Bond No.9 New York Lips Collection



Two years ago, in February 2017, the famous niche fragrance house Bond No.9, introduced its first ever makeup product – a stunning red Nolita lipstick. This year, the American, New York-based perfume house, expands its makeup offerings with a collection of 9 refillable lipsticks. The iconic Nolita is being joined by 8 new shades, all in the red color family.

We call it a smart lipstick. It glides on in one stroke; it knows where to go, and it lasts. It is the true essence of what a modern lipstick should be.

Laurice Rahmé, Bond No. 9 founder and President

Aptly dubbed ‘New York Lips’, the lipstick is a quick release, the full coverage luxury formula that provides even and precise application in a single stroke. All of the shades are richly pigmented and formulated with a blend of nourishing natural oils and butters. There are nine signature shades of red for the day, and for night.

  • Roadway – Cool cherry
  • Nolita – Timeless Hollywood red
  • Fashion Avenue – Deep garnet
  • Astor – Petally pink-toned tulip
  • Madison – Classic stop sign red
  • Soho – Sophisticated plum
  • Noho – Rich cranberry
  • Chelsea – Show-stopping screen siren red
  • Park Avenue – Crisp scarlet



The packaging of Bond No.9’s lipstick is equally spectacular – presented in a white jewel box and a luxurious refillable gold case inspired by the Bond’s iconic hourglass bottle



Bond No. 9 New York Lips Collection is available as Gold keepsake lipstick plus additional refill ($130), as Gold keepsake lipstick ($105), and as Lipstick refill ($45).

The collection is available at the Bond No. 9 New York boutiques in the United States and Come into the world of Bond No.9.




Bond No.9 Dubai Gold

Bond No.9 Dubai Gold.jpg

We’re in the middle of New York Fashion Week and gold is the favored accessory. This precious metal will always be at the forefront of fashion. Naturally, we’ve bottled it in liquid form with our newest fall scent, Dubai Gold.

Bond No.9 is always delighting its wearers with expensive, exclusive and luxurious perfumes. This autumn new perfume Dubai Gold by Bond No.9 shows up as an extravagant fragrance for most outrageous and demanding wearers. Also, Bond No.9 Dubai Gold is part of the Dubai Collection that includes Dubai Citrine, Dubai Amber, Dubai Amethyst, Dubai Indigo and others.



Bond No.9 Dubai Gold comes in a gorgeous golden shinning bottle composed of expensive brandy notes, spice saffron accords, bitter orange, ginger along with woody notes of cedar wood, guaiac wood, amber, sandalwood, patchouli, and musk. It is a strong, powerful, yet not overwhelming but an exciting fragrance that leaves behind an unbelievable aroma.

Bond No.9 Dubai Gold is available as 100ml Eau de Parfum.





Happy Birthday to Avery Perfume Gallery


AVERY Perfume Gallery, 27 Avery Row, London (Click photo to enlarge).

Avery Perfume Gallery, the retail concept stores for the Intertrade Group, opened the doors of their first store on Avery Row in London 5 years ago, and since then, the perfume industry feels as though it has exploded. A profusion of new niche lines seems to appear daily, either created by the large brands (for example, Chanel’s Les Exclusifs and Christia’n Dior’s La Collection Privee), self-taught perfumers like Sarah McCartney of 4160Tuesdays, right through to collections by fashion bloggers (Diana Pernet), and perfume enthusiasts such as Neela Vermeire Creations. The industry is, right now, a massively exciting and overwhelming place to be.


AVERY Perfume Gallery, 27 Avery Row, London (Click photo to enlarge).

Celebrating their 5th birthday in their recently refurbished store, keeping its incredible bespoke chest of drawers, it feels altogether lighter and brighter, with various scent-able porcelain statues and a bewildering but enchanting apparatus that invite you to place your nose in, and inhale.

