Britney Spears Rainbow Fantasy



Famous singer Britney Spears launches a new sweetly/delicious and sexy new perfume Rainbow Fantasy. Any of her perfumes are an inspiration for her fans due to their attractive designs, intriguing nice aromas, and of course her style of creation.

Rainbow Fantasy is a really magical scent that makes memories come to life, and inspires everyone to dream big!

Britney Spears

Rainbow Fantasy is a sensuous and charismatic fragrance made of fresh lemon and cloudberry along with floral accords of jasmine, peony and pear leaves. The base calms down with a nice trail of woody elements of wood, amber and cotton candy.

The colors of the bottle bring the concept of rainbow fantasy to life, gradations of iridescent oranges, pink and blues evoke a wonderland of visual delight. Delicate white daisies adorn the outer carton for a whimsically feminine touch.


britney-spears-rainbow-fantasy-flacon-boxBritney Spears’ perfumes have big popularity among its fans, for example in 2013 a perfume from Britney Spears was sold every 15 seconds worldwide. This time, her new perfume will also be shadowed to gain huge popularity due to its seductive/feminine aroma created by the Gil Claven perfumer.

Britney Spears Rainbow Fantasy is available as 30 and 50ml Eau de Toilette.




Britney Spears Sunset Fantasy

Britney Spears Sunset Fantasy Banner

Britney Spears presents a new perfume for women Sunset Fantasy, the new flanker to iconic Fantasy perfume launched in 2005. The new fantastic and luring perfume is all about an aromatic fruity/floral fragrance with an oriental/woody drydown.

Top notes: Italian mandarin, Red grapfruit, Apple
Heart: Orange blossom, Peach, Raspberry leaf
Base: Sandalwood, Amber, Vanilla

Britney Spears Sunset Fantasy creates an unforgettable memory of the breath-taking summer sunsets where the most romantic sunsets meet the iridescent sky and the warmth of the sun. The new perfume starts to impress with shimmering refreshing notes of mandarin, juicy peach, red grapefruit and sweet apple along with floral accords of raspberry leaf, and orange blossom. The base calms on an oriental/woody layer made of Australian sandalwood, sweet vanilla Moheli, amber and milk froth.

Britney Spears Sunset Fantasy is available as 100ml Eau de Toilette.


Britney Spears Sunset Fantasy






Elizabeth Arden

Florence Nightingale Graham (December 31, 1878 – October 18, 1966), who went by the business name Elizabeth Arden was born in 1878 in Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada. Her parents had emigrated to Canada from Cornwall, United Kingdom, in the 1870s. Her father, William Graham, was Scottish and her mother, Susan, was Cornish and had arranged for a wealthy aunt in Cornwall to pay for her children’s education. Arden dropped out of nursing school in Toronto.

She then joined her elder brother in Manhattan, New York, working briefly as a  bookkeeper for the E.R. Squibb Pharmaceuticals Company. She then worked, again briefly, for Eleanor Adair, an early beauty culturist, as a ‘treatment girl’. While there, Arden spent hours in their lab, learning about skincare.

Florence Nightingale Graham, who went by the business name Elizabeth Arden, was became a businesswoman who founded what is now Elizabeth Arden, Inc., and built a cosmetics empire in the United States. At the peak of her career, she was one of the wealthiest and well know women in the world!

Elizabeth Arden

Elizabeth Arden: “every woman has the right to be beautiful.” With that philosophy, she launched advertising campaigns to help normalize the use of makeup across the country.

In 1909 Arden formed a partnership with Elizabeth Hubbard, another culturist. When the partnership dissolved, she coined the business name ‘Elizabeth Arden’ from her former partner and from ‘Tenneyson’s poem ‘Enoch Arden’. With a $6,000 loan from her brother, she then used the shop space to open her first salon on 5th Avenue.

In 1912 Arden traveled to France to learn beauty and facial massage techniques used in the Paris beauty salons.She returned with a collection of rouges (blushers) and tinted powders she had created. Arden was, in 1914, the first to introduce modern eye makeup to North America after her formal training in Paris.

In 1915 Elizabeth Arden married Thomas j. Lewis, an American Banker. By this marriage, she was automatically a naturalized American citizen. In the same year started to operate and Arden international she opened salons around the world, all with a red door, her trademark. Arden collaborated with A. Fabian Swanson, a chemist, to create a ‘fluffy’ face cream. The success of the cream, Venetian Cream Amoretta, and corresponding lotion, Arden Skin Tonic, led to a long-lasting business relationship. This revolutionized cosmetics, bringing a scientific approach to formulations.

