Boucheron Quatre En Rose



Boucheron-Quatre-White-Edition-en-combinacion-de-materiales.jpgFrench ‘Haute Joailler’ Maison Boucheron launches a new perfume Quatre En Rose. Sinds I was staying as a child at the Paris Ritz Hotel and waking at the Place Vendôme, I am a huge Boucheron fan, their beautiful watches and its exclusive and luxury jewelry are eye-catching and inspiring. Anytime I see something crafted by Boucheron it is a sensation! For me their perfumes have the same expensive and luxurious status.

Boucheron Quatre En Rose a perfumed melody to light delicateness. Apart from being involved in perfumery, Boucheron is most importantly the brand of an accomplished jeweler, possibly one of the most well-known of the Place Vendôme. Therefore, once having created for over 150 years deluxe pieces of jewelry and watches for women and men, the designer explored the creation of new olfactory treasures to decorate the neck in perfume. However, there are usually connections between the two realms of the brand. Therefore, the Boucheron Quatre ring transformed into a perfume, in 2015. Now, it returns once again and unveils a new side of its character, more sexy, daring and delicate, the choice is Boucheron’s perfume Quatre En Rose.


Quatre en Rose Boucheron, a floral and fruity fragrance accentuating the queen of flowers the rose. Boucheron Quatre En Rose is a perfume that sets its mark as it unfolds. It comes after the more evening time edition of the perfume Quatre Absolu de Nuit. The moment is the morning at the cool of the first break of light. Quatre En Rose grants us the face of a happy and dazzling female, whose cheeks are softly rosy and her smile utterly captivating. The female Quatre en Rose effortlessly brings to mind the smiling appearance. Her perfume is together sexy and captivating, very feminine.

Quatre En Rose is styled as a more ‘casual’ daytime fruity floriental interpretation of the original.

Lingering in our thoughts never to be forgotten, created by Quentin Bisch, Quatre En Rose reveals the style of a floral effusion laced with oriental and fruity tones. As its name implies, this fragrance illustrates the fragrance of the rose, an authentic legend of feminine perfumery. The rose is here boosted by an addictive and sweet note of Davana, matched by the vigor and calm beauty of vetiver. Tangerine, on the other hand, gives more liveliness. Blackcurrant boosts its fruity and radiant presence. Jasmine streams all of its sexy wealth. Ultimately, Quatre en Rose by Boucheron finishes with a woodsy airiness of vetiver, musks and patchouli.

Top notes: Mandarin, Cassis
Heart notes: Rose absolute, Jasmine, Peach blossom, Davana
Base notes: Vetiver, Musk, Patchouli

The flacon of Boucheron’s Quatre En Rose fragrance surely follows the bottle of its forerunners. Designed in a heavy and large glass associated with extraordinary creations. This treasured bottle is influenced by the Quatre ring itself and especially it’s distinct iconic designs of Boucheron ingenuity. Four rings make up its stopper. Created in 1889, the Double Godrons sets up two bands of gold and signifies the union between two lives. The Clous de Paris are influenced by Parisian cobblestones. The diamonds in their pave design capture the light on their shiny gold base owed to the ‘mirror set’ technique, a one of a kind innovation at Maison Boucheron. Lastly, the concept Gros Grain, marvel of goldsmith caps the ring in the most exquisite manner. Boucheron’s Quatre En Rose glass shows up just frosted, reflecting the freshness protected within its bottle.

Boucheron-Quatre-En-Rose-perfumeQuatre En Rose is a unique and beautiful olfactory interpretation of the jeweler’s eponymous collection. Boucheron Quatre En Rose is available as 30, 50 and 100ml Eau de Parfum.