Bvlgari Wild Pop Monete Watch


We recently talked about the exclusive presentation of the new Wild Pop collection, the new Must Have by Bvlgari inspired by the essence of the eighties. Now it’s time to tell of jewels, authentic masterpieces of craftsmanship that combines color, passion and tradition.

The bold approach of the Roman Maison has always characterized that desire to break the rules but always with exceptionality and style. ´Most of all and all at once´ is the motto to which these creations are inspired that represent the tribute to those years where excess and extravagance were the basis of everything. Not only that, Wild Pop also wants to be a testimony to Bvlgari’s special bond with Pop Art’s father.


When one day Andy Warhol told Nicola Bvlgari: “I believe that your jewels are the ’80s”, the jeweler replied that they were not, because “We are always looking for the impossible”! A research that has produced beloved masterpieces all over the world, sometimes personalized and unique for the star system, especially the one that in New York represented the center of the world.

I wanted to create something about this fantastic dialogue between Bvlgari and Andy Warhol.

Lucia Silvestri, Bvlgari creative director

The Wild Pop collection is based on an intuition by Lucia Silvestri, the creative director of Bvlgari who, visiting the Andy Warhol Foundation, was able to see through the catalogs and the correspondence of the artist, how close the link with the Maison was. “I wanted to create something about this fantastic dialogue between Bvlgari and Andy Warhol and so in 2018 the precious artefacts are born where glamor is the protagonist. Unique and sparkling gems with unexpected combinations interpret the excitement and audacity of that liason”.




For a ´wild pop´ idea of the time, Bvlgari created a necklace-watch. The ´Monete´ is a pendant with a watch inside, with a 52mm case in 18kt pink gold with diamonds and an authentic antique acient silver coin, a Tetradrachm of Kyme in Aeolis, 2nd century BC, to be exact. The malachite dial recalls the theme that returns in the chain (length 90 cm), also in pink gold with malachite, diamonds and emeralds inserts.

Like all the precious creations of the Maison, the craftsmanship and the wisdom represent ineliminable connotations in the production of every jewel that is born through the skill and precision of an ancient goldsmith’s art that is renewed without losing its aura of exceptionality.



Bvlgari Wild Pop Serpenti watches



You might not think that ‘80s extravagance, Italian tradition and high jewelry excellence could come together in a pleasing way.

Well, based on the new Wild Pop offerings from Roman watchmaker and jeweler Bulgari, think again… On a wild night in Rome last week, Bvlgari unveiled its Wild Pop collection of watches and jewelry.

Inspired by the cultural revolution and the creative excitement of the roaring 80s, the Serpenti Secret Watch boasts the seductive charms of the serpent with vibrating colours and powerful design.

Inspired by the ‘80s, Bvlgari used all its high jewelry and watchmaking skill to present some truly remarkable pieces, including two versions of the Serpenti Misteriosi My Handcuff watch, two versions of the Serpenti Misteriosi Pallini High Jewellery secret watch and the Monete Jewelry necklace secret watch – that we will show you very soon.

The Serpenti, which is one of Bulgari’s most popular collections in watch and jewelry, in the Misteriosi My Handcuff watch iteration brings together high jewelry manufacturing techniques in a secret watch.




Two versions of the Serpenti Misteriosi My Handcuff watch with quartz movement continue the Serpenti theme, one with a white gold and malachite cuff, with the serpent set with diamonds, and the other with a white gold and onyx cuff, also with the diamond-set serpent. The malachite version’s serpent head has pear-shaped rubellites for eyes, while the onyx version uses pear-shaped emeralds.



Two versions of the Serpenti Misteriosi Pallini High Jewellery secret watch continue the Serpenti theme. The 40mm 18K white gold case is set with brilliant-cut diamonds, with two pear-shaped emeralds for the eyes, while the gold dial showcases even more diamonds. The 18K rose gold body is also set with diamonds, as is the white gold tail. In the second version of the Misteriosi Pallini, diamonds and emeralds share the stage on the 18K white gold case, dial and bracelet.



The new Wild Pop collection from Bulgari, with its vibrant mix of color, gemstones and high jewelry workmanship, is, as a starting point, certainly daring.

And as you discover the details, you can’t help but be impressed.


Entirely crafted in the Bulgari Manufactures in Switzerland, each Bulgari watch is designed to feature the meticulous precision of Swiss savoir-faire and the innovation of Italian creativity, blending these countries’ traditions to produce the pinnacles of their expertise.





