Snake rings by Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen

The snake – a complex and universal symbol, masculine and feminine, the symbol of good and evil, wisdom and blind passion and, of course, temptation. The snake evokes fear and fascination. Since ancient times, painters, sculptors and jewellers have been inspired by snakes.

When Ole Lynggaard created his first sensual snake in 1969, he was inspired by the treasures he had seen in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo a few years earlier. His daughter, Charlotte Lynggaard, has carried on this inspiration and has created an impressive collection of new rings that combine exceptional design with contemporary style and the highest level of craftsmanship.

Which is your favorite Snake Ringe? The Ole Lynggaard’s Snake Ring we saw at Juwelier Heldwein in Wien and in their new Concept Studio SELECT.

Come into the beautiful worlds of Juwelier Heldwein and Ole Lynggaard.