Byredo expands its Kantha leather goods line

After launching the Kantha line earlier this year with Blueprint Major and Minor bags, Byredo now expands its leather goods line with a Credit Card Holder, Business Card Holder, ánd a Perfume Holder.

Crafted out of the finest Italian calfskin leather, the new Credit Card Holder, Business Card Holder and Perfume Holders, for 50ml and 100ml, are one-of-a-kind pieces of art at the crossroads of engineering and craftsmanship.

The small accessories lie at the crossroads of engineering and craftsmanship, interpreting Indian ancestral Kantha embroidery techniques with uneven and high-tech machine sewing supervised by skilled artisans. Each stitch is later cut and knotted by hand, giving each piece a slightly different finish. Materials include black soft calfskin with natural thread stitch embroidery and black lambskin lining.

Founded in 2006 by Ben Gorham, Swedish label Byredo has rapidly grown in popularity in recent years, building its reputation around its fragrance line which includes signature scents such as ‘Mojave Ghost’ and ‘Gypsy Water’ as well as collaborative offerings such as ‘Elevator Music’ with Virgil Abloh‘s Off-White™ and “Mister Marvelous” with Odell Beckham Jr.

Priced between $310 to $380 USD, the new Byredo Kantha leather goods are now available online.

Byredo Vanille Antique

Mirroring the morning ceremony of applying scent, Night Veils are designed for the ritual of the night. Like flowers that release their headiest scent at twilight, these penetrating concentrates of perfume are made from noble raw materials chosen with meticulous care.

Top: Freesia, Plum
Heart: Amber, Cashmere Woods
Base: Madagascar Vanilla Beans, Cistus Oil

Vanille Antique is the first titular Byredo fragrance centered around perfumery’s rarest raw ingredient. Here, the smoky scent of vanilla bean becomes charged with history and character; transforming into something unexpected, less syrupy and more nuanced. The expected sweetness of vanilla is cut through by textures of earthiness and darkness, a warming mix of cashmere wood, ciste and musk form an intoxicating ambrosia.

Distilled into a pure essence utilizing time-honored techniques, a small amount works closer to the skin and radiates through the heat of the body, lingering for many hours.

Byredo’s Vanille Antique scent is available now on their official website and selected stores worldwide as a 50 ml Eau de Parfum. Come into the beautiful world of Byredo.

Byredo’s new De Los Santos fragrance is about celebrating life

Byredo has unveiled its new fragrance De Los Santos which is about celebrating life. Created as an homage to Día de los Muertos and All Saints’ Day, the new fragrance embodies the power of unity through ceremony. By acknowledging the fleeting notion of life, the new scent celebrates the formation of memories as much as it does life.

Top: Clary Sage, Mirabelle
Heart: Orris, Ciste Oil
Base: Musks, Ambroxan, Palo Santo

De Los Santos incants memories and acknowledges the fleeting. An aromatic cloud of musk is pierced by the clarity of sage. The splendor of amber and incense is grounded by iris root and mirabelle. Earthen notes of cistus flourish in dry heat. In homage to the traditions of Día de los Muertos and All Saints’ Day, De Los Santos captures the transcendent power of coming together in collective ceremonies, translating scent into a new ritual of remembrance. 

Last month, the Swedish company collaborated with Reborn in Color on a series of ‘Wearable Blankets’. Comprised of 100% recycled down blankets, the oversized garments are washed in bubblegum pink and faded black.

Byredo De Los Santos scent is available now on their official website and selected stores. Come into the beautiful world of Byredo.

Totally mad: Byredo Mad Red Lipstick

Besides their now iconic perfume collection, Byredo launched a makeup collection as well. One of the newest lipstick we can expect on the market is the ‘Mad Red’ edition, in a vivid red color. As the Swedish company claims the newest lipstick suits any skin tone and gives you a beautiful color that lasts for a long time with a single application. Colour rich with an exceptional formulation that is both comfortable and impeccable. Byredo Lipstick has sumptuous levels of colour saturation and does not dry the lips.

If you are a fan of red color, the Byredo lipstick collection includes more red nuances as ‘Divorce’, ‘Red Armchair’, ‘Red & Blue’, ‘Worship Her’. ‘Mad Red’ has an intense raspberry red color, a very seductive one. It offers a high saturation in a single stroke with a comfortable matte formula.

In its silver-gold, bi-color metal curvilinear casing, the form of Byredo Lipstick echoes bamboo. Here, the organic shape and distinct weight also play on the precious quality of cosmetics casings past, today brought into the future. Within, a precision slim-line stick is protected by a satisfying magnetic click.

Byredo Mad Red Lipstick is available at selected stores worldwide. Come into the beautiful world of Byredo.

Byredo’s Mumbai Noise, a fragrance centered on childhood nostalgia

Perfume house Byredo has unveiled its new fragrance ‘Mumbai Noise’ that is inspired by founder and creative director Ben Gorham’s childhood. With the new scent, Gorham reflects on fond memories from his upbringing in Mumbai and showcases the city’s contemporary and colorful present-day reality.

