Byroe Launches a New and Luxurious Venture into Clean, Tea-Infused Skincare

Byroe, the luxury superfood skincare collection, finally spills the tea on the latest addition to the cult-favorite brand. Today, Byroe releases the three formulas selected to start the brand’s venture into tea-infused skincare: English Breakfast Tea Treatment Essence, Hibiscus Tea Glow Mist, and Rose Tea Eye Cream.

Byroe English Breakfast Tea Treatment Essence

English Breakfast Tea Treatment Essence is a powerful treatment essence that effectively boosts skin barrier function, restores firmness, and locks in moisture.

Shake up this black tea enriched essence to create a lusciously creamy texture. It’s like Milk Tea, but better. Wake up with English breakfast tea. This powerful treatment essence is optimized with a restorative blend of Black Tea, Pro-Vitamin B5, Squalane, and probiotic-rich Kombucha to deliver enzymes, nutrients, and vitamins directly to the skin, natural caffeine to aid in de-puffing and firming the skin. The milky formula boosts skin barrier function, locks in moisture for up to 24 hours, and restores firmness and elasticity to dull, lackluster skin.

Byroe English Breakfast Tea Treatment Essence, 120 ml / $84

Byroe Hibiscus Tea Glow Mist

This juicy blend of hibiscus and probiotics create the ultimate make-up refreshing and skin illuminating mist, and to alleviate skin redness in just 1 minute

Reminiscent of a refreshing glass of hibiscus tea, this glow-boosting facial mist is formulated with 365-hour-aged Hibiscus Flowers, plant-based Calendula Retinol, and Raspberry Seed Oil. It instantly provides soothing relief while leaving skin and makeup with a healthy, dewy finish. The blend of hibiscus and probiotics gently smooths and clarifies while improving skin clarity. It’s the perfect companion to revitalize makeup and enhance skin luminosity throughout the day. This mist has been clinically proven to alleviate skin redness in just 1 minute.

Hibiscus Tea Glow Mist, 150 ml / $63

Byroe Rose Tea Eye Cream

This detoxifying eye cream is packed with the premature aging combatant damask rose flower water, HydraRose which is a proprietary infusion of three different types of roses that soothe inflammation and irritation, and vegan collagen which boosts skin elasticity and firmness

Experience the fruity, floral notes of a freshly brewed rose tea; this detoxifying eye cream is packed with Damask Rose Flower Water, HydraRose, and Vegan Collagen. HydraRose is a proprietary infusion of three different types of roses that soothe inflammation and irritation. The anti-aging blend visibly plumps and tightens, reduces puffiness, and restores brightness to aging eyes. The unique sherbet texture creates a double barrier of hydration that minimizes moisture loss while visibly diminishing lines and wrinkles.

Rose Tea Eye Cream, 20 ml / $76

Until now, all Byroe products have been inspired by the idea of taking the same dense nutrition found in salads into skincare. “We felt that tea was the natural continuation of the brand. Oftentimes a cup of tea goes hand-in-hand with a nourishing salad, bringing detoxing benefits to an already wholesome meal,” says Amy Roe, founder of Byroe. “With the new Tea Collection, we continue to honor the concept of taking care of your body and skin by feeding it the nutrients it needs to thrive through holistic ingredients.”

From today, all products will be available at their website. For more information, come into the beautiful world of Byroe.

Introducing Truffle Eye Serum: The Most Luxurious Funghi In The World Firm And Brighten

Step into the dreamland with the new Truffle Eye Serum. A lightweight eye treatment powered with an Advanced Truffle Complex of Black, White, and Summer Truffles that nourishes while visibly lifting and firming the delicate eye area. Clean, vegan, cruelty-free.

Byroe, the new luxury skincare brand, grows its salad-infused skincare range with the release of Truffle Eye Serum using a trio of black, white and summer truffles to brighten and firm the eye area. The line highlights the powerful benefits of using clean and plant-based ingredients driven by scientific research. Each product features a nutrient-rich salad ingredient that provides just as many vitamins and anti-inflammatory properties to the face as the stomach.

The Truffle Eye Serum utilizes the powerful components of truffles to brighten and hydrate the delicate skin surrounding the eye. The advanced truffle complex is a dynamic blend of three different types of truffles — Black, Summer, and White — that work together to infuse the skin with nourishing essential fatty acids, peptides, and B vitamins to visibly lift and firm the eye area. Additionally the vitamin C found in the white truffles works to stimulate collagen production, thus brightening the under-eye area.

Along with the three-truffle blend, other key ingredients in the Truffle Eye Serum are:

  • Triple Hyaluronic Plus, a blend of three different molecular forms of hyaluronic acid that enhances absorption and increases water retention to deeply hydrate and plump the skin
  • Avocado Peptides, packed with antioxidants, including Vitamin E, that neutralize free radical damage that can cause lines, wrinkles, and loss of density thereby restoring overall strength and elasticity of the under eye area
  • Lupine Proteins, a flower peptide that helps to prevent cellular damage that results in loss of collagen and firmness by stimulating reparative collagen production

How to use Byroe Truffle Eye Serum: After cleansing, gently press onto the eye area morning and night. Use a tapping motion for maximum absorption.

Byroe Truffle Eye Serum is available in a tube of 30ml at their website. Come into the beautiful world of Byroe.