Calvin Klein CK One Summer 2020

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American fashion designer Calvin Klein’s effortless and youthful, CK One summer represents ‘the endless pleasure of a long summer day at the beach’. Announced as exciting and fresh, the new limited edition of CK One Summer for 2020 brings a reflection of the sunny season in a gender-free scent.

The newest member of the CK tribe celebrates the summer with bright woody and citrusy notes. The invigorating perfume is made to evoke the feeling of an ocean breeze, opening with bright top notes of mandarin, ginger, and sea salt. The layered heart of sage and the base of sandalwood and amber give it an intriguing and sensual vibe, according to the brand.


The turquoise flacon of CK One Summer can be personalized and decorated with an assortment of stickers that come in the perfume box.

Calvin Klein CK One Summer is available as 100ml Eau de Toilette at Calvin Klein Boutiques and selected stores worldwide. Come into the beautiful world of Calvin Klein.





Calvin Klein CK One Summer

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Every each summer, the fashion house of Calvin Klein launches one more new CK One Summer perfume edition. The new 2018 edition will also be refreshing, revitalizing with a marine-smell ideal for daily hot summer days. Like all Calvin Klein CK One Summer editions light, fresh and easy due to its refreshing notes.

Calvin Klein CK One Summer 2018 comes in a beautiful turquoise color bottle and starts to delight wearers with a fresh aroma made of lime, mojito and lemon note along with fruity accents, guava, and pineapple notes. The base calms with sweet coconut and cedar accords. This perfume is a must-have for summer beach days due to its inexpensive price and ultralight, energetic, and easy notes.

Calvin Klein CK One Summer 2018 is available as 100ml Eau de Toilette.


Calvin Klein CK One Summer edition


Calvin Klein CK One Summer

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Cool off on the shore.

Relax in shallow waters.

Let your mind drift away.

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Calvin Klein CK One Summer opens with an icy gin and tonic accord with a crisp citrus twist. juniper berry and star anise surface with an effervescent and energetic edge in the middle. amberwood adds a beating sensation of bare sun-kissed skin at the dry dawn, offering a fragrance experience for both men and women inspired by the tropical blue sea.

  • Top: lime and lemon peel, juniper berry, iced watermelon
  • Heart: ginger root + ginger, star anise, wet cucumber
  • Base: musk, amberwood, patchouli

The iconic Calvin Klein CK One Summer bottle reflects the beauty of a sun-drenched reef; the back of the glass bottle is textured with ripples, allowing the crystal-clear juice to enhance the illusion of patterns in the powdery sand of the azure sea.

Calvin Klein CK One Summer

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Calvin Klein launches a new summer version to their iconic CK One fragrance, CK One Summer. This fresh, revitalizing and invigorating new perfume will awaken your senses with enchanting blend of exotic temptations.

Calvin Klein CK One Summer 2012 blends delicate and fresh citrusy notes of fruit cocktail and wood. CK One Summer 2012 will satisfy both men and women with its pleasant, pure and clean smell. Perfume preserves the same bottle shape as the original one updated with a pale greeny/yellow color and orange cap.





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Calvin Klein CK One Summer 2012 will be available later 2012 as 100 ml Eau de Toilette.