A new home for Calvin Klein in Hollywood Hills


It looks like fashion designer Calvin Klein is apt to spend a little more time in LA. He just bought a spectacular, 9,300-square-foot home in the Hollywood Hills area for $25 million, developed by Dean McKillen, son of high-profile property investor Paddy McKillen.

The five-bedroom mansion fits squarely in the contemporary architectural style and features sliding glass walls, 13-foot-high ceilings, an infinity pool, and a bridged entryway over a waterfall and reflecting pool.

The contemporary home has automated retractable floor-to-ceiling glass walls, which open to a grassy lawn and an infinity pool with views of downtown Los Angeles and the Pacific Ocean. The entryway features a bridge over a waterfall and reflecting pool.




You must traverse a bridge over a waterfall and reflecting pool to enter the home. The bridge is intended to ‘slow the participant down and create a feeling of separation from the street behind’.


Most rooms are completely open to allow sunlight to flow throughout the home.



Inside, glass walls provide a startling sense of depth. The ceilings throughout the home measure 13 feet high. Abstract light fixtures hang from the ceiling at the end of the entryway.


The basement isn’t just some place for a couch and a Foosball table, it’s the main entertainment center.


…..there’s even space for a full bar.


Many of the glass walls are fully retractable.


There’s a peaceful sitting area underneath the bridge next to the reflecting area.


The L.A. views are absolutely stunning.


The incredibly spacious master suite has the best view of all. In total, the home has five bedrooms and seven bathrooms.


The private covered terrace, with a fireplace, attached to the master suite make use of the moving glass walls.


A 65-foot infinity pool sits out back.


Other amenities include an eight-car garage and a 12-seat home theater, and a temperature-controlled wine room off the dining room.

Mr. Klein put his longtime Miami Beach home on the market in May for $16 million. He also has homes in Manhattan and in Southampton, N.Y.






Calvin Klein Names Margot Robbie Face of Deep Euphoria

Calvin Klein Deep Euphoria ad

The original Euphoria launched in 2005, with a follow-up, Endless Euphoria, nine years later. Russian supermodel Natalia Vodianova was the face of the first Euphoria campaign and model Vanessa Axente the face of Endless Euphoria. Now Calvin Klein has tapped Margot Robbie as the face of its Deep Euphoria women’s fragrance. Calvin Klein presents the new fragrance Deep Euphoria as a variation on the theme of the original Euphoria, which, although a flanker, is allegedly bringing a completely new composition of clear chypre-floral character to the table. Unlike the rest of the collection, Deep Euphoria will stand as a separate pillar within the line, side by side with the Original, as the ‘more modern, empowered sister’ to the existing two fragrances.

It’s the first time Robbie has fronted a fragrance brand. The 25 year old actress, will appear in the global print and television advertising campaign for Deep Euphoria. She perfectly embodies the modern femininity. It’s a big summer for the actress who rose to star status after appearing in ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ in 2013. Robbie will star as Jane Porter in this summer’s highly anticipated ‘The Legend of Tarzan’, as well as ‘Suicide Squad’.

Imagining an elevated and sophisticated woman was the idea behind the original Euphoria. The Deep Euphoria woman is still elevated and sophisticated, but she’s also empowered and slightly younger. Calvin Klein women are confident, provocative and released, and Deep Euphoria woman embodies all these aspects with an additional layer of adventure.

Calvin Klein Deep Euphoria

Calvin Klein Deep Euphoria Eau de Parfum

The fresh start includes cascalone molecule, mandarin leaf and white pepper. Rose, the kind that is called ‘black magic’ rose, rules the composition in combination with white peony and the chypre base of patchouli and musk. The composition is developed by Honorine Blanc and Ann Gottlieb of Fiermenich.