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream re edition

Elizabeth Arden’s most famous, ’till today: Eight Hour cream. Here in a new re-edition .

And by the 1930s, yes, in the middle of the Great Depression, her company was bringing in roughly $4 million a year! In 1934, she opened the Maine Chance residential spa in Rome, Maine, the first destination beauty spa in the United States.It operated until 1970. Ardens passion in her work led in 1934 to a divorce. A second marriage to a Russian Prince lasted only thirteen months.

Elizabeth Arden 1930's

Elizabeth Arden, 1930’s. By the end of the 1930s it was said; ‘There are only three American names that are known in every corner of the globe: Singer sewing machines, Coca Cola, and Elizabeth Arden’.

1935 saw the launch of Blue Grass fragrance. It quickly became one of the most successful Elizabeth Arden scents.

Elizabeth Arden Blue Grass

Elizabeth Arden Blue Grass

Around 1940 Arden launged ‘White Orchid’ perfume. Other makeup innovations included creating foundations that matched a person’s skin tone; creating the idea of the “Total Look” in which lip, cheek, and fingernail colors matched or coordinated; and the first to make a cosmetics commercial shown in movie houses. During the second World War, Elizabeth Arden saw that market changed.  She saw the changing needs of the American woman entering the work force. She showed women how to apply makeup and dress appropriately for careers outside the home. She developed and brought a lipstick on the market in the ‘Montezuma Red’ color, a color that is applied at the red in the uniforms of the female soldiers.


Elizabeth Arden Pink Violet, 1950’s (Click photo to enlarge).

Marilyn Monroe on the way to shopping at Elizabeth Arden Salon

Marilyn Monroe on the way to shopping at Elizabeth Arden Salon (Click photo to enlarge).

In the years Elizabeth Arden has many famous clients like Marilyn Monroe, the Begum Om Habibeh Aga Khan III, Nina Dyer Aga Khan and Martine Carole. Elizabeth Arden wasn’t only famous for her salons and Spa’s. She offerd a lot more! For (vèry) special clients, she offered treatments at home. She also sended ‘her’ hairdressers when they where needed….

Signed to Roger Flor, 1er coiffeur Elizabeth Arden, 1959 (29 x 39 cm)HH Begum Om Habibeh Aga Khan, signed for Roger Flor 1er Coiffeur Elizabeth Arden, 1959 (photo signed by Sam Levine)(Privat Collection) (Click photo to enlarge).

Nina Dyer Aga Khan Elizabeth Arden

Nina Sheila Dyer Aga Khan signed for Roger Flor 1er Coiffeur Elizabeth Arden (photo signed by Tony Armstrong John, Pimlico Road studio )(Privat Collection) (Click photo to enlarge).

Elizabeth Arden circa 1960

Elizabeth Arden, circa 1960 (Click photo to enlarge).

In recognition of her contribution to the cosmetics industry, she was awarded the ‘Lègion d’Honneur by the French government in 1962. Later in her life, Arden was one of the first women to appear on the cover of Time magazine, and one of her horses won the Kentucky Derby (can you imagine the parties she must have thrown?!), but it’s undeniable that the greatest accomplishment of her lifetime was her legacy of breaking barriers and making the world a more awesome place.

Arden died at Lenox Hill Hospital in Manhattan in 1966; she was interred in the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery in Sleepy Hollow, New York, under the name Elizabeth N. Graham. Her company was at that time worth between $35 and $45 million, and they possessed more than a hundred beauty salons all over the world.

Elizabeth Arden is now still a reputable name, but had some different owners. Acquired by Eli Lilly & Co in 1971; bought by Faberge in 1987, merged into Unilever in 1989. Later the Company split into two smaller companies: Elizabeth Arden and Parfums International. The Elizabeth Arden side, looked after all of the Arden cosmetics and fragrances, while Parfums International created fragrances for Nino Cerruti, Valentino, Karl Lagerfeld and Chloe.

Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Capsules

Elizabeth Arden’s bestseller and Holy Grail: Ceramide Capsules. It moists and restores. Perfect to take with you on holydays! Unisex and easy to use: One capsule for the whole face, neck, and whats left… for the back of your hands! (Click photo to enlarge).

