Bond No.9 Perfumista Avenue

Bond No.9 Perfumista Avenue Visual

Based in the New-York City, perfume house Bond No.9 is known for crafting futuristic, avant-garde creations that won’t leave anyone indifferent. Bond No.9 is famous for creating beautiful perfumes yet very expensive and truly luxurious. Bond No.9 fragrances combine natural and sensual notes with colorful, elegant bottles. All have unusual, exquisite designs, look bright colorful and warm.

Now the New York perfume house Bond No.9 is celebrating their 10th anniversary since their existence, and with such an important and truly prominent event they launched a glamorous and eye-catching new perfume, Perfumista Avenue. Bond No 9 Perfumista Avenue is described to be an alluring, seductive perfume composed of flowers, wood touched with oriental accords. Its spicy, yet sweet and sensual notes invites you to try it. Also, its fuchsia with golden color design inspires a modern and pleasant aroma.

Bond No.9 Perfumista Avenue Range

Bond No.9 Perfumista Avenue has a bohemian, ultra-modern and chic style. It is composed of delicious and tempting notes like plums, Artemisia, saffron, nutmeg, rose water, jasmine, peony and spicy notes. The base calmly dies down with wood, musk and tea flavors notes.

The Perfumista Avenue bottle is a perfect match for this forthright, spontaneous scent. Its color: a strong, vivid magenta with a shimmering metallic cast. Not an everyday color, magenta contains a blend of two wavelengths: red, conveying, passion, power, and eroticism; and violet, associated with intuition and psychic powers. Mixed together, they promote optimism, a free spirit, and can-do-ism – even as magenta is also said to enhance dreams. To add to the hypnotic effect, the bottle is laser-etched with an overall patterning of the Bond No.9 signature token. Hold it up to the light, and you see slivers of transparency and glimpses of the cascading perfume itself.


Bond No.9 is celebrating their 10th anniversary. For this special occasion they created a stunning yet simple, limited-edition superstar bottle of Perfumista Avenue that is emblazoned, front and back, with closely clustered Swarovski ruby fanci stones. The glittering surface creates a creviced effect as mesmerising as that of the Eau de Parfum.

Bond No.9 Perfumista Avenue Boddy Silk

Another must have is the Perfumista Avenue 24/7 Body Silk. Skin smoothing reinvented. This unspeakably lush cream is a sumptuous body smoother that simultaneously soothes the skin—in the city that never sleeps. What’s more, it’s so rich in perfume that it will leave subtle traces on your lingerie and bed linen.

Bond No.9 Perfumista Avenue will be available in September in 50 and 100ml Eau de Parfum, a pocket spray, body silk and candle.