  • Top note: Mandarin leaf, Cascalone®, White pepper
  • Heart: Black rose
  • Base note: Musk, Patchouli

Calvin Klein Deep Euphoria will be available as a 50 and 100 ml Eau de Parfum with lotion, shower gel and rollerball


Once Upon A Time: Lauren Hutten

Once upon a time, there was a girl that was born in Charleston, South Carolina, served cocktails as Playboy Bunny, and she notably appeared on the cover of Voque magazine on 41 occasions and earned more than any other model within a decade-long period. Became the face of a cosmetic giant, and starred several times on the silver screen, including American Gigolo (with Richard Gere), Lassiter and  The Joneses. Against all Odds-because: no classic beauty-she was the highest paid model in 10 years time! Eileen Ford, the grande dame of Cover Girls in that time, Hutton warned that if she would leave New York for two weeks, everyone would forget her. But Hutton didn’t listen….. She also didn’t listen to the criticism she got on the slit between her teeth. This rebellious lady with a penchant for motorcycling retained this imperfection, which took care of its iconic smile and a beautiful modeling career.


Lauren Hutton reclining in Haltson, photo by Francesco Scavullo, 1975

Lauren Hutton (born November 17, 1943) stood in front of the lenses of legendary photographers like Richard Avedon, Francesco Scavullo and Irving Penn. In 1973, Hutton signed a contract with Revlon cosmetics, worth US $250,000 a year for 20 days’ work, a professional relationship that would last for ten years. Hutton’s initial contract with Revlon involved representation of the Ultima II brand, twenty years later, Hutton would sign a new contract with Revlon to be the spokeswoman for Results, a collection of corrective moisturizing treatments. Also in 1993, Hutton performed as a runway model for designer Calvin Klein and The New York Times responded by publishing an article in Hutton was “just as good as the current flock of fledglings”.


Lauren Hutton by Francesco Scavullo, 1975

Following her recovery from a motorcycle accident in 2000, Hutton became the spokeswoman for her own signature brand of cosmetics, a line of cosmetic products for mature women. The brand was sold primarily in the USA, but was also available through secondary distribution channels throughout Europe and South America

In October 2005, Hutton was interviewed on the American Broadcasting Company (ABC)’s Good Morning America (GMA) program in relation to the future release of an edition of Big magazine that is entirely dedicated to Hutton’s career and includes eight pages of nude photos. Hutton agreed to pose nude for the feature, titled “Lauren Hutton: The Beautiful Persists,” when she was 61-years-old and explained to GMA:

I want women not to be ashamed of who they are when they’re in bed. Society has told us to be ashamed … The really important (thing) is that women understand not to listen to a 2,000-year-old patriarchal society.

Hutton, who is supposedly one of four women that has been offered US$1 million by Larry Flynt (LFP, Hustler) to pose nude, also explained that she first sought permission from her 14 godchildren, who said to her that the photographs would be “inspirational.”

Still a hard working woman, who also enjoys life. In July 2013, Hutton revealed that she was in the process of writing her memoir, which may be titled ‘Smile’, and also explained the value of traveling and exploration in her life thus far: “whenever I came back from Africa or the Antarctic, head swelling with the beauty of it all, I found I was loving life again. You look different because of everything that has gone on inside of you”.

by Jean Amr

The Nose: Pascal Gaurin

Pascal Gaurin Nose

Pascal Gaurin was born circa 1970 in France. This French Perfumer works for IFF (International Flavors & Fragrances) as Senior Perfumer for the Fine Fragrances division (Click photo to enlarge).

Pascal had no objective reasons to become a perfumer, but chose it thanks to his gift. His fascination with scents was so great that as a child, he literally explored the world with his nose, causing his mother to wonder if he was afraid of being poisoned.

Pascal studied and graduated at ISIPCA in Versailles and a year after that he began to work in IFF, first in Hong Kong, where he enriched not only his olfactory palette, but also gained a deep understanding of the art, customs and olfactory preferences of people in Asia. Then, in 1997, Pascal was offered the chance to work in IFF, New York, the city of his dreams. The city where everything happens, and where all smells come together.

Most inspired by very dense essences, Pascal Gaurin is fond of resins, deep woods and anything that can express extreme sensuality. His taste for darkness probably originates from his grandparents’ home in Creuse, France. ‘The forests are very dark there, it always feels like it’s night time, you can feel the vapors of humus, mushrooms, leaves and bark. . . I love frontal materials, those you need to tame like sculptor does stone, by keeping the volume but making it flow’. This is where he gets his affinity for cistus, patchouli, Cashmeran and vanilla, ingredients he qualifies as erotic.”


