Boucheron Opens Its Second Concept Boutique In Singapore


The jewelry house sets up shop on Orchard Road once again, with a luminous new boutique. French high jeweller, Boucheron has opened its second concept boutique in Singapore at Takashimaya Department Store.



Timeless elegance for men and women: Boucheron Reflet

Located at the heart of Singapore’s busy retail hub, Orchard Road is French Maison Boucheron’s new concept boutique. The store is found at the Takashimaya Department store and it is the second boutique to open in Singapore, with the current one being at Marina Bay Sands. Beyond the stunning jewelry and watches that Boucheron is well known for, the boutique will also have a dedicated showcase for their perfumes and their comprehensive eyewear range.


One of the focal points of this new boutique is its luminous setting. Inspired by light, the store design looks back at the modern Hôtel Particulier of the Maison Boucheron, with its light marble façade a representation of the 26 Place Vendôme boutique – which location Frédéric Boucheron chosen back in 1893 to open a boutique at because of how the sun rays made the diamonds sparkled from day to night. Taking that idea and applying it to a contemporary setting, the new one is swathed all over with white as its predominant color, and uses tastefully modern angular box-lightings for the ceiling, hung over the glass cases.



Boucheron Quatre ring in white gold

To celebrate their opening, the brand will also be holding an exhibition at the end of this month at Ngee Ann City. At the exhibition, visitors will be able to learn more about the Maison’s remarkable 158-year heritage, which showcases its French origins and Parisian style. Boucheron’s iconic Quatre collection will be displayed alongside a selection of high jewellery pieces specially flown in for the exhibition.


Within those glass cases contains all of the iconic jewelry creations made with Boucheron’s design finesse. The sculptural Quatre, for example is one of those pieces taking center stage, as well as Boucheron’s collection of jeweled animals, and the symbolic serpentine jewelry – the Serpent Bohème. Other than jewelry, Boucheron’s exquisite timepieces feature too, like the iconic Reflet watch and the new collection: Epure.



Boucheron Epure Automatic Watch

Overall, the mixture of the luminous atmosphere and the glow of the jewelry work in tandem to create for a calm and graceful purchasing experience. Indeed, Boucheron has been renowned over the years for its hospitality towards its customers, gaining the support of countless illustrious clientele. In keeping with that, a special order service will also be offered to keep with clients needs and desires.


The Maison Boucheron Exhibition will be open from 22 July to 31 July 2016 at Ngee Ann City, Level 1 atrium. Come into the world of Boucheron.




Boucheron Quatre En Rose



Boucheron-Quatre-White-Edition-en-combinacion-de-materiales.jpgFrench ‘Haute Joailler’ Maison Boucheron launches a new perfume Quatre En Rose. Sinds I was staying as a child at the Paris Ritz Hotel and waking at the Place Vendôme, I am a huge Boucheron fan, their beautiful watches and its exclusive and luxury jewelry are eye-catching and inspiring. Anytime I see something crafted by Boucheron it is a sensation! For me their perfumes have the same expensive and luxurious status.

Boucheron Quatre En Rose a perfumed melody to light delicateness. Apart from being involved in perfumery, Boucheron is most importantly the brand of an accomplished jeweler, possibly one of the most well-known of the Place Vendôme. Therefore, once having created for over 150 years deluxe pieces of jewelry and watches for women and men, the designer explored the creation of new olfactory treasures to decorate the neck in perfume. However, there are usually connections between the two realms of the brand. Therefore, the Boucheron Quatre ring transformed into a perfume, in 2015. Now, it returns once again and unveils a new side of its character, more sexy, daring and delicate, the choice is Boucheron’s perfume Quatre En Rose.


Quatre en Rose Boucheron, a floral and fruity fragrance accentuating the queen of flowers the rose. Boucheron Quatre En Rose is a perfume that sets its mark as it unfolds. It comes after the more evening time edition of the perfume Quatre Absolu de Nuit. The moment is the morning at the cool of the first break of light. Quatre En Rose grants us the face of a happy and dazzling female, whose cheeks are softly rosy and her smile utterly captivating. The female Quatre en Rose effortlessly brings to mind the smiling appearance. Her perfume is together sexy and captivating, very feminine.

Quatre En Rose is styled as a more ‘casual’ daytime fruity floriental interpretation of the original.