Bvlgari Octo Finissimo Automatic Harrods Exclusive


Last year Bvlgari’s Octo Finissimo Automatic was the toast of the town – that town being Basel – for its record-breaking movement, and this year the Italian jeweller-come-watchmaker doubled down on their revolutionary creation. Alongside the ‘standard’ steel version they added titanium, rhodium and rose gold versions. They also added a sneaky little limited edition too – in green.

Green matches perfectly with our history. As a Roman jeweller, we’ve always worked with precious stones and more specifically with emeralds. This watch is the perfect example of sobriety and Italian elegance.

Fabrizio Buonamassa, director of Bvlgari Watches Design Centre

A special limited edition model of 10 of Bvlgari’s award-winning Octo Finissimo Automatic – one of the world’s slimmest self-winding watches, at 5.15mm – has a unique green dial. The stunning dial is bordered by signature Harrods’ signature colour.



At the same time – and far more subtly – the index fonts have been reworked to imitate the department store’s own. It also comes with an elegant alligator strap. I won’t bother saying what colour it is. Limited to just 10 pieces, it’s a cool take on a ground-breaking watch, whether you’re a Harrods shopper or not.





Wild Pop: A fine jewellery interpretation of the wild 80s by Bvlgari


Bvlgari is one jewellery house who has never shied away from vivid colours and dramatic designs. This year, it is owning that identity with its new Wild Pop high jewellery collection that brings its trademark vivid colours and even wilder designs together in one unapologetic capsule.

A graphic combination, these Bvlgari Pop jewels turns opposites into the perfect match.

Roman creativity and disruptive spirit of the 1980s collide into a dazzling collection with the Bvlgari Wild Pop, the quintessence of the brand’s rule-breaking approach to jewelry. Inspired by a roaring era, Bvlgari plays with rare gemstones, bold designs and fabulous craftsmanship, for an entirely unexpected High Jewelry collection.













The 80s, in a word? Extravagant. Drawing from the eclectic spirit of an era, Bvlgari designs its own cultural revolution through rare gemstones and cutting-edge designs. With disco music from Donna Summer and Sylvester, Studio 54, Andy Warhol’s art, the audacity in fashion and the dreams of the future: everything resounds in a collection that is fresh, from Rome and undeniably Bvlgari.

A logo big enough to match all that? Bvlgari. It premiered its Tubogas collection of jewellery and watches which quickly became a bestseller for its in-your-face logo. In fact, it became the first examples of logo jewellery, garnering itself fans like Grace Jones who flashed hers at every late-night party she went to.

With jewellery savoir faire and watchmaking expertise, Bvlgari crafts its pop idea of time. Precious, ultra-sophisticated and strikingly glamorous, each jewellery-watch is born to capture the excitement of life’s one-of-a-kind moments.













A graphic combination of black onyx and white diamonds, these Pop jewels turn opposites into the perfect match. Seductive and ultra-sophisticated: the Serpenti Secret watch coils time with its unmistakable power of attraction. Maxi style is a state of mind: boasting a large colourful Bvlgari logo, the bracelet encapsulates the bold spirit of the Roman Jeweler. Most probably the first piece of High Jewelry inspired by cannabis leaves, the necklace strikes with its high rate of addiction.

Pop art and culture combine with colourful history to make Wild Pop a sublime collection. Discover more at the official website here.




Bvlgari Omnia Pink Sapphire

Bvlgari Omnia Pink Sapphire flacon Banner Video.jpg

Haute Joallier Bvlgari’s Omnia Collection is famous for its unique crafted fragrances inspired by semi-precious stones. Omnia perfumes are described as light, easy, fresh, and revitalizing scents ideal for daily use. This year, the famous collection fills up with one more thrilling and sensual new perfume for women, Omnia Pink Sapphire. 

Bvlgari Omnia Pink Sapphire is described as ‘a festive floral Eau de Toilette that captures the essence of the frangipani, sparkling pink pomelo and vanilla musk. The vibrant scent is a daring reminder to run, jump and dance into every day with sweetness and spontaneity. Alberto Morillas, master perfumer and also the creator of Omnia Crystalline, composed Pink Sapphire as a whimsical combination of bright citrus and exotic florals’.

Top notes: Pomelo, Pink pepper.
Heart notes: Tiare flower, Frangipani.
Base notes: Vanilla, White musk, Wood notes.

Omnia Pink Sapphire opens to impress with fresh and energizing pink pomelo and spicy pink peppercorn along with exotic frangipani and wildTiaree flower. The base settles down with natural wood note along with white musk, sweet and warm vanilla.


Bvlgari Omnia Pink Sapphire flacon

This gorgeous perfume, the same like other Omnia fragrances, preserves the jewel-like curvaceous bottle, colored in light pink color.