From a young age, almost as soon as I was born, I would often travel to India to spend time with my grandmother in Chembur, Mumbai. I have very vivid childhood memories of my experiences there — and, after she passed, it wasn’t until my 20s that I returned. When I did, it looked extremely different — but still felt extremely familiar. With Mumbai Noise, I wanted to express that idea: to present an exploration of the city today, anchored in my memories of its past.

Ben Gorham, Byredo founder and creative director

City streets are filled with a variety of smoky incense, coffee carts and an array of vibrant musical instruments that attest to the rich cultural heritage in addition to inspiring the sensory new scent. Mumbai Woods includes notes of warm wood, amber, plummy Davana, leather and bitter coffee fused with sweet tonka beans.

To exhibit not only the new fragrance but Mumbai’s culture, Gorham collaborated with Indian creative and photographer Ashish Shah, to showcase the many identities that make up the city. Featuring dancers, models, drag performers, activists and more, Byredo’s campaign illustrates the dynamism of Mumbai’s youth culture.

“I wanted to photograph this campaign as a glimpse into the hearts and essence of young India,” said Shah. “I am interested in the lives we are living, the conversations they are having, their dreams and their realities.”

Byredo’s Mumbai Noise will be available as 100 ml Eau de Parfum at Friday, October 22 on the brand’s website. Come into the beautiful world of Byredo.

Byredo Young Rose explores the ‘restlessness and youth of the new generation’

Following on from its just-released special-edition version of ‘Blanche’, Ben Gorham’s Byredo is back with a new fragrance named Young Rose. Young Rose is an ode to youth and a fragrant diary, dedicated to those who write the future, according to the founder of the  Swedish company, Ben Gorham. He was inspired by his trip to China and the creative dynamics he witnessed there.

Inspired by the ‘restlessness and youth of the new generation’, Young Rose follows in the footsteps of most of Byredo’s scents by delivering a mixture of notes for a unisex fragrance to be worn by all. The Eau de Parfum comes in the signature branded flacon, and inside you’ll find a heady mix of musk and Ambroxan alongside Damascena rose, hints of Sichuan pepper, and ambrette seeds.

Top notes: Sichuan pepper, ambrette seed
Heart: Damask rose, iris
Base: musk, ambroxan

Combined, Young Rose is a bit of an oxymoron. While a traditional (what some could call ‘old’) rose scent is there, the combination of musk and Sichuan pepper come together to offer a hearty base and a lively, peppy finish, hence making it a perfect fragrance for all.

To celebrate the new fragrance, Gorham enlisted the Shanghai-based photographer Leslie Zhang to capture the flacon and also emulate the fragrance in an editorial that sees young lovers decorated with rose-themed body art.

Traditions and traditional culture inform my memories of growing up in China, where the inspiration for my photography is deeply rooted. The images I create are merely a romanticization of such memories.

Leslie Zhang, photographer

For the campaign, Zhang inscribes a thousand-year-old poem onto young lovers. These are emotions that endure throughout centuries, just as the rose still stands, unwavering in its symbolism.

Byredo Young Rose debuts today as an exclusive preview at Hong Kong’s K11 MUSEA, and will see a wider global release on September 2. Byredo Young Rose will be available as a 50 and 100 ml Eau de Parfum., and will soon be available from Byredo’s website, and selected stores worldwide.

Come into the beautiful world of Byredo.

Byredo Launches Collector’s Edition Hand Creams

Byredo launches a collector’s edition of their beloved hand creams, a meltingly rich salve available in an array of the brand’s signature scents. Created to enhance the everyday, now three iconic fragrances – ‘Mojave Ghost’, ‘Rose of No Man’s Land’ and ‘Bal d’Afrique’ – are dressed in vibrant red, yellow and blue polka dots dotted tubes of 30ml, in an elevated expression of gleeful irreverence.

‘Mojave Ghost’ draws on the rare ghost flowers emerging from the wilderness, seeing delicate magnolia and powdery violet layered with a hazy warmth of ambrette and cedarwood, rounded off with a fresh appearance of Jamaican Nesberry, leaving a seductive musk scent. As for ‘Rose of No Man’s Land’, the scent is inspired by the nurses of World War I, pairing Turkish rose petals with the spiced spirit of pink peppercorn, while a hint of juicy raspberry sits atop a base of papyrus and amber for an expression of eternal elegance. ‘Bal d’Afrique’ is derived from the tales of Ben Gorham’s father as he explored Mozambique, Tanzania and Kenya. African marigold, bergamot and bucchu are combined with a base of vetiver and Moroccan cedarwood, finished off with traces of violet and cyclamen to create a rich romance.

Sold as a trio, the Byredo Collector’s Edition Hand Creams will retail for approximately $135 USD, and will be available online and in-store at select Byredo boutiques. Come into the beautiful world of Byredo.

Byredo’s new limited-edition fragrance ‘Open Sky’ is an ode to travel

Inspired by the experience of travel, Swedish niche perfume house Byredo is exploring the concept of the void between departure and final destination during travel with its new limited edition scent called Open Sky. For men and women.

