Bvlgari celebrates 25 years of Thé Vert



Bvlgari Thé Vert, this fresh androgynous scent is back on our radar as the Italian jeweler launches a rage of products to celebrate this milestone year.

It’s hard to believe that Bvlgari’s classic cologne, Eau Parfumée au Thé Vert, was never intended for public sale. In fact, Bvlgari’s first venture into the world of perfume was a private affair, after the brand decided to gift bottles of master perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena’s tea house-inspired scent to the clients of their store in Rome.

I wanted to express the scent of the world I belong to. More than a perfume, Eau Parfumée au Thé Vert became a manifesto, echoing a triumphant quest for zen.

Jean-Claude Ellena

As the scent – designed for men and women – grew in popularity among that small circle of friends Bvlgari made the decision to offer it for sale. 25 years later, it’s has become a scent-sational success story, perhaps due to Ellena’s innovative approach to masculine and feminine notes within the fragrance. Ellena took inspiration from famous tea house, Mariage Frères, capturing the aroma of green tea in a fragrance that is without gender.



With an olfactory heritage like that, how do you top it after 25 years? Well, perfection has never been a problem for jewellers Bvlgari, who have released the Eau de Cologne in a range of fragrances, bath products and candles dedicated to its range of tea scents – Thé Vert, Thé Blanc, Thé Rouge and Thé Bleu. And as a special treat, they have partnered with Mariage Frères to create Bvlgari’s exclusive Thé Vert Précieux Tea Collection.

Mariage Frères summarised it best: “The tea and the fragrance, through their noble aromas, seize the beauty of a moment. That of a stroll in a tea garden in the morning dew, the witness of the emerging blossoming of jasmines, tinted with the satin and sparkling notes of bergamot”.