Bvlgari Omnia Pink Sapphire is available in 25, 40 and 65ml Eau de Toilette.





Bvlgari Serpenti Twist Your Time


Italian jeweller Bvlgari has its own clear definition of excellence, which involves the perfect balance between design, added-value, quality of its products and its worldwide service. In the case of Bvlgari watches, it all started with the Bvlgari Bvlgari watch that led to the creation of Bulgari Time in Switzerland in 1982.

And now, known for Italian craftsmanship and luxury creations, Bvlgari has extended its Serpenti collection with the release of Serpenti Twist timepiece. Serpenti jewellery is strong, yet sensual. Suitable for day and night, Serpenti adds glamour to all styles, even that of every day.



The Bvlgari Serpenti, is a symbol of perpetual renewal. The possible variations and interpretations of the name are truly boundless. Bvlgari’s iconic Serpenti collection has taken on fresh new aesthetics courtesy of interchangeable double wrap-around straps made from karung, the delicate skin from water snakes.

The Serpenti Twist slips into new ever-changing and supremely personalised ‘skins’ with a wealth of sensual, joyful and colourful leather straps for daily wear; or with a bracelet composed of several dainty pink gold chains, flowing supply around the wrist and enabling the ‘reptile’ watch to express its jewellery transformation.


Four new variations of this playful, unique and multiple watch enliven the season. The first new feature takes the form of four-tour straps for two of the models. The incredibly refined and sensual quadruple wrap around the wrist is achieved by deliciously supple leather straps in vivid shades of indigo-topaz blue and wisteria jade, both with shimmering metal accents. These contemporary hues radiate an impertinent sense of chic eagerly adopted by fashion designers, especially in Italy.

However, the ultimate colour of the Italian jewellery is naturally that of gold, as the new Serpenti Twist models admirably demonstrate. While subtly diverting the classic design codes embedded in its DNA, the age-old snake tamed by Bvlgari wraps itself around the wrist with a double tour golden strap adorned with an antique bronze patina.



And since these bands are all interchangeable, enabling the Serpenti to be personalised at will, the watch can change its skin yet again. A dainty chain bracelet, with supple articulated links featuring an unusual design, makes it unmistakable precious in the twinkling of an eye. The chain bracelet can be replaced by the coloured leather strap and vice-versa, thereby rendering the Serpenti infinitely playful and customisable.

And to further facilitate personalisation, the customer can choose the elements composing her Bvlgari Serpenti Twist on the My Serpenti app developed by the Maison. Available from selected Bvlgari Boutiques, it enables the enthusiast to literally put together ‘her’ personal Serpenti via this app installed on her tablet: choosing the case, dial, potential gemsetting, as well as the strap or bracelet. She will also be able to have the case-back engraved as desired.


Bvlgari is available at Bvlgari Boutiques world wide and very selected stores. Discover Bvlgari’s new Serpenti collection now…  Come into the beautiful world of Bvlgari.





Bvlgari Splendida Magnolia Sensuel

PowerPoint Presentation

When you search for a floral perfume or at least some flowery notes inside of a perfume, then your choice is Bvlgari Splendida Magnolia Sensuel. It is more than a floral fragrance, it is an infusion and an explosion of aromatic and delicate flowers. Splendida Magnolia is dedicated to the magnolia flower and will follow famous Bvlgari editions as Iris D’Or, Jasmin Noir and Rose Rose.

With Splendida Bvlgari Collection, Bvlgari has captured the nuances and accents to sublimate the most precious facets of the noblest flowers of Perfumery.

PowerPoint Presentation

Bvlgari Splendida Magnolia Sensuel is created by perfumer Jacques Cavallier as a floral/citrusy perfume ideal for the upcoming winter holiday. Bvlgari Splendida Collection is more than an ordinary perfume – it is an accessory to seduce, tempt and delight any wearer’s heart. It blends citruses mixed with floral accords of magnolia, jasmine, iris, and roses.

Bvlgari Splendida Magnolia Sensuel will make its debut in January as 30, 50 and 100ml Eau de Parfum. More about Magnolia Sensuel soon here on Yakymour….





Make a wish: Bvlgari jewels sparkle in new campaign


Come on in, and enter Bvlgari’s creative campaign, reimagined through a new animated video that is as sparkly as it is festive.

Known for their timeless creations and coveted designs, Bvlgari has created an achingly cool campaign for the festive season. Digitally brought to life by Italian architect and designer Federico Babina, the jewellery maison has unveiled its Roman-esque campaign, aptly titled the Wishes Factory Campaign (watch the video below). Here expect to be inspired by the sparkling night sky, before entering one of seven rooms that showcase Bvlgari’s craftsmanship behind their iconic collections – Goldea, Serpenti, Octo, Diva, Bzero1, LVCEA and Serpenti Forever.

