Coco Crush by CHANEL

‘Coco Crush’ is a new collection from Maison Chanel entirely dedicated to the ‘matelassé’ or quilted pattern seen in a myriad of the French luxury label’s designs. As one of its signature motifs, diamond quilting features strongly in the brand’s heritage and seen on its popular handbags and clutches, jackets, footwear and accessories,  and even in haute couture.

'Coco Crush'

Finely engraved into gold, this stylized pattern finds another leash of life in a new collection of rings and a cuff-bracelet with generous and feminine lines, available in white or yellow 18K gold.

A method originating from the equestrian world, Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel co-opted the quilted pattern, which made saddles more comfortable for horse-riding, to create the beige cushions on the large sofa in her famous apartment on Rue Cambon in Paris. She would later incorporate that form and style into the 2.55 handbag, launched in 1955.

The six-piece jewellery collection brings the ‘criss-cross’ pattern to the forefront in a bold new interpretation, finding inspiration from leatherwork and finely engraving it into gold.

In a departure from the label’s more intricate Comète or Camélia collections, the limited-edition Coco Crush pieces showcase refined curves, channeling the essence of motion.

'Coco Crush'

The Coco Crush pieces are sleek, adorning the finger or the wrist with voluptuous, feminine style. Scalloped edges make for comfortable wear on all occasions

by Jean Amr