Balenciaga launches L’Essence Candle


Balenciaga L_Essence Candle 2011

Later this month, Maison Balenciaga will launch L’Essence Candle that will evoke the essence of the Parisian style and chic smell. Balenciaga L’Essence Candle emanates modern and pleasant smell that will last for many hours.

It’s more than a candle, it creates an atmosphere of its own, an ambience characterized by the fragrant interplay of leaves, delicate flowers and soft mosses. The Balenciaga “L’Essence” candle sets the scene for a beautiful nightfall, when nature exhales all its rarest scents. This sophisticated experience, with a sensual violet note, continues the history of Balenciaga perfumes and the flower chosen by Nicolas Ghesquière as the embodiment of his fragrant story


Balenciaga L’Essence Candle blends a soft mix of moss, flowers, leather and woody notes making its smell elegant, classic and mystery. This Balenciaga L’Essence Candle will make you home look cozy and modern.