Other passions of Pascal, which help him in his work, are music and film. The palette of fragrances created by Pascal Gaurin is wide indeed:

  • 2000 Givenchy ‘Oblique Play’ (with Jean-Claude Delville)
  • 2002 Calvin Klein ‘Crave’ (with Yves Cassar and Jean-Marc Chaillan)
  • 2002 Liz Clairborne ‘Bora Bora’ (with Oliver Polge)
  • 2003 Calvin Klein ‘Eternity Purple Orchid’ (with Sophia Grojsman)
  • 2004 Curve ‘Crush Men’ (with Jean-Marc Chaillan)
  • 2004 Karl Lagerfeld ‘Liquid Karl’ (with Bruno Jovanovic and Sandrine Malin)
  • 2004 Liz Clairborne ‘Realities’ (with Jean-Marc Chaillan, Laurent le Guernec)
  • 2005 Liz Clairborne ‘Liz’ (with Jean-Marc Chaillan, Laurent le Guernec)
  • 2006 Banana Republic ‘Rosewood’
  • 2006 Curve Chill Men (with Jean-Marc Chaillan, Laurent le Guernec, Loc Dong)
  • 2007 Christian Lacroix ‘Noir’

Christian Lacroix Nuit

Christian Lacroix ‘Nuit’ (Click photo to enlarge).

  • 2007 Tom Ford ‘Black Violet’ (with Clement Gavarry)
  • 2007 Calvin Klein ‘Eternity Summer’ (with Clement Gavarry)
  • 2008 Patrick Dempsey ‘Unscripted’ (with Yves Cassar)
  • 2008 Emanuelle Ungaro, ‘U by Ungaro for Him’ (with Yves Cassar)
  • 2008 Calvin Klein ‘Eternity Summer’ (with Yves Cassar)
  • 2008 Jessica Simpson ‘Fancy Love’ (with Celine Barel, Clement Gavarry, Yves Cassar)
  • 2009 Michael Kors ‘Very Hollywood’  (with Laurent le Guernec)
  • 2009 Valentino ‘Valentino’
  • 2011 Christian Lacroix ‘Nuit for Him’
  • 2012 Vera Wang ‘Lovestruck Floral Rush’
  • 2013 Diesel ‘Loverdose Tattoo’ (with Anne Flipo)
  • 2014 Diesel ‘Loverdose Tattoo EDT’ (with Anne Flipo)
  • 2015 Diana Vreeland ‘Daringly Different’
  • 2015 Oscar de La Renta ‘Extraordinary’ (with Bruno Jovanovic)

Oscar de La Renta Eau de Parfum EXTRAORDINARY

Oscar de La Renta ‘Extraordinary’ (Click photo to enlarge).

by Jean Amr

Calvin Klein Underwear Celebrates 30 Years

Tom Hinthaus photographed by Bruce Weber for Calvin Klein in 1982. He was 24 years old in that time.

Millions of people ogled him wearing just Calvin Klein skivvies in a famous, nay iconic, 1983 GQ magazine spread, not to mention the giant billboard in Times Square!.


Calvin Klein Underwear Celebrates 30 Years: Where it all started. Olympian Tom Hintnaus was the first to appear in a Calvin Klein Underwear ad in 1982. Photographed by Bruce Weber (Click photo to enlarge).

Hintnaus, who now lives in Hawai’i Kai, he still occasionally models, but these days his day job is building docks, which means he can be on the water all day. Hintnaus, an Olympic pole-vaulter who still competes, has the genes to back it up. His mother and late father, both from the Czech Republic, were athletes; his father coached Cathy Rigby through her Olympic years

Hintnaus never took the modeling as seriously as he did the athletics. His brow furrowed as he talked about the appearance money that he’d earn, in cash, and under the table, to keep his amateur status to make the Olympics.