On 31st October 2000, Unilever sold it’s Arden business, to US company, FFI Fragrances for $225 million, as part of Unilever’s program to shed operations that ‘don’t meet the company’s strategic needs’.

FFI is based in Miami Lakes, produce fragrances by Bogart and Halston. On completion of sale, FFI decided to trade under the Arden name., included in the sale was the Elizabeth Taylor brands of Passion and White Diamonds. Unilever kept control of the Parfums International brands (Cerruti, Valentino, Lagerfeld and Chloe). The current company name is still Elizabeth Arden.

In 2002, Catherine Zeta-Jones became Elizabeth Arden’s ‘face’ and corporate spokesperson. Catherine said; “I have read masses about Elizabeth Arden. She was a visionary, and I am proud to be a part of the company she created,” and; “As Miss Arden said, ‘to be beautiful and natural is the birthright of every woman,’ and I wholeheartedly agree with her philosophy, and dare I say, conviction to her dream.”

In 2003, Elizabeth Arden acquired the license for Gant USA fragrances from Romella.

In 2003, Elizabeth Arden Graham was posthumously inducted into the Canadian Horse Racing Hall of Fame.

After Ardens death the company founded itself partly, next to their skincare and makeup, on the development of perfumes. With classics like ‘White Orchid’, ‘On Dit’ and ‘Blue Grass’, a new Elizabeth Arden perfume was marketed under the name ‘Red Door’, named after her famous trademark (all her salons were equipped with a red front door). Furthermore, the company brought perfumes out for celebrities as Elizabeth Yaylor, Hilary Duff, Britney Spears and Mariah Carey.

Elizabeth Arden

Elizabeth Arden actif on African market (Click photo to enlarge).

elizabeth arden flawless future ceramid moisture cream complex serum eye gel 1

Elizabeth Arden Flawless Future Ceramid Moisture Cream Complex, Serum and Eye Gel (Click photo to enlarge).

Today, the company she founded brings in over a billion in sales and gives generously to causes including New York City’s public schools, Save the Children, and the Look Good…Feel Better campaign, which helps boost the morale of cancer patients.

by Jean Amr

Britney Spears Island Fantasy

Britney Spears Island Fantasy

Talented singer Britney Spears who is the highest grossing female celebrity in terms of fragrance, releases a new perfume Island Fantasypart of her sweet Fantasy Collection. Britney Spears Island Fantasy is a sweet indulgence created for young women adoring delicious, sweetie smells. The new perfume has a nicely inviting design, really inspiring a fantastic island with an exotic and aquatic smell. This perfume has themed out the summer vibration and free love.

Britney Spears Island Fantasy opens with a fruity cocktail composed of jasmine, freesia and violet along with accords of mandarin, Clementine, red fruits and watermelon. The base is super sweet due to musky notes and sugar cane.

Britney Spears Island Fantasy Bottle

The yellow/turquoise color bottle inspires a heaven scent.

Britney Spears Island Fantasy is due for April, as 50 and 100ml Eau de Toilette.





Britney Spears Fantasy Twist

Britney Spears Fantasy Twist Banner.jpg

Pop icon Britney Spears combines two of her successful perfumes Fantasy and Midnight Fantasy into one ultra-feminine and luring perfume Fantasy Twist. This time, Britney Spears crafted an innovative and truly inspiring perfume for women. Britney Spears Fantasy Twist comes in a round-shaped bottle including the two famous fragrances Fantasy and Midnight Fantasy.  

With Fantasy Twist, I wanted to combine two of my favorite fragrances into a sophisticated bottle, giving my fans the power to choose the scent they desire at any given moment.

Britney Spears

Britney Spears Fantasy Twist will really impress and astonish wearers thanks to its modern and inventive style, as well as well known and beloved aromas. Britney Spears Fantasy in 2005, followed by Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy launched in 2006. Both fragrances were successfully sold and successfully praised.


Britney Spears Fantasy

Fantasy is known as a fruity/floral fragrance composed of seducing and sexy notes of litchi, kiwi, quince, white orchid, jasmine, white chocolate, orris root, wood and musk. Britney Spears Fantasy comes in a pink bottle and marks the bottom side of the perfume.

Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy

Midnight Fantasy is more citrusy yet fresh and young. It blends dark cherry and plum, juicy raspberry, orchid, iris, freesia, amber, vanilla and musk. Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy comes in a blue bottle and marks the upper side of the perfume.  

Britney Spears Fantasy Twist will be available from September as 30, 50 and 100 ml.