Avery Perfume Gallery Shop London

AVERY Perfume Gallery, 27 Avery Row, London (Click photo to enlarge).
Bringing together some of the world’s most niche fragrances selected by leading international experts in artistic perfumery. Rare and precious fragrances by: A Lab on Fire, Acqua di Stresa, Agonist, Andrea Maack, Andrée Putman, Azagury, Blood Concept, Boadicea the Victorious, Bond No.9, Czech & Speake, Diane Pernet Paris, Eight & Bob, Estaban, I Love NY, L – Automobili Lamborghini, La Manufacture, Nosomatto, Re Profumo, Roads, S-Perfume, S4P, Santa Eulalia, Six Scents, SoOud, TFK (The Fragrance Kitchen), The Hype Noses and their own Avery Fragrance Collection.
But also a range of body and care products like: Annermarie Börlind, Couto, IIâme, Jane Iredale and Verso Skincare. And the Fornasetti Profumi home fragrance collection, the scented candles are presented in exquisite and amazing beautiful ceramics dressed in all the famous Fornasetti motifs.
Avery Shop London Fornasetti Candle
AVERY Perfume Gallery, 27 Avery Row, London. part of Fornasetti collection of beautiful candles (Click photo to enlarge).
Fornasetti candle
Fornasetti CandleFornasetti scented candle (Click photos to enlarge).
AVERY is the boutiques eponymous brand, devised by Celso Fadelli (President and Fragrance Curator of Intertrade Group), created through the guidance of the customers of the Avery Row boutique, who sniffed the ingredients blind in the store and subconsciously guided the creation of the fragrances. Each is named for the letters making up the boutique’s name: A (adorable), V (vigorous), E (evocative), R (royal), and Y (young at heart).
Avery Fragrance Collection, a collection of five perfumes (A, V, E, R and Y), which trace new olfactory itineraries that have been unconsciously guided by Avery Perfume Gallery customers (Click photo to enlarge).

Boadicea the Victorious, enclosed in fascinating bottles inlaid with Celtic decorations, these fragrances are an ode to the brave queen of the Celts who fought courageously against the Romans in the name of her people.

ROADS, a series under the creative direction of Danielle Ryan, heiress to Ryanair’s fortune, as part of a lifestyle  group, is a collection of 10 fragrances that ‘celebrates the individual in every sense’. Created in conjunction with master perfumers, each fragrance ‘explore new paths of research, leaving the door open to new forms of olfactory poetry’.


Roads collection (Click photo to enlarge).

The latest from Agonist, No.10 White Oud, was an intriguing look at the oud theme, described by the brand’s founders as challenging ‘traditional uses of raw materials with a singular artistic Nordic vision’. Marrying bitter cypriol to a suede facet, with a crisp and fluffy blend of musks and violet notes. I love it!

Azagury, a collection (mostly) inspired by Jacques Azagury’s concepts of colour, was another intriguing find. The colours, black, whithe, yellow, green, pink, don’t match the typical perfumery interpretations that you find. Yellow is bizarrely a blackcurrant-woody fragrance, although the name somehow matches it. Black is a lily-of-the-valley meets ambergris and musk, with a backdrop of oud. Wenge, not a colour, was a fantastical rubber and saffron take on the wood.

Big suprise: In Persuit of Magic, by Diane Pernet. Diane Pernet is a blogger, journalist, and fashion icon, responsible for A Shaded View on Fashion. A chance encounter with the CEO of Intertrade ended in a collection of fragrances. Shaded, Wanted, To Be Honest and then, my favourite, In Persuit of Magic. A bonkers citrus fragrance, meant to symbolise a parallel universe, it smells tart and bright, with rhubarb and sushi ginger like notes.


Diane Pernet ‘Shaded’, ‘Wanted’, ‘To Be Honest’ and ‘In Persuit of Magic’ (Click photo to enlarge).

With the assistance of Hazel, one of those rare sales assistants that understands their product and a customers’ tastes implicitly, you will find your most precious! Her brief: get the weird stuff, please.


For more information, visit their website:

Or one of their stores:


AVERY Perfume Gallery
27 Avery Row
W1K 4AY London
Ph. +44 (0)20 7629 1892


AVERY Perfume Gallery
Fortnum & Mason Piccadilly Circus
181 Piccadilly, London W1A 1ER, UK
Ph. +44 20 7734 8040


AVERY Perfume Gallery
Corso Como, 2
20154 Milano, Italy
Ph. +39 02 657 1164


AVERY Perfume Gallery
Galleria del Corso, 4
20122 Milano, Italy
Ph. +39 02 76341354


AVERY Perfume Gallery
Via Francesco Selmi, 27
41121 Modena, Italy
Ph. +39 059216285


AVERY Perfume Gallery
Borgo degli Albizi 70/r
50122 Firenze, Italy
Ph. +39 055 2466733


AVERY Perfume Gallery
Ezdan Mall Gate No. 2, GF, Al Gharafa,
P.O. Box 3222, Doha, Qatar
Ph. +974 44997196


AVERY Perfume Gallery
40 rue de 16 Novembre
Rabat, Agdal
Ph. +212 5 37 67 33 66


AVERY Perfume Gallery
Neiman Marcus Beverly Hills
9700 Wilshire Boulevard
Beverly Hills, CA 90212
Ph. 310-550-5900 xt. 2060


AVERY Perfume Gallery
527 St. Joseph Street
New Orleans LA 70130
Ph. +1 (504) 522-7102


AVERY Perfume Gallery
TSUM, Petrovka street, 2
Moscow, Russian Federation



Bond No.9 Shelter Island


American fragrance company Bond No.9 pays tribute to the city of New York (and the area around it) through the art of perfumery. Founded in 2003 by perfume industry verteran Laurice Rahmé, and named for the adress of its headquartersand boutique at 9 Bond Street in NoHo, the company’s fragrances immortalize iconic New Yourk landmarks and geography, with colorful packagingand innovative scents.

