To the stars

Most of my regular readers know: I love black and white. And yes! I found my new China!! Timeless and classic! That would fit perfect with my black original Josef Hoffmann chairs and Giorgetti table… Minimalist and nonetheless opulent, made of the finest porcelain, and 24-carat gold applied by hand, with the beautiful name Ca’ d’Oro. Perfect for me!!

Furstenberg Sieger

Fürstenberg Ca’ d’Or by Sieger (Click photo to enlarge).

For someone who lives alone, I have a lot of different, beautiful Bernardaud, Herend, Cartier, Limoges, Hammersley Tiffany and Wedgwood porcelain. But drinking my Lapsang tea in the finest porcelain, with minimum thickness, with burnished gold refines pure black and white contrasts. must tast good! The geometric interplay gives rise to classic stripes, squares, circles and other architectonic patterns.

Fürstenberg Ca’ d’Or by Sieger Tea pot cup black white Yakymour

Fürstenberg Ca’ d’Or by Sieger (Click photo to enlarge).

Clarity and precision meet sensuality and poetry, the new Luna collection from SIEGER by FÜRSTENBERG is sculptural in nature. Like a space capsule travelling towards the moon and stars, the vases feature the same harmonious contours to recreate the object-like character of these spacecraft.


Sieger by Fürstenberg Luna Ca’ d’Or cache pot vase (Click photo to enlarge).

Sensual and sculptural

Fascinated by space discovery, Michael Sieger infused the vases with their individual character. One thing that makes them so special is their tapering conical form; available in three sizes, they can therefore showcase both smaller and more lavish floral bouquets. They are available either in pure white or in a black-and-white decor that brings together both vertical and horizontal stripes, refined with 24-carat burnished gold.

Luna is available in different diameters and the following heights: 203mm, 215mm and 325mm.

These lines are completely handmade by Fürstenberg that shares the Sieger family’s high standards of quality and design. Handmade in Germany, dishwasher safe, but not suitable for the microwave. I Always prefer handwash for myself…

by Jean Amr