Botanical Rhapsody: The Making of de Gournay x Chantecaille



What do you get when you join two forces equally obsessed with craftsmanship, beauty, and botanicals? A covetable collaboration that brings haute design to your vanity table.

Olivia and Sylvie had been admirers of de Gournay’s exquisite hand-painted wall coverings for years before deciding to pitch the haute British wallpaper house an idea: Would the artisans collaborate with them to create a bespoke design with which to decorate the Spring ’19 darby Rose fragrance (a re-imagined version of a classic Chantecaille scent) and Lumière Rose Highlighter? What followed was the stuff of design dreams – a signature chinoiserie motif became the starting point for a full-on botanical rhapsody.



“Partnering with de Gournay was a dream. My inspiration was to create a Chantecaille garden using our iconic Rose de Mai surrounded by butterflies and birds. The design we collaborated on was the first time they’ve used roses in a motif, which was so hard to believe!,” says Olivia. The resulting panel, created in the de Gournay studio, became the springboard for the luxurious Darby Rose gift box and the beautiful lid of the Lumière Rose compact, both limited-edition items. In true Chantecaille fashion, there’s also a breathtaking interior detail: The powder highlighter is embossed with a highlight from the design – a bird atop a delicate blooming branch.


“With exacting, age-old methods that recall 18th-century hand-painted wallcoverings, de Gournay has created a name in the design world that is synonymous with quality, creativity and elegance. Watching the collaboration come to life was a thrill for Sylvie. “I have a friend that lives across from the London de Gournay studio, so I passed by the windows often, admiring their beautiful hand-painted designs. To create something so representational of us, and so unique for this special release is just wonderful”, she says.

The release of the rose-festooned collection dovetails perfectly with the gorgeous blooms of springtime – a coincidence? Not at all. “Spring is a joyful, colorful time with flowers bursting everywhere, especially in Grasse where our Rose de Mai fields are just starting to bloom. This collection is a breath of fresh air and the perfect way to celebrate the renewal and beauty of the season”, says Olivia.


Come into the beautiful worlds of Chantecaille and de Gournay.





Chantecaille Darby Rose


Chantecaille sets a luxurious standard in the world of modern, botanical skincare and cosmetics. Their obsession with flowers and their amazing natural abilities to heal and work in harmony with the body is at the heart of their passion of skincare. Through ground-breaking scientific advancement, meticulous formulation and personal commitment, they use beauty as a tool to effect change in the world.

By creating purposeful, obsession-worthy beauty products crafted from the purest ingredients, they’ve raised the bar for the beauty industry. The’ve also created a philanthropy platform which shines a spotlight on global environmental issues and supports conservation efforts around the globe.


In the Spring of 2019, a collection of the US brand Chantecaille presented a new limited edition floral creation as a special collaboration with the de Gournay company. The newest collection includes the re-launched Darby Rose fragrance and a lovely compact powder Lumiere Rose.

Celebrated for their hand-painted wallpapers and fabrics, the collaboration is an elegant pairing of two luxury family-owned brands with strong European roots. Founded in 1986, de Gournay, like Chantecaille, is a family-run business with an established footing in a unique and sophisticated trade. De Gournay stands by a company ethos of maintaining a truly bespoke and artisan product that brings dreams of the perfect interior to life, which compliments Chantecaille’s commitment to inner and outer beauty.


The exclusive collaboration between Olivia and Sylvie Chantecaille with haute couture wallpaper artists of the de Gournay brand features a new limited edition duo. The new rose collection is inspired by the Rose de Mai (Centifolia Rose) a favorite in the Chantecaille family, which are portrayed in fresh, bold, and soft pink shades, and an abundance of verdant foliage. The elegant work also shows branches that rise above the rusty bush by which they twist and climb, as well as brightly colored birds that represent the family’s love of nature.

Sylvie and Olivia’s love for art and interior design were what drew them to de Gournay. The mother-daughter duo worked closely with the house’s specialized artists to create a custom chinoiserie Chantecaille design inspired by the Rose De Mai, the delicate flower at the heart of Chantecaille. The classic David Austin Darby rose is known for its mouthwatering fresh scent. Sylvie’s love for the rose began after planting it in her garden 20 years ago. Wanting to use its highly unusual rose scent for a fragrance, she asked her perfumer to capture the essence of the flower directly from her blooms using headspace technology. The resulting fresh, intoxicating Darby Rose became a best-selling fragrance in the early Chantecaille collection.



A mouthwatering, fresh rose scent from the original Chantecaille collection. Darby Rose brings Sylvie’s favorite garden rose to life. Created using ‘headspace’ technology which re-creates the exact essence of the flower, it evokes the fresh, bright nature of this beautiful coral-hued rose.

I wanted a fragrance that captured this mouth-watering rose – you just can’t stop leaning in to inhale its delicious scent.