Now Bond No.9 releases one more thrilling perfume, named Shelter Island – inspired by the sea breeze with a dry salty air. Bond No.9 Shelter Island is a fresh perfume ideal for summer days. It is nice and pleasant fragrance with a soft and clean smell, as its main ingredient is oud. Despite it is a fresh perfume, the fragrance will last for many hours leaving behind a magic aroma of an elegant perfume.Bond-No.9-Shelter-Island-Flacon-Box

For the first time, Bond No.9 used fresh aquatic notes with oud to make an unusual perfume that will capture a lot of attention due to its fresh, yet relaxing charming aroma. Also, it blends tartness of lemon, cold black pepper notes along with sandalwood, amber, myrrh and musk.

Bond No.9 Shelter Island will be available as 50 and 100ml Eau de Parfum.





Bond No.9 Perfumista Avenue

Bond No.9 Perfumista Avenue Visual

Based in the New-York City, perfume house Bond No.9 is known for crafting futuristic, avant-garde creations that won’t leave anyone indifferent. Bond No.9 is famous for creating beautiful perfumes yet very expensive and truly luxurious. Bond No.9 fragrances combine natural and sensual notes with colorful, elegant bottles. All have unusual, exquisite designs, look bright colorful and warm.

Now the New York perfume house Bond No.9 is celebrating their 10th anniversary since their existence, and with such an important and truly prominent event they launched a glamorous and eye-catching new perfume, Perfumista Avenue. Bond No 9 Perfumista Avenue is described to be an alluring, seductive perfume composed of flowers, wood touched with oriental accords. Its spicy, yet sweet and sensual notes invites you to try it. Also, its fuchsia with golden color design inspires a modern and pleasant aroma.

Bond No.9 Perfumista Avenue Range

Bond No.9 Perfumista Avenue has a bohemian, ultra-modern and chic style. It is composed of delicious and tempting notes like plums, Artemisia, saffron, nutmeg, rose water, jasmine, peony and spicy notes. The base calmly dies down with wood, musk and tea flavors notes.

The Perfumista Avenue bottle is a perfect match for this forthright, spontaneous scent. Its color: a strong, vivid magenta with a shimmering metallic cast. Not an everyday color, magenta contains a blend of two wavelengths: red, conveying, passion, power, and eroticism; and violet, associated with intuition and psychic powers. Mixed together, they promote optimism, a free spirit, and can-do-ism – even as magenta is also said to enhance dreams. To add to the hypnotic effect, the bottle is laser-etched with an overall patterning of the Bond No.9 signature token. Hold it up to the light, and you see slivers of transparency and glimpses of the cascading perfume itself.


Bond No.9 is celebrating their 10th anniversary. For this special occasion they created a stunning yet simple, limited-edition superstar bottle of Perfumista Avenue that is emblazoned, front and back, with closely clustered Swarovski ruby fanci stones. The glittering surface creates a creviced effect as mesmerising as that of the Eau de Parfum.

Bond No.9 Perfumista Avenue Boddy Silk

Another must have is the Perfumista Avenue 24/7 Body Silk. Skin smoothing reinvented. This unspeakably lush cream is a sumptuous body smoother that simultaneously soothes the skin—in the city that never sleeps. What’s more, it’s so rich in perfume that it will leave subtle traces on your lingerie and bed linen.

Bond No.9 Perfumista Avenue will be available in September in 50 and 100ml Eau de Parfum, a pocket spray, body silk and candle.

Bond No.9 Harrods Agarwood

Harrods London

Luxurious perfume house Bond No.9 launches a new delicate and ultra amazing perfume, Harrods Agarwood inspired by the precious notes agarwood (oud). Bond No.9 Harrods Agarwood successfully follows the other luxurious and priceless editions Harrods Rose, Harrods Amber and Harrods Patchouli.

Bond No.9 Harrods Agarwood is describe to be a spicy fragrance composed of the main ingredient oud followed by accords of nutmeg, black tea, saffron, violet, agarwood, sandalwood, labdanum and amber while the base intensely deepens its aroma due to patchouli and suede notes.


Bond No.9 Harrods Agarwood Flacon

Bond No9 Harrods Agarwood comes in a black bottle decorated with golden elements suggesting a strictly classic and elegant aroma, yet with modern elements.

Bond No.9 Harrods Agarwoodis available as 50 and 100ml Eau de Parfum at the official Harrods website.





