Boucheron Opens Its Second Concept Boutique In Singapore


The jewelry house sets up shop on Orchard Road once again, with a luminous new boutique. French high jeweller, Boucheron has opened its second concept boutique in Singapore at Takashimaya Department Store.



Timeless elegance for men and women: Boucheron Reflet

Located at the heart of Singapore’s busy retail hub, Orchard Road is French Maison Boucheron’s new concept boutique. The store is found at the Takashimaya Department store and it is the second boutique to open in Singapore, with the current one being at Marina Bay Sands. Beyond the stunning jewelry and watches that Boucheron is well known for, the boutique will also have a dedicated showcase for their perfumes and their comprehensive eyewear range.


One of the focal points of this new boutique is its luminous setting. Inspired by light, the store design looks back at the modern Hôtel Particulier of the Maison Boucheron, with its light marble façade a representation of the 26 Place Vendôme boutique – which location Frédéric Boucheron chosen back in 1893 to open a boutique at because of how the sun rays made the diamonds sparkled from day to night. Taking that idea and applying it to a contemporary setting, the new one is swathed all over with white as its predominant color, and uses tastefully modern angular box-lightings for the ceiling, hung over the glass cases.



Boucheron Quatre ring in white gold

To celebrate their opening, the brand will also be holding an exhibition at the end of this month at Ngee Ann City. At the exhibition, visitors will be able to learn more about the Maison’s remarkable 158-year heritage, which showcases its French origins and Parisian style. Boucheron’s iconic Quatre collection will be displayed alongside a selection of high jewellery pieces specially flown in for the exhibition.


Within those glass cases contains all of the iconic jewelry creations made with Boucheron’s design finesse. The sculptural Quatre, for example is one of those pieces taking center stage, as well as Boucheron’s collection of jeweled animals, and the symbolic serpentine jewelry – the Serpent Bohème. Other than jewelry, Boucheron’s exquisite timepieces feature too, like the iconic Reflet watch and the new collection: Epure.



Boucheron Epure Automatic Watch

Overall, the mixture of the luminous atmosphere and the glow of the jewelry work in tandem to create for a calm and graceful purchasing experience. Indeed, Boucheron has been renowned over the years for its hospitality towards its customers, gaining the support of countless illustrious clientele. In keeping with that, a special order service will also be offered to keep with clients needs and desires.


The Maison Boucheron Exhibition will be open from 22 July to 31 July 2016 at Ngee Ann City, Level 1 atrium. Come into the world of Boucheron.




Boucheron Reflet Bleu de Jodhpur


Boucheron-Reflet To-Patented-Interchangeable-Strap

For almost seventy years, its gadroons and rectangular shape have made it an icon among watches. Now French Maison Boucheron has imagined a system of interchangeable straps to make the Reflet the reflection of your individual style.

The Reflet has showcased the Jeweler of Light’s matchless know-how for almost 70 years. Imbued with elegance and simplicity, this watch has always been fashionable-through every one of its incarnations since 1947, for men and women. The Reflet plays sublimely with the radiance of light, right down to its tiniest details. Delicately sculpted gadroons and cabochons add an extra sparkle to this iconic Boucheron timepiece.

To make the watch even more unique and tailored to each moment of life, the Reflet boasts a patented interchangeable strap system that makes it infinitely customizable. In leather or stainless steel, colorful or neutral tones, each strap imprints its own attitude on the Reflet’s pure lines and extraordinary luminosity, so it ‘only sounds life’s most joyful hours’.

Boucheron debuts limited edition Reflet Bleu de Jodhpur


Following a High Jewelry collection, the new Reflet timepieces pays homage to Jodhpur, a city known for its vivid blue-painted houses. Now the Reflet arrays itself in the sparkling blue of sapphires and intense reflections white marble.

Boucheron’s latest, luxe version of the Reflet will grace just 176 wrists. Available in blue and white variations, the new Reflet Bleu de Jodhpur – which follows a jewelry collection also inspired by India’s Blue City – is limited to an exclusive 88 pieces per hue. Why settle on the figure 88? That’s the number of constellations officially recognized by astronomers.

Boucheron-Reflet-Bleu-de-Jodhpur-2bFitting, considering how the Reflet Bleu de Jodhpur leaves watch connoisseurs starry-eyed. Both models are instant classics, featuring an alligator strap, a diamond at 12 o’clock, and a cabochon sapphire-set crown. But while the blue style marvels with a twinkling aventurine glass dial, its counterpart boasts a rare marble dial – an elegant reference to yet another Indian jewel, the Taj Mahal.

Boucheron-Reflet-Bleu-de-Jodhpur-2c.jpgSixteen diamonds line each side of the white version’s steel case, in the white version of Bleu de Jodhpur, Boucheron introduces a fine layer of marble into the dial-an extremely rare mineral in watchmaking, and a soulful reference to the Taj Mahal. 

Boucheron Reflet Blue de Jodhpur, two designs in a limited edition of 88 pieces each, betokening the number of constellations in the celestial sphere are available now. Come into the beautiful and wonderful world of Boucheron.




Boucheron and Goyard celebrate Place Vendôme


Boucheron and Goyard celebrate Place Vendôme

Boucheron and Goyard were founding members of a committee (later renamed Comité Vendôme) whose mission was to unite neighborhood Maisons, as well as to preserve and promote the reputation of the fashionable Parisian square. The committee aims to promote the influence of the area in France and worldwide.