Sylvie Chantecaille

A radiant introduction of Jeweled Raspberry and crisp Italian Lemon unfolds into a blossoming bouquet of femininity. Precious Bulgarian Rose mingles with Pink Magnolia and Sweet Osmanthus petals for an alluring touch that underscores the sophisticated base of woody notes. Traces of rare Sandalwood and White Patchouli resonate throughout the scent adding textured warmth and dimension that help bring the stunning Darby Rose to life. The scent was inspired by Sylvie’s favorite garden roses and created using headspace technology to capture the exact essence of the flowers from her garden.



Together with Darby Rose Eau de  Parfum, this season Chantecaille also launched Lumiere Rose, a limited-edition compact powder. Lumiere Rose is decorated with exclusive de Gournay pattern on the exterior and an embossing on the powder within. The lightly shimmering pale pink powder gently illuminates the face with a delicate, instant-filter effect. Talc-free and weightless, it feels silky upon application with zero dusting. The soft, flattering pink shade works universally on all skin tones.

Chantecaille Darby Rose Eau de  Parfum is available as a 75ml Eau de Parfum at the price of $210 as a limited edition, while Lumiere Rose compact powder is available at the price of $78. Both are packaged in a beautiful Chantecaille x de Gournay limited-edition box, and are available at the official website of Chantecaille.

Come into the wonderful world of Chantecaille.




Go for gold with this luxurious new Chantecaille mask


Gold has long been revered for its healing properties. And like honey, another ancient ingrediënt with anti-inflammatory, it is still going strong despite competition from newer discoveries. But unless the gold you’re slapping on your face is actually penetrating deep into the dermis, it’s unlikely it’s doing much for your complexion. You’re better off hoarding gold in the form of bar or sprinkling those golden flakes onto your desserts instead.

A rich, multi-tasking mask infused with powerful ingredients that moisturize and soothe to visibly revitalize and perfect skin.

The luxury brand, Chantecaille’s newest offering is the Gold Recovery Mask, and what we love most about it, is that it seems to give the skin exactly what is needs, whether is is hydration, healing or radiance. Thanks to the 24 karat gold that it is infused with, it fights inflammation and repairs damage, but it also contains firming and anti-ageing ingredients that transform the skin’s texture.


For the first time, the mask also claims to contain ingredients that specifically fight wrinkles on both a vertical and horizontal level – which means that more of the lines on your face are addressed. This treatment mask is particularly effective if you have been travelling to temperate climates, such as after a skiing holiday, as it helps to rescue skin that is damaged from the sun, wind and extreme cold, calming and repairing it, so its restored to its optimal level.

The best time to use this mask is before bed, as it can be used as an overnight treatment while you catch 40 winks. But it’s just as effective when used as an intensive treatment and left on for 15-20 minutes.

Besides the 24 karat gold, which is the star ingredient, the formula also contains lipopeptides to reduce the look of frown and marionette lines and tetrapeptides to boost the skin’s elasticity and firmness. There are also natural extracts like blackcurrant seed oil, sunflower oil and balloon vine extract to strengthen the skin’s barrier function and soothe any inflammation or itching should the skin be dry and stressed out. Finally, this rich luxurious treatment also contains a probiotic ferment that increases the thickness of the epidermis (the uppermost layer of skin) while microalga quickens skin turnover and improves its luminosity, resulting in firmer and smoother skin. All these actions work synergistically to renew and repair skin, for a visible firming effect and a noticeable, radiant glow.

Chantecaille Gold Recovery Mask comes in a 50 ml golden jar.






Chantecaille La Boutique


Chantecaille, a world-renowned skincare and luxury cosmetics brand open its debut flagship boutique in Causeway Bay in Apr 2016. La Boutique Hong Kong is a five-star boutique, providing the perfect place to escape and pamper yourself. The brand’s first-ever boutique brings the elegance of Paris and the excitement of New York to Hong Kong, displaying founder Sylvie Chantecaille’s stylish vision for the ultimate in luxurious skincare and beauty experiences.



Designed to dazzle, La Boutique Hong Kong was designed with renowned French architect Patrick Naggar to channel the chic, easeful elegance of a traditional Parisian salon. Guests are greeted at a stunning reception counter built from slices of amethyst crystal, chosen for its energy-balancing properties. Behind the counter is a beautiful display of Chantecailles cause-metics palettes, which span the years and represent a commitment to conservation and philanthropy. Throughout the boutique guests will find a gorgeous mix of artisanal design pieces sourced from France and antique gems, all which represent the brand’s exquisite aesthetic.



Two private treatment rooms with an en suite marble bathroom will host a range of spa facials designed to enhance the effectiveness of Chantecaille’s skincare range, including innovative radio frequency (RF) energy treatments, a gold-leaf facial and signature Rose de Mai facial, which uses rose petals and the brand’s Rose de Mai Oil to infuse the skin with a glowing softness. In addition to the full range of Chantecaille products and makeup application services, makeup lessons and brow shaping will also be available.

Chantecaille La Boutique
G/F, 2-4 Hysan Avenue, Causeway Bay
Mon – Sun (11:00am-8:00pm)
Tel: 2856 2889

Drop in for a cup of tea and a Ladurée chocolate with a friend and enjoy the gorgeous atmosphere. Come into the beautiful world of Chantecaille.