Bvlgari Wild Pop Monete Watch


We recently talked about the exclusive presentation of the new Wild Pop collection, the new Must Have by Bvlgari inspired by the essence of the eighties. Now it’s time to tell of jewels, authentic masterpieces of craftsmanship that combines color, passion and tradition.

The bold approach of the Roman Maison has always characterized that desire to break the rules but always with exceptionality and style. ´Most of all and all at once´ is the motto to which these creations are inspired that represent the tribute to those years where excess and extravagance were the basis of everything. Not only that, Wild Pop also wants to be a testimony to Bvlgari’s special bond with Pop Art’s father.


When one day Andy Warhol told Nicola Bvlgari: “I believe that your jewels are the ’80s”, the jeweler replied that they were not, because “We are always looking for the impossible”! A research that has produced beloved masterpieces all over the world, sometimes personalized and unique for the star system, especially the one that in New York represented the center of the world.

I wanted to create something about this fantastic dialogue between Bvlgari and Andy Warhol.

Lucia Silvestri, Bvlgari creative director

The Wild Pop collection is based on an intuition by Lucia Silvestri, the creative director of Bvlgari who, visiting the Andy Warhol Foundation, was able to see through the catalogs and the correspondence of the artist, how close the link with the Maison was. “I wanted to create something about this fantastic dialogue between Bvlgari and Andy Warhol and so in 2018 the precious artefacts are born where glamor is the protagonist. Unique and sparkling gems with unexpected combinations interpret the excitement and audacity of that liason”.




For a ´wild pop´ idea of the time, Bvlgari created a necklace-watch. The ´Monete´ is a pendant with a watch inside, with a 52mm case in 18kt pink gold with diamonds and an authentic antique acient silver coin, a Tetradrachm of Kyme in Aeolis, 2nd century BC, to be exact. The malachite dial recalls the theme that returns in the chain (length 90 cm), also in pink gold with malachite, diamonds and emeralds inserts.

Like all the precious creations of the Maison, the craftsmanship and the wisdom represent ineliminable connotations in the production of every jewel that is born through the skill and precision of an ancient goldsmith’s art that is renewed without losing its aura of exceptionality.