Byredo’s founder and creative director Ben Gorham explained that the scent is an expression of the journey of traveling, between departure and final destination. “While being stuck in one place, our memories have become particularly vivid – and what I remember most often is travel. Beyond the physicality of spaces, that idea of movement – of journeys, of being on your way somewhere – is something I truly miss. The void that exists in between places: I wanted to capture that,” said Gorham.

Through fresh notes of pomelo citrus, covered with hemp leaves, Byredo tries to portray the energy of anticipation and excitement. Woody accords of Palo Santo and vetiver form the base of the fragrance that is to evoke feelings of limitless possibilities. 

Byredo Open Sky will be available as 100 ml Eau de Parfum on May 5 on the label’s website. Come into the beautiful world of Byredo.

The New Byredo Makeup Launch Is Just As Unique As Its Perfumes

Byredo is widely known for its covetable fragrances, candles and leather goods, and it was just about time the brand ventured further into beauty with an equally wish list-worthy line of makeup products.

This is makeup that lives, moves and breathes with the wearer and does not demand sophisticated application or a permanent filter IRL.

Falling in line with Byredo’s world-view on breaking any gender and identity boundaries, the new makeup line was conceived by Ben Gorham, Byredo’s Founder and Creative Director and Isamaya Ffrench, British make-up artist. You can expect to find multi-purpose products such as the Colour Stick (apply on either your eyes, lips or cheeks and you’re good to go) and the products are crafted to see you throughout the whole day.

Ben Gorham holds the eyeshadow palette that has been described as an oyster shell dripping in liquid gold.

Two years ago, Byredo Founder and Creative Director Ben Gorham started working on what would become Byredo Makeup. “We wanted makeup – both wearing and making – to be instinctive”, Gorham states. “As I started to really look at the beauty world I found much of it conservative and conventional. I thought we can do this, and we can do it differently”. Different, but no lesser a counterpart to the personal, human elements its fragrances imbued.

After the initial run of making fragrance and how that related to people’s ideas of beauty, I started to learn how it related to being beautiful. I started to feel that there could be a very visual manifestation of beauty for Byredo; I thought our visual ideas could be as different as our approach to scent. As I started to really look at the beauty world I found much of it conservative and conventional. I thought we can do this, and we can do it differently. Ultimately, beauty is subjective – Byredo Makeup had to reflect that.

Ben Gorham

Together with renowned makeup artist Isamaya Ffrench, Gorham started with color, weaving a narrative around an idea they called the ‘open beauty system’. The idea was to take traditional makeup products and give them a multipurpose lease on life, giving the choice of self-expression back to the wearer.

The ensuing Colour Stick, arriving in 16 shades, launches beside lipstick (in 7 satin and 8 matte shades), Mascara, eyeliner and lipbalm. Though the latter products aren’t multipurpose, Gorham and Ffrench would instead position subjectivity in the weight of the colors and names.

As in Byredo’s scents, it’s about translating an emotional connection, this time through colour and language; there is a nostalgic, specific, sensorial attachment through both the colours and the names.

Isamaya Ffrench, Byredo make-up artist

Imagine, without seeing, what a ‘Red and Blue’ or ‘Divorce’ red lipstick might look like. Then imagine the product in your hand – the curvilinear, anthracite metal-cased lip balm or curved red mascara container – hear the click of the lipstick’s gliding magnetic closure.

Isamaya Ffrench

Physical objects ground each product narrative, in a matter of form follows function, and wholly still representative of its own totemic quality.

The packaging itself is just as pretty as the product. Created by Gorham, the packaging presents products that scream objects of desire.

Byredo Makeup will be available on October 1 in Byredo stores in London, New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Stockholm, Singapore, Dubai, Seoul and Taiwan, and Through select partners in USA, UK, France, Sweden, Hong Kong, Korea, Middle East and Japan.

The October launch will include the Colour Stick ($30 USD), Lipstick ($42 USD), Mascara ($45 USD), Eyeliner ($40 USD) and Lip Balm ($42 USD) while the 5-Colour Eyeshadow ($70 USD) will release in November.

Keep an eye on Byredo’s website to shop the upcoming line, follow along via the brand’s Instagram, or here on Yakymour. Come into the beautiful world of Byredo.

Byredo Deep Viola

Byredo-Deep-Viola-FlaconExclusively for Harrods, Swedish niche perfume house Byredo launched a new perfume, Deep Viola. Deep Viola is an intense evening scent of violet, one of the flowers whose scent has marked many generations.

‘A violet is the youth of primary nature’, Shakespeare wrote in Hamlet, igniting an endless love for the purple flower among generations of women to come.

Aiming to capture the effervescent character of this flower in a flacon, Byredo presents Deep Viola with a layered note of violet with saffron on top and incense on the bottom to create a deep and distinctive perfume.

Byredo Deep Viola is available as 100ml Eau de Parfum, exclusively at Harrods. Come into the beautiful worlds of Harrods and Byredo.