The modeling started his third year in college, when he’d gone home to California for the summer and remembered the card a manager had given him. His parents were skeptical: They’d been caught once before in a scheme in which a modeling agent tried to milk them for money. Imagine their surprise when the manager told them that not only would he not charge them, but later got their son signed to Los Angeles’ biggest name in modeling, the Nina Blanchard Agency.

The young Hintnaus did runway shows, commercials and print ads, yes, in those infamous undies. “I worked so hard at being the best pole-vaulter in the world, and I ended up being more well-known for putting on a pair of briefs,” he told The Los Angeles Times.

Glad he did! So… stil, afer all those years we could still enjoy. Like it was yesterday. And that he (Bruce Weber) has paved the way for many others…

by Jean Amr

Calvin Klein CK One Summer

Calvin Klein CK One Summer 2015.jpg

Cool off on the shore.

Relax in shallow waters.

Let your mind drift away.

Ocean Waves GIF

Calvin Klein CK One Summer opens with an icy gin and tonic accord with a crisp citrus twist. juniper berry and star anise surface with an effervescent and energetic edge in the middle. amberwood adds a beating sensation of bare sun-kissed skin at the dry dawn, offering a fragrance experience for both men and women inspired by the tropical blue sea.

  • Top: lime and lemon peel, juniper berry, iced watermelon
  • Heart: ginger root + ginger, star anise, wet cucumber
  • Base: musk, amberwood, patchouli

The iconic Calvin Klein CK One Summer bottle reflects the beauty of a sun-drenched reef; the back of the glass bottle is textured with ripples, allowing the crystal-clear juice to enhance the illusion of patterns in the powdery sand of the azure sea.

Sensual, Vibrant, Captivating: Calvin Klein Reveal Men

As equally erotic as the flirtatious and inviting Calvin Klein Reveal Women,  Reveal Men captures the tension between instant attraction and playful seduction.

Calvin Klein Reveal Men ad.jpg

At the top the fragrance, crystalized ginger sparks the senses with its fiery presence and an exhilarating burst of freshness. The sensation deepens as mid notes of a seductive raw salt signature and exotic agave nectar reveal bold sensuality, exposing an uninhibited masculinity. The base of the fragrance surfaces on the skin with deep, intense traces of mesmerizing vetiver and golden amber.

The combination of crystalized ginger, raw salt signature and addictive vetiver offers a new signature play between freshness and seduction.

  • Top: crystalized ginger, lentisque essence, pear brandy
  • Mid: raw salt signature, agave nectar, kiwano
  • Base: Haiti vetiver, vintage vanilla bean, golden amber

The Calvin Klein Reveal Men bottle is designed by Sam O’Donahue of Established in collaboration with Calvin Klein and the Coty Inc. creative teamdesign, and is synonymous with purity, luxury, and a refined design aesthetic.

Calvin Klein Reveal Men Eau de Toilette.jpg

Evoking masculine sensuality, the sleek square bottle seamlessly links polished glass with a metallic-finish cap. Every angle exposes curving lines, cool contrasts, and a superior tactile quality. The enigmatic gray-green fragrance floats in a space of bold minimalist design.

The carton is crafted in semi-sheer Mylar with a satin finish. A raised metallic rectangle embellishes the front with a smooth contemporary edge, mirroring the bottle inside.

Next to the Eau de Toilette, that comes in three sizes (30ml, 50ml, 100ml), their is a Hair and Body Wash (200ml), Deodorant Body (Spray 150gr), Deodorant Stick (75gr), After Shave Balm (200ml) and After Shave Spray (100ml).

Shot by renowned photographers, Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott, the Calvin Klein Reveal Men print campaign captures British actor Charlie Hunnam in a provocative embrace with Dutch supermodel Doutzen Kroes. The television campaign, directed by Jonas Åkerlund, expands upon the story begun in the print campaign to depict a game of voyeuristic seduction played out against the backdrop of the city skyline. Spotting each other from the windows of their facing high-rise apartments, a flirtation from a distance culminates when Doutzen arrives at Charlie’s doorstep and the game becomes real.