Bond No.9 Manhattan

Bond no. 9 Manhattan Banner.jpg

Bond No.9 is launching a new perfume dedicated to one of the biggest cities that never sleeps, Manhattan. Due for next month, Bond No.9 Manhattan is a flirty, modern, wild and amazing fragrance that will leave a sweet impression of wanting more.

Playful and thought-provoking Bond No.9 Manhattan opens with sweet nutmeg notes, saffron, dried flowers, coriander and soft peach along with middle notes of sweet honeycomb, mingles with black plum, chocolate and gingerbread accord. The drydown delights with creamy sandalwood, balsamic patchouli, warm vanilla accords and musky notes.

Bond No.9 Manhattan comes in the same bottle form as other Bond fragrances but this time decorated with an intense bright blue color and red logo inscription


Bond No.9 Sag Harbor

harbor new york GIF.gif

Bond No.9 presents a new perfume for both men and women Sag Harbor. Bond No.9 Sag Harbor is the latest and the 5th fragrance in the New York marine-inspired fragrances. Following in the wake first of our Hamptons scent in 2005, followed by Fire Island, Coney Island, and Andy Warhol Montauk, Sag Harbor is the fifth in our series of New York marine Eau de Parfum.

Sag Harbor will be a favorite to all fans of herbal compositions, full of freshness, sea notes and flowers. The composition opens with citrusy drops of bergamot, adding fine, gentle notes of ivy leaves and accords of bay leaf from Sag Harbor. A floral heart blooms with peony petals, magnolia and honeysuckle, adding sweet and fresh fruity notes of Long Island grapes. A base of the composition incorporates precious oud, warm amber and creamy sandalwood.

Bond No.9 Sag Harbor

Bond No.9 Sag Harbor, unlike other fragrances, comes in a clean, pure and attractive white bottle decorated with a navy blue pattern-repeat of the brand’s logo and a navy blue stopper. Bond No.9 Sag Harbor is available as 50 and 100 ml Eau de Parfum.





Bond No.9 Queen Elizabeth II London Celebration


Bond No.9 presents in collaboration with Harrods a new limited edition perfume, Queen Elizabeth II London Celebration – to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. Bond No.9 Queen Elizabeth II London Celebration comes in a colorful bottle inspiring party, peace and happiness. It has a beautiful illustration of the Buckingham Palace in the background designed especially to commemorate Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth’s The Diamond Jubilee.

Exclusive to Harrods, Bond No. 9 Queen Elizabeth II London Celebration has been created especially to commemorate Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth’s The Diamond Jubilee. The floral scent arrives in a beautifully illustrated flacon depicting a Buckingham Palace scene; the perfect keepsake to commemorate this special occasion.

Bond No.9 Queen Elizabeth II London Celebration is a floral perfume composed of rare and delightful notes like lantana leaves, dry dates and mace along with orange rose, tuberose and orris. The base indulges with amber, sandalwood and musky notes.

Bond No.9 Queen Elizabeth II London Celebration limited-edition is available as 100 ml Eau de Parfum, for £300.


Bond No.9 London Celebration





Bond No.9 I Love New York for Fathers & I Love New York for Marriage Equality

Bond No.9 I Love New York for Marriage Equality logo.jpg

Bond No.9 I Love New York for Marriage Equality Rainbow flag GIF.gif

Bond No.9 I Love NY series fills up with two new fragrances I Love New York for Fathers and I Love New York for Marriage Equality. Both fragrances are supposed for summer, with I Love New York for Fathers – on June 1st, while I Love New York for Marriage Equality – on July 1st. Bond No.9 I Love New York for Fathers and I Love New York for Marriage Equality inspires the love one has to their fathers and marriages – one of the most sacred affections in the world.

Bond No.9 I Love New York for Fathers

Bond No.9 I Love New York for Fathers

I Love NY for Fathers is an easy-to-wear, easy-to-love fragrance. Bond No.9’s newest Eau de Parfum celebrates the vivid, fast-paced, swashbuckling breed of male-ness that built and defined the Empire State, Bond No.9. It blends basil, lime and coriander in the head; middle notes of lavender, sage and grapefruit blossom; and base notes of treemoss, musk and amber.

Bond No.9 I Love New York for Marriage Equality

Bond No.9 I Love New York for Marriage Equality

I Love NY for Marriage Equality is An easy-to-wear, easy-to-love fragrance that honors New York proudly setting the global pace in celebrating love, marriage … and civil rights, Bond No.9.  It blends notes made of mandarin, nutmeg, plum, rose, jasmine, ginger lily, cashmere wood, sandalwood and amber.

Bond No.9 I Love New York for Fathers & I Love New York for Marriage Equality will be available as 50 and 100ml Eau de Parfum.