Lingering in our thoughts never to be forgotten, created by Quentin Bisch, Quatre En Rose reveals the style of a floral effusion laced with oriental and fruity tones. As its name implies, this fragrance illustrates the fragrance of the rose, an authentic legend of feminine perfumery. The rose is here boosted by an addictive and sweet note of Davana, matched by the vigor and calm beauty of vetiver. Tangerine, on the other hand, gives more liveliness. Blackcurrant boosts its fruity and radiant presence. Jasmine streams all of its sexy wealth. Ultimately, Quatre en Rose by Boucheron finishes with a woodsy airiness of vetiver, musks and patchouli.

Top notes: Mandarin, Cassis
Heart notes: Rose absolute, Jasmine, Peach blossom, Davana
Base notes: Vetiver, Musk, Patchouli

The flacon of Boucheron’s Quatre En Rose fragrance surely follows the bottle of its forerunners. Designed in a heavy and large glass associated with extraordinary creations. This treasured bottle is influenced by the Quatre ring itself and especially it’s distinct iconic designs of Boucheron ingenuity. Four rings make up its stopper. Created in 1889, the Double Godrons sets up two bands of gold and signifies the union between two lives. The Clous de Paris are influenced by Parisian cobblestones. The diamonds in their pave design capture the light on their shiny gold base owed to the ‘mirror set’ technique, a one of a kind innovation at Maison Boucheron. Lastly, the concept Gros Grain, marvel of goldsmith caps the ring in the most exquisite manner. Boucheron’s Quatre En Rose glass shows up just frosted, reflecting the freshness protected within its bottle.

Boucheron-Quatre-En-Rose-perfumeQuatre En Rose is a unique and beautiful olfactory interpretation of the jeweler’s eponymous collection. Boucheron Quatre En Rose is available as 30, 50 and 100ml Eau de Parfum.






Boucheron Quatre Absolu de Nuit


A new Boucheron fragrance is aways very exiting! Introducing the Boucheron Quatre fragrance for Woman in 2015, created by Nathalie Gracia-Cetto, was modern and daring olfactory interpretation of the Maison Boucheron’s iconic Quatre ring. Strongly assertive and contemporary, it reveals the strenght of character of those who wear it.

After last years Quatre Intense, Maison Boucheron is celebrating a new evening version, even more sophisticated. Quatre Absolu de Nuit, is the olfactory interpretation of the modern and bold iconic ring Boucheron is shrouded in mystery.


Boucheron Quatre Absolu de Nuit for Men

Quatre Absolu de Nuit for Men: a woody-oriental Eau de Parfum, both mysterious and vibrant, sublimated by clary sage, black pepper and Atlas cedar notes. Quatre Absolu de Nuit for men is a fragrance that we owe to the perfumer Jacques Huclier, a well-known designer from the great Maison Givaudan.

The latter chose to dare bold biases and assembled several diametrically opposed ingredients. He started the scent of Quatre Absolue de Nuit for Men by Italian lemon, a fresh and citrus ingredient, combined with more aromatic flavors of sage and lavender, two great classics of men’s perfumery. Nevertheless, this initial freshness is quickly counterbalanced by vibrant, charismatic and spicy notes of patchouli, black pepper and nutmeg. Thus, the initial clarity of this perfume is quickly associated with the incandescence of spices. The whole thing ends up being won by more masculinity. A woody trail of cedar, vetiver and vanilla prevails, creating the addiction of a simple breath.


Boucheron Quatre Absolu de Nuit for Women

Signed by perfumer Nathalie Gracia-Cetto, a very famous nose of the house Givaudan, Quatre Absolu de Nuit for Women: a floriental Eau de Pafum, both sensual and captivating, sublimated by bergamot, pear in syrup and vanilla notes. This one has chosen to work around exceptional raw materials and assembled them with extreme minutia, as could the best jewelers of the house Boucheron.

The whole is flying over a citrus freshness dominated by the presence of bergamot from Italy. Pink berries counterbalance this sensation by more heat while the whole is immediately coated with bitter almond. The gourmandise of Quatre Absolu de Nuit for Women is then relayed by a heart more fruity and floral, assembling jasmine and juicy pear. Finally, a more enveloping and delicate background takes over. Tonka bean is associated with amber woods as well as vanilla and sandalwood. The result is a terribly tempting, gourmand and irresistible perfume.

Boucheron Quatre Absolu de Nuit Pour Homme Pour Femme




Boucheron’s Quatre gets reimagined as a scintillating fragrance




A new Boucheron fragrance is aways very exiting! Introducing the new Boucheron Quatre fragrance for Woman, a modern and daring olfactory interpretation of the French Maison’s iconic ring. Strongly assertive and contemporary, it reveals the strenght of character of those who wear it. The fragrance is the expression of a subtle balance of modernity and heritage, innovation and tradition, rock/shock and chic.