Also as part of the campaign, the Italian brand launched a #SeeMyWish initiative on Children’s Day (November 20), which will see Bvlgari donate to Save the Children’s charity when the campaign is shared across social media.




Haute horology: The Bvlgari LVCEA Moon Phase timepiece


The Bvlgari LVCEA Moon Phase timepiece GIF

Bvlgari has its own clear definition of excellence, which involves the perfect balance between design, added-value, quality of its products and its worldwide service. In the case of Bvlgari watches, it all started with the Bvlgari Bvlgari watch that led to the creation of Bulgari Time in Switzerland in 1982.

And now, known for Italian craftsmanship and luxury creations, Bvlgari has extended its LVCEA collection with the release of a moon phase timepiece. LVCEA jewellery is strong, yet sensual. Suitable for day and night, LVCEA adds glamour to all styles, even that of every day. The case of the LVCEA Moon Phase watch embodies light itself. Light meets the moon. Bvlgari cultivates a keen sense of paradox in delightful and subtle ways. The Roman jeweller plays with contrasts and is ramping up the seduction of its glowing LVCEA by enriching it with moon-phase indications.

Bvlgari LVCEA Moon Phase

The dainty face of the LVCEA Moon Phases is graced with an aperture forming the arc of a circle stretching across the upper part of the mother-of-pearl dial on this luminous round watch, which maintains its perfectly balanced design. Even though LVCEA retains its pure beauty, this detail lends an additional touch of complexity to the dial which draws upon a horological complication in order to emphasise the romantic nature of this model. By blending astronomy and horological expertise, the LVCEA Moon Phase watch captures the essence of the Roman jeweller — think classic, coveted and captivating design — through a mother of pearl dial, which has the ability to showcase the new moon, the first quarter, the full moon and the last quarter. In a delicate and subtle manner, the sky against which the moon appears takes on a shade matching that of the alligator leather strap: intense blue, bright red or glowing plum purple, depending on the model.

Three options representing a wealth of temptations: a steel version with a pink gold bezel framing a mother-of-pearl dial punctuated by brilliant-cut diamond hour-markers; a more sophisticated 18 carats pink gold interpretation featuring its strap lugs and bezel set with brilliant-cut diamonds; or a white gold variation graced by a bezel set with brilliant-cut diamonds, like the strap lugs. Reflecting his expertise, the master of coloured gemstones sets every LVCEA crown with a noble pink cabochon-cut stone and diamond.

Bvlgari LVCEA Moon Phase.

The overall impression is one of seamless osmosis, a love match between the ‘light’ watch and the ‘night star’. This homogenous effect makes the LVCEA Moon Phases supremely easy to wear in any circumstance of a woman’s daily life, whether by day or night.

For more information on the Bvlgari Moon Phase watch, visit











Bvlgari celebrates 25 years of Thé Vert



Bvlgari Thé Vert, this fresh androgynous scent is back on our radar as the Italian jeweler launches a rage of products to celebrate this milestone year.

It’s hard to believe that Bvlgari’s classic cologne, Eau Parfumée au Thé Vert, was never intended for public sale. In fact, Bvlgari’s first venture into the world of perfume was a private affair, after the brand decided to gift bottles of master perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena’s tea house-inspired scent to the clients of their store in Rome.

I wanted to express the scent of the world I belong to. More than a perfume, Eau Parfumée au Thé Vert became a manifesto, echoing a triumphant quest for zen.

Jean-Claude Ellena

As the scent – designed for men and women – grew in popularity among that small circle of friends Bvlgari made the decision to offer it for sale. 25 years later, it’s has become a scent-sational success story, perhaps due to Ellena’s innovative approach to masculine and feminine notes within the fragrance. Ellena took inspiration from famous tea house, Mariage Frères, capturing the aroma of green tea in a fragrance that is without gender.



With an olfactory heritage like that, how do you top it after 25 years? Well, perfection has never been a problem for jewellers Bvlgari, who have released the Eau de Cologne in a range of fragrances, bath products and candles dedicated to its range of tea scents – Thé Vert, Thé Blanc, Thé Rouge and Thé Bleu. And as a special treat, they have partnered with Mariage Frères to create Bvlgari’s exclusive Thé Vert Précieux Tea Collection.

Mariage Frères summarised it best: “The tea and the fragrance, through their noble aromas, seize the beauty of a moment. That of a stroll in a tea garden in the morning dew, the witness of the emerging blossoming of jasmines, tinted with the satin and sparkling notes of bergamot”.