A Chanel Dream Never Fades

This holiday season, discover Chanel’s Boy-Friend watch, now available with a steel and diamond case, white dial and quilted black leather strap. With pure lines, balanced proportions and perfected shapes, the timepiece is an alluring blend of boldness and restraint. It was only a matter of time till the Boy·Friend had a fresh new update in time for its fifth anniversary (the watch was created back in 2015). Still classy, still minimalistic, but with a twist, of course.

There are a total of 3 sizes, small (27.9mm by 21.5mm), medium (34.6mm by 26.7mm) and large (37mm by 28.6mm), with the Boy·Friend made available in either in steel, beige gold, white gold and/or set with diamonds. While all 3 sizes are powered by Chanel’s high precision movements, they all bear slight differences in terms of specifications. The small features a plain opaline guilloché dial, the medium has an added date indicator, while the large features a seconds indicator, little nuances so ‘minute’ you’ll miss them if you blink.

The Boy·Friend is now customisable (which is something you still can’t do with your actual boyfriend), and there are a total of 19 interchangeable bracelets to change up the look of your timepiece, from quilted patterned calfskin to tweed metal, just to name a few. The small and medium timepieces are powered by Chanel’s high precision quartz movement, while the large ones are powered by manual winding mechanical movement.

The Chanel Boy-Friend watches are available at Chanel’s Watches & Fine Jewellery boutiques, and selected stores worldwide. Come into the beautiful and timeless world of Chanel.

Chanel’s Boy Friend


Chanel Boyfriend watch 11

French Maison Chanel’s latest timepiece, the Boy.Friend, is a large octagonal wristwatch, conceived as a ladies’ timepiece with a masculine feel. Leaving aside the curious punctation, the Chanel Boy.Friend watch is easy to understand. It’s large for a ladies’ watch, with an elongated octagonal case modelled on the Premier wristwatch, itself based on the shape of the Chanel No. 5 perfume flacon cap.

Chanel Boyfriend watch 10

Though Chanel is best known for the J12, the watch that removed ceramic watches from the realm of nerdy tool watches and made it fashionable, it has one other signature watch case, the Premiere. The Boy.Friend is a reinterpretation of that design, which in most recent iterations looked dull.

Chanel Boyfriend watch 9

Retaining the familiar Premiere case shape, the Boy.Friend combines it with a clean dial, bringing to mind the 1970s when such form watches were in the vogue. The dial is plain, lacking any markings, with a stamped oblong form. For nuance, it has a silvered finish with a concentric guilloche known as azurage.

Chanel Boyfriend watch 1

The Boy.Friend is available in two sizes. The larger Boy.Friend XL features a sub-seconds and is powered by a hand-wound movement. It measures 37mm long by 28.6mm wide, similar to the dimensions of the Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Grande Taille.


And the smaller model has a date function date and is quartz. This measures 34.6mm by 26.7mm 

Fashion houses, most of the time, lack the cachet of traditional watchmakers when it comes to watches, but they are make increasingly accomplished timepieces. Recent examples include the Slim d’Hèrmes and Louis Vuitton Escale Worldtime. Chanel’s timepieces are mostly slanted towards the female consumer, so they get less press here but they are generally respectable.

Chanel Boyfriend watch 8

Wearing the Chanel Boy.Friend XL.

One reason being the fact that Chanel owns case and bracelet maker G&F Chatelain, the same company that supplies companies like MB&F, Urwerk and Richard Mille. Chanel, naturally, makes it own cases in-house, including the well known J12 ceramic cases but also the octagonal precious metal cases of the Boy.Friend

It’s offered in white or beige gold, the latter an alloy proprietary to Chanel that’s a pale shade in between yellow and rose. A diamond set bezel is another option. The Boy.Friend is fitted to an alligator strap with a gold buckle shaped like the watch case.

Chanel Boyfriend watch 5

Wearing the Chanel Boy.Friend XL in beige-18k gold.

Pricing has not yet be announced. It will hit stores in September 2015.