Boucheron Quatre fragrance is floral with juicy fruity notes and sophisticated woody shades and its composition is signed by perfumers Nathalie Gracia-Cetto, Nadège Le Garlantezec and Antoine Maisondieu of Givaudan. The perfume will be packed in a cylindrical shape inspired by the Quatre ring. The upper part of the flacon is a replica of the ring design with parts alluding at yellow and white gold, while the on/off rotating closing system facilitates that the rings on top are never removed from the flacon.


Capture d’écran 2015-04-14 à 12_48_02

Boucheron Quatre ‘Radiant Edition Wedding Band'(left), ‘White Edition’ (both, middle), ‘Radiant Edition’ (right) 

The uniqueness of the modern and prominent design of Quatre rings lies in their inspiration by Paris, since each part is inspired by this city: the double decorative gadroon on the rings celebrates Parisians bonded by love; ‘Clou de Paris’ reinterprets the cobblestone lanes at Place Vendôme; the diamonds reflect the light of Paris while the ribbed details describe the movement and cheer in the city.


Boucheron Quatre Eau de Parfum’s unique way to open and to use

Quatre women’s edition is a floral – fruity fragrance with a woody background. It opens with accords of bitter orange, red currant green tangerine, lemon and grapefruit. Sambac jasmine and rose form the heart, along with accords of wild strawberry, peach and apple. The base includes notes of golden woods, cedar, cashmere, musk, vanilla and caramel. On one hand a very modern fragrance, but on the other hand a true classic where you can smell the heritage of the House of Boucheron.


BoucheronBoucheron Quatre and Quatre for Men would be availble as 100, 50 and 30ml Eau de Parfum from May 2015

Not only a great fragrance, but also a great (read: ‘cheap’) way to wear a real Boucheron!! Come into the wonderful world of Boucheron.







Boucheron ‘The Magnetic Quatre’

French Maison Boucheron, the famous luxury high-jewelry brand, and PPR are celebrating the environmental awareness documentary, Home, with a gold cube to be auctioned on to benefit the Initiative for Responsible Mining Assurance, an effort to promote and verify more responsible mining practices for gold and other metals.

Boucheron is a member of RCJ (Responsible Jewellery Council) since August 2006 to promote responsible social and environmental practices in a transparent and accountable manner throughout the industry from mine to retail.Boucheron celebrates the launch of the movie ‘Home’, with an online auction benefiting the ‘No Dirty Gold’ foundation.

Directed by Yann Arthus-Bertrand, the film is co-produced by Elzévir Films and EuropaCorp, Luc Besson’s company. ‘Home’ will be made up of aerial images which have been filmed in more than fifty countries around the world. A voice-off will offer constructive hindsight into the major environmental and social challenges facing our world, intended to illustrate the interconnectedness of life and how humans are threatening the ecological balance of the globe.

Precious metals and gems are amongst the earth’s most precious gifts and on this occasion, the French jeweler has especially created ‘The Magnetic Quatre’, a unique combination of four golds. The amalgamation of different golds and textures of this unique product symbolizes our planet’s four elements; wood, air, water and earth and reminds us of their fragile balance.



Boucheron’s effort both to raise environmental awareness and make it luxurious should be applauded, even if it seems a bit hypocritical to promote an uber-luxury product as eco-friendly… The French Maison has proven its possible.

The Magnetic Quatre, comprised of four types of gold to represent the earth’s four elements – fire, air, water and earth – is designed to illustrate the interconnectedness of life and how humans are threatening the ecological balance of the globe.

The Boucheron Magnetic Quatre will be auctioned off on the day after Home’s worldwide premiere, on June 6th to June 13th. All the proceeds will go to ‘The Initiative for Responsible Mining Assurance’, an effort to promote and verify more responsible mining practices for gold and other metals.

I guess if you’re in the market for a gold cube, better for your purchase to benefit the environment than not… Not in the market for such a cube? A ticket to the film is probably a better bet. All the proceeds will go to “The Initiative for Responsible Mining Assurance”, an effort to promote and verify more responsible mining practices for gold and other metals.

The worldwide release of the movie will be organized by EuropaCorp on June 5th, 2009 – World Environment Day – in cinemas, on television, on DVD and on the Internet around the world. The aim of this simultaneous worldwide broadcasting is to enable as many people as possible to watch the movie together. The objective of ‘Home’ is not to make a profit. It’s only benefit of ‘Home’ will be to contribute towards increasing awareness of our responsibility towards the planet.

On June 5th we all have a date with the Planet!