Boy Smells’ Hypernature Collection Has Landed

The cult-favorite indie candle brand Boy Smells is famous for its unconventional fragrances, not limited to the tomato-scented Gardener and its original top seller, Kush. The bouquet-inspired profiles that traditional candle brands hone in on aren’t usually its thing, but the new Boy Smells Hypernature Collection looks to be a rare exception. Just because it’s one of the most mainstream of its aromatic offerings, though, doesn’t mean it’s any less exciting.

Rose, peach, violet leaves, jasmine, and black tea are some notes you might read on the jar of any old candle, but not often one boasting Boy Smells’ immensely trendy label. The West Coast creator of candles and underwear typically turns toward more unorthodox scents like cannabis, the core of its first-ever launch. Since its original Kush candle, the brand has whipped up a myriad of androgynous fragrances – Cinderose, rose and smoke; Ash, firewood and charcoal; and Hinoki Fantôme, a combination of resin, moss, and guaiac.

Experience fragrant portals to alternate universes with Hypernature. This limited edition series amplifies the smells of nature with the best of science, resulting in a cosmic collection housed in electroplated mirrored vessels.

Its new fall 2020 Hypernature collection is as unexpected for Boy Smells as Boy Smells’ scents would be for a ‘normal’ candle brand, but that, in a way, just adds to its coolness. Anyway, the brand can make any common scent funky with unique pairings, intriguing names, and a psychedelic aesthetic.

Hypernature is a limited series of sensorial simulations to awaken your inner alchemy and transport you to new worlds where the beauty of nature is magnified into an eruption for the senses. In tow are uncharted territories of mind-expansion, out of body experiences triggered by experimental aromas, and new fantasies for a crystalized future. Hypernature awaits.

Boy Smells Neopêche

Neopêche is here to crystalize your visions of a new celestial reality. Inhabit space with transcending ultraviolet and delicate peach flesh for an outer body scent journey. Pink peppercorn, incense and oakmoss electrify this scent with spice while the delicate tannins of rose and mandarin drop you deep within yourself. Project yourself toward the sun and stars while transcending earthly expectations with Neopêche. 

Boy Smells Aqua de Jardin

Aqua de Jardin is a scented shamanic awakening taking you to the lost civilizations of lush greens. The velvet finish of ambrox mixed with the astral spice of pimento berry and ivy leaves channel the healing connections to nature. Watery coconut, jasmine and fig leaves give lushness to the palate while macadamia nut grounds you in a rich earthy exotic base. Inhale deeply to exhale deeply. You have entered the cool, inner sanctum of Aqua de Jardin.

Boy Smells Polyamberous

The scented spectrum of Polyamberous is here to refract light and multiply love. Explore Venus via a scented prism of patchouli fraction, geranium and tobacco flower. Dripping in rich, sticky amber, beeswax, wisps of musk and delectable pistachio, this woody yet delicious exotic tonic is made for a world where more is the merrier. Pleasure is your discipline, that burns to embrace an entire spectrum identity, blooming like never before. A prismatic vision of love awaits you with Polyamberous. Polyamberous is exclusively available to at Boy Smells website.

Boy Smells Rhubarb Smoke

Let Rhubarb Smoke’s guiding fragrance reveal to you a new perspective. This scent of divine papyrus mixed with burning incense and brewing black tea will give subconscious insights. A damp, forestral scent creates a new space for clear vision of what lies ahead. Notes of white birch, lush ivy and wild figs intertwine to create a scent with deep roots that extend deep into the past, while rhubarb and violet leaves reveal new growth ahead. Let the flickering flame illuminate your fruitful future with Rhubarb Smoke.

The candles weight 8.5 ounces (240g) each, and are 3.4 inches (8.6cm) tall.

Boy Smells Hypernature Scented Candle Gift Set

The Hypernature Scented Candle Gift Set features three mini candles designed to awaken your inner alchemy and transport you to new worlds where the beauty of nature is magnified into an eruption for the senses.

All are made of a white coconut and beeswax blend and feature a braided cotton wick, holding up the brand’s sustainability ethos. The Hypernature collection can be shopped at their website for $39 each or $139 for the full bundle (which is currently sold out, but will be available again in early October). Come into the beautiful world of Boy Smells.

Aurélie Bidermann scented candle

Aurélie Bidermann scented candle outside

Inspired by her Parisian upbringing and childhood summers in Ibiza, French jewelry designer Aurelie Bidermann infuses a unique bohemian twist into each one of her hand-crafted pieces.

A candle that whisks you off on a journey: this is what Aurelie Bidermann had in mind when launching her first fragranced candle totally designed and manufactured in France.

Aurélie Bidermann scented candle

A flickering olfactive odyssey into the air reminiscent of a getaway in Amalfi, followed by the tender scent of flowers – roses, geranium, jasmine and orange blossom – just like a bouquet offered by the earth under the soothing shade of the umbrella pines. Finally the base notes emerge with a punch: rich almonds and orange, like that longing for sweetness at nightfall as the sea sinks into a deeper blue shimmering with starlight.

