A celebration of magic, a touch of fantasy and a familiar face come together for Chanel’s new holiday campaign…


 What’s this? I can’t believe it! My lucky number, number five.

Captivating as always, French Maison Chanel just revealed its latest holiday campaign starring not only its iconic No.5 L’Eau fragrance, but one of the muses of the late (great) designer Karl Lagerfeld: Lily-Rose Depp. As face of the fragrance and ambassador of the brand, Depp channels Parisian-chic in a new campaign that’s seriously giving us holiday cheer and leaving us feeling nostalgic about the good old days.


The 20-year-old sports a classic Chanel look for the campaign, wearing a little black dress, fingerless gloves and some thigh-high red boots, with a 1940s-inspired hairstyle underneath a white beret, Lily-Rose Depp exudes a fresh, youthful charm as she gazes into a large snow globe set amongst the pile of gifts – where she discovers her lucky number, No.5, along with her favourite fragrance, No.5 L’Eau.

For me, Lily-Rose incarnates the freshness and vivacity of a young girl, mixed with the maturity of a seasoned actress. With this film, we wanted an experienced actress to play a purely commercial message in a natural and spontaneous way, something that Lily-Rose accomplished brilliantly.

Jean-Paul Goude

Lily-Rose Depp then breaks out into some very auto-tuned lines: “What’s this? I can’t believe it! My lucky number, number five”. She serves all the energy of a chipper elf as she raises her hands above her head in the Jean-Paul Goude-directed video. She said of the role: “I loved playing the character created by Jean-Paul. The joy and wonderment reminded me of how I felt as a little girl on Christmas morning”.


A key component to Chanel’s advertising campaign, the oversized fragrance bottle (three-meter-high bottle to be exact) was specially created for the film, along with the giant double C in the background.

Watch the campaign video above now. Come into the beautiful world of Chanel.




When I see red, It better could be the Chanel No.5 Red Editions



When it comes to describe a perfume from the famous French maison Chanel than it is a pleasure as no words are needed. Chanel is always delighting its perfume lovers with one of the most outrageous and outstanding perfumes. This fall, a new version of iconic No.5 appears on the market to allure and delight its wearers.

Little Black Dress. Multiple strands of pearls. Most of the timeless looks from the past century can all be traced back to Chanel. Perhaps the most memorable of all is the brand’s first fragrance, Chanel No.5.

For years, Chanel’s iconic No.5 perfume is still remaining one of the famous classic fragrances of all time. Why exactly is this fragrance so famous? It was the world’s first abstract fragrance, utilizing floral aldehydes created by perfumer Ernest Beaux specifically for this scent. It’s complex and multi-layered in a way that perfumes really hadn’t been before, so part of its memorability is due to some pretty revolutionary breakthroughs in scent technology.


Designed in 1922 and adapted in 1924, the clear rectangular flacon of simple lines became a symbol of luxury and perfumeryof the 20th and 21th centuries. For the first time in the history of the French maison, the legendary clear glass flacon, designed by Mademoiselle Chanel herself, is presented in a new color. flamboyant and fiery red for three limited editions of Chanel No.5 fragrances: Parfum, Eau de Parfum and L’Eau.

For the first time ever, Chanel will be launching a limited edition of N°5 in Red. One of Coco Chanel’s favourite colours, the colour of love, of passion and of sensuality.

The color of red has always been the ultimate femininty and seduction power symbol. From the suit worn by Carole Bouguet, Nocole Kidman’s haute couture red carpet dress, Gisele Bündchen’s haute couture dress, and the Little Red Riding Hood film shoot by Lus Besson, a common thread of red runs through the ad campains for the iconic fragrance. Red. What other color could express the uncompromising choices of a designer who wanted to dress woman only in black, white, beige, gold and … red?




Mass-dyed red glass adorns 100ml flacons for the new No.5 L’Eau Eau de Toilette and No.5 Eau de Parfum editions, while the red handmade Baccarat cystal flacons – only 55 pieces made – contain the luxurious Parfum Extract in flacons of 900ml.

Chanel-No.5-Parfum-Baccarat-Red-EditionSince it was firstly introduced Chanel No.5 is the symbol of wealth and luxury touched by pure elegance. The Chanel No.5 Red Editions will capture the world with a unique and glamorous fragrance that defines time. The flacons will be available in Chanel stores in October and in department stores and online from the 1st of November and are intended for the upcoming holiday season.





Chanel’s holiday edition of L’Eau comes in a beautiful cut crystal bottle


Maison Chanel is offering their No.5 L’Eau fragrance in a special edition bottle this festive season. This light and airy update of the classic No.5 fragrance will be repackaged in a limited edition crystal bottle that will only be available by reservation. It will be available from November 4 onwards.

This edition is definitely a far cry from the usual tiny special edition sizes given that the crystal bottle will have a 900 ml capacity. This spectacular bottle will be cut like a diamond and even sealed with a special skin to preserve the fragrance. The shape of the bottle will be the same clean angular lines of the regular bottle complete with a clear, faceted cap. The bottle will be presented in a beautiful lambskin box.

Supposedly only 15 of these mammoth perfume bottles will be available for purchase and even this small number will not be available at retail stores. To own one of these numbered collectible bottles, you’ll have to contact Chanel directly to reserve one for yourself. The edition is fittingly priced at €8,500 which is about $9,247 at current exchange.

Chanel teases us….

After releasing the first campaign images, Maison Chanel has dropped two teaser videos for its new N°5 L’Eau fragrance.


French luxury label Chanel has released two short videos as part of its campaign for the new N°5 L’Eau fragrance. Directed by Johan Renck, the first teaser film screams the words, “you know me and you don’t”, as the face of the fragrance, Lily Rose Depp, dressed in head-to-toe Chanel, walks away from the camera. Meanwhile the second short offers a more edgy scene with images of an idyllic Depp cut with intermittent flashes of bright lights.

The full films are scheduled for release later in the year. Watch the teaser films here…

Lily-Rose Depp for Chanel No.5 L’Eau

Following in the footsteps of her Chanel favorite model mother Vanessa Paradis, Lily-Rose Depp stars in her first fragrance campaign for the luxurious French fashion house.

Landing what is officially her second campaign for Chanel, the 17 year-old blond beauty poses in a lace black cami-dress and holds a crystal clear Chanel No. 5 L’Eau fragrance bottle. Lily-Rose looks every inch the model her mother is with a leaning pose, natural looking makeup and simple soft waves for a clean and polished photoshoot.