Calvin Klein Liquid Gold Euphoria

Calvin Klein Liquid Gold Euphoria for Men and Women.jpg

Overwhelmed by an addictive desire….

Melt into the richness…..

Enter a world of luxury……

calvin-klein-liquid-gold-euphoria-for-womenCalvin Klein Liquid Gold Euphoria for Women

With a dry down of sandalwood, Liquid Gold Euphoria warms the senses with its rich and powerful scent. the fragrance opens with a hint of cinnamon, creating a lavish, exhilarating, feeling that deepens with the mystery of black orchid.

Top: Cinnamon
Heart: Black orchid
Base: Sandalwood

calvin-klein-liquid-gold-euphoria-for-menCalvin Klein Liquid Gold Euphoria for Men

Calvin Klein Liquid Gold Euphoria for Men is a strong and masculine fragrance with a contemporary twist. the spicy black pepper creates a vibrant, sparkling effect, while the refined, complex saffron exudes a unique signature. the creamy sandalwood introduces the smooth and sensual quality of the scent.

Top: Black pepper
Heart: Saffron
Base: Sandalwood

The Liquid Gold Euphoria bottles are modernized with refined matte gold shells and shiny black opaque glass. The extravagant black and gold packaging features a detailed, embossed Middle Eastern-inspired pattern for an elegant texture.

Both, Calvin Klein Liquid Gold Euphoria for Men and Women, are availble as Eau de Parfum in one size, 100ml.



Calvin Klein Eternity Silver 25th Anniversary

eternity-calvin-klein-25th-anniversary-edition-s14_ph_lindberghpeter (1)

Calvin Klein Eternity, launched in 1989, has become an iconic and lasting signature fragrance throughout the world – beloved, classic and timeless.

As long as intimacy goes on, so will Eternity

Calvin Klein

In 2014, Calvin Klein Eternity celebrates its 25th anniversary with the introduction of exclusive limited edition bottles filled with the signature fragrances for men and women. The commemorative pieces are elegantly expressed with a polished silver finish, to reflect lasting love and commitment.

Calvin Klein Eternity for Women Silver 25th Anniversary

Calvin Klein celebrates 25 years of its Eternity fragrance by re-releasing its iconic 1995 ad campaign starring supermodel Christy Turlington and Mark Vanderloo. The romantic image of the couple on the beach is shot by Peter Lindbergh and launches a special 25th anniversary edition bottle cast with a silver metallic finish.

CK One Red

CK One Red.jpg

The Red-Hot tension unfolds.

Doused with seduction, quenching their desires.

American fashion designer Calvin Klein launched a new pair of modern, fresh, flirty and joyful fragrances CK One Red Editionnew flankers to the brand’s iconic CK One fragrance released in 1994. Calvin Klein CK One Red Edition are soft, pleasant and fresh enough to be worn during the day.

CK One Red Edition for Women

Calvin Klein CK One Red Edition for Women

CK One Red Edition for women offers a new expression of freshness: uniquely energizing, yet daring and intense.

Top notes: Juicy watermelon
Heart notes: Invigorating florals
Base notes: Velvety musks

As the fragrance opens, the bold vibrant freshness of juicy watermelon and violet leaves fuse with a burst of succulent fruits for a mélange of forbidden exploration. the notes are feminine and addictive, composed of warm white amber, sensual patchouli and intimate skin musk, to create a powerful blend of undeniable magnetism and seduction.



CK One Red Edition for Men

Calvin Klein CK One Red Edition for Men

CK one Red Edition for men opens with a burst of the succulent juiciness of asian pear for a luscious top spiked with the energetic aldehydes. the heart comes alive with the irresistible sexiness of wet suede, while it blends with the fresh intensity of black pepper and ginger. a sexy dry down wraps the fragrance in sensuality, as vetiver haiti, creamy tonka bean, and captive musks collide.

Top notes: Invigorating red pear
Heart notes: Rich suede
Base notes: Sensual vetiver

The new scents are truly breath-taking and tempting, a perfect gift to wear with your lover. Calvin Klein CK One Red Edition are available as 50 and 100ml Eau de Toilette.