Aurélie Biderman’s scented candle – weight 210 grams – has a burning time from around 53hours and is made of vegetal wax and cost 55 euro.

Ecoya releases new fragrances, and a collab

Everything that home fragrance house and bodycare brand Ecoya do is absolutely flawless in my opinion – from killer scents to beautiful events and gorgeous and surprising imagery, they seriously hit the nail on the head. Every time.


They are also always updating and refreshing what they do – which I equally love – in the form of delicious limited edition scents and gifting ideas, and now their newest imagery has been revealed alongside two new scents and damn, she is gorgeous.

Ecoya, who now sell a product around the world something like every 45 seconds, worked with emerging artist, florist and photographer – and all round clever woman – Georgie Malyon to create their latest imagery, some of which is pictured above. The occasion was the creation of a campaign to accompany the latest Ecoya winter Limited Edition fragrances, Sweet Strawberry & Blackberry Leaf and Crisp Aqua & Tiare Flower.

Ecoya worked with Georgie (whose artwork can also be found on my bedroom wall!) in a truly collaborative fashion, allowing her to direct the shoot from the blooms up. A florist for over 10 years, she created the botanical installations pictured here in the totally unique, signature style that fans of her work will recognise immediately. The installation was actually built and photographed underwater using original paint techniques, with the floral inspiration taken from the fragrance notes of each Limited Edition scent. The end results illustrate magical moments captured underwater, depicting the fragrance throw of the candles enveloping the space.

Ecoya Crisp Aqua & Tiare Flower.jpg

Fragrance notes for the two new releases – which are absolutely beautiful, as per – are:

Sweet Strawberry & Blackberry Leaf – Sweet strawberry, red apple and blackberry leaf combined with sugared violets, peony petals and pink jasmine atop a creamy vanilla bean and sandalwood base.

Crisp Aqua & Tiare Flower – A fresh, tropical fragrance with top notes of mango, guava and coconut, blended with crisp aqua and strong white floral notes rounded out with powdery and oriental undertones of cream and tonka bean.

Ecoya’s limited edition Sweet Strawberry & Blackberry Leaf and Crisp Aqua & Tiare Flower candles will be available on 6th February at and from department stores and boutiques.


Estée Lauder Modern Muse Le Rouge Scented Votive Candle Trio



Fill your home with the beautiful scent of Modern Muse Le Rouge by Estee Lauder. A scent that makes a bold, colorful statement, blending notes of lush, rich roses with ripe fruits and a velvet creme accord. Three scented candles are housed in elegant red glass candle holders that create a luminous glow.

A magical holiday with Diptyque’s new collection

A NIGHT AT DIPTYQUE 3-Candles-Vertical_zm_RGB-copy.jpg

Step into Diptyque’s magical winter story and discover the new beautiful collection that is sure to create new festive memories…

It’s that time of year again when Diptyque signals the start of the year-end holidays with a fragrant new collection. This time, the brand introduces three new limited edition candles; Sparkling Incense, Sparkling Incense Delicious Spices and The Festive Fir Tree, with the tales of the new scents told through an innovative animation. In the story, a boy caught in a snowstorm is whisked into a magical world, where three unique scents signify the holiday season; first the vanilla, followed by the gingerbread and finally, the pine trees.


Follow Diptyque’s lead and re-enchant the year-end holidays with three new limited edition candles that are inspired by a magical winter tale.

Watch the magical animation clip here…


A NIGHT AT DIPTYQUE Candle-03-RED_zd_RGB-copy.jpg







Malin + Goetz Dark Rum Candle


Launched in NYC in 2004, Malin + Goetz is a family owned and operated skin care company. Demonstrating that their expertise go beyond skincare, the Dark Rum candle has been crafted from a blend of bee, soy and vegetable waxes to create a cleaner burn.

This dark rum candle is synthesized for a seductive, warm and exotic well-being aroma of traditional bay rum. Suitable for any environment or occasion, dark rum candle instantly creates a modern and inviting ambiance.

  • Top notes of bergamot and plum
  • Heart notes of rum and leather
  • Base notes of amber-patchouli, and vanilla.

Its rich scent has top notes of bergamot and plum, middle notes of rum and leather, and base notes of amber-patchouli and vanilla. It perfectly balances the sweet warm notes of rum, with a subtle balanced dry down.



This candle lasts long with a strong but pleasant scent that’s kind of herbal and citrusy. It does a great job making the apartment smell refreshing! Get your candles at that Retails: $52 for 260g

Bottega Veneta Deluxe Craftmanship edition 2015

Bottega-Veneta-Deluxe-Craftmanship-edition 2015

Bottega Veneta Deluxe Craftmanship edition 2015

The Italian label is paying tribute to Venetian glassmakers with the introduction of its 2015 Deluxe Fragrance collection.

Bottega Veneta’s two iconic fragrances,its first signature perfume and the Knot Eau de Parfum, are presented in a luxurious collection and enclosed in an artisanal bottle.

The luxury collection includes an artisanal edition of the perfume bottles, decorated with the intrecciato motif so loved by Bottega Veneta and the emblematic butterfly symbol. Designed with a detachable spray nozzle, the handcrafted bottles are easy to refill.

In addition to the fragrances, the handcrafted frosted glass has been designed for two scented candles in the same aromas to complete the collection.


Bottega Veneta Candle Deluxe Craftmanship edition 2015

The first signature scent of the Italian house is inspired by Veneto and various leather goods collections by Bottega Veneta, a fragrance with notes of leather, floral chypre and prune accords.

The Knot fragrance was created by Daniela Andrier, who also created last year’s Pour Homme scent for the brand with Antoine Maisondieu. It opens with mandarin, orange blossom and neroli, over a floral heart of rose and peony. The drydown arrives with pairing of musk and tonka bean.

The Bottega Veneta Deluxe Fragrance Collection 2015 is available in the brand’s boutiques and select department stores.

Prices: €68 for the candle, €90 for the Deluxe Signature craftmanship bottle of 50 ml and €115 for the 100 ml refill.

by Jean Amr

Bentley Luxury Collection 2015

Bentley truly has become a big name in the world of luxury car vehicles, but its name is also synonymous to lifestyle available to the luxury devotee. As well as it’s first ‘showroom’ SUV, Bentley unveiled a new collection of handbags, accessories and homewares at the latest Frankfurt motor show.

Bentley-Luxury-Collection-2015 Bag


The collection features prestigious and exclusive furniture and accessories. Bentley Home is created with a peerless design, using the finest of Italian tradition and workmanship.
With aesthetics and attention to the slightest details in mind, throughout Bentley Home collection are used noble materials such as briar-root, rare marbles. Elegant, sophisticated and glamorous, Bentley Home collection creates exclusive atmospheres with its unmistakable style where luxury and class blend perfectly. A new approach to luxury, enhancing the value of exclusive homes and executive offices, as well as prestigious hotels, yachts and private jets.

Bentley Home Living Room

Bentley Home bedroom

Using the same finest quality woods and leather that adorn its cars’ interiors and available with the same wide-ranging choice of color palette, the items are inspired by the design of Bentleys past and present

(Click photo’s to enlarge).Bentley-Luxury-Collection-3 Picture Frame Candle

The Luxury Collection runs to 300 items including briefcases and travel bags, cashmere and silk scarves plus blankets, clocks and picture frames (Click photos to enlarge).

The entire range, which falls into seven categories: Business; Style; Home; Heritage; Bespoke; Colour; and Bentley, will be available to order from October 1 when price lists will also be published.

Hermès Le Parfum de la Maison Reverie Collection by Celine Ellena

Hermès Parfum de la maisonCéline Ellena Guillaume Bardet

Céline Ellena and Guillaume Bardet (Click photo to enlarge).

Ohh.. I Lòve Hermès! The French brand has released its debut collection of scents designed for the home by Céline Ellena and presented in a stunning selection of objets d’art by Guillaume Bardet.

The new Hermès home fragrance collection comprises five perfumes, with each fragrance bearing its own story and five colors: Des Pas sur la Neige (taupe), Temps de Pluie (celadon), Fenêtre Ouverte (lagoon), Champ Libre (sulphur) and A Cheval ! (pumpkin).

Hermès Le-Parfum de la Maison Reverie Collection by Celine Ellena

Part of Hermès home fragrance collection (Click photo to enlarge)

There are three families of perfumed objects designed by Bardet that carry the scents: a paper origami horse, a ceramic pebble and a candle bowl (available in a further choice of three sizes). The collection was mixed by Céline Ellena, daughter of Jean-Claude Ellena, the head of fragrance at Hermès. The younger Ellena has previously produced fragrances for L’Artisan Perfumeur and The Different Company.

Hermès Le-Parfum de la Maison Reverie Collection by Celine Ellena

Born in Rouen, Bardet trained at the École nationale supérieure des Arts décoratifs and has worked with some of the biggest names in design. His latest project, entitled ‘L’Usage des jours,’ comprises 365 ceramic objects created in the course of one year.

Hermès Le-Parfum de la Maison Reverie Collection by Celine Ellena

The collection will be available at Hermès stores and other select stockists. Prices range from €62 for a set of four horses to €350 for a 1,100g candle.

by Jean Amr

Jo Malone’s Oud & Bergamot and Dark Amber & Ginger Lily collection

Oud & Bergamot and Dark Amber & Ginger Lily.jpg

English luxury lifestyle brand, Jo Malone has boosted its offering with a Home Candle and Dry Body Oil available in Oud & Bergamot and Dark Amber & Ginger Lily. -two of its mst popular scents.

Rare Kyara wood, prized in the Kohdo ceremony, the highly ritualized Japanese art of incense appreciation. Enriched with amber and black orchid. Illuminated by the clean sensuality of black cardamom, ginger and water lily.

Top notes: Black cardamom
Heart notes: Black orchid
Base notes: Kyrara incens

Jo Malone’s Oud & Bergamot and Dark Amber & Ginger Lily collection, its beautiful, calming and relaxing.