each bottle will go directly to Women for Women’s sponsorship programme, which supports women survivors of war to enable them to rebuild their lives and promote peaceful communities. It is also hoped that women purchasing the perfume, feel inspired by this charitable partnership and go on to become a Women for Women International sponsor themselves.


If you fancy picking up a bottle, you may want to do so on either Wednesday or Thursday this week when Space NK hold their Beauty Anthology event… For every purchase over £150 you will receive the above goody bag containing 28 beautiful deluxe sample sizes of their pick of their brands.

For more details on how to get your tickets for the event look here: 

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Bella Freud launches first fragrance

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Fashion designer BellaFreud, born in London, England, is the daughter of Bernardine Coverley and artist Lucien Freud and great granddaughter of the inventor of psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud.

Bella Freud label

Freud started working for Vivienne Westwood during the 1980s before setting up her own design company. She also spent a year as guest designer for Stirling Cooper and undertook consultancy work for the British fashion company Jeager during the 1990s. She has been responsible for the relaunch and revamp of fashion house Biba. And now she is making her first foray into the world of fragrance.

bella-freud-fragrances.jpgBella has collaborated with perfumer Azzi Glasser on her small collection of perfumes, which are named Ginsberg is God, 1970 and Je t’aime Jane – similar to the slogans on her iconic jumpers.

It’s such a different thing from what I’m used to, but it seems to work. You know, like taking all the imagery from the fashion and putting it onto the packaging, and seeing it have a different kind of tension, in a way, and then just working with Azzi on the fragrances. She develops, she gives them the sort of personality through the scent.

Bella Freud

Ginsberg is God, dedicated to the poet Allen Ginsberg, is a unisex scent of “the tousled headed poet surrounded by books and papers, the scent of green leaves and spring drifting in through the open windows”, including accords of black pepper, tomato leaf, fig, elemi, sacred woods, resins, wormwood, moss and leather.

1970 is a feminine fragrance freedom and style made of May rose, saffron, incense, myrrh, sandalwood, vetiver, patchouli, moss, musk and benzoin. “Bella Freud’s 1970 is the hedonist, the girl dancing until dawn on the beach of Formentera, the smell of incense in the warm night air. An alchemy of rich and tenacious accords celebrate the essence of cultural style and freedom”.

Je t’aime Jane is a feminine fragrance, girlish and playful. “She is the free spirit with a guitar, a baby and long bare legs”. It contains notes of night blooming jasmine absolute, ylang-ylang, orange blossom, tiger lily, black oud, sandalwood and powdery musk.



Bella Freud Parfum will be exclusively available at Harvey Nichols in London, Harvey Nichols online and online at



Space NK In Peace

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Space NK presents a new fragrance for women, In Peace – a fresh and lively aroma ideal describing the mood and temper of a casual day. Space NK In Peace will awaken deep sensual senses with its enchanting blend of exotic temptations. This fragrance characterizes a woman with a pure, soft and peaceful spirit.

I was touched and inspired by the incredible work that Women for Women International do in parts of the world that have been torn apart by war, helping people emotionally and physically in such a positive way. I translated this emotional feeling into a fragrance that would remind the wearer of how they have contributed to these amazing womens’ lives around the world.

Azzi Glasser

Created by perfumer Azzi Glasser of Family Three, Space NK In Peace opens with pimento and freesia along with hearty notes of French iris, mimosa and suede. The drydown lies on white musk, sandalwood and Tonka bean notes.

Space NK In Peace is available as 50 ml Eau de Parfum.





Laura Ashley Pink Petals, Green Meadow and Floral Heart

Laura Ashley Pink Petals, Green Meadow and Floral Heart

Established over 56 years ago in London, Laura Ashley is one of the world’s most loved fashion and home furnishings brands. The company comes from humble beginnings as a young designer named Laura Ashley and her husband began printing textiles from their basement flat.

The business took off in 1953, when the headscarves worn by Audrey Hepburn in ‘Roman Holiday’ sparked a trend among young girls. Orders grew quickly for the enterprising couple, selling great quantities to London shops. In the 1960’s, Laura Ashley began making shirts and gardening smocks and later translated them into dresses that became popular worldwide. Retail stores began opening in London and beyond and home furnishings and accessories were added to the line in the 1970’s, making Laura Ashley a complete lifestyle brand.

Today, fashion and interior designer Laura Ashley presents a new trio fragrances after being absent for ten years. The perfumes are named Pink Petals, Green Meadow and Floral Heart. Each one of them describes pureness and femininity in any woman. Laura Ashley Perfumes are sensual, flowery and exquisite.

They have teamed up with the perfume designer Azzi Glasser to, in their words ‘Add Artisan back into perfumes of today’. The fragrances very much embrace the luxurious lifestyle that Laura Ashley are so well known for, from the design of the bottle, to the fragrance itself.

I need to make this very clear- I Lóve the bottles. They are so simple, elegant and the diamond-esq appearance of the lid really does evoke images of classic Hollywood glamour. The bottle would not look out of place on the dressing table of a 1940’s starlet!

Laura Ashley Pink Petals

laura ashley Pink Petals50 ml

Pink Petals I found the sweetest smelling of the three, with heart notes of Rose, Frangipani and Muget and with musky, sandalwood base notes.  Laura Ashley Pink Petals is a delicious perfume with a sensual, adorable smell.


Laura Ashley Green Meadow

laura ashley Green Meadows 50 ml

Evoking memories of a green meadow with wild flowers is not far off what I could picture when smelling this perfume. It’s a lovely delicate, subtle, fresh and soft smelling fragrance. Green Meadow (the pale green bottle) is a helix of sensuality whose notes are intimately blended of soft fruits, wild flowers, birch leaves, jasmine, amber and skin musk.


Laura Ashley Floral Heart

laura ashley Floral Heart50 ml (1)

Floral Heart (the pale yellow bottle) is the most romantic perfume that embodies sublime femininity made of violet leaves, plum, rose de mai, magnolia, tuberose, woods and musk.


I think its fair to say that the three fragrances are so varied in scent that they are likely to appeal to a huge range of women of all ages, and who wouldn’t want something as pretty as them adorning their dressing table?

Laura Ashley Pink Petals, Green Meadow and Floral Heart will be available from Oktober in 50 and 100 ml Eau de Parfum, and in a gift set with three 30 ml bottles.