Boucheron and Goyard, members of Comité Vendôme, have joined forces to create a beautiful case and watch set, combining the brands’ heritage and expertise while celebrating Place Vendôme of Paris.

The two famed French design houses have collaborated on the ultimate gift this holiday season. Boucheron and renowned travel goods-maker Goyard are enticing style connoisseurs with 80 glittering, limited-edition timepiece sets.

Boucheron and Goyard celebrating Place Vendôme of Paris

 The golden Goyard Goyardine case which contains Boucheron’s iconic Reflet watch in yellow gold, wich comes with three interchangeable straps. Icons of their respective brands, the Goyardine was created in 1892, while the Reflet debuted in 1947.

Each set is comprised of a chevron-patterned canvas Goyardine case containing a yellow gold Reflet watch with three interchangeable straps in gold, white, and black. On the back of the watch casing, an engraving celebrates the Place Vendôme – the inspiration for the first coming together of the luxury labels back in 1936.

Only 80 pieces of the limited-edition engraved watch and case sets are exclusively available at the Boucheron Boutique at 26 Place Vendôme at 14.500 euro per set.






Boucheron in evening dress



Time appears wrapped in designer couture codes and swathed in exquisitely feminine elegance. Silk threads, frills, bows and lace… So if you’re still hesitating between a dress and a timepiece for Christmas, there’s actually no need to choose, since the watch itself dresses you in fine style to ensure you are the belle of every ball…

A great watch is a perfect complement to any chic outfit, while the distinctive couture style treats the ladies who wear it with the luxury of making the outfit an ‘accessory’ factor. Whether it is an evening watch or a model that is designed to wear, an impeccably dressed timepiece that is sensual lined with beautiful fringes designed to enhance their appeal. There is nonetheless no need to have a fashion model-sized figure, since it beautifully and impeccably adorn every wrist without exception!


No, the ultra-chic bow tie is not for men only! And no, it is not only worn around the neck with a tuxedo. In a daring break with tradition, French Maison Boucheron has opted to place the elegant bow on the wrist in the form of a strap for their iconic Reflet watch. The strap of this cult model, featuring geometrical lines that have been fascinating women – and men! – since 1947, is smoothly interchangeable. The system makes switching from the leather version to this satin strap, as simple as child’s play.

In the picture: a Reflet watch in steel with a dial in hematite color, from €.2450, Papillon Bow Tie bracelet: €.200. The Boucheron Reflet ‘Papillon’ Bow Tie bracelet is issued in a 26-piece limited edition picking up the Maison’s prestigious address on the Place Vendôme Paris,

Come into the wonderful world of Boucheron.




Gift ideas: watch straps


We would all love to shower our beloveds with generous Valentine’s day gifts but for those looking for a more modest way to mark the day, a new watch strap is the ideal gift. New watch straps in beautiful bright colours completely changes the look of a watch and the change of seasons is a good moment to refresh your watch with one of these straps in the latest colours.

I am always fiddling around with my watches, putting on new straps and my Reflet had so far a brown ostrich, a snow white lizard and dark brown croc strap. And every time I change the strap it looks like a brand new watch. Afterall would your beloved settle for just one handbag or only wear black shoes? I didn’t think so. Which is why a new watch strap will be a very welcome present this Valentine’s Day. Here is my selection of some fun colours to brighten up a chilly Valentine’s Day from Boucheron, Hermès and Jaeger-LeCoultre. Most of them cost between €130 to €250 which is an awful lot cheaper than a new watch.





Apple Watch Hermes Double Tour






Boucheron Reflet XL Chateau Latour Millesime 2005

Boucheron Reflet XL

Wine writers have hailed 2005 as one of the best vintages of French Bordeaux in decades, if not longer. After maturing such exceptional wine, the 200-year-old oak casks used to age Château Latour Grand Millésime 2005 have been preserved on the dials of Boucheron’s Reflet XL Château Latour watches ($15,100).

Boucheron will produce just 100 of these collector’s timepieces, each endowed with a unique dial made of oak marquetry from a barrel that stored Château Latour 2005, 1st classified Grand Cru (First Growth) of Pauillac.

This perfect osmosis of mythical material and spirit has given rise to a watch for the kind of discerning hedonistic connoisseur who simply cannot resist the sensual pleasure of wearing a fragment of true legend on their wrist!

The intimate and mysterious union of wine and wood operates in the silence and darkness of the ancestral ‘Chais’ (wine cellar) in a ‘perfect exchange’. The wood slowly impregnates, absorbing a small amount of wine – charmingly known as ‘the Angel’s share’. This ‘Angel’s wood’, with its warm, sensual tones of carmine red and crimson, has given birth to a particularly striking masculine timepiece, both powerful and delicate yet restrained. To enhance these few millimetres of genuinely noble wood, Boucheron called upon the finest experts in their art.

Boucheron also enlisted its frequent partner Girard-Perregaux for the piece’s automatic GP4000 movement. With its streamlined, sculpted case, stylized Arabic numerals, and novel interchangeable strap system, the rectangular Reflet’s classic retro style dates to 1947 – also an outstanding vintage year in Bordeaux.

